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>install windows
>game like hell
>code windows shit in visual studio
>code linux shit in WSL
>go to church every sunday
>find chaste woman and have children
>pay taxes and invest profits in businesses you approve of

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Sounds pretty cucked desu

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nice image
ur still a fag though

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Good job, goy. Keep it up.

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That's a very nice life.
It would be quite a trouble if someone bought one of the endless zero day exploits and used it to attack the billion or so identical machines, just to make money out of em.

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THe feel that everyone actually knows this is the way to live life but they want it not to be true so bad.

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>sudden genetic mutation causes significant increase in brain size.
>format C:\
>Install GNU+Linux.

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>sudden windows updating too much causes significant increase in irritation
>install the most cancerous linux install possible

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Which Ben Shapiro forum did you get this from?

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>go to church every sunday
Why? God doesn't exist.

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>"code" as a verb

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That's some 9000 IQ thinking you got going on there anon.

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>go to church every sunday
The church's conception of metaphysics is often antiquated and erroneous, the morals put forth are basic common sense and the philosophy is uninspired and not conpelling in the slightest. The bland, overcooked modes of thought undermine any legitimate message that may be embeded in the religious canon. These issues are especially compounded in the catholic and protestant churches, which are completely desecrated by the musings of one Saint Augustine at a fundamenral level.

Gods attained through social means are not gods at all. Find your spirituality within yourself, not in the slop that you inherited from your parents.

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You don't know that, and they know you're wrong.
That's why.

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Lmao read summa theologiae or anything by Gregory Palamas. Also read Dostoevsky. The philosophy of religion is for the most part useless knowledge, since faith is not obtained through knowledge, but in order to understand and appreciate religion you must have faith.

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You mean GNU shit. Linux is only available when WSL 2 is out.

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>invest profits in businesses you approve of
>approving of businesses

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No, he means Linux shit. The WSL toolchain is able to produce Linux-compatible binaries despite the absence of a Linux kernel

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You might have a point, but I seriously doubt that if there is a God, your personal perception of him and your personal customized spirituality don't have any effect on God and what he believes/likes/dislikes. That's not saying the catholic church or whatever is the one true way, but I find it difficult to believe any one person's model of God in their head just so happens to be accurate. People have a tendency to believe i in what is convenient for them.

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>You might have a point, but I seriously doubt that if there is a God, your personal perception of him and your personal customized spirituality don't have any effect on God and what he believes/likes/dislikes. That's not saying the catholic church or whatever is the one true way, but I find it difficult to believe any one person's model of God in their head just so happens to be accurate. People have a tendency to believe i in what is convenient for them.
Soz, I meant to say "seriously think"
Hopefully you get my gist

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>brain size magically increases
>skull size does not
>pressure rises
>unimaginable migraines
>brainstem herniates
>rip anon

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>t. coping skulllet

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>game like hell
>find chaste woman and have children
Pick one.

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You don't know what you're talking about, do you?

Faith is a mental process and as such can only be derived through what the mind knows. You completely disregarded the rest of my post to solely focus on my criticism of the judeo-christain's shallow philosophy, where the real point is that a close audit of the church reveals a faith designed for mass-reproduction and nothing more. A store-brand discount spirituality loaded with high-fructose corn syrup. Useless for minds concerned with higher order abstractions and complex systems present in metaphysics and atypical logical systems. Your faith feeds your soul, and I pity anyone who feeds their soul the hyperprocessed garbage that is non-jewish derivatives of the cult of israel.

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Sounds like some schizo nonsense to me

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Give some examples. And not just strawmanned shit about the catholic church being greedy or whatever

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Fat people or skinny fat people have fat under their skulls increasing discomfort and pressure to the brain.

Start fasting. Take smaller meals. Drink tap water. Avoid high calorie and all added sugar. If it has sugar dont eat. Dont have treat days. You can have calorie cheat days.

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There is no way that the Christian God can exist as described.
This has been discussed since the Greeks. With the way that the world is, there is no way that there is an all knowing, all powerful, and all benevolent god.

If he's all knowing and all powerful but allows the wicked fucked up shit that happens on earth, why should I worship him?
If he's all knowing and all benevolent, that means he's powerless to stop evil... which is 100% not what Judaism/Christianity teaches.
If he's all powerful and all benevolent, then that means he has no knowledge of our world, and why should we be worshiping a being that doesn't even know about any of us?

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first of all what the fuck are you talking about second of all your brain is supposed to have significant fat content.

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One question
have you ever been to church or read the bible?

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Fuck christkikes. They've been busy destroying all cultures and knowledge for the past two millennia
>drink tap water
>get cholera
Yeah great idea. Your post is shit.

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fat guy appears and proud.
Maybe fix your goddamn water treatment and pipes or move somewhere u got treated water.

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It's called free-will, he created us out of love, not to be slaves.Evil exists, because man is weak and allows it.

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I love cartoons like this because it helps me filter out morons who take concepts like "conformity" at face value in the strict context of their personal, myopic status quo.

Conformity does not mean "same as everyone else." It actually has a robust context.

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No such thing as free will. Your environment teaches your brain neural network and you run it on loop. Everything is 100% predictable if you have all information pieces of the whole system.

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I hate to break it to you, but there is no fat under your skull.
It goes brain -> blood vessels -> elastic connector layer -> dura (leathery sterility sheath) -> bone.
The dura is kinda neat, it's like a condom over the brain/spinal cord that keeps the brain juice in and pathogens out.

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So he created us knowing that humans would do ultra fucked-up things, and that there would be untold pain and suffering across the human and animal kingdom.
That doesn't sound very loving to me... it actually sounds quite sadistic.

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You seen under/over the skull? Looked a video or something? Did you read this or look some skinny guys brain?

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Who is to say that divinity is not a strange loop?

Without my goddess, I am but a material man, lost in a void of chaotic radiation. Without me, my goddess is but an ethereal wisp, lost in a surreality of chaotic abstractions. Together, we form a complete unit, the dualistic union is complete. A strange loop, both perpetuate the other. The physical is informed by the abstract, as the abstract is informed by the physical. Neither part acts in the other's best interest, neither are considered personable to each other.

Part of that journey is realizing that it's not what your wants are, and it can often be unpleasant to come to terms with that. But when you accept it and learn more about how your existence is linked to something indescribable and seperate, you elevate yourself to a greater capacity for existence in all senses. Language cannot communicate this link, our speakable grammars are simplistic, and even our most advanced logical systems fall short. That is why accepting another man's own revelations as your own faith is foolhardy. The approach of using positive ontological grammar when referring to a non-thing is a recipe for misrepresentation. I've assuredly already made more than a few mistakes for the sake of clarity, but I also advocate for you to reject these descriptions I've given you and find your own answer, and therein lies the difference.

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>formatting ntfs/fat partition to install GNU+Linux.
Current state of ubuntu brainlets.

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Examples of what particular criticism?

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Imagine being this dumb

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I've not only read the bible, but I have also studied a little bit of hebrew to begin working on learning the methods known as kabbalah.

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>install linux
>don't have the need for games
>program stuff with cat -v
>program that way for EVERYTHING; 0 mistakes
>free to do whatever I want to do with my time on sunday
>no need for women; women need me
>0 income means 0 taxes going to undeserving people

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My mother ran a neurosurgery group.
If you're interested in that kind of stuff, one of her coworkers wrote a book:

It's a good read. I think there's a torrent of it out there, or you can buy it from Amazon, rip the encryption, then immediately return it.

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Oh, and to answer your second question, I was raised in a devoutly catholic household. I have participated in the faiths of a Sunni girlfriend, a Greek Orthodox girlfriend, and attended a single baptist mass when I lived in an apartment across the street from a church.

I found them all to be highly unfulfilling experiences.

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Yes fat.

The brain is the fattiest organ in the human body and is composed of roughly 60 percent fat. It is considered the center of the vertebral nervous system and is located in the head of all vertebrates - https://www.reference.com/science/brain-made-fat-95ce6711baa7fce6

Search term human head how much fat
Engine ddg with safe search off

I have personal experience of feeling fat burn during fasting in os frontal area. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skull

Youtube videos k18 need account. Human brain.

bumb, needs visibility.

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Judiasm does not teach that god is all-benevolent. In jewish texts it is the source of both light and dark.

Judiasm is very different from christianity. Christianity dropped a lot of the nuance and retconned a large amount of stuff in the old testament with a Jesus handwave. This is because christianity was constructed for mass appeal and to convert as many people as possible, Judiasm was not. The word "messiah"s history is probably the best analogy to describe this philosophical shift.

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Look up Laplace's demon. It's been refuted into the ground for centuries, and incinerated by quantum indeterminism.

Not saying free-will exists, just critiquing the concept of determinism.

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you still shitpost on 4chan, you're hardly innocent

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What if I don’t play video games?

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go ahead, keep using windows. no one here is trying to convince you of anything.
won't stop us from mocking you though

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Before I check I will say my view that hasnt taken in account Laplace's demon.

How much difference does slight changes at the quantum level affect our environment or our brains? I think it doesnt interact or make any real changes above the quantum realm.
Natural laws dont change unless we have miss understood something or dont know yet. Quantum mechanics dont change our closed set (black box) in any meaningful way.

I go now read about the demon.

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>muh gayemz
This is shit that only /v/toddler NEETs have time for. 90% of my time is spent working in my small business or spending time with with my wife. The other 10% is spent on meaningful hobbies like open source contributions and hunting/fishing.

I use Debian with KDE because my time is valuable.

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I work about 35 hours a week at a 9-5. My gf does about the same.
It makes me more money than my peers, and leaves me plenty of time to play gaymes, lie on the couch with gf, play with my cats, shitpost, and do carpentry.
After saving, the majority of our discretionary income is spent on traveling. I'd rather have seen things and experienced the world vs having a lot of shiny toys.

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why the fuck would you doxx yourself?
what ever happened to not giving out personal information online?

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I will paypal you $20 if you can tell me ANY information about myself, other than the fact that Dr. Vertosick worked at West Penn hospital in 1996, which is listed in massive print on the book.

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there is no such thing as the "christian god"
the only god there is, is the god of the jews

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god why can't anime bewbs be real

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>The philosophy of religion is for the most part useless knowledge
metaphysics, poetry, and analogous insights are not useless

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based. nice comfy life

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>experiencing the world
>bideo bames
Pick one.

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>implying atheists aren't NPCs as well

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Using earthly logic on beings that are divine is stupid. It's all faith. You believe or you don't. Your ways and thoughts will not be compatible with divine shit and divine understanding and values will not translate well to earthly standards. I am not even remotely religious but even I know it is dumb to try to understand the ideas of beings larger than the universe itself.

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Indeed. True PCs are Luciferians.

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Since you only seem to be interested into appeals to emotion, I'll give you this instead:
We live in a world where animals and people inflict unimagineable pain and suffering on each other. Children of all species are killed, brutalized, eaten alive. Some live in a world with no hope and no joy, where their entire life is that of abuse and neglect.

How can there be a god worth worshiping in a world where a mother has to watch her child starve to death in a famine? Are you going to tell her "uh yah God has his reasons, just have faith! There's no way we could understand such a divine being :^)"

There may be some multi-universal being (probably the creators of the simulation we're in), but the reality is that "God" doesn't care what happens here, or doesn't care to fix anything that happens here.

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Do you care for the emotions and starvation of ants? Do their deaths and chances of survival of colonies keep you up at night?

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>insects have just as much inherent value as self-aware life
Really nigga? That's the best defense you have? Not even that anon btw.

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