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Limited time beta. Fuck Firefox, and fuck Brave.

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No one will use.

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lots of people are using the extension though

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For those who really want /pol/ on every single page of the internet

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If you're against freedom of speech on the internet, you're legitimately retarded

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Dissenter is pretty funny. Not enough people really using it yet though. Still pretty fun to go to a site and see what shitpost comments people have left on it.
The browser by default is better than Brave since it just is Brave with their optional bullshit removed.

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>arguing against a point I didn't even make
great job dipshit

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Freedom of speech is a lie when things like libel and slander laws exist. It's an even bigger meme on the internet.

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He just wants opinions he doesn't agree with censored. Typical leftist.

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Will it ban sad panda?

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You can't install 1.9 in Firefox!
Fuck me, fuck you, fuck moziila and fuck white people.

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Fuck off shill

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So what was the implication of your post, if not negative?
Right but just because there are some laws that violate the principle doesn't mean we should accept more and more limits

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>free shitposting section on every page
I see no problem with this. You don't even see it unless you click the icon.

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>lots of people
10 people is not a lot
come bakc when you have 500 Millions+ users, below that it's considered a failure.

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>Deleting this tweet soon
Not so fast:

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What, did they ban sadpanda links on their site or something?

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Just post the link, dummy.

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It's Brave except will constantly be a few weeks worth of security updates behind. Always. Dissenter is just riding coattails as far as your privacy is concerned.

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>Windows only
Welp, guess I'm not trying it.

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Yeah, let's take all of the retardation from Facebook and Youtube comments and put it in your browser. I don't know about you, but that's exactly the kind of shit I seek to avoid.

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Not the OP:
Needs fucktons of mirrors

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>install dissenter
>post comment the hivemind doesn't like
>everyone starts screaming kike shill
gee sure sounds like shit

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Based. Fuck pedos.

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Anarchy =/= freedom.

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>downloading something that /pol/ approves of
That was probably made by the feds.

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absolutely based

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why did they have to name it something so fucking gay

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I-is it fun?

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>debate the legal gray area
There is no gray area. It is legal in the United States under the 1st amendment. What a faggot. Imagine making a site that's all about MUH FREE SPEECH and then telling people what they can and can't draw. Hypocritical cunt

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>t. pedo

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moot didn't like nazis but he still allowed them on his website. 4chan, the website made for posting loli porn, is more free speech than Gab, the website made for free speech. You should thank pedos for caring more about your rights than internet nazis.

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>good goy
>download our propaganda botnet
>let your browser tell you every day how anti-semitic you are for not submitting to jews

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Moot shut down /n/ and then /new/, both times because he was butthurt about the contingent of NatSoc posters who made up the overwhelming majority. Then when/pol/ was created he shitbombed it at least twice, once majorly when he got outed as a cuck.
To say he "allowed" them is false.

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Yeah I don't want /pol/ shit.

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I don't know how much time has it been since they tweeted that they had successfully cloned Brave's repository.
Let me guess. In this time they have only included Dissenter by default and changed the new tab page?

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>nigger word is banned
>loli is banned
>(((free speech)))

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see >>70810380
it's only free speech when you're deepthroating the jew dick

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why would one with a brain uses this cesspool?
It's full of alt-rights, antivax and complotists, these people are mentally challenged, nothing of quality will ever be posted there...
disqus is already at the bottom quality-wise, don't expect this echochamber to be of any uses.
also who reads fucking comment outside stackoverflow, it's worthless in 99.99999999% situations

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>you can now have politics as a web browser, 24/7 and be served your opinions on a platter.
This is the worst. If you have an opinion you should be bringing it up with local government and hopefully even the government of your entire country.

I have absolutely no respect, maybe even negative respect, for people that waste their time in their circlejerks online.
What a fucking pointless idea, really bad, just harmful really. Not the kind of thing that should be promoted at all, especially since they're doing it for profit.

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>It's full of antifa, climate change tax proponents and transsexuals, these people are mentally challenged, nothing of quality will ever be posted there...

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Well, I just read your comment, and if I were to base my beliefs off of it, I would agree. Worthless.

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Dropped. I lost all shreds of respect I had for this idea.

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>umm, yes, this fence up my ass feels good to sit on

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The earlier is clearly burger, but IDK where they got the latter from.
The UK perhaps?

Anyhow fuck that crap.

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>actual shilling
wtf /g/

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I knew loli was banned (good riddance), but when did they ban "nigger."

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I don't want a browser with different politics, I want one with ZERO politics. I should not have the feed try to brainwash me the moment I open up a new tab

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You have like 1000 browsers on linux to choose from.

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They always did in order to get their addon approved by Mozilla and Google. Not that it mattered in the end.

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There are no politics whenever I open Firefox so I don't get what the paranoia is about with Firefox. Company culture is one thing but it's still acting like any other browser, this Dissenter thing looks like it bombards the shit out of you with their own opinions.

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>Both claim to advocate for a "free and open" web.
>Ban add-ons/extensions that allow "nigger."

I'm getting mixed messages, here.

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lmao cucks

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>There are no politics whenever I open Firefox
The Dissenter app addon is banned in Firefox store and blocked because of politics you moron.

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>Fuck Brave
Lol it uses Brave but know cuts a few things out. Also just imagine all the shit you hate outside of /pol/ now in browser form
>Love Jews
>Can't say certain words they are offensive because (we need advertisers goyim)
>24 /7 news on politics so you can be a sperg and lose your friends.
Or even greater imagine beinf apolitical and not giving a fuck
>24/7 on politics
>Behind 4 weeks on all security
>Banned porn and Lolli content
>Pretend Free Speech when 4channel still has more freedom of speech than the browser does
>Browser has way less features than the alternatives
It's a lost cause that is essentially a containment for /pol/ users.

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IIRC the default behavior since quantum was that it'd show you a handful of articles that were supposed to be "thought provoking" (and occasionally some of them take left-leaning viewpoints on privilege, LGBT shit, etc). It was easy to disable so I did it immediately, but I still don't like the idea of it being an opt-out thing

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>So what was the implication of your post, if not negative?
/pol/ is a disgusting cancer full of shitty people with shittier beliefs
it's possible to hate unpleasant neonazi larpers while also wanting to protect free speech

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Yeah it's not like Pocket shoves articles from left-wing sites in my face, right? Retard.
>y-you can disable it
So can Dissenter.

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What a faggot lol

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>Firefox banned it
>You should just make it to where you can install it on your own browser by downloading the add on.
>No we need to make money and have advertising.
>Oh what's that we should make a Browser

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Because the addon store page loads when I open firefox and tells me news about why an addon was pulled ? No it doesn't. I open it, it loads my home page, I go to watch cat videos on youtube and go on with my day

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This is honestly better than things being outright deleted for going against the hivemind because at least you still have the chance to change it

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>making money off FOSS

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For me it just goes to my homepage.

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>Banned Loli content
Found the pedo

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>Guise the left censors hate speech
>Be Gab
>Be freedom of speech platform
>Censor fictional drawings for mah moralism
They deserve everything they get. Fuck these Evangelical Boomers.

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That might be it than? I have no homepage. It used to be Google, but then they started out churning doodles with a disproportionate amount of brown people/women

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Eat a bullet pedos

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>Wasting resources on another platform that will be lost in memory after 2 years.

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>Freedom of speech is a lie when things like libel and slander laws exist
It's not because it's not speech itself that is condemned but the harm it did on someone else

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How will the CIA PEDONIGGERS ever recover?

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hello fellow redddditooooooooor

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Ever think some people don't go to either place?

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The store is not needed to install the addon. Installing a browser is easily higher friction than clicking an XPI link.

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Lost all respect for the shitty cucks.
>"We agree with free speech, but only the free speech we like"
Fucking hell. There is no legal grey area and you do not get to pretend there is one for things you do not like. Typical SJW-level shit there. Hope they burn.

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Not an argument.

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>describing FOSS projects

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Spotted the pedos. Day of the rope is coming for you degenerate trash

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Nice bait. Have an actual argument or are you just here to shitpost because /lgbt/ is not loading for you, inbred hillblly turbo christian 9000?

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>all these unironic /pol/-tier shitposts
Is this a raid or has the board segregation really cucked /g/ this much to where they cannot debate the series tech issues and speech issues while still shilling freedum fox in a prolonged circlejerk of navel gazing? Is /g/ really now reddit jr? Seems like it. Kind of sad.

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>pedos confirmed /lgbt/
imagine my shock

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Fapping to prepubescent children, drawn or not, makes you a pedophile, no matter what mental gymnastics you're gonna pull out.

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You can't install the extension from XPI either.
Firefox will claim that it's "corrupt".

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fuck off back to discord, tranny

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Soo...a 'raid.' Got it. Time to fuck off until your bed time. God, summer sucks.

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how long until this starts tracking your data like all the others browsers and forks that "promise" they wont

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Until the $ is right.

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>a browser that ADDS comment sections to sites
Fucking why? Removing comments is the main thing I use ublock origin for after blocking ads.

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>I don't care about free speech because I have nothing to say

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>I'm a defender of free speech!
>I love Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Steven Crowder, Computing Forever, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, UKIP, Lauren Southern, Le Pen, Salvini, gun rights
>I hate niggers, trannies, Hilary Clinton, the EU, taxes, socialists, cucks, onions boys, nu-males

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nigger goes down dunes on sandtrap without a mongoose

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you must be here for the pictures, then.

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>beta released after only half a month of development
Sounds more like a Brave reskin than a proper fork.

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No one is using this, just got the extension and there is hardly any activity

>> No.70811618

why the fuck is it always like that, WE PROMISE FREE SPEECH UNLIKE (insert left here) then start censoring shit. are they that dense

>> No.70811661

it's funny when dumb american liberals call me "alt-right" and tell me something about ben shapiro even though i still don't fucking know who that is
also hating on something doesn't mean you don't defend freedom of speech you dumb american nigger

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Very debatable. The devs seem more like zoomer-tier political crusaders than long-term devs and they might jump ship just as quickly.

>> No.70811679

>(a) Whoever is engaged in the business of producing with intent to distribute or sell, or selling or transferring obscene matter, who knowingly receives or possesses with intent to distribute any obscene book, magazine, picture, paper, film, videotape, or phonograph or other audio recording, which has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 5 years or by a fine under this title, or both.

That's not actually clear at all.

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Can't wait for them to have their own shitcoin and VPN to pretend they are fighting for the people.

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>technololigy board
>post anti-technololigy browser

>> No.70811740

>Click here for free speech
>starts posting pedo-shit
>gets banned
>"I thought it was about free speech"

>> No.70811751

they wanted to get approval for android/ios stores so they can reach to wider audiences than few people that are capable of manually installing addon or browser, that said loli pedo shitters are no better than lgbt transfags and should be culled

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I would not be surprised if it is not already in the works!

>> No.70811787

>Cut off Big Tech's business model on your data
lmao big tech will just buy it from your ISP

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yikes, you might as well hand over all of your data to the authorities

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dude, smart people left these boards long ago.
the only people left here are edgy roleplayers trying to convince themselves that they're trolling actual people instead of just baiting other roleplayers into fake arguments.
nothing on this board matters, everybody is arguing in bad faith, there's no winning or losing, just passing the time until the thread dies or is archived.

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..yes? Free speech implies "you get to express yourself within rules." They propose rules people do not like and thus people do not use the thing preventing that. Crazy how that works. It is almost like if you propose rules, people can choose to not use your thing if they do not like the rules. Almost like that is the purest form of capitalism

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See, I agree somewhat, but this is even worse than normal, hence the thought that this might be a raid.

>> No.70811862

>boomer faggot Trump site bans drawings

No surprise here

>That's not actually clear at all

Which is why obscenity is never prosecuted on its own. Every charge for lolicon usually involves real cheese pizza or using a government service for transportation. Attorney generals only go after slam-dunk cases

>> No.70811892

Found the tranny communist.

>> No.70811985

There was one case in Iowa but that's fucking Iowa, and I have no idea how they managed to pull that shit off.

>> No.70811995

Rip Gab I guess. This is just disappointing. Even Reddit allows loli porn.

>> No.70812000

Well, they want to incorporate Bitcoin. Don't think a VPN is planned though. Only a free extension store.

>> No.70812010

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. The structure of these boards means there's literally no way of knowing if the conversation is being steered by a raid or if it's just the current zeitgeist for people to roleplay like this. It's a feature, not a bug, and it's one of the major reasons why anonymous imageboards are rotten on a foundational level.

>> No.70812018

>(Mac and Linux coming soon)
lmao pathetic

>> No.70812022

in a free economy you can't start a business as a hitman.
In a free-speech community you can't post pedo shit for the same reason.

>> No.70812044

Absolutely BASED. Pedos BTFO

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>based on chromium
>cut off big techs business model on your data

>> No.70812057

Can't wait to switch. Everything will be redpilled

>> No.70812064

In a real free economy you would be able to start a business offering bodyguard services to defend from hitmen

>> No.70812084


>> No.70812107

>Only on Winblows
I'm comfy on Ungoogled-chromium anyways, thanks.

>> No.70812128

Based freedomfag dropping the truth on dumb /pol/tards

>> No.70812131

>free speech
>sign up

>> No.70812138

>in a free economy you can't start a business as a hitman.
Yes...you can. Thing is, no true economy is free.
>In a free-speech community you can't post pedo shit for the same reason.
Defining subjective morality based on one groups' ideas. Wew

2/10 I took the bait.

>> No.70812157

Which case was that? The one one where they used the post office to ship lolicon manga?

>> No.70812181

Any functioning community needs limits and delineations on what kinds of speech are acceptable and what kinds of speech are not. The thing is, the vast majority of people want these kinds of rules, because if you literally let people post whatever the fuck they want, other people will get sick of offtopic content or content that is offensive to their sensibilities and simply stop visiting your community and go elsewhere.
Free speech principles are not in and of themselves virtuous, and anybody who is trying to convince you otherwise has an agenda.

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As long as the bait tastes good.

>> No.70812184

fucking dropped

>> No.70812203

No they don't, any functioning community is capable of ostracizing unwelcome speakers naturally without government oversight. Otherwise it's not a functioning community in the first place.

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>shilling freedum fox in a prolonged circlejerk of navel gazing
made me exhale out of my nose slightly and crack a half smile.
I'm fine with Gab, though I'm disappointed with where they've gone. I first heard of Gab as being a social media service that respects your freedom of expression, which sounded awesome. Then I actually went there and it was just the same endless bickering that happens on /pol/, or even here.
The community on Gab was no more interested in hearing opposing or often-suppressed opinions than people on any other social media service.
When I heard about Dissenter, I just ignored it. I assumed it was just going to be the same thing as Gab, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else, just on every page on the WWW. I don't think the Gab people have done anything that makes them deserving of being shut down, banned, or blocked, though.

>> No.70812224

Rules on speech are only used by the few, to impose on the many.

>> No.70812241

This, Gab turned out to be really fucking gay and so will Dissenter.

>> No.70812255

That's the one. Though as I recall it was shota yaoi.

>> No.70812264

Actually you're wrong.

>> No.70812270

Explain 4chan then, which has survived just fine without the need for anything, but the loosest rules for going on two decades? No, all rules proposed by devs does is create an echo chamber. Let the community decide what they want the community to be by letting views be shown, the people that are dickweeds get ostrisized like in any other community, and people continue the discussion, just like in the real world. Oh, wait, that does not push an agenda enough.

>> No.70812292

>free speech

Nice joke. They are literally the anti-liberal.

>> No.70812295

Torba values shekels more than free speech. He agreed to a fed backdoor ages ago just to keep the gravy train rolling.

>> No.70812313

You're both wrong. Collective freedom and Individual freedom are both separate forms of freedom, and yet they cannot coexist because they contradict one another. "Freedom" is a buzzword, that lacks a proper and accurate definition. It is an adjective that should be used to further describe another thing. It is not a thing itself.

>> No.70812322

Anarchy is only freedom for the powerful. Power structures are self-creating. Under true anarchy you would be enslaved.

>> No.70812339

Why do people even make comments like these? They serve no purpose other than fish for some (You)'s, you're posting this on 4chan of all places. I don't appreciate loli, but it doesn't bother me at all that other people might enjoy it. It doesn't even necessarily mean they are pedos, cartoons are cartoons, they hurt nobody.


>> No.70812359

The postal service has their own set of laws that prosecutors can get you on

It's why everyone tells you to ship your lolis through FedEx or UPS

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File: 32 KB, 600x600, 7ef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both the far left and far right (ie /pol/ faggots) are both cancer that just want to create their own different flavor of echo chamber.

>> No.70812384

>people want to associate and communicate with others who share similar values and opinions
shocking, how is it that these evil boomers, poltards and nazis dont want to discuss about lbgq issues, trans therapies, refugees and needs of pedosexuals

>> No.70812424

>deleting this post later teehee

turbo gay developers. I'd rather stick with failurefox than these assholes

>> No.70812447

It's a /pol/ raid because, from my best two seconds of research (because I just cannot be asked to actually go there into that shithole), /pol/ is down or something, so they are raiding other boards since they have nothing better to do
>Also, summerfag-tier /pol/ is here, which makes it worse.

>> No.70812452


Freedom is not license.

*salutes Old Glory*

>> No.70812508

Surely people on 4chan don't have more than one interest or board they browse. Everything is a raid.
You're more cancerous than the fucking schizos on /pol/ themselves who think everything is a Mossad job.

>> No.70812515

>from my best two seconds of research (because I just cannot be asked to actually go there into that shithole), /pol/ is down or something
let me guess, "above meritocracy" research, how about you trannies took a rest from /g/ and just kys

>> No.70812577

I was with /pol/ some years ago until they turned out the same as the thing they were trying to fight. Now they're really fucking annoying, always proselytizing about some dumb uneducated garbage or conspiracy, not knowing they look just as bad as their boogeymen. The board is filled with sub-80 IQ retards that fight against the very foundations of this website, they are no doubt a cancerous tumor.

>> No.70812580


> complotiste

Had to look that one up.

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>mfw watching the tide turn slowly, but surely against /pol/

bless you all.

>> No.70812635

If you don't lick Trump's boots then you enjoy watching black men have sex with your wife. Also if I write OrAnGe MaN BaD in alternate caps then my point is proven with bulletproof logic.

>> No.70812676

I've seen these posts since 2008.

>> No.70812716

Speaking of which...

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dumb kike

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>The light blue shirts
It is like they were trying their hardest to be stereotypes.

>> No.70813492

muh pedo drawings; though I do agree they should allow ALL speech even the most degenerate. pretty sad, but also fuck the pedo niggers out there calling them "evangelical boomers" as if that was 1. true and 2. anywhere near the abhorrence of pedophilloic images.

>kike calling others kike
not the first time ive seen that before

>> No.70813499 [DELETED] 

and a week after Gab anti-loli freakout they got kicked out from it's payment processors and it's hosting provider

play stupid games win stupid prizes

>> No.70813567 [DELETED] 

gab is basically resetera for drumpfies

>> No.70813599
File: 2 KB, 125x124, 1555107094104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no vertical tabs
And another one bites the dust
I really want to fucking leave vivaldi but they are the ONLY ones that nativly support this basic fucking feature with some basic level of polish

>> No.70813725 [DELETED] 
File: 76 KB, 716x611, current year drumpf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Drumpf still used? It was pretty forced even when it first appeared.

Also, what's resetera?

>> No.70813837

>Explain 4chan then, which has survived just fine without the need for anything, but the loosest rules for going on two decades?
What are you talking about? 4chan has had rules and moderation for years. In fact, one of the only reasons I continue to come to these boards in particular is precisely because of certain rules that other imageboards lack.
>No, all rules proposed by devs does is create an echo chamber.
Echo chambers and agenda-pushing exist everywhere, in communities with lots of moderation and communities with no moderation. In communities with little or no moderation, people will just leave on their own accord when the zeitgeist eventually becomes too extreme. Which is fine if you're okay with extremes, but for everybody else, they prefer the rule of law.

>> No.70813841

I'll never understand why devs don't just re-use features that work even if someone already did it. but no they have to put their special flair on it which most of the time means it's shit

>> No.70813940

>they prefer the rule of law
Which you want dictated by a dev that clearly has control and masculinity issues rather than the people that know what they like or do not like. I did not know chink commies used firewalls just to get on /g/. Again, I am not saying for no rules. I am saying the people should be making the rules, not some mentally fucked dev that thinks he is god almighty.

>> No.70814153

>Which you want dictated by a dev that clearly has control and masculinity issues
When you have no moderation, you are not delegating control to "the people" as a whole, you're delegating control to the boundary-pushers, because by definition there's nothing to stop them.
>the people that know what they like or do not like
This isn't what I was talking about, because rules are rules no matter where they originate from. My point was that free speech absolutism is nonsensical and that what 99% of "pro-free-speech" people are actually aiming for is a relaxation of the prohibition of a certain type of speech, and are almost certainly not arguing for free speech from first principles. Furthermore, not only are they not principled, I'd argue that they're not arguing in good faith and should actually be forthcoming about the kind of speech they want to advocate for and why.

>> No.70814203

based. Fuck /pol/pedo loli tards.
literal degenerates.

>> No.70814251
File: 754 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_6200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>open a night club
>people come in and enjoy themselves
>a table of idiots starts screaming at another table, calling them fags, libtards, niggers etc.
>kick that idiot table out of the club
I don't understand why people get so upset about being kicked off of twitter, insta, facebook, etc for degeneracy. If you want a place to enjoy all your bigotry make your own and stop complaining about someone else's platform. But I'll tell you what, when you open a club just full of your cohorts its going to be inherently shit.

>> No.70814262
File: 1.68 MB, 2404x954, 1500009278514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70814319
File: 43 KB, 497x800, gamora_guardians.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>against freedom of speech on the internet
Just like how Gab claims to be pro-freedom while banning everything related with lolis/shotas?

>> No.70814430

Jesus, since when /g/ became a bunch of moralfags? What's going on this board? are we being raided by tumblr, reddit, discord?

>> No.70814439

stop promoting your garbage browser everyday

>> No.70814495

No, by /pol/. All the actual /g/ posters fucked off and will come back when it is over.

>> No.70814501

>Jesus, since when /g/ became a bunch of moralfags?
Since 4chan became a fairly popular site. However it's worse now with all the normalfags flooding the place to shitpost about FF. In a few days you should be able to have your occasional techloli/g/y thread again.

>> No.70814564

What is?

>> No.70814613
File: 88 KB, 1214x403, 1511792497258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>poltourists acting like they're OG 4chan

fucking lmao fuck off you stormniggers

>> No.70814634
File: 246 KB, 600x646, 508b3a47f81fb3010778a00594f9c0d09e1c7beb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't forget this is a company who banned lolis from their platform

>> No.70814664
File: 1 KB, 118x24, Totally full of shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying half the people here are not easily twice your age and clearly 10x your maturity.
Just go back to /pol/ already. No one wants you human trash here. You alt-right shitheads are not even fun to fuck around with. It is like abusing the retarded.

>> No.70814691
File: 70 KB, 1024x696, 1556249525805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>500K users
kek, we have ovens by then

>> No.70814709
File: 191 KB, 640x542, autiistic discipline.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fuck brave
>using a fork of brave
holy shit

>> No.70814732

I don't even go to /pol/.

>> No.70814859

I don't want new browser, can someone give me firefox Dissenter extension?
It got removed from amo but they can still self distrubute.

>> No.70814869
File: 24 KB, 300x300, 1447727966250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the 100th time, no add-ons got removed. Just disabled.

>> No.70814942


Different story. Firefox and Chrome banned Dissenter from their extension stores.

>> No.70814965

Why it was deleted from Firefox Addons page?

>> No.70814985

>freedom of speech
>banned lolis from their platform
it's already flawed

>> No.70814988

A liberal 'journalist' complained.

>> No.70815101

The official reason is that it infringed Mozilla's acceptable use policy by allowing hate speech.

>> No.70815144

>free speech is hate speech
also it's like banning cars because muslims use it to kill people.

>> No.70815203

Which is retarded because Dissenter went through the trouble of disallowing stuff like nigger etc to even get the add-on approved but that still wasn't enough for SJWzilla

>> No.70815209

>Mozilla, a company that claims to promote free speech
>No speech we do not like
Why is this becoming the "thing" that companies all do and think they will get away with? Is it because "muh Mozilla diversity"? Are they becoming somehow even MORE politically shitty? How is that even possible? Their articles already read like a dream journal of a 13 year old transgender girl that schlicks it to the news....fucking hell.

>> No.70815248
File: 429 KB, 573x573, award.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it tells some RWAs every website you visit? lmao

>> No.70815277

oldfagged and memorypilled

>> No.70815464

>Why is this becoming the "thing" that companies all do and think they will get away with?
It doesn't necessarily apply to Mozilla, but in general companies just try to avoid bad press. Look at Google for example. They also removed Dissenter, but they just didn't provide any justification (and also ignored further inquiries afaik).

>> No.70815605

yes, we sacrifice complete freedom of speech for some protections. no, this doesn't mean bugmen get to lie about the "harm" caused by political opinions they dislike, which can easily be flipped around on them.

>> No.70815651
File: 409 KB, 938x1080, SXFCHXMAtjY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh nazi botnet

>> No.70815734

>100 people need to use it before I use it because I am a sheep
>I love giving away my data and being fingerprinted, oy im so much a good goy very proud to be for Israel I use chrome and always watch and blindly agree with what youtube makes me watch because they KNOW BEST FOR ME

>> No.70815779

>Limited time beta. Fuck Firefox, and fuck Brave.
And absolutely FUCK animetards

>> No.70815843

>I love giving away my data and being fingerprinted
Wait...are you implying Brave (and therefore Dissenter Browser) offers a good fingerprint protection?

>> No.70815925

What are you going to do...throw your usual autistic infograph at him? lol

>> No.70816045

There's nothing wrong with Brave. In fact, there is everything wrong with Dissenter. It's a lopsided attempt to solve a problem that's already been solved. Why would I want /pol/ tier, pseudo political garbage on my internet browser? I hate politics and Dissenter reminds me of it whether it's on the screen or not. Gab? No, but thank you.

>> No.70816187

No, I just call him a retard.

>> No.70816316


The idea isn't about /pol/tards, it's about uncensorable discussion and opinions, but gab might fuck this up anyways.so...

>> No.70816635

You cant ever expect a community to be respectful of your opinions on the internet just like alt leftists shouldn't expect to be free from "hearing" opinions that conflict with their own or dissent. That is essentially freedom of speech, and the only reason it may look different in real life is because of face to face accountability and judgment.

It's another thing when a platform starts censoring stuff to try and create the community you are wishing for.

You're not asking for a platform of free speech, you are asking for not retarded people, and I'm sorry to tell you this young zoomer but that simply does not exist.

>> No.70816698

Hate speech is not free speech.

>> No.70816737

There's no such thing as hate speech. Speech is free or it isn't.

>> No.70816766

Does it pay me crypto for using it? No? Fuck off then.

>> No.70817114
File: 482 KB, 856x800, goy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good goy

>> No.70817125

so, the main feature you are looking for in your web browser is a bitcoin miner? mate just install a fucking bitcoin miner

>> No.70817262

i'm not against /pol/ speech, i just don't want to read it.

>> No.70817352

close your eyes lol

>> No.70817401

i'll just pass downloading your meme browser, thanks.

>> No.70817767

worse, normalfags

>> No.70817922


>> No.70817949

yes i heard gab was a great alternative for twitter. Can't wait to use this on my machine.

>> No.70817963

t. Edgy 12 year old

>> No.70818035

You're right. Free speech is the idea that sharing concepts and politics freely is critical to democracy and personal development. "Hate speech" is a construct of far-left social justice types that want to prohibit causing any form of offense.

>> No.70818108

>wanting your home page to be inundated in pathetic cringy r/thedonald-tier americircumcision/anglolard political commentary
Fuck off

>> No.70818141

I would prefer to trust even google before this religious boomer cancer, get the fuck out of here.

>> No.70818177
File: 460 KB, 775x666, 71930c6b725f837e23c569469ead7cadc1b4b0bad4c98f40de54bcb7e263adad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God smells like pol in here.

>> No.70818207

You're smelling yourself. Take a shower dweeb.

>> No.70818306

go dilate

>> No.70818417

/pol/ has nothing but buzzwords

>> No.70818493
File: 84 KB, 600x681, 1545861548951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CP is free speech. Think about it rationally. While producing CP is indeed a crime, freely sharing or possesing it is a victimless 'crime'. By watching, having, or sharing CP you are not commiting any real crime, you are simply looking at pixels that would still be there even if you hadn't watched it. It is no different from watching liveleak cartel or ISIS execution videos, what is occurring in the videos is definitely a crime, but simply watching it is not.

Think I'm wrong? Then explain why the Christchurch video should be legal but not CP. Mass murder is obviously a crime, yet no one except the most psychotic liberals actually believes you're a mass murderer or a terrorist simply for watching the video, even if they find it repulsive and would rather not watch it, they don't think it should be a crime.

There is NO argument against this that isn't some form of appeal to authority/legality (the supreme court, politicians say so!), appeal to emotion (think of the children!) or just adhom (hurr degenerate pedo). The "best" I've heard is that legalizing CP will increase child abuse rates (again, a real crime) however this has 2 problems:
1. There is no evidence of this, it is pure speculation.
2. "Incitement" is a very thin line. Using the logic that you should ban everything that *might* cause someone to commit a crime, you could ban basically all of /pol/, any sort of nationalist or "racist" speech, violent video games, basically everything, really. You could arrest someone because they sad Brenton Tarrant was based and redpilled.
This is the very same logic liberals use in their attempt to pass "hate speech" laws so by thinking CP should be illegal you are basically validating it.

By banning CP (and also having libel laws and intellectual 'property') the US is in direct contradiction of its 1st amendment and thus cannot be said to truly respect freedom of speech. Think about it logically.

>> No.70818611

By viewing CP you are consuming it. Consumption drives production. Not only that, some may argue viewing CP would even drive pedophiles towards acting out their desires. But I'm not a psychologist.

>> No.70818658

Because the boot of oppression only looks good on MY feet :)

Humanity will never fucking learn

>> No.70818692

Nah I love 4chan. I come here for the comments specifically. But why would I want to read comments on localnewssite.com? They're all fucking terrible

>> No.70818705

>still based on chromium
>downstream from Google
Firefox and Firefox forks are the only option.

>> No.70818727
File: 108 KB, 614x546, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Andrew Torba is a fag

>> No.70818771
File: 790 KB, 2554x3831, aEqxmGiU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>install this proprietary software instead of that other one, it's totally safe and won't spy on you

>> No.70818818

Sharing the Christchurch video doesn't produce a black market of mass shooting videos

>> No.70818845

Being in a mess (read: anarchy) is not freedom;but a mess.
As simple as that.

>> No.70818865

Same thing with hate speech

>> No.70819069

You can define someone as a minor with maths, that's how objective and clear it is to define pedophilia. Hate speech means fuck all you dumb idiot.

>> No.70819128
File: 486 KB, 1000x1200, CatGirl on Laptop Keyboard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can we know if it's trustworthy?

>> No.70819157

Hate speech doesn't exist.

>> No.70819208

...why do you need to be paid to use a free thing? If you need a miner, just do what >>70817125 this anon said and get one. Basically all of the main ones are free anyway.

>> No.70819230

>A political board uses buzzwords
Politics is ALL buzzwords, especially neo-nazi shithead politics like the shit these dipshits follow (as well as the shitposting far left that just post to trigger them).

>> No.70819241

Well, not censoring people would be a start, which they failed there already....

>> No.70819383

Only a kike would say something like that

>> No.70819417

>p-pls don't be mean to pedos

>> No.70819434

Just go back to /pol/ already.

>> No.70819459
File: 30 KB, 353x353, 1557020092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>censors the word nigger in order to be allowed on stores
>still gets banned

>> No.70819473

what a bunch of niggers lol

>> No.70819560

Didn't the US supreme court only recognize CP as real CP and nothing else?

>> No.70819571

When chromium gets encrypted sni I'll gladly give dissenter a try.

>> No.70819599


>> No.70819603

>-Comment on any URL on the internet
So they keep track of every site you visit, how is this any better because it's not "Big Tech" doing it?

>> No.70819630

owning the libs

>> No.70819647
File: 149 KB, 251x230, 1503857551947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You're not welcome on techloli/g/y, normalfaggots

>> No.70819697
File: 14 KB, 250x250, 098-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>nigger word is banned
>>loli is banned
the 2 things i enjoy most. what a FUCKING joke

>> No.70819873

Oh right /g/ defends pedophilia

>> No.70819941
File: 33 KB, 614x825, n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70819963

So I had a bit of a curious look and the entire website is just one big comment section for Tim Pool and Sargon lol

>> No.70819969

Technololigy, nigger.

>> No.70819976

>Torba values shekels more than free speech.

>> No.70820030
File: 26 KB, 599x510, 1503858785057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my cartoon little girls do not constitute pedophilia, as they are not actually little girls and thus don't fit under the definition of pedophilia. They are drawings. They have no age. You can depict what might look like a little girl, but it is not a little girl, it's a drawing. But past semantics, you could argue someone who likes loli by extension might like real little girls, and this is also wrong. For sure, there's some overlap between pedos and lolicons, but this doesn't mean all. People get turned on by stuff in 2D they'd never be turned by on in 3D a shit ton, do you think people into vore would actually like vore irl? I highly doubt it. Same goes for lolicons. I love loli, the cute, petite, childish personality on the 2D plane does a lot for me. But 3D? Fuck no, that's gross, some stinky, annoying little retarded child sounds horrid, not to mention morally reprehensible

food for thought stormfaggot

>> No.70820058

>mental gymnastics to defend pedophile tendencies

>> No.70820078

typical /pol/faggot can't understand basic logic, imagine my shock

>> No.70820092

>ad hominem response

>> No.70820108

>lol i don't like little girls just drawings of them i promise

>> No.70820157

In the same way futa lovers don't like males.
You don't understand shit about paraphilia.

>> No.70820180

Porn of real children is illegal and 4ch just like everywhere else has to follow the rules on DMCA takedowns. Each board also is separated by the poster friendly places for advertising and also places where advertising is not available.
>Let the community decide what they want
Problem is you have a normal community until you have users on the right and left trying to take indirect jabs at each other or whine about censorship when they try to push agendas on places. /V/ is extremely guilty of this due to the userbase being dumb enough to respond to the bait threads.

>> No.70820181

Ahh shit. Uninstalling.

>> No.70820224

fuck off shill

>> No.70820242

I don't think so. It probably falls under the Miller Test.
Not that it would matter, since the Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly and unanimously that hate speech isn't a fucking thing and is protected by the First Amendment, and yet the totalitarians keep pushing to censor.

/pol/ here. Loli is degenerate, but still preferable to the genuine pedofaggots grooming 12 year old boys as drag queens and shoving cash in their thongs at parties and publicly bragging about it and walking free.

>muh thoughtcrime
There's nothing wrong with being a pedo as long as you keep it in your (own) pants.

>> No.70820244

Not sure if you are a Poe or just plain retarded.

>> No.70820271
File: 22 KB, 480x646, my ass itches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw observing a spiritual war over the web

>> No.70820285

Fuck off Storm Fag. By your logic playing violent video games has hidden murderous tendencies.

>> No.70820353
File: 244 KB, 1182x901, hip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I just downloaded this and now malwarebytes is going fucking haywire

>> No.70820387


>why should a power company be any different from a hosting provider

That was the dumbest fucking thing that person could have said in the video and he ended it with the statement. A power company is a publicly owned utility and governed by laws of the states or countries in which they operate (at least here in the U.S.).

A hosting provider, wow, there's just no way to make that leap to create that analogy at all, what a colossally dumbass thing to say, geez.

Hosting providers need to just be cut and dry about shit: "We don't what your bullshit on our service, and that's that."

>> No.70820394
File: 40 KB, 443x455, zoomer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this really the line of free speech you want to defend? When people speak of free speech, they mean freedom to express their ideas openly without violent reprisal or oppression. Posting sexual drawings of kids is not "expressing or debating an idea". This is where you fail to understand. You should be free to openly debate your love of pedophilia ,you should be free to express wanting it to be legal, but you aren't free to post this degenerate porn anywhere you want. Stupid fucks. Your are an embarrassment to all civilized men.

>> No.70820411

Nice Selfie Poe's Law Boomer.

>> No.70820421


posting from it right now.

based and dissenterpilled.

>> No.70820438

Porn isn't speech.

>> No.70820440

Nazis don't deserve freedom of speech because they want to take it away.

>> No.70820475

>traps and swastikas on every page of the internet

>> No.70820530

nazis stopped existing 75 years ago. take your pills

>> No.70820564

shut up nazi

>> No.70820600

>Posting sexual drawings of kids is not "expressing or debating an idea".
Yes it is, you are expressing the idea of a cute child.

>> No.70820704

Imagine defending pedophiles

>> No.70820727 [DELETED] 

empirically, all political systems (from the most disctatorial to the most "free") are just different varieties of anarchy.
the implicit subtext of "anarchy" is a balance of powers, mediated by decentralization or federation with common protocols (ethics)
just as in the most oppressive government, freedom naturally is available to even the most pitiable slave or prisoner by the divine gift of free will - to defy the laws of evil men - the subtext of freedom is not just free will and action, but being able to do so without dire "consequences" like imprisonnment or death that put in abeyance future will and action.

>> No.70820759
File: 33 KB, 600x564, Waifu retaliation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is based

>>70810103 >>70820058 >>70820108
Take away /our/ anime waifus
& there will be retaliation.

>> No.70820818
File: 52 KB, 566x577, free_speech.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

empirically, all political systems (from the most disctatorial to the most "free") are just different varieties of anarchy.
the implicit subtext of "anarchy" is a balance of powers, mediated by decentralization or federation with common protocols (ethics)
just as in the most oppressive government, freedom naturally is available to even the most pitiable slave or prisoner by the divine gift of free will - to defy the laws of evil men - the subtext of freedom is not just free will and action, but being able to do so without dire "consequences" like imprisonnment or death that put in abeyance future will and action.
8c*n did the same thing with DOST

>> No.70820824

Mastodon has around 2 million users with 314k coming from mastodon.social.
Also fuck the janitor for deleting the other thread before I could post.

>> No.70820847

everyone who posts this comic is confirmed faggot

>> No.70820881

implies exclusivity, or else a monomaniacal fixation on that particular trait.
most children are ugly.
however, I'm an aesthete that loves beauty wherever he finds it.

>> No.70820890

Everything else aside, I think the idea of dissenter is interesting. Separating comments from content and making it decentralized seems like a net good.

>> No.70820941

Is it really decentralized? I thought the comments were hosted at Gab's servers.

>> No.70820942

Hey, genius, ever heard of Simple Gallery? The developer has the whole software suite Simple Tools and has recently started charging for his app on the Play store, but having it free on github. And this is just one example.

>> No.70821017

I should clarify that by the "idea", I mean the concept and not the execution. What I mean by decentralized is that anyone can make a comment service and, thus, commenting and discussion would be completely decoupled from the content itself (hostable by anyone). You could even set up an activitypub version to get federation.

>> No.70821050

>shit browser that shills /pol/ shit to you
>free speech

it's literally adware targeted at a minority of known idiots.

>> No.70821100

>self-expression isn't free speech

shut up retard. you only want "approved" free speech, aka none.

>> No.70821163

speech enabling technology/platforms are not "communities"
a printing press is not a community, and neither is DNS, hosting, banking, or even a fucking website/service

what you really ought to be talking about is algorithmic filtering (self imposed, or centralized)

the point i want to hammer home, is that it is only technologically valid to suppress "speech" when that speech itself suppresses the ability of people to communicate.

>> No.70821231

cp is speech, which is protected under the categorical imperative: injustice anywhere (ciminalizing pedo speech) threatens justice everywhere (your speech).

>> No.70821323

niether does cp
porn is just applied aesthetics; it is the experimental physics of art.

>> No.70821501

>Get this thing to single you out as a 4chan user

>> No.70821521

Your inability to differentiate between freedom to discuss ideas (whether something should be legal or not, whether something is right or wrong), vs an act of total degeneracy, reveals your low state of consciousness.

Whether you like it or not, you are still bound by rules that, if not followed, will get you kicked out of places. Maybe you can change it with more activism. Good luck normalizing your views to the normies. Well, at least the kikes would probably agree with you.

>> No.70821647

Why discussing about lolicon and sharing pictures of lolis don't count as freedom of discussion?
>you are still bound by rules that, if not followed, will get you kicked out of places
Like the rules that kicked Gabfags out of other platforms?

>> No.70821653
File: 374 KB, 849x1412, sade-la-philosophie-dans-le-boudoir-ill-clovis-trouille-luxure-le-divin-marquis-devant-son-chc3a2teau-de-la-coste.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i could say the same.
:depiction of
porn is art, not action.
it is divine inspiration, crystallized thought.

>> No.70821683

>Why discussing about lolicon and sharing pictures of lolis don't count as freedom of discussion?
Go ahead and discuss your ideas about lolicon, but don't post your degenerate filth. Do you understand the difference? If gays want to discuss their right to sodomy, fine... that doesn't mean anyone should be forced to provide a public platform them to openly sodomize each other. This is what you are essentially demanding.

>> No.70821713

>Test our shit for free (for us) goy

>> No.70821717

Gab and everything connected to it seems like an indoctrination camp or honeypot.
hard pass.

>> No.70821725

All FOSS users are testers.

>> No.70821745

You mean like microsoft where they fired all the testers for windows yet still charge you money for it?

>> No.70821749

no, but a law, technology or platform for "free speech" cannot logically justify its prohibitions on pornographic material.

>> No.70821791

most FOSS isn't famous for being used by a guy who shot up a synagogue

windows a shit. who cares.

>> No.70821808

>but a law, technology or platform for "free speech" cannot logically justify its prohibitions on pornographic material.

Lol, you are trying to melt the argument away from pedophilia. We are talking about pedophilic material, not "pornographic material" as you just tried to put it.

>> No.70821864

wrong. most foss software has DEV branches used by testers, NOT users

>> No.70821872

sort of, except gab clearly aim to get the 4chan users

>> No.70821893

Why the fuck would anyone on the chans want to use social media unless they are fuckin ledditers frog posters?

>> No.70821972

because otherwise their posts get removed [some times]
dissenter is nothing more a special secret club for pol, it's everything the JIDF ever wanted

>> No.70822062

I only use Mac & Linux. Get the version out now!

>> No.70822073

If it was legal to have cp, then the fuckos can't plant evidence and put up phony experts to imprison whoever they want. Think about that logically.

>> No.70822244

most apartments, cafes, bookstores, or theatres arent known for being frequented by people who committed infamous crimes, either.
who gives a shit if they are - the business is not the users, and the users are not a singular execrable individual.

>> No.70822698

>fuck brave
>uses brave fork
They banned le nigge word because of pozilla and Google but they disabled the filters when they got banned

>> No.70822875
File: 39 KB, 500x413, rori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70823285

Way to prove him right genius.

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