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I looked into the Intel ME controversy and it seems that AMD FX is the best option now. Newer than Core2Duo with no ME. AMD implemented a ME after 2013 similar to Intel, so it seems that Ryzen is no-go. Also, AMD FX general thread. And do't worry I won't buy the space heater one.

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They're all space heaters.

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Fine. I only meant the FX-9590. It's overkill. I'm thinking of getting the 8350

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>I'm thinking of getting the 8350

They're literally all shit.

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Then what ME-free CPU should I get? All Ryzen and Core CPU's have backdoors.

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are you a pedo?

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No. I'm a racist.

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Thank god.

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Ryzen doesn't have anything like the ME, not even close
AMD Secure tech doesn't have a network stack

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Seems like it is to me.

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In reality it's pointless.

NSA/CIA/mossad has 100 other backdoors that aren't related to DRM chips that you haven't ever heard of before.

If you want a actually secure system you need a public facing node and a private node. Make sure every packet is tracked and accounted for coming in and out. Also install Gentoo and BSD.

Look at the way actual companies use to secure their private networks and data and implement your own version.

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>Gentoo and BSD
I should dual-boot them? I'll look into installing nodes.

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Yeah it's similar in that it's another processor but it doesn't nearly have the access and control
AMDs Secure tech mostly deals with key generation, validation and provides a TPM, the only data it has access to is data that you feed it
The ME on the other hand has unfettered access to everything in memory and has it's own TCP/IP stack so it can operate completely independent of the OS

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I'm running an FX-8350, 16GB RAM, RX 480 8GB.

Not the best in the world, but I paid under $350 for it and it runs stuff well. I'm not a big gamer, I play the hell out of Diablo 3 and its smooth.

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Trust me, they have ways of gathering the data they want that don't involve modern CPU vulnerabilities. The NSA collects LITERALLY every electronic transmission in the world and archives it, that way they can sort through it later when a person trips a flag.

Don't fret over your CPU.

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the difference between the 8350 and the 8300 is so small you wont even sense it

unless you want to OC then go for a 8350 otherwise a 8300 is more than capable

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You smeller nigger

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Get a Dell from some company that does government work. They come with ME disabled from the factory. I got pic related from craigslist, but I imagine govdeals will work too.

I also own a build with a 9590. 0/10 do not recommend - endless freezing, crashing and throttling.

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>does goverment work
>thinks they wont spy on

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I have an Ex-Gov Toughbook CF71 with no network hardware, no microphone, no cameras, and a fucking pentium 3 and I can still hear it spin up in the dead of night and shut off again.

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I was using FX-6300 for like 4 years with no issues. I only played games at 1080p so it seemed capable enough

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The stock fan on the FX8350 is loud as fuck when the CPU is under load. Holy shit!

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CIA niggers are always trying to steal my rape Pepes.

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>TrustZone TEE can dedicate specific areas of memory for security purposes, which allows the storage of sensitive information for such things as Point-of-Sale (POS) devices and Digital Rights Management (DRM).
And now I know what this is actually about, DRM. Loosing control over your own device. """security"""

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NSA wants your nudes.

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>Trust me,
Every time someone says this, what follows is either a lie or something they're not sure about.

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snowden told us that nsa keeps 100kb per day for each person of interest

now 100kb doesnt seem much but in text form this is a lot of fucking data

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FX8350 at 4.5ghz is pretty damn powerful desu, and it's still not a housefire with the vcore needed to do that.

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I had one and I'll tell you 2 things

1) You'll have to make up the difference on a CPU cooler to make it worth owning. If you don't it will sound like a jet engine that rattles the desk it's on
2) It'll throttle at 60c and shut down at like 62, which for that CPU, is basically opening fucking chrome

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if you really have a legitimate reason to worry about Intel ME as part of your threat model, get a libreboot capable ThinkPad

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>You'll have to make up the difference on a CPU cooler to make it worth owning
That's the 9900K you're talking about. A $30 air cooler like the 212 or hyper T4 is overkill for an 8350 at stock, and it can be overclocked to 4.5 or 4.6.

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The Platform Security Processor is an ARM core integrated in the main die of all contemporary AMD CPUs. Ostensibly its purpose is to secure the boot process and implement security extensions to segregate core instruction executions. In reality it is a black box capable of accessing the entire system memory space and hiding its own code executions. The PSP cannot be removed or disabled; if the PSP's signed firmware is not present, the processor will not be released from reset and fail to boot.
enjoy your botnet

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Obviously, even the G5 had a seperate CPU to initialize the main CPUs. It was already confirmed by 3rd parties that if it's disabled in the BIOS, any management features can't even be forced on and that's ONLY on the local system with administrator access.
Just because some oy vey pays someone to write an article that "oh no it's a black box", doesn't make it so.

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Sure, if you can get the CPU cheap, but right now the pricing of it is so shit considering you can just get a ryzen 2400G for $140, which comes with a cooler that's good enough as it is

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It depends on your needs. It's strength lies in multicore performance. It will do very well for a budget CPU in any task that can utilise all of it's threads. If not, you're probably better off with a Ryzen 3.

I still use an 8350 and don't have any plans to upgrade because I'm satisfied with it for now at least.

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My experience with people too. It doesn't mean everything they said was a lie but they were lying.

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no, get a tinfoil hat to go along with your straightjacket.

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at what price?
got 8350 for $20 from friend. worth the money i guess.

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I'd get the 2400g no doubt. But when it comes to the whole botnet thing some guys worry about, FX8000 still holds the crown on the desktop.

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I would take 9900K/7980XE + ME_Cleaner to AMD Ryzen "PSP" on any day. PSP still cannot be disabled/crippled.

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>public facing node and a private node.
Means jack shit. No intranet=useless and completely vulnerable

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Ryzen is definetly a no go for me because I like booting windows 7 and XP natively, eventually I'll migrate to linux mint on RYZEN but I'll keep this around as a retro machine.


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>all powerful ME backdoor
>crippled easily
Pick one and only one

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Lots of intel fanboys in here. AMD FX CPUS are perfectly fine. I am an AMD fan boy. But I have been because I always go with bang for your buck. You get a 8 core CPU that will do anything you need unless you are rendering shit. If you are just a general PC user and gamer there is no issue with the FX CPUs.

>Single thread preformance
Fine get a fucking an older AMD six core like the 1090t. I was gaming on that until a few months ago when a lighting strike fried my Mother board. (RIP Sabertooth) Yeah I know I'm too broke right now for a UPS. I was gaming at 1080 with no issues. at 1080 and over your GPPU matters way more than your CPU.

>it's a heater
Umm no. I'm using the same WC loop I used in my 1090t and it reaches the same temps at the same CPU speed and the same voltage. Same GPU in the loop as well.

I swear the longer I'm on /g/ the more I see mid tier kids who buy into marketing hype.

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Samefag here.

I'd like to add get a good board and add extra VRM cooling, if you plan to OC. Avoid Asus's 990fx except the sabertooth. The other 4 asus boards I've used in the 990fx and 970fx brackets have shit VRM cooling. They can work great if you add a 40mm fan to the Northbridge heat sink and VRM sinks. I don't like asus boards in particular, I just happen upon those boards on hard forum FS for cheap.

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This is literally the same as removing windows on a UEFI system and installing Linux in its place. The Windows Boot Manager is still in the UEFI, but most of the botnet is gone.

Yes it is easily cripped for NSA to disable it with ease. That't the whole point of the HAP bit.

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The Asus Sabertooth AM3+ boards were really good, took Gigabyte until 2013 to make a UD3 that could overclock an 8350 without overheating the VRM, and the $279 Asus Formula-Z was kinda pointless because the price to performance of FX goes out the window and you may as well build a 3770 rig.

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>Avoid Asus's 990fx except the sabertooth.
The Crosshair Formula surely can't be that bad can it

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I honestly forgot about the crosshair formulas. They are good. The VRM is just as good as the sabertooth's. I used a crosshair fomula for my brother's PC Very cool board. I never got the chance to OC with it since my brother didn't want to bother and I gave him my old Xigmatek HDT cooler, which probably could not handle too much more than that stock voltage. It held the fx-8370 at 45C under load, though.

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My thing is if the ME was that much of a threat it wouldn't be disabled or crippled so easily
At the same time if it can be crippled so easily than the ME must not be that big of a threat as schizos make it out to be
You can't have both at once and I highly doubt the NSA would just allow there to be an easy switch for it that actually disables it and isn't just a feel good thing

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>not overclocking your 8350 to 8.7ghz

>> No.70767986

>I highly doubt the NSA would just allow there to be an easy switch for it that actually disables it
You know what the ME_Cleaner does? It REMOVES most modules in addition to setting the HAP bit, if you use it with the /S switch. Using the /s switch will only flip the HAP bit, and not using either switch will only result in the removal of those modules, and ME will fail to initialize after loading the CPU itself but without the 30 minute timebomb. If what you believe is true, i.e. the botnet is not easily removed, then most of the modules shouldn't be removable after all. Also, the HAP bit is undisclosed to the public(it was meant for government agencies after all) until Positive Technologies discovered it.

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An FX-8350 will do 5.2GHz stable on a loop with 1.7v if you have big ass balls and want to go fast.

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I'd definetly recommend one. I'm running an FX-6300 with 16 GB of RAM and it's absolutely great!

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I had a fx 8320 and I still have fucking nightmares about it, it's a total pos of shit.

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a machine with an fx 8xxx is def not retro
you can still do insane media stuff with it even for today's standards

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Do you want the space heater or the potato?

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The 8350 is pretty much the best CPU without the PSP or IME. So if you don't want either, go with the 8350

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stop being a schizo autist and buy a ryzen

>> No.70769301

are you trying to toast your cpu or something

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I would do it because it will degrade and eventually die, I run 1.4v daily but a madman did do it on youtube.

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It's not, but it runs XP and 7, which ryzen and meme lake chips wont run

>> No.70771156

>I would do it

>> No.70771180

There is no technical reason XP and 7 couldn't work on either Ryzen or * Lake
The whole fucking point of x86 is the fact you have compatibility layers going back to the DOS age

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I know tricks can be done to make it work, even windows 9x can run on ryzen, but they're being dicks about it.

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Buy ryzen and Just fucking disable PSP on the bios.

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7 runs on ryzen just fine.

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fx 8350 is basedcore. intel shills say heater but after all its still on the top of world record overclockers. and it doesnt even get hot in normal use, i had mine at stock 4144 mhz for 4 years AIRCOOLED by a chink el cheapo fan and even at over 90% usage it never got over 60c

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>and it doesnt even get hot in normal use
>tfw 59C when overclocked to 4.5 on Prime95 AVX which doesn't matter

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>not overclocking your 8350 to 8.7ghz
Doesn't count, the cores on bulldozer are only half cores so it's really only 4.35ghz. Not impressive

>> No.70772627

Kek, they are 8 cores, but they are only 4 decoders, so an 8350 8 core performance is only 1.7x the performance of 4 cores 4 modules running because the ipc becomes so poor.

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Do they have a backdoor for a OpenBSD running W500 with coreboot?

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7 is ok on ryzen

but running xp on a ryzen is just stupid

>> No.70773196

Yeah we're at a point where an XP virtual machine is better than native, I can fit a decent sized VHD in my RAMdisk and boot it almost instantly, at least if you can run 7 on a ryzen that's fuckin cool.

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If you really want a secure system that can't be used to spy on you, get a POWER9, not an AMD FX. It's faster and more advanced.

The only benefit of the AMD is x86 compatibility. That's great if you want to run proprietary software like games but if your security needs are this extreme you're better off going fully open source.

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Well they're gonna have to scale the chips and TDP down to something I can use on the desktop because using server equipment as your main machine is stupid.

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Check out the Raptor Computing Blackbird.

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AMD has provided no official documentation on the PSP. Thus it is unknown to the public whether it can access the network stack.

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>>I like booting windows 7 and XP natively
I boot Windows 7 on Ryzen natively off an m.2 ssd. What the fuck you talking about??

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If you're broke yes.

>> No.70776707

Requires addon cards like graphics and USB all of which are their own computers with a binary firmware blob.

All is lost in this world, so there is no need to worry about such a trifling thing. Only reason to worry would be a European hosting high tech trade secrets on their computer which America wants.

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The FX-8350 (without OC) outperforms a i5-7600 in games. The i5-7600 is a stuttering mess

>> No.70777128

Say what you will, my 6300 just werks.

>> No.70778250

Kaby is typically better than vishera for single core shit, but watching the 8350 beat the newest i5 in multi core at the time for dirt cheap was hilarious.

>> No.70778795

In theory it should be yeah. But the FX-8350 provides a way better experience than an i5-7600 currently. My gf has a 7600, had severe stuttering issues in most games, even e-sports titles like rocket league. Swapped it out with an FX-8350 kit I had lying around to see if that worked better. Resulted in no more stuttering and better frames.
Paired with a GTX 1070 on 4K60hz btw

>> No.70778813

The 8350 being a moar cores CPU, does give really smooth framerates, when leveraged by new games.

>> No.70778942

well it should be considering ryzen is still using its front end

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be thankfull that the second hand market hasnt cought up yet with the fact that they got a free boost because of ryzen...

once more people realize that shit is gonna explode considering that you can built a decent 8 core machine for under 100 bucks..

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I think they've already caught onto used fx8350 builds, a brand new 990fx motherboard is insanely expensive. But at least you can build with a nice new gigabyte 970 ds3p, though

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>$180 board new in 2016

>> No.70779691

This stuff isn't all too unusual
Almost any enthusiast level board that is a good few years old with be expensive if you find one new

>> No.70779772

It's really a shame because the faster 2600MHz HT link of 990FX makes the chip perform like it's running 100MHz faster than a 970 chipset's 2400MHz link at the same clock speed on cinebench.

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>I'm thinking of getting the 8350
as long as you don't do any computing, or single threaded tasks on your PC... I guess it's fine for anime playback, running Gentoo or Arch... that kind of task works.

>> No.70780577

every high-end motherboard (older ones) cost a lot. like I wanted a 5820K, it is super cheap. but the motherboards... a fortune.

so I gave up on my "cheap 6 core idea". :(

>> No.70780848

I don't even understand why people on ebay even bother listing some of this shit, fuckin 200 dollar used X99 mobos.

>> No.70781051

>8 core 4ghz is fine for anime playback

considering all the mitigations id say its on par with kaby lake now

>> No.70781212

ah hell no. the mitigations had no effect on desktop use or benchmarks really, I own Haswell and Sandy Bridge, literally nothing changed. and now you have retpoline mitigation.

it's meh/10.
not trying to defend a megacompany, just saying it was nothing. the FX series were not good in single thread... same thing as Phenom, both were pretty mundane. Athlon X2 was good doe.

>> No.70781256

>but they are only 4 decoders
That was fixed somewhere along the line. I don't remember which version it was that fixed it, but the latest core has a decoder per core.

>> No.70781330

Every other PCI card also has some kind of built-in processor and access to the system bus, but that doesn't automatically make them botnets.

If anything, I'd argue that the processor in nVidia GPUs is probably less trustworthy than AMD"s PSP.

>> No.70781383

>crippled easily
You think it was "easy" to write ME_Cleaner?

>> No.70781392

some 890fx boards run fx cpus and they're usually cheaper

>> No.70781393

but they are now dont forget as anon said >>70778942
the boost isnt great but surely adds a bit more to them

>> No.70781438

>I also own a build with a 9590. 0/10 do not recommend - endless freezing, crashing and throttling.
Just because you built yours wrong doesn't mean it's the CPU's fault.

>> No.70781450

why you keep making these shitozer threads anon? why you do this to yourself?

>> No.70781488

I didnt make it but I'll discuss whenever someone asks about an FX CPU.

t. Shitdozer anon

>> No.70781505

you what?

>> No.70781638

Ryzen is like Athlon was though, strong IPC/single core performance. While FX is totally like Phenom, just many cores without punch. Core2Quad was the very same (unless you got a golden sample, and a great motherboard.)

>> No.70781664

get a 286, they're pretty fast

>> No.70781703

This shit always makes me laugh.
Trust me, nobody gives a shit about what depraved porn you watch or what pointless bullshit you do on your PC. Unless you are plotting terrorists attacks, you are NOT that important.
Stop worrying so much about nothing.

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inb4 he is

>> No.70782331

>implying just by posting on 4chan and /pol/ of all things doesn't put him in the incel murderer list already

>> No.70782353

The Asus 990s are a little iffy on USB ports for some reason, but otherwise fantastic all around. I've been using once since 2013 (two versions) on different FX chips. (4100, 6300 something another, then a 8370).

No plans to upgrade until something comes out that requires more hardware and I plan on putting >1k hr into. E.g Pirated Skyrim 2.

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Asus got AM3+ right the first time, Gigabyte had such crappy boards until pic related came along.

>> No.70782873

A g4560 pentium is better than the fx8350 in EVERY single scenario.

t.fx8350 owner because my phenom2 be died and it's fucking abysmal.

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>EVERY single scenario
Wouldn't say that exactly, it is better at single threaded stuff, though.
Why would you like Phenom better than FX? yes the ipc is damn near 10% worse, but it does 4.2GHz at stock 1.35v, and it doesn't take that much more to make it do 4.5-4.6GHz, also it's got AVX/SSE4 instructions.

>> No.70784918

>someone saved my shitty edit

>> No.70785386

no official support
meaning the new instruction sets dont work and mobo drivers might not be available if it needs them for sound or wifi chip

>> No.70785798

>Requires addon cards like graphics and USB
Not true. Raptor motherboards include graphics and USB. Even if you do use a PCI card, if the drivers are open source, and the card itself has no Internet connectivity, it's limited in the harm it can do.

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File: 2.55 MB, 750x692, 1556478248194.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

delid dis

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My gripe with FX mobos was that their lack of 4 pin fan headers and their terrible placement. I remember Intel boards being next to perfect.

>tfw your bro is letting pic related sit in the closet to gather dust

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low quality b8 m8
everything works

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File: 1.62 MB, 2576x1932, 20170924_133200[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yo, fuck that thing, I used one of those before I got the 990FXA-UD3, and the 6+2 VRM is straight garbage and there's no load line calibration.

The bios on it was fantastic though, but it's not everything, 8+2 phase power delivery is absolute crucial for overclocking an FX-8000 chip.

>> No.70786409

>PSP is actually listed as a device
>the absolute state of modern CPUs

>> No.70787691

Honestly as outdated as the FX line is I can't actually think of anything consumer-grade that needs me to go past an 8350 (hell, my having that over a 6100 is mostly relevant for a handful of modern games), seems like it's graphics where all the demand is.

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File: 152 KB, 831x605, Spaky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know it.

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File: 140 KB, 1038x1000, 1523433903969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based, I'm a fan of the UD3 but those Asus boards clocked extremely well, 4.5GHz easily with 1.38v and the LLC setup

>> No.70788192

we are in the era that 6 cores are mid to low nowdays caring about single thread perf is stupid and only inteltards do that

>> No.70788209

That's why the 8350 is easy to love when you look at it from a modern multicore aspect, the thing cost $195 and was throwing blows with a $330 locked i7 3770, and it matches an i7 4770 when you overclock it to 4.5.

>> No.70788247

well i wouldnt go as far to buy a 8350 when a 8300 exists
its not even 10% slower and its cheaper

>> No.70788287
File: 353 KB, 1200x1600, GA-990FXA-UD3 Wraith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

8300 probably was a good idea at the time, but the 8350 is 75 dollars brand new with a wraith cooler on newegg and that's as cheap as FX 8 cores go at the moment.

>> No.70788300

i mean its just a lower clocked 8350 it can oc at the same level it offers the same perfomance
its just a less power hungry fx made for those that dont care to oc the hell out of it

>> No.70788432

fx temperature sensors are bullshit

>> No.70788442

Hell yeah, I'm still running one of those. Love the charging usb ports that stay on even when the computer is off.

>> No.70788451

What stuff would you be doing? I got an fx4130 off taobao for 40 bux and it runs devuan really smoothly.

>> No.70788474

Athlon 200GE exists, Anon.

>> No.70788476

It's actually old single core games that need a better cpu. I have an OCed 8320 and The Witcher has performance issues with far view distance in certain areas despite my machine running TW2 and TW3 smoothly.

>> No.70788532

>Athlon 200GE
>2 cores vs 8cores

/g/ is a wonderfull place

>> No.70788592

You can install even Windows 98 on Ryzen.

>> No.70788679

unprecedented redpill

>> No.70788702

Snowden can’t be trusted. He is a cia operative who infiltrated the NSA to try to bring it down. NSA spends most of its time monitoring the CIAs fuckery. CIA doesn’t like the NSA being able to hear them. Real Whistleblowers go to jail. Or you never hear of them. They don’t make magical escapes, get media attention and a Hollywood movie. Snowden is 100% CIA and just on piece of an ongoing turf war between intel agencies

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File: 445 KB, 624x377, 999976575.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd reccomend it.
I won the silicone lottery on the FX 8320 that I bought like 3 years ago. I have it overclocked to like 4.3 gigahertz, and it idles at something like 28 degrees Celsius. Under load, we're talking 50, max. And that's only with a 212 Evo. The thing's a beast, definetly the best tech purchase I've made. And it was unexpected too: I went to the small computer store nearby to buy Intel in particular, because I was doing a lot of emulation and wanted IPC. The guy TALKED me into buying AMD because that chip in particular dropped in price a bunch. He had to convince me.

>> No.70788776

The decoder issue was fixed in Steamroller for cheap, low power mobile chips and APUs. The highest end parts only had 2 modules (4 "cores"). There was never a high-end desktop or server version to replace the FX 8350.

>> No.70788784
File: 165 KB, 1000x432, 1551149426241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The uefi is still a proprietary botnet.

>> No.70788929

4.3GHZ isn't particularly high for an fx8320. You didn't win the silicone lottery unless that's with an undervolt. Anyone can easily reach 4.4GHz with the minimum voltage step increase of 0.025V
Also, temperature readings are inaccurate

>> No.70789067

Had a 6100 until recently (the shittiest one) and it was completely fine

>> No.70789153

more like 2200G to be comparable against 8350

>> No.70789624

My PC is still on FX-8150, Radeon HD 7950, with 16GB of RAM. It plays most non-AAA game just fine. Looking to upgrade the GPU if I can find one for cheap, but I rarely play anything demanding these days, so I'm not in a hurry.

>> No.70789784

>muh ME
Just plug the ethernet cable off ahah

>> No.70789797

>average amd fanyboy on /g/ now days

>> No.70789801

FX-6300 + HD7750 reporting in. I'm not a gaymer so it just werks (even if I do play something)

>> No.70789929

>coping hard cause your weaboo folder can be accessed by cia and the nsa

>> No.70790021
File: 103 KB, 540x720, 1454204228525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my computer is full of normie things. Not having a nsa profile is going to be the red flag that gets you sent to the weeb recycling center. bud

>> No.70790097

>Should I get an AMD FX
No. There never has been a time when buying that shit made sense.

>> No.70790244

HD7750 was a nice fucking card until the 750ti came out, super efficient.

>> No.70790314

I got a ryzen 2600 and a b450 motherboard for £250 why in the name of Satan would you consider getting FX when it's garbage and Ryzen is dirt cheap as it is?

>> No.70790451


Some AM3+ motherboards still use a BIOS. Like OP, i've been entertaining the idea of getting a board like that with a Vishera CPU for a nice system with as little botnet as practicality allows.

>> No.70790500

It has relatively high peak and idle usage and firmware/microcode updates are exploitable because signatures aren't used. Get an Intel and set the HAP bit.

>> No.70790616


I'm already using a Haswell on my main system so i'm not too hot on the idea of getting yet another ME/Spectre mess. Having trannyboot on there ought to remedy the firmware/microcode issues and from what i've read on the core/libreboot pages the best candidate system is a ~2012ish AMD FX based one. That or a socket G34 one, but good luck finding one at a normal price...

>> No.70791675

Muh botnet

>> No.70791828

Can I get into trouble if my fx-8320 run constantly at ~70°C during heavy workload ?

>> No.70791976


People either got memory holed or just didn't care at the time but before all the snowden revelations in the early 2000's every backbone was having monitoring installed. Long before that the government had systems like Carnivore that would tag you based on key words said over the phone. It doesn't matter if you have a back door or not. Every bit and byte goes through multiple redundancies of monitoring hardware and is available at any time your government needs it.

>> No.70791990

I'm still on FX-8370
and never thought about upgrade, but yea you'd need some good cooler, stock one is ok but loud as fuck.

>> No.70792191


>complains of botnet CPU exploits that an update fixes
>still insists on using windows 7

This is the true nature of /g/

>> No.70792341

The CPU has a tjmax temp of 80c where it would shut off before any damage happens.

>> No.70792356

>implying windows

>> No.70792420

>It's not
I have FX8350 + RX 580 and runs Shadow of Mordor at 90fps on 1080p

>> No.70793906

Buy opteron, same shit, cheaper

>> No.70793929

>"an update fixes" ME & PSP
The absolute state of /g/

>> No.70795129

4130 reporting in
never had an issue with mine ever.

>> No.70795261

4.3ghz 21.5 mply,stock voltage 1.35
stock cooler
40c idle
50c load

>> No.70795608

FX4300 here.
No longer a gaymerrr so no need to upgrade.
Works fine on Linux.

>> No.70795825
File: 190 KB, 960x1280, sausage drying behind pc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just sold my 8320. It was performing very well for its age, played lots of vidya, i've replaced it only because i had ~20fps in more demanding location in persona 5 on ps3 emu and because my vr motion controller tracking is extremely cpu-demanding (ps move, four cameras, imagine processing data from those four cameras at 60fps while also running a video game).

I was also drying sausages behind my PC, although my glorious @4.5GHz vishera was generating so much heat that you could call it 'cooking' at this point. Dead serious, it worked very well, two days behind my pc was equivalent of two weeks of ordinary drying in any other dry/warm place.

>> No.70796322

Doesn't matter to me because my desktop is fully fanless.

>> No.70796342

250 isn't dirt cheap

>> No.70796357

just give up, probably everything after 2005 has some backdoor

>> No.70796392

>Linux mint
Just fucking kill yourself already

>> No.70797108

You save a lot of porn

>> No.70797244

Yes it's peanuts t. Finnish neet

>> No.70797273

>heater at 4.5
How much voltage you running through that thing?

>> No.70797288

First of all, kill yourself.
Secondly don't buy a 8350 no, wtf are you retarded!? I use a 8350 daily, but it's seven years old for fucks sake and slow as fuck by modern standards.

>> No.70797381

A lot, 1.45v or something, it was enough to make my room hotter than other rooms when cpu is on heavy load/vidya. Now i have a ryzen and it's significantly colder around.

>> No.70797438

Yeah 1.45 is the line in the sand where FX starts to get stupid hot, mine does it stable at 1.4v, and I'd probably need 1.45v to do 4.6GHz, which would be do damn hot.

>> No.70799209

>On chip botnets don't matter!

>> No.70799240

Daily reminder that all ISPs are botnets.

>> No.70799469

I only use my 8350 to keep my room warm while I erp on mongolian basketweaving forums.

>> No.70801053
File: 103 KB, 794x1108, 1534099806484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would also like to know if it would be worth to get an FX-8350? I've seen some benchmarks and they perfom quite well despite the age. I'm also on a budget, and buying something like a Ryzen would mean having to buy not only a new mobo but DDR4 ram which is still expensive in my country.

>> No.70801137

What are you planning on using the computer for?

>> No.70801142

If the performance is fine for you, an 8350 for $75 with 16gb of ram and a brand new 970 motherboard for 80 dollars is not a bad deal, i'm not sure what hardware you already have, but if you already have an am3+ board or DDR3 laying around it's a good idea to put it to use since 8350 costs nothing now.

>> No.70801257

Programming, MATLAB and some gayming

I currently have the RAM and a GTX 750ti. I only need the AM3+ mobo and the FX.

>> No.70801458
File: 302 KB, 1450x932, Ryzen-3000-Specs-Leak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you are not planning on ever upgrading the GPU, then the FX-8350 will be fine. I always see it on Newegg for $75 which is not a good deal in my eyes. The Ryzen 5 1600 has been going for $80 on microcenter.com for a few months now. And the Ryzen 3000 leaks have 6 core 12 thread Ryzens priced at the $100 range. It's not a good time to buy an FX chip. Never was in all honesty.

>> No.70801525

Why is this thread still alive?

>> No.70801546

No, you shouldn't buy an fx new in 2019. Maybe you can get a good deal on one used or on a used intel processor. Figure out what's cheap and performant in your market.

>> No.70801661

Does microcenter ships to Mexico?

>> No.70801790

better than that one shitposting fuck who deletes their own threads after 30 minutes for """self moderation"""

>> No.70801882

I just went to their website. They sadly don't.

>> No.70802003

That sucks. They do have some good deals in there.

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