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What Zen 2 CPU are you most looking forward to and hope they release?
Personally I just want something that can hit 5GHz.

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>muh niggahurtz
Cringe. You do realize that doesn't say anything about how fast a cpu is right?

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intel is always superior to pajeet amd

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>What Zen 2 CPU are you most looking forward to and hope they release?
The one with 6/12 3.2 - 4.0 for $99-109, forgot the model.
Is "niggahurtz", dare i say it, doesn't matter now?

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Oh, and btw, kys disgusting pedo scum.

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Enjoy shelling out 300$ for a 5% increase.

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Probably a 12c/24t one, since that'll double the cores and threads I have now (in addition to having at least one and possibly up to two more GHz worth of clock speed, depending on what they let it boost to) While also not attracting the top-end prices that the 16c ones are sure to feature.

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if you're comparing intra-architecturally or take into account inter-architectural differences it sure does

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The 16C Ripper. I have both 1700 and 2700X, they are nice. Actually I don't care much for 5 GHz. My 4.4 GHz Ryzen will suffice for AOE2, but 16 cores would come handy for conversions. I will probably give the old CPU to my BF and put the 2700X into my HTPC.

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High number of low power cores for cheap, my home server could use the upgrade in cpu availability.

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>he hasn't overclocked his 2700X to 5GHz

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Cringe indeed.
Even if there was no architecture difference, a 5GHz Ryzen 3 is going to be 20% faster than a 4GHz Ryzen 2 with the same core count.
Ass the IPC gain, that will be around ~15% by current info, that's already 35% faster than a current 4GHz Ryzen 2. Now also add the twice as fast Infinity Fabric and other minor tweaks. Frequency will still be the major performance benefactor over IPC and other gains, if the chip manages to run over 4.7GHz.

Frequency plays much less of a role when comparing different architectures and micro architectures.
What's it like being a retard who talks before they think?

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Those are official AMD mascots, both of age.

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Probably 4.8GHz at most

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>different ... micro architectures.
Obviously talking about same ISAs between major architectures, like Zen vs Piledriver or Coffee Lake. Not internal, like Zen vs Zen 2.
Have to point that out before retards start confusing shit again.

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anything that comes with a qt mousepad

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These pictures will never not make me mad.
How can a person be autistic enough to spend hours if not days scanning those mousepads, upscaling the pictures and removing all jaggies by tracing every fucking line, only to upload them to imgur, which is known to compress large pictures to shit?

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I want something that'll surpass Intel's 6th gen in gayming.

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Sorry ambroo's, Maybe next year.

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Also, it states "runs", meaning that's the base clock, so it still fits nicely with the previous leaks claiming a boost up to 5GHz.

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Depends on pricing, either 6c/12t or 8c/16t if it's sub ~250€

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all i want is FrenPad with APU

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When's the unveiling? When's the suspected release date?

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The 16 core chip. My 4770K does fine in games but recording and streaming tanks my framerates. I’ve wanted to switch to Intel’s HEDT platform for a few years now, ever since Haswell-E launched, but X299 is mess right now. If they can deliver a respectable 16 core chip without memory issues I’ll buy it instantly.

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>without memory issues

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3600 or 3700

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Go back

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I'm hoping to get a 16C CPU which can boost close to 5GHz when fewer cores are used. I'm also hoping price won't be ridiculous, I'd pay double what a 2700X costs now, but not much more than that. I might go for a 12C CPU as well, but whether I go with that depends on how inter-die latency looks like and how emulators and games handles it. I'd be more comfortable with having full 8C dies than 6C+6C.

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im looking forward to the 640 core 6 GHz Zenripper

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I just want Intel to get BTFO

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Unveiling is probably going to be on May 27th during the Computex AMD Keynote. Launch maybe June?

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I have a 1600X and it performs like a Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge. Hoping the 8 core Zen 2 will be on par with Coffee Lake.

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>giving the 1700 to your bf over the 2700X
You're a terrible bf.

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>Personally I just want something that can hit 5GHz.
unironically this
i'd even be fine with 4, honestly.

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That's because Coffee Lake performs the same as sandy bridge

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Is Windows 7 NUMA aware? I'm curious about switching to a 16C part from my 2700X if the improvement is that much but the chiplet design will be interesting if it acts like Threadripper does in terms of memory access or not or the I/O chip makes NUMA irrelevant.

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>Coffee Lake performs the same as Sandy Bridge
Neck yourself.

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>still no amd anime
why is this allowed?

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Great rebuttal, faggot.

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4c/8t, 3-4GHz, Vega APU, mobile, in a Thinkpad. My old X220 is dying and I'm not buying any more Intel CPUs ever again if I can help it.

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>Is Windows 7 NUMA aware?
Every variant of Windows prior to a fairly recent install of Win10 is NOT aware of NUMA properly, so no.

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I'm actually set on the CPU side for a while to come, I managed to pick up a 1700x for 100$. Now I could use a nice Navi GPU, because I broke my VEGA FE while I was installing the waterblock (I over tightened it, rookie mistake) and I've been using a backup R9 Fury while I save up/wait for new GPUs. I miss my vega :(

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I don't waste time refuting the equivalent of flat earthers. Neck yourself.

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Prob the 8 core one if it over clocks well. If not it's 9700k for me :)

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3700X if the leaks are right

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I need that mousepad

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The fastest clock speed I can get for the most cores.

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why is it so hard bros?
Maybe we just need more cores (tm)

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based anon

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what, they look highschoolers to me

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what's the plot even going to be retard

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I really want one of these mousepads, how do you get them?

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We already have Ryzen that does 4GHz though...

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Yes. Windows from 7 and up is.
Actually 2008 R2 server already had it, a year before Windows 7.

Lol, wut.

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Because clock cycles are pretty meaningless in the real world, but they increase performance on a similar platform. Shit like FX ran fine at 5GHz, current Zen can't even reach it, but is still much faster, even in single core.

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BTFO intcels

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why the fuck do I need more niggahurts

I can already run my damn game, I want the other cores to be busy encoding so I stream on Twitch

like what the fuck needs so much single core performance?

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AMD being constantly bullied by Intel and Nvidia

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3600 probably. I want something which will last for years and for reasonable price.

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when someone brings up a valid but not particularly important point of contention, the best course of action is to point out that the thing they brought up isn't particularly important

it's really stupid to then concede that the thing they are making fun of is indeed as unimportant as they say it is. why did you do that? you had the upper hand and you let them have it

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>buy RAM, mobo and CPU - it works
>check QVL
>find samsung single rank b-die
>read forums
>tweak bios
>pray to elder gods your 3600 memroy will run at 2933mhz
>check if shit is stable
This is probably their biggest fuck up with Ryzen which they still can't fix for whatever fucking reason.

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How is it there, in 2016?

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Is it fixed? You can buy any memory and any mobo now?

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When is Ryzen going to be good enough for PS3 emulation?

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i'm waiting for ayyyyymd to release navi so I can buy an rx 580 without feeling like I should have waited

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Next AMD card is rx595 nigger

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navi is a whole new architecture, dumb stinky ape

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Fucking racist nigger

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It's not?

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I'm a gook anon and AMD Korea does mousepad promotions all the time here.

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Thats a 2017 meme. My 4266 RAM can run 3600 CL14. Anything below that is possible without any effort. 3200 CL14 work without any tweaking just using presets, its your own fault if you expect shitty Micron DIMMs to run 3600. I have those too and they barely keep 2800 CL16.

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Same, I have 3200mhz cl14 B die. The preset wasn't stable, but plugging in numbers from the ryzen ram calculator took all of 5 minutes and I have the full 3200mhz cl14 timing.

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>My 4266 RAM can run 3600

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7nm APU with Navi so another year of waiting for me.

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Might not be that long. Sony/MS are pushing Navi along and it sounds like the PS5 and Xbox will be out in early 2020. I doubt that we will hear anything about it for Computex though.

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If they're releasing 2200G/2400G 12nm die-shrinks now, I doubt they'll release 7nm APUs earlier than next year.

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What if you want to stream Crysis?????

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Intellet coping, the post

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cope more soi boi

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>I'm waiting for Navi so I can feel I didn't wait for Navi

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Whichever one has integrated graphics.

I just play minecraft and team fortress 2 and sont want to pay extra for graphic power I dont need.

Vega 11 is too weak.
I want next gen integrated graphics.
Navi integrated gfx

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The laptop parts used to come earlier than the desktop apusso there's a chance they're intended to launch late this year. The main problem with them is the 2200g and 2400g are hamstrung by ddr4 in graphics applications so there's no point in adding gcus without a better memory system that could make it difficult to work on am4. I predict an io die with 2ddr4 channels an an additional hbm or gddr controller that can be used in bga platforms or even a discrete graphics card.

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Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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I'll go for the 12 cores if it's 105W TDP like my 2700x.
Looks like 16 will be too much Watts for my MSI x370 anyway.
And I'm looking forward to better memory support from I/O die, because right now, it really doesn't like having 48GB attached to it. Had to go down to 2666Mhz to make it work.

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I secretly hope navi rocks. but we all know what will happen.

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General performance improvements for me, I just need the megahurtz for emulation, plus high refresh rate gaming in general, with as little as microstutter as possible.
IPC, Infinity Fabric improvements will be a nice boost already, but being able to get additional performance out of it isn't a bad though.

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Not true anymore since around May last year. Update your BIOS.

Yes, even Zen (non Zen+) works properly now, Zen+ has still better support though.

You can easily buy 3200+ Hynix memory for cheap and use it with Ryzen.
I'm using a kit right now that's marketed as "Intel only", since it came out before the Ryzen patch.

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probably either the 4C8T or the 6C12T

I'm only going to move off 1080 when 4K monitors are cheaper so don't need the horsepower

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What's so funny?

>buy 4266/CL17 memory
>run it at 3600/CL14

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Games that are rated as "Playable" like Persona 5 work fine (as in, 100% original).

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>I'm using a kit right now that's marketed as "Intel only", since it came out before the Ryzen patch.
Same, I'm actually running 4 Hynix sticks at 3200MHz on a 2600. Which is pretty impressive, knowing how shit the memory controller is.

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At oeast the 8 core. Everyone saying lower in this thread is poorfag corelet.

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no christmas pad?

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yeah but does it cost $100?

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Why would you post something so based and yet so redpilled?

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waiting for the 8 core so i can use my 6 core as a streaming pc.

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the highest-end 16core unless the Crosshair VI X370 can't handle it

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>Crosshair VI X370
should be no problem

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guess the cheapest 8c/16t will do it for me

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what about all the XFR2/3 and SenseMI stuff? does the chipset series impact which features the CPU can use or does it all just kinda work because so much of the system is right in the CPU itself now?

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>not using a single 16c for single pc streamin

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