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I have just come to the conclusion that if you use anything other than Vim you are an actual retard brainlet. You are a pathetic faggot if you cry when not on your new-age faggot IDE.

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Don't reply to this thread it's a completed work.

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This guy gets it.

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As someone who is familiar with vim, I honestly prefer to just use VS Code and Nano. Memorizing a bunch of esoteric commands and key combos is not worth the effort it takes to just install VS Code and install a few add-ons. Yeah it's bloated, but the memory cost isn't worth my productivity.

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its not exoteric, its designed to reduce keystrokes and never use the mouse. after the initial learning you start to see shit flowing smooth

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They're all intuitive commands that take 30 mins to learn and a day of use to master

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It's not about not using the mouse, or memorizing a bunch of commands or keystrokes. It's about combining the commands and keystrokes you've learned in a multitude of useful combinations.

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Vim can not be extended with lisp, so it is automatically inferior to emacs.

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we found the pussy that needs his hand held doing everything

>be 70735014
>wahhhwahh keybinds too much for me lil puny brain
>me need intellisense since me have no sense of my own waahwaah
>me download 100 plugins cus me need dem
>me only know webdev cus me a child
>me dont wanna learn anything useful me just watch youtube vids of other ppl programming
>me have arduino and me think me engineer

do i really need to go on?

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>As someone who is familiar with vim
>I can't be bothered learning how to use it
Looks like OP is on to something.

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Not all non-Vim users are brainlets. But all Sublime users are.

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I don't understand. Have you been using the advanced features? Deleted all blank lines withing a visual selection with :'<'>g/^$/d? Automated a normally tedious thing with an ad hoc macro? Combined multiple lines into one with J or gJ? Written some shitty indented code and immediately corrected it with = rather than jumping in front of each line and pressing tab repeatedly? Regex search and replace?

Do you even use ca ci da di? Being 'familiar' with vim is not only about :wq or hjklwbe you know. I can't believe anyone using those features will still jump to VS code or Atom.

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Unironically Geany master race.

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VS Code is spyware

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>esoteric commands and key combos
old unix admins would berate you for this
vi's key combos were in line with other unix applications back in the day. they're not common today but this used to be normal

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no you atom fuccboi, it's about editing text.

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>its designed to reduce keystrokes and never use the mouse.
>It's about combining the commands and keystrokes you've learned in a multitude of useful combinations.
Both wrong.
It's about being usable on a 300 baud modem.

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Name one.
That I can run in a VM.

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Depends what your work flow is. If you spend 10 hours a day editing random existing plain text files...sure. If you are programming from scratch using a editor with intellisense and you set up autocomplete for your common code patterns its hard to compete with that.

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>>me need intellisense since me have no sense of my own waahwaah

considering there are libraries that have no documentation other than the intellisense generation...yeah you need it.

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bash/zsh/ksh support both vi and Emacs style binds

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actually, it's readline that supports vi and emacs style bindings

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vim is shit.

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i love how saying that is synonymous with saying "im a brainlet retard"

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readline does support it and is used to implement it for bash/python repl/etc, but at least one variety of ksh has vi mode in-built and zsh uses its own code for it too.

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I have to admit that Vim is a good plugin in Emacs

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why does /g/ thinks everyone's fate is to use solely vim? i have used vim before but jesus vim users likes to bitch they're the ones using vim because l33t and muh keybinds. there are people who works better with shit like bloatedstudio, emacs, pure notepad, when will you tards understand that??

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you are insecure that you cant handle even using a text editor. your brain goes into panic when someone questions your choice of an IDE because you know how much of a brainlet you are for using it. You shouldn't even need me to remind you that you're a fucking idiot since you claim to have used Vim, but guarantee you haven't went passed using "hjkl" keys for moving you retarded pussy. You should know you are a dumb nigger for not using a good editor and being stuck with childs-play jokester shit

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ok vimfag

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Vim - virginity in motion
Mpv - must protect virginity

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Kakoune is better though

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Scared to switch before support is better and it's a little older, I don't want to switch and then see it die.

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I think neovim will probably have a lisp interface eventually.
Honestly lisp fucking sucks for configuration though. It's cool for extensions, sure. But lua is probably nicer for config. Now, here's the part you'll probably hate, but personally I like writing vim extensions in ruby.

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I wouldn't mind at all if this happened. Vim controls beat everything else but emacs has a lot of cool features, DESU I wouldn't use the emacs/vim thing, but I'm looking forward to IDEs that support vim as a pluggable text editor.

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based as fuck to be sure

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Using vim is the primary indicator for autism.

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>VS Code is spyware

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>I think neovim will probably have a lisp interface eventually.
You don't really understand the significance of Lisp being the configuration language for emacs. What makes emacs so extensible is the fact that the configuration language is the same as the implementation language. It doesn't matter that some shitty C program has a Lisp interface if the program itself is written in a language not allowing for easy extensibility by the end user.
>lisp fucking sucks for configuration though. It's cool for extensions, sure.
"configurations" are by nature just more simplistic "extensions". Also, how does it suck exactly? By not being a shitlang some ruby-loving subhuman can grasp?

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i sleep on you.
go that way dumb nigger, this is where the intelligent white folk are.

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Thanks, /g/, for informing me that vim is charityware for niggers. I'm switching to emacs. https://metapress.com/understanding-vim/

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>love the modal editing
>love the multiple ways I can navigate a document
>takes me fucking ages to make a simple edit
>don't know how to do more complex things like column selects

its fucking suffering brehs

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I'm not your "breh", nigger.

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>wow, a column select would be a useful thing here
>i will google how to do this
>i will do this until i can remember how to do it
>i will repeat this the next time i need to do something
4 easy steps

(column select is Ctrl+v)

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>need to edit 4 lines to remove comments from beginning of line
>better take 30 minutes looking through StackOverflow closed threads and some basedboy's blog for the answer

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you sound upset, might i suggest you try having sex?

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It is you fucking retard

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Shut up you stupid nigger, I fucked hotter girls then you could dream of including ACTUAL models (not just IG retards). I am a superior human being compared to you. I am smarter, I have a better life, I have a higher IQ, I have everything that you could ever dream of. You on the other hand are an insecure little fag-lord who wastes his life away doing useless shit all day. You probably feel productive when you brush your teeth.

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JetBrains IDEs usually asks if you want to use Vim style control, it's pretty comfy for the most part but not as complete as Vim itself

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>manually removing comments instead of selecting the 4 lines and pressing `gc`.

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How do people actually not get disgusted by having sex when so much fluid leaks out during it? Do you just learn to deal with it?

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Based on what?

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Right tool for the job. Often vim other times emacs. Trying to programming lisp in vim is just gay af. But opening emacs to quickly edit config files or write quick scripts is retarded.

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>But opening emacs to quickly edit config files or write quick scripts is retarded.
Yeah, aliasing 'emacsclient -t' to 'e' is so fucking retarded.

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Damn OP just edited his first config files using vim and hit :wq, watch out guys

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>It's not about not using the mouse
this is literally the purpose of vim you retard

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holy fuck dude update Arch and relax

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>using nigerian charityware
man acme(1) vimtard

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>I base my entire personality around what text editor I use because I have nothing else in my life I could base my personality on

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How do I git good at Vim, I like it more then nano, but I only know some of the basics

Same but I still feel good when I brush my teeth. Nothing wrong with the little victories.

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>How do I git good at Vim
open terminal, run vimtutor
comes with vim, takes you step by step through the basics

>> No.70742841

>How do I git good at Vim
Exactly the same way you get good at riding a bike.

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Show us your codes first then your paycheck

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"memorizing commands is hard"
dude, why don't you just :q! and go buy a Mac then.

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Why would you do this to yourself, when there are perfectly fine editors that don't require you to learn a billion keyboard shortcuts to get shit done?

>> No.70742959

Faggot, true haxors use Vi or Edit.exe

>> No.70742970

Lel it doesn't even work on touch screens.

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Oh really? Vimuser.org

>> No.70742991

You do realize the only reason this trash exists is to be able to remotely edit config files in XTerm for server boxes?

>> No.70743041

Then why does every IDE ever made have an option for vim keybindings?

>> No.70743053

Because they know retards like you exist, and are trying to save you from your own stupidity.

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I'd rather use Edit.exe than Vi/Vim.
It's been 20 years since the first time I used Vi, and it still feels like the first time every time I have to use it.

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ok kid

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>Press 'i' to insert text.
When there's literally an Inser key on the standard keyboard.
When it's the default behavior in every other editing software.
>Lol, it's just different anon, it's actually cool.
Press down-arrow to move cursor ^[ everyfucking where.
>Lol, anon, you forgot to exit insert mode
Fuck this shit.

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yeah, I like VI hotkeys and modes for other applications, but they're retarded for a text editor

>> No.70743194

No, it's just that Vi looked retarde the instant I used it.
It's just not functional.
I'll compare it to Blender. Quite capable 3D rendering software.
Except it's all keyboard shortcuts, and hence won't ever be used by normal people.

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vimlet, about to transition to superior emacs, I've seen the light, fucking macros man

>> No.70743232

>Hey, let me insert some text. I'll just reach my entire hand over to this key no one ever uses and isn't even on all keyboards.

>> No.70743236

What if I use my new-age faggot IDE *with* vim?

>> No.70743250

>Hey, let insert mode be the default behavior and arrow keys moving the cursor over.
Every normal text editor ever.

>> No.70743262

Fucking Inser key is on all keyboards.
Maybe it wasn't in the 70s when they made Vi, which would explain things.

>> No.70743264

>arrow keys
Inefficient garbage which has you move your hand away from keys which actually matter for typing.

>> No.70743285

I guess you never use them?

>> No.70743307

What does it matter, when you're not on the right line to type shit?

>> No.70743315

The letter "i" isn't on all keyboards?
It is inefficient to have to reach for arrow keys in vim, that's why by default it's also on hjkl

>> No.70743324

I don't use them when I'm working with text, no. Why is that retarded exactly?
What kind of stupid question is that? You just move to the right line using keys located near the home row.

>> No.70743329

What about Emacs? It's easily better than all text editor. It has little to know downsights

>> No.70743349

It's the best text editing software you can use right now.

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Pretty good bait, anon-kun, but the excessive misspelling makes it too obvious.

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>western garbage "VN"

>> No.70743378

Or, you know, in a normal editor, you could just fucking click where you need to type.
Also for you.

Anyway, keep your retarded text editor.
Just don't push it on anyone.
How do you cope with typing text on the Internet, I'm curious?

>> No.70743393

Name a better editor fag, is that what you want me to say?

>> No.70743410

Looks like we found the retard, you know all the smart people here are laughing at you right?

>> No.70743412

Literally gedit or notepad.exe is miles better, because it's normal.

>> No.70743426

>Or, you know, in a normal editor, you could just fucking click where you need to type.

Clicking is time consuming as it requires you to switch positions

>> No.70743428

Literally anything else.

>> No.70743439

Not an argument.

>> No.70743440

There is normal mode in vim

>> No.70743444

>you could just fucking click where you need to type
Moving your hand over to the mouse is inefficient.
>How do you cope with typing text on the Internet, I'm curious?
I type text in my text editor since I use a non-shit browser which can interface with outside programs.

>> No.70743450

>Lol, typing is the limiting factor in my coding
Faggot, unless you're typing a novel, you don't need that.

>> No.70743464

Too bad I don't care.

>> No.70743471

He's not talking about typing, you retard. He's talking about efficiently editing text. Which involves efficiently moving around in your file. This is something impossible to do with a mouse.

>> No.70743477

ever used emacs? or is this a bad bait?

>> No.70743489

Emacs is OK, I guess.

>> No.70743499

>How do you cope with typing text on the Internet, I'm curious?

Emacs can behave as a twitter Client

>> No.70743501

go check your email faggot, you have more declined job application responses to delete

>> No.70743516

Yeah, I've never seen any use case where it really saved time.
It's peak autism in my opinion.

>> No.70743536

>It's peak autism in my opinion.
hUr DuRRR peAk AuTism!!1!! "peak autism" for what? Moving efficiently in a text editor? It is clear you don't actually program anything and just fuck around since anyone that wants to have a nice time programming understands nothing comes close to editors like Vim

>> No.70743541

You're trolling, but can you actually believe there people who are unironically this stupid?

>> No.70743547

cruel af, not him btw, but know the pain

>> No.70743564

How about you actually try it?

>> No.70743567

Jokes on you, I've never applied for a job in my life. Nepotism wins again nerds hahaha.

>> No.70743571

Your leat moves are neat, but just never happen in real life.
OK, you saved yourself a mouse click, good fucking job.
You shouldn't have made a mistake to begin with.

>> No.70743580

Yeah, just typing ci) or ci" to change text inside parens or quotes with arbitrary nesting is so much more autistic than physically moving your hand over to the mouse and physically manually selecting the text you want to edit, then physically moving your hand over to your keyboard to actually begin editing it. Why do dumb rote work when you can force a computer to do it for you? But I guess a nigger wouldn't understand.

>> No.70743589

>you could click where you need
yeah you'd have to take your hand off the keyboard, put it on the mouse and aim and click. that's much slower if you're efficient with the keys.

>> No.70743598

You can check your email with emacs

>> No.70743599

Danganronpa is in fact a Japanese game, anon.

>> No.70743600

I've been editing config files with VI on server box for 20 years.
Here's the workflow:
-get to insert point
-press I
-input text
reopen file and get to the next line that needs editing.
Fortunately I almost never have to use it.

>> No.70743608

I'm talking about the other shitty "game" on his screenshot. Ask >>>/v/ or >>>/r/eddit/ what it's called.

>> No.70743619

20 years and you still couldn't manage to learn :x instead of doing this retardation. Are a black "person" by any chance?

>> No.70743623

Your workflow sucks

>> No.70743626

>You shouldn't have made a mistake to begin with.
as if Vim only shines for mistakes made when typing LOL, you literally haven't even used Vim for more than a week. It has a steep learning curve, that steers brainlets away like yourself. Bye pussy, go play in your childs-play IDE

>> No.70743638

did you mean :wq!
I don't care, it works, somewhat.
What a fucking waste of time.

>> No.70743651

Non-niggers type `:x`. Learn this to imitate your white colleagues a little better.

>> No.70743652

Better than making a bunch of changes and messing up on the last change and having to redo everything. I learned the hard way.

>> No.70743682

No, you're just not smart enough to go out of your comfort zone, it's okay you can always start now

>> No.70743690

Yes, DDLC was pretty meh. I just like Chihiro. Calm down, anon.

>> No.70743702

Modal editing alone was reason enough for me to switch to vim.

>> No.70743703

So you actually know what this garbage is called and you're telling me you actually read it? Fuck off to >>>/r/eddit/, we don't want your kind around here.

>> No.70743706

I certainly could use vi if I tried.
But I just don't care.
It's reterded, because it was written for 70s terminals without arrow keys and numpad extension.

>> No.70743715

>arrow keys
They're useless for efficiently editing text.

>> No.70743725

>I certainly could use vi if I tried.
Whatever makes you feel better.

>> No.70743736

I don't care about efficient edit.
I use VI when I absolutely have to.
So to configure a box over Putty.
Why would I learn all this shit?

>> No.70743739

>arrow keys
Are you gay or something?

>> No.70743746

Here's the thing, I don't need to.

>> No.70743747

>I don't care about efficient edit.
We realize that by your retarded comments. But why are you assuming everyone else is the same?

>> No.70743748

If you don't use vi often then yes, you have a point. but it'll make things faster if you don't use it

>> No.70743792

> it'll make things faster if you don't use it
I would if I could.
Anyway, that's what VI was designed to do.
Nobody but linux box administrator should be using it.
Yet here we are, in <current year> and for some reason, people are coding with this shit.
It's as if Windows programmers still used Edit.exe, when Visual Studio exists.
I mean, it should work, but good luck.

>> No.70743810

>Nobody but linux box administrator should be using it.
Why do you believe yourself to be an authority on this subject? You yourself admit to not being proficient in vi.
>for some reason, people are coding with this shit
Have you ever wondered or looked into what those reasons might be? I'm starting to believe that anon was onto something with you being a n*gger incapable of abstract thought.

>> No.70743827

Imagine being this angry over someone posting an image of a graphical program that they don't even like.

>> No.70743843

I don't know how to use it, and I don't want to. But I know why it exists.

>> No.70743857

>don't even like
I highly doubt that you didn't like it on some considerable level. You apparently actually read it in its entirety. Why would you do that if you weren't from >>>/r/eddit/ and didn't enjoy it?

>> No.70743861

That's so embarrassing to openly admit you have on interest in learning something that is clearly superior to what you're currently using. I feel bad for whoever hires your dumbass.

>> No.70743891

>But I know why it exists.
>for some reason, people are coding with this shit
Why would you write this if you understood why it exists? You'd think that even your n*gger brain would realize that people whose job is to edit text would naturally find tools which facilitate doing their job efficiently.

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File: 1.63 MB, 500x281, 1554381657386.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3 false assumptions in 1 post with no backup
oh you're cute, boomer-san

>> No.70743942

It's not superior, though.
Everything Vim does, other IDEs do.
Except in a non retarded way.
Not gonna tell you anything new, but editing is just typing and deleting. Something VI can't handle in a simple way.
It doesn't exist to code, though. Vim is a try at that and it's not any better than Vi.

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