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>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>Buying headphones?

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Does anyone know how to make certain drives inaccessible or accessible depending on what drive you are booting from?
I want to do work/programming on my old gaming pc but it probably has a shitton of viruses since i uninstalled/disabled all virus protection years ago and was too lazy to turn it back on. And since then i have often installed sketchy stuff. I thought of maybe just encrypting the work drive but ideally i dont want to be able to acces files from other drives when booting from the work drive to make it feel like just 2 seperate PCs.

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How do I use my phone as a computer mic ? WoMic gives me the "Failed to connect to server for media stream" shit

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this is a repost
is it possible to reinstall post-2010 MS office without logging into a microsoft account?

tl;dr: i cant just use the usual way to reinstall office, but i have a legit license

i have an activated office 365 and want to reinstall it after i reinstalled windows (the office 365 is tied to the same machine which i am going to reinstall windows)
according to microsoft, you have to log into the microsoft account which is bound to the office 365 subscription
but the subscription is claimed with a student email from my siblings (with their consent), but i dont have the password for that account
as a result, i cant reinstall office in usual way

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Since there's no csg...
Are these legit? Lifetime Office 365 with 5TB Onedrive (this is what I'm interested).
>You can not use your own email address for this subscription.
>You will receive a username and password for Activated 0ffice 365.
>You can change Password after initial login, however the username remains as is.
Why can't I use my email address? Is this the trick? Will they ask password recovery and lock me out?

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javac works but whenever I try compiling something I get this:

Error: Could not find or load main class MyClass.java
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: MyClass.java

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>no boy
>no previous thread
>no link to sticky
>no LTSC pastebins
How does one screw up this bad? >_<

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it's just MyClass not MyClass.java

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I just bought a GTX 1660 OC version. Do I still need to download a program to overclock it or is it already done for me?

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Bring back the loli OPs, returd

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How do I at computer?

I have been trying for 2 days straight but can't seem to figure it out.

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it should be done for you. what brand is it?

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Quick question /g/. I was getting really shit internet performance over the last couple of weeks or so and I could not figure out the problem. This morning, I switched my Ethernet cable to another slot in my router and suddenly I get good speeds again. What could be causing this? I literally didn't do anything except unplug it from one slot and plug it into another. Is this normal?

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it's a gigabyte one

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OC models come factory overclocked. But you can overclock it further if you want with MSI Afterburner.

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Linux bros, i just want a pdf reader with highlight option.

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For some reason youtube videos aren't autoplaying when I open a page. They start paused and I have to click on them for them to play.

Only happens on Firefox, I already tried with a clean Firefox re-install and nothing.

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Is there a way, some special software, to check the 'health' of external drives?

I know there's always an accompanying software to go with your internal SSD. But I want to see how my external portable HDDs are doing. Possible?
And what about small flash storage like USB sticks and SD cards? I guess not for them, right?

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there's a setting somewhere

all HDD manufacturers have tools on their website, and for the rest just get one of those drive health checking tools, im sure there's a list in the sticky thread wiki

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It happens at random. Some video begins paused, then I click another video and autoplays like it should.

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This, i miss my shotas.

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Something is wrong with my computer and I can’t post.
It says error loading https://a.4cdn.org//boards.json;
Followed by some adive to say go chrome://flags/#network-service to disable it. I can’t find the flags, does anyone know how I can fix this.

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your addons fucking shit up

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I use waterfox and I'm insane. I want to disable my spellchecker but google ain't helping. Help?

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Is there a way to disable the "More videos" popup that Youtube videos show when you pause them?
Google told me that adding "youtube.com##.ytp-scroll-min.ytp-pause-overlay" on my uBO Filters would do the trick, but it doesn't work.

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! YouTube Video Annotations
www.youtube.com###offer-module > .ytd-watch.style-scope

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Doesn't seem to work, sadly.
Can you check if it appears on your end in the video embedded here?

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So I figured out that it was 4 chan X that was fucking my shit up, it was working fine last week.

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Why are vpns usually so slow? Doesn't a normal HTTP request from me to google go through multiple nodes/server and yet the site still loads quickly? One additional node shouldn't slow down the system to only several KiB per second

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After the Renovate Ice rom died because the dev lost his S8+ or something I've been wondering how the hell I get back to stock rom on my S8. I've got TWRP, custom firmware, obviously rooted the thing, and the custom rom. Is it enough to just get the stock rom?

Where do I begin unfucking my phone?

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cus ur a cheap fuck not paying for a good one like PIA or Nord which have 100Mbit

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you're doing something wrong, i dont get anything

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How do you check for trademarks before releasing your applications?

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If I release something, I don't want to receive a DMCA for using a trademarked name. But I have no idea how to avoid this.

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Retard here, I have 2 PCs, 1 is connected to VPN for torrents since it's like my HTPC and 2 is my Gaymen PC that isn't connected to VPN. If I'm on PC2 and access PC1's torrent client via web UI and download something that my ISP would give me a notice for like AAA game or a Netflix show would I be fine or should I just stick with torrenting stuff on PC1?

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>you're doing something wrong
Am I?

(Sorry, I'd attach the picture but the faggot janitors have banned my region from uploading pics in this board for the past 2 months or so now.)

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My HDD only reads at ~80MB/s now despite the average score for it being >150
It's a meme hybrid drive I got a good deal on a couple years ago, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

All diagnostics tools like CrystalDiskInfo say I'm 100% in the clear.

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Where is the pastebin on how to get various versions of Windows that were in the last OP?

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im tired of the shitty raspberry pi camera flimsy faggot sunny connector always failing on me. if I can get a good connection them pour some rubber cement on it, would it fuck anything up?

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if it's not working, yes, you might have done something else like turned off blocking on the URL completely or have some whitelist.

speeds depend on the workload and is UP TO the advertised speeds.

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It also depends whether it is sequential or random reading, the size of the file you are reading and even fragmentation of the drive.

Most of the speeds you see on specs are done in ideal conditions to get the best speeds

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electrical tape?

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>if it's not working, yes, you might have done something else like turned off blocking on the URL completely or have some whitelist.
All right, found it. It was an addon called "Privacy Enhanced Mode for Embedded YouTube" that was causing it.

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what is a good VPN please? USA here.

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IPS panel or VA for visuals? IPS seems to get recommended by gaymers but VA seems to be favored by everyone else. The monitor is 50/50 for games and movies so I'm split down the middle, looking at two $400 monitors both with good reviews.
Any good sites for comparing monitors online?

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google "VPN court proven"

you could have checked for answers in the other thread before posting, you had 5 over minutes.

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I need some tip with upgrading my PC, my current setup: Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 1050 TI, 1TB HDD. Where to start? I'm between GPU and HDD, and I found the following deals:
-Crucial MX500 1TB for BRL (Brazilian Real) 900.00
-Corsair MP510 480GB for BRL 570.00
-Sapphire RX590 8GB Nitro+ for BRL 1300.00
-Sapphire RX580 8GB Pulse for BRL 1100.00
I'm not really into overclocking to justify Nitro+ and I think MP510 would get bottlenecked by the CPU/GPU so I guess my options are either the Crucial's 1TB SSD or RX580 8GB Pulse.

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so, pia? why not just say so

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not your personal spoonfeeding googling assistant

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this is a Q&A thread, isn't it? anyway, did you mean pia?

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>this is a Q&A thread, isn't it?
yeah, but it's not a spoonfeeding thread, dipshit. if you want help we expect you to at least have tried to find the answer yourself, lazy cunt.

and i meant any of the ones that have proven in court to not keep logs, then it's up to you to choose one that has the best offer/features

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Posting again another anon did tell me it was SCA SCSI but are these male or female? Wat is the exact HDD i need for this? I know its 80pin atleast i thi m

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Second tbought i think its 68pin

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I'm assuming it's for gaming, if so get a cheap 120gb ssd for os and one of the graphic cards. Ingame performance > load screen performance.

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Shall I replace my 10 years old mechanical drives, just in case?

S.M.A.R.T says they are healthy. And I don't need any more space actually. I have two 1 TB drives from 2009

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Does anyone know why I get this from buster ext? Hasnt been working.

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get a 250 GB ssd first

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SSD just speeds up boot and loading and overall snappyness of your OS, but GPU is probably more useful to start.
>MP510 would get bottlenecked by the CPU/GPU
the fuck are you talking about? the storage drive will always be the bottleneck

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What the fuck can cause a windows 7 to bsod with error code KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED? I've been getting these more lately than all my in life.

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Just got a new botphone. What do? How can I code from this thing? Can I ssh into my home server? No that I have one.

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have you tried looking at these?


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damn, I've just seen a "/g/'s guide to installing Windows 10" picture here but can't find it, show me where I saw it or repost it pls

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Yeah but most of the sites either tell me to download their bullshit tool to magically fix my windows problems, or to update my drivers, which I already did with my gpu since my motherboard is abandonware.
It was time to reinstall the OS anyway.

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Anyone here has any idea how to fix mobo (and cpu) overheating?
mobo is snsv m2n32-sli deluxe
goes even as far as 52 degrees celsius, cpu 55-60, cpu is athlon x2 6000
Pls halp ;-;

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replace thermal paste, get better heatsinks, get better case airflow

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I would make sure that any data on there is backed up at least. But as long as it's not making sound and it's healthy in SMART, it'll probably be fine.

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hypothetically speaking, if you found a laptop and then factory resetted it, is it possible for the original owner to find it?

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I'd bet Macs have some kind of app that would let the apple store clerk do that. I dunno, something that would say "Hey, the computer with S/N X was near those 3 wi-fi hotspots, here's the coordinates".

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what he said
and add more fans

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I need to format my boot drive, then install windows 10 again. I have no access to a usb drive, the installer tool doesnt let me use a partition only a usb drive.

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Thanks guys! ^^

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Thanks for the replies.
Should I get 120 or 240? I checked my stuff and C partition with only OS and a few programs (no game) was ~70GB, while most games occupies ~40GB (except modded skyrim with whooping 200GB, but that's mostly resource redundancy due to Mod Organizer).
120GB would work well for OS only, while 240GB would give me a little room for normal games.
I'll be looking for a quick SSD upgrade (~240GB) and save for a good GPU then.
>the fuck are you talking about? the storage drive will always be the bottleneck
Granted, I'm parroting a comment I saw on a video comparing loading time between 2.5" SSD (~500MB/s reading) vs M.2 (~3000MB/s reading) which had little difference and the comment accused that CPU was bottlenecking nvme.
I'll still be considering a M.2 SSD if I find any good deal, as it doesn't require cabling.

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I imagine this would work even if the OS was factory resetted. What would happen if the OS was replaced entirely? Would you be out of luck?

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>HDMI cable from PS4 => Monitor => USB cable from monitors usb port to Speaker.

This wont work right? Do I need audio separator or how its called?

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you should get minimum 500GB boot drive for OS and programs and games. because that means you will be uninstalling and reinstalling games less often which doesnt wear out the drives, this is especially true for cheaper drives with less TBW

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Sometimes you can chain load an iso from grub. It's almost impossible to find instructions on it though because searching for " iso grub" just gives instructions on how to put grub on a usb stick from an iso.
Just goto Target and get a usb3 flash drive for like 10 dollars. Make sure it's usb3 because usb2 is agonizingly slow and the windows installer is like 10gigs

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can i somehow limit a program's kernel mode cpu usage?

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Yeah the monitors' usb ports are just a hub for the pc usb usually

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Why's something so simple like nano still getting updates?

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on winshit
forgot to add that

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>you will be uninstalling and reinstalling games less often which doesnt wear out the drives
That's a good point I had not considered!
Besides the two SSDs I mentioned in the first post, I've als found the following ones:
-Crucial BX500 480GB, BRL 400.00
-WD Blue 500GB (2.5, WDS500G2B0A, BRL 430.00
-WD Blue 500GB (M.2, WDS500G2B0B), BRL 450.00

Still, I'm torn betweetn Corsair MP510 and Crucial MX500. Crucial has double capacity (1TB) and has a very good reputation, while the former is cheaper (though relatively expensive 1.1GB/BRL vs 0.8GB/BRL) but way faster (Reading 3480MB/s vs 560MB/s).
Is M.2's speed really worth it? From what I looked up it doesn't seem to matter much when dealing with games.
If I may also ask, I've noticed SSD/GPU prices dropped significantly in the last few months, would it be wiser to hold on for a while more? I've bought my GTX1050Ti for about BRL1000 last year because the card I was using was dying on me, now I can find the exact same model for BRL750. I'm afraid of rushing for an upgrade now and regret later due to price drop.

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the ecosystem around nano changes.

>> No.70696258

process priority?

>> No.70696263

What's the best way to encrypt my shit, folders or whole drives, if I have W10 home?

>> No.70696270

Veracrypt is good.
If you want something that works with cloud storage apps look into Cryptomator.

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m.2 speeds are just really nice for windows reboots.
For games indeed its underwhelming

>> No.70696311

probably, I'm sure Microsoft or the Linux guys don't have to deal with angry hipsters wanting them to find their stuff.
And it's not like you stole a computer from the CIA or something, there's just some boomer who lost his thinkpad and will regret losing whatever was on it.

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The BX500 can write 120TB.
The MX500 can write 180TB.
The WD Blues can write 200TB.
Samsung 860 Evo can write 300TB.
The Corsair MP510 has 800TBW.
Samsung 970 PRO has 600TBW.

You get what you pay for. And you're the one choosing, but the Corsair m.2 seems like a decent one if it's priced between SATA and the more expensive Samsung m.2.
Just make sure your mobo supports NVMe.

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Anyone know how to fix this error when using 4chan X + OneChan?

>Error evaluating Tomorrow's theme.customCSS!
call to eval() blocked by CSP

I've tried >>66162805 , >>>/wsr/515173 , but it keeps popping up when visiting 4chan boards. 4channel boards seem to work fine.

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Alright, I'll get CrystalDiskInfo
But there are 3 versions
>Kurei Kei

Any functional difference, or the last 2 just have an anime waifu theme?
And which anime waifu should I go for? I don't know who these 2 characters are, I don't even know what animes they are from. HALP!

>> No.70696511

too stupid to realize it's just skins?

>> No.70696540

Well that's what I thought, but I'm just making sure.
Plus, like I asked before, who are these anime waifus? I want to make the right choice!

>> No.70696658

I didn't knew TBW was a thing so I looked up and it seems MX500 1TB's is 360TBW actually (180 is for 500GB version): https://www.crucial.com/wcsstore/CrucialSAS/pdf/product-flyer/crucial-mx500-ssd-productflyer-en.pdf
Still, MP510 is significantly more endurable (2.2x) which makes it quite attractive. Its speed might not be the most relevant spec for me, but it's still a plus. I'm likely going to to get it. Thanks!
As for compatibility, I have a ROG STRIX B350-F which seems to be compatible:
>1 x M.2 Socket 3, with M key, type 2242/2260/2280/22110 storage devices support (SATA & PCIE 3.0 x 4 mode)

>> No.70696693

never mind, I went with Kurei Kei.
Based Japanese developer man. Maybe I'll buy him a coffee.

>> No.70696702

MX500 1TB has higher TBW because it has more space to overwrite over and over. It's literally double over the 500GB version, just like the capacity.
Here the MX500 is just under $90 and the Corsair NVMe is only $110 for the same capacity but significantly faster read/write and longevity. Personally I'd get the Corsair one.

>> No.70696778

Looking up, MX500 500GB would cost BRL 460.00, which is proportionally the same prices as your local price. Yeah, it seems MP510 will be the one I'll be getting!

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How do i install windows with an HDD? Don’t have a USB so i’m using a spare HDD.
I supposedly have it already installed on the HDD, but when I connect it to my laptop, it follows the normal booting procedure to my current OS.
I’m using a Dell XPS 15. Apparently boot order isn’t a thing anymore and it should boot from USB automatically.
Any recommended software for making a bootable HDD?

>> No.70696815

press the correct button during boot to get boot options

>> No.70696828

While I'm at it, is Macrium Reflect Free decent way to migrate to SSD? From what I looked up it seems I just need to stick the M.2 in the mobo then ran the program to clone the OS partition from the HDD.
I think a proper windows installation might be a cleaner solution but I don't really feel like dealing with Windows' license thing again (IIRC everytime I use my key it adds a counter and at some point it invalidates it?)...

>> No.70696837

I tried that but there’s no option for my HDD.

>> No.70696916

Please someone halp

>> No.70696947

can i get the default theme manjaro uses on debian?

>> No.70696962

Is your current drive bigger than the SSD?
If yes you need to shrink it first. I had to do it with my dad's PC and found EaseUS partition master to be simplest free one without any bullshit attached.
That said, you really should reinstall if you have win10 so it can detect that you're using an SSD and do the settings best for it.

>> No.70697004

m.2 is a form factor. Some are actually slower than SATA SSDs. The difference you'd experience between a 500 mbps SSD is basically nothing unless you're doing very intensive professional editing. While a storage drive is technically one of the slowest parts of a PC, a moderately good one won't "bottleneck" any of your activities except shit like file transfer times.

Yes macrium works well. It doesn't care if the new drive is smaller, as long as you don't have too much stuff to fit on it. It also has a significantly less "asian" influence on it than easeus. Windows will definitely pick up that it has been moved to an SSD, and macrium will handle the only other thing that matters automatically, which is partition alignment. That said, you don't have to worry about reinstalling windows, it doesn't give a shit, especially just installing to a new drive. MS isn't really concerned with limiting licenses, they'd rather just have more users.

>> No.70697018

Are you saying that you're using an HDD attached externally via USB? Does it have windows installed on it, or a windows installer?

>> No.70697084


>> No.70697123

My drive is a 1TB HDD, but I have it partitioned so C drive has 150GB.
I'm probably going to end up reinstalling it then... I really wanted to avoid bothering with it but I'm afraid some it would leave some regret as of not doing it proper way when I had the chance.
>While a storage drive is technically one of the slowest parts of a PC, a moderately good one won't "bottleneck" any of your activities except shit like file transfer times.
MP510 seems to be pretty fast compared to other SSDs at Read/Write 3,480MBps/2,700MBps compared to MX500's 560MBps/510MBps, but again I must admit I'm not sure how fast CPU can process this, so I'll take your word.
>That said, you don't have to worry about reinstalling windows, it doesn't give a shit, especially just installing to a new drive. MS isn't really concerned with limiting licenses, they'd rather just have more users.
As I said above I'm likely to do a clean install to leave no room for regrets, so that's good to head, one thing less to worry about!

>> No.70697180

>I must admit I'm not sure how fast CPU can process this
It's more than the CPU. It's a whole combination of things that don't make use of the extra speed. You could have the best CPU and ram on the market and you still wouldn't notice a practical difference in speed. If the price is the same it's like why not? But otherwise better to spend the cash on something that would actually be useful to you.

I've done many reinstalls and clones. The only time I've had any trouble with a clone was when the source drive was already heavily corrupted. That said, windows is designed like shit, so a little clean install every now and then never hurts.

>> No.70697181

create an ntfs partition and copy the windows iso contents to it, set the partition to active

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File: 65 KB, 720x896, 6d0aed9cefc9ec90ba5d9df863cc93fb39330238b002a576f9a845a9ac80bf19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My 8GB winblows machine is idling at 50% ram usage. I haven't restarted in a while, that could be partly a problem. But even just inputting on this form is laggy.

I'd like to do a thorough clean before I resort to a reinstall. What are the best programs for this? I'm currently using Revo Uninstaller to get rid of shit, but I doubt that's going to really solve the problem.

>> No.70697210

in the uk you search from the ipo website

>> No.70697225

Is there some kinda adaptive sync box that goes in between your computer and your monitor to eliminate screen tearing when your monitor doesn't do adaptive sync?

>> No.70697240

just buy a better monitor cus ur gonna spend the same fucking amount of money anyway if such a thing even exists

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earlier I posted about a specific HBA, HP Smart Array p410 board. When looking up about it, it doesnt support JBOD and the documentation seems to say the max drive size it supports is 4TB.

HOWEVER, I don't want to use it in a RAID setup or NAS at all. I'm literally just trying to get more sata ports onto my system. Will I encounter problems attaching some 8 or 10 TB hdds to this board?

>> No.70697280

probably, unless you can find some dude on a forum that says it works with larger drives

>> No.70697338

tha seems to only affect user mode usage

>> No.70697349

>I want to make the right choice!
are you trying to start a waifu war?

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Whats a good BACNET client for Linux?
Ideally one with a GUI, but I'll take whatever I can get

>> No.70697430

I've been wanting a good headset to listen to music to for the most part and play video games on my Xbox on the side. I was using Skullcandy Crushers but the inline mic sometimes sounded distant for my friends and now I'm trying to find something with the same comfort that they did in terms of pad thickness because the hs60 I thought had thick enough pads but alas they put pressure on my ears making them ache after a while. Any suggestions?

>> No.70697438

I see, so the speed itself is really not an advantage for me. It's about 25% more expensive than a WD Blue one, but durability seems better (800TBW vs 200TBW, 3 years warranty vs 5 years) so I hope it pays off in the long term.

>> No.70697463

>it doesnt support JBOD
JBOD is some pseudo RAID configuration. i can't give you guarantee but the device should have it's own configuration panel where you can chose what kind of RAID you'd like to use (like my card does) so all you have to do is to ignore it (like i did) and it just should accept separate drives as-is
>max drive size it supports is 4TB
where did you find such information? i don't really think a controller cares unless it uses some really shitty hardware, which is unlikely with HP
if you want, i can check if my shitty RAID card supports a 6TB HDD. if my shitty card can then i don't see why a HP card wouldn't

>> No.70697490

question: what's the harm in running windows 7 indefinitely beyond the Microsoft support cut-off date? Will my machine really be unusable?

>> No.70697521

maybe at some point it will become too old for modern use but i don't see it happening in the near future. i mean, XP still is doing pretty fine except those few software writing dumbasses who decided to make the program check your system and not run when you're on XP by hard coding it into their programs

>> No.70697822

someone will make your machine unusable via one of the dozens of security holes

>> No.70697839

how do i hide the address bar in chrome?

>> No.70697950

I heard metasploit uses a ruby database or something?
doesnt this means the database isnt local?
how do i make it local?

>> No.70697969
File: 36 KB, 784x645, 1542780599445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't used Firefox in a few years and Appchan X isn't supported anymore.

What should I use to get the themes that zixaphir, but with the functionalities of 4chanX?

>> No.70697971

how good is fish and how is it better than bash?

>> No.70697998

the language doesn't dictate where the data is stored.

>> No.70698017

I tought ruby was only used for webshit?

>> No.70698054

Can you pass elements of an array to a constructor in c++?

class Foo {
string x;
string y;
Foo(string s1, string s2) {x = s1; y = s2;}

int main() {

string test[2] = {"ur", "mum"};

Foo testObj(test[0], test[1]);

I don't see why this shouldn't work but it's not and I don't know if it's because it's not allowed or if it's because I'm retarded.

>> No.70698103

It it safe to switch out my monitor from my GPU with a different one while the PC is on?

Got a new monitor coming tomorrow but too lazy to shut down my computer, I keep it in sleep mode most of the time.

>> No.70698168

do you understand what "picture" means?

>> No.70698189

You don't need a dumbass picture, you need working links. Everything you need is right there and easily searchable. If there's something you don't understand, ask.

>> No.70698228

I know what I need, piss off smartass, it's none of your business.
Give me the picture I've seen here yesterday, anons.

>> No.70698279

>I know what I need
Doesn't sound like it. And your attitude sure doesn't encourage people to want to help you.

>> No.70698388

If I backed up my entire PC, that also means all my Steam Saves are backed up too, right?

>> No.70698415

Yes, although steam backup works just as well. Also most game backup and restore games from the cloud automatically, similar to modern consoles.

>> No.70698419

use the damn archive, that's why it's there

>> No.70698518

I was installing Windows 10, and deleted the wrong drive. I deleted all the partitions off of both the drive I didn't want to delete, and the one I installed Windows on. I haven't done anything with the deleted drive after installing Windows. This drive had full disk encryption with Veracrypt. I didn't lose anything of value, but is there a way to undo it, or would it being encrypted ruin those chances?

>> No.70698785

Please help me. I have set up a regex filter for a board like
In the comments. I want ONE general to show up and the rest of the entire board hidden. The problem is that this filter doesn't hide threads with an empty comment.
I have tried all variants of /^$/, /^.*$/, /^.+$/ but they don't fucking work or they remove only the thread I care about and it's driving me crazy. How the hell do I filter threads with no text and just a title and an image?

>> No.70698813
File: 42 KB, 319x583, 666666666666666666666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is my ram going 1200mhz

>> No.70698844


>> No.70698887

what the fuck can I do about a next door cunt revving up his motorcycle at 9-10 pm and I have a sick old lady here that needs rest? is this grounds to file a noise complaint? I won't have to give my address to 911 will I

>> No.70698943

hello, incredibly stupid question
>port forwarding
>it asks for local port
>can't just leave it blank because it says I need it
what do I put in local port

>> No.70699008

Have you asked them to stop? If that doesn't work, look up your local noise ordinance laws, get a noise meter app for your phone, and take notes on whenever they violate them. Call the police non-emergency line (not 911) whenever they go over the limit. If that doesn't work you can likely sue them in small claims court for causing a nuisance. When you get to that point your documentation, including your attempts asking them to stop, how often they went over the limit and how often you've reported it to the police will be important. It wont guarantee that they'll stop, but they have to pay damages. If they don't pay you can levy their bank accounts, garnish their wages, or get a lien on their house. And if they still don't stop you keep suing them. At some point the combination of the police, courts, or jail will make them stop.

>> No.70699015

Also it helps if more than one household is complaining so see if you can get your other neighbors to call in as well.

>> No.70699032

thanks, this all seems legit as fuck, but I'd rather not go this deep. hes a known drug addict and lives off welfare. I don't want him to know its me that reported him because hes liable to retaliate. I just want the police to harass him a bit. I also don't think he has a bike license so hopefully he'll get his shit taken from him

>> No.70699058

Why is agile better then waterfall in the SDLC?

Is there a methodology that is better then either of these?

Also is TDD the best type of testing?

>> No.70699215

I've been searching the rbt archive for more than half an hour and didn't find it, it was either deleted with a thread or with a banned user and the archive didn't manage to catch it
It's just a nice picture, and these pastebin links are meh, I believe they're not exactly up to date or relevant, didn't find any info about Win 10 activators I've seen in the pic.

>> No.70699288
File: 17 KB, 1398x673, explorer_4jhh1LkuAw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What causes this shit to happen?

>> No.70699319

Dying hard drives.

>> No.70699335


Anyway, the waterfall method is like pretending to be Laplace's demon. It's self-destructive by its very nature. Even if it succeeds (which is rarely the case) it's built upon a rigid and complex scaffolding which is unyielding to change which you more often than not want it to be.

Of course, when you're programming systems for space shuttles and the like you're somewhat forced to use it due to the costs of failure. If you're building a system where even small failures or bugs are unacceptable, then it's the demon's work for you.

>> No.70699366

How are vertical monitors? Are they worth using?

>> No.70699703

I had a phone interview for a basic IT support position a while ago (didn't get it) and one of the questions they asked still dumbfounds me thinking about it. It was something along the lines of "what would your dream computer be and why?" and all I could say was that I already had my dream computer and that I would simply upgrade the storage since I'm running out of it.

>> No.70699776
File: 1.70 MB, 2560x1920, 15562556833071898487687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Building gaming pc for first time, when I put the fan in, are the brackets supposed to still be in? I tried putting it in without the brackets and I got this thermal paste shit over my Ryzen.

>> No.70699777
File: 3.17 MB, 2420x927, battery.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I use this charger (left) with this battery (right) ?

>> No.70699792

the port the program running opens locally, do netstat -abn

>> No.70699809

>I already have a dream computer
Nigga, they wanted to know if you knew shit about computers. They expected you to give a technical answer, where you talked about specs and ram. You could've talked about the specs and shit that your current computer at the time had, they didn't actually care Bout your dream computer, just wanted to see if you knew about computers

>> No.70699897

Damn that came to mind at first but at the same time I figured throwing jargon at the interviewer would seem offputting considering I would have been helping boomers that don't know the difference between left and right click

>> No.70699935

Yes the brackets should be on and the thermal paste is supposed to be between the fan and CPU

>> No.70699945

Will it be fine having some on? I tried to wipe some of it off with paper towels but that shit is sticky

>> No.70700006
File: 1.17 MB, 915x608, thermal paste.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't risk having too little. That shit's gonna fry without enough but at the same time don't have too much. Some fans like the one you got have enough that it needs pre-applied. You should have enough that the majority of the square is covered. If you wiped too much off just buy a separate thermal paste and apply it like in the pic so that it will spread evenly when you push the fan on top of it.

>> No.70700045
File: 49 KB, 256x256, 15478962145895.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have experience with network monitoring?
I was trying to "hack" a certain mobile game, but the fucker keeps track of all the (in-game currency) transactions in the server, so if you increase your currency by changing a RAM value, and then spend more than what you have earned, it's guaranteed ban.

I was thinking about monitoring what kind of request the game makes to the server in order to legally increase the player currency, so I could send more of those requests manually and hopefully trick the server, but I'm not sure of how this is done. Is Wireshark the correct tool for this?

>> No.70700058

I want to know this too

>> No.70700091

What are the best recording software for gaymes? I've been using OBS, but I wonder if there are other software that are equally as good or better.

>> No.70700108

I have alot of problems with what you just said and want to call you dumb, but that's kind of the point of this thread. Anyways.

You can use Wireshark to monitor the network and see the traffic from the game. However that traffic is guaranteed to be encrypted and using SSL or TLS. So in theory you could monitor the request, and if you're lucky find the correct packet, with the header, source port, such and such. However you'd need some other program which I'll let you find yourself in order to do a replay attack. Also, it's probably hashed, so it will reject the packet as a duplicate.

>> No.70700120

It could power it if it was off I guess, idk how much wattage is required to pyower your lappy VS run and charge.

>> No.70700132

doesn't need as much as you would think, most of the heat comes from right in the middle

>> No.70700146

Any important bean counting is done on the server, because programmer's aren't so retarded anymore.

>> No.70700182

I was hopping it was a really simple request, since it's a single player game that only connects with the server when the currency is increased/decreased.

>> No.70700249

I have a dell xps 15. can you help me figure out which one is right for me?

>> No.70700254
File: 237 KB, 1600x1200, focus-plus-gold-connector-side.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On my PSU it's labelled CPU/PCI-e. Does that mean I can plug either the CPU or GPU into ANY slot? Pic related is the psu. My old PSU had dedicated slots marked for CPU and GPU.

>> No.70700301

If I have an uncorrectable sector on my HDD, does that mean the data in that sector has already been lost/ not accessible from a file explorer?

Can I find out what I lost? It was a storage drive with a bunch of movies and music, so I don't think I would be too peeved If I can't get some data back...

>> No.70700377
File: 81 KB, 547x531, 1553087022029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got a new cpu+mobo combo, and I'm apparently getting the ocassional spike to 60 degrees on water cooling (in core temp) for a spike while under load (average temperature seems to be 30 to 40 degrees), I'd say its a bad application of thermalpaste but its not consistent even under heavier loads

think it's a bad thermal paste application, core temp being inaccurate, or some weird flaw in the 9600k?

>> No.70700425

Nothing is stopping you from trying. You can use wireshark to capture packets and analyze them, so say you make a payment on the game and capture the network traffic from that. Wireshark also supports decryption of SSL/TLS data, provided you have the key. If you don't have the key for the encryption you can try to use the pre-master key, and there are other methods I won't go into. Point of decrypting the data is to see the payload of the packet. Then you can try and craft another packet. Though you'd need to figure out how the requests are made.

>> No.70700442
File: 19 KB, 333x403, coretemp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also 5 minutes under 100% load hasn't gotten me to 60 degrees so I'm wondering whats this shits problem

>> No.70700499

hello all, I'm having some connectivity issues with xubuntu. my wifi seems to have poor signal and my ethernet doesn't work at all.
>Intel Wirelesss 7260
>Qualcomm Atheros killer E220X
I found this thread
but when I save it says there is no such file? I'm probably being dumb

I also read somewhere that this was an issue previously solved in a kernel update years ago, but I have no idea

>> No.70700534
File: 141 KB, 236x259, firefox_2018-09-29_22-17-46.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok which site do you faggots use to share files/images now that mixtape moe is dead?

the pomf clones spreadsheet list is so outdated

>> No.70700557

Just upgraded to Windows 10, trying to get my backup up files back, but it freezes every time I select the backup

What should I do?

>> No.70700575

try a 3rd party backup program, that one might load it properly. I'm thinking Acronis

>> No.70700616

Anyone know what the difference is between these chargers? There's a $3 price difference from the same seller. What does genuine mean?


>> No.70700664

Buying pc parts for my cheap 4k monitor. Will the monitor plug into the graphics card (1080Ti) or the motherboard? I can't find any AMD motherboards with HDMI 2.0. Are the display ports on motherboards only for people who don't have GPU?

>> No.70700731

depress the "shift" key (near the bottom left of the keyboard), keep it held down, then hit the "2" key (near the top left of the keyboard)

>> No.70700751

doesn't work like that

>> No.70700773

What’s the point of Linux. Besides not having to pay Microsoft licenses . Why do you guys like it? Sure win10 is annoying, so is not having my shit run on Linux. And then why is there 1000 different kinds. I’m not into customization, so what other features would I be missing out on

>> No.70700785

I've only been using ubuntu for about a month but it literally took me like half an hour to get all my regular things on and its been hassle free since. Its like win10 but without constant updates changing my shit. I only had to install 1 driver and that was literally selected from "additional drivers".

>> No.70700914

I downloaded Acronis and I don't think I know what I'm doing with it, because it's not showing me my old backup.

Meanwhile I tried the windows one again and got a Cyclic Redundancy error.

>> No.70700996

So I have my current laptop hooked up to my monitor. Screen looks nice.
If I used a better laptop in terms of hardware from graphics card and cpu, would that improve video playback compared to my older laptop? Or would it look the same since it’s the same monitor?

>> No.70701157
File: 5 KB, 400x400, 47095666_10155618182612102_601914446486437888_n.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any open source microsoft products activators that is effective in 2019?

>> No.70701458

How can you stack CRT monitors? I have like 10 of them but all have that curve on top.

>> No.70701557

Whats the best file hosting website? Its for my websites images. for some reason i cant upload to imgur

>> No.70701647

i'm looking for some simple, anonymous and easy to use service like pastebin, but with a twist so that once i submit some text there and get a unique link to share with people, it would let me modify or add more content to it with the link remaining the same at all times
something like a blog or something, but without any stupid accounts or other bullshit like that

>> No.70701906

is it normal that my ryzen 5 2600x runs at up to 4,11 ghz even tho i did NOT overclock it?

>> No.70701916

it's a ryzen feature that OCs if you have thermal and power headroom similar to gpu boost 3.0

>> No.70701989

I have a 60 hz monitor. For games I'm getting 30fps in I can always lower the resolution, but my autism gets upset when I'm left with 70+ fps and I'm not able to see any benefit.
What are some light things I can do to knock my pc's performance? And not something pointless like downloading three 4k streams on mute.

>> No.70702006

I want to install Pop OS on my laptop, I've been creating USB boot drives with Rufus. This has allowed me to boot xubuntu on my laptop but when I try the same thing with Pop OS the USB drive appears in the boot menu but when I select it, it won't boot and continues into windows. Any Ideas why Xubuntu works but not pop os?

>> No.70702025

If you have to ask you probably don't need it. Evangelists who try to convert Windows users into Linux users are the worst.

>> No.70702055

How do I use a VPN on 4chan without a pass?

I'm sick of being tracked by CIA.

>> No.70702082
File: 20 KB, 498x56, chrome_2RoFjf13ZK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do i get old player in chrome? There isnt "new media controls" option anymore in chrome://flags so i cant turn it off. This thing is unusable cancer. Pic related.

>> No.70702094

Can I use BT Wi-Fi for free?

>> No.70702195

Thinking of buying two orangepi. One for pihole and one for a nas.
Are there any recommendations for what orangepi I should buy?

>> No.70702433

I use tinypload and imgur but that's because I'm lazy

>> No.70702726

help me, I'm a brainlet when it comes to linux.

I'm trying to do some simple file manipulation in php but I can't append text to existing files. I can write to files just fine as long as they don't exist when I run the php script. If I want to fopen() an existing file in the "a" mode I can only write to it if I delete (unlink()) it first.
I'm using nginx and the folder with the files that I want to modify has the following permissions: drwxrwxrwx 3 root root. I have no idea what that means

>> No.70702752

I took a break from IT and now no one wants to hire anyone over 25. Any hope for me or just switch industries? This sucks.

>> No.70702878

I'm really tempted to buy an LG 43UD79-B right now. Would this be making a mistake?

>> No.70703062

nvm I figured it out :)

>> No.70703071

no excuses, if it was yesterday then you should be able to trace it back with links to previous threads. /g/ even has a longer living archive than most boards

>> No.70703149

I need an access point for each floor in my house, any recommendations? Because I suspect that those premade sets like Linksys Whole Home Mesh are overpriced garbage.

>> No.70703181

Forgot to add, my internet connection is 600Mbit fiber, so the access point needs to be fast enough to provide this speed even two rooms further (my house has very thick walls for some reason).

>> No.70703513

Is there a way to block a countries access to your website somehow ?
I'm getting a lot of russians, ukranians and borats trying to access wp-admin.php and an administrator directory, which is useless since I don't even have those directories/files and I'm running a static website (only html5/css3) that doesn't even have javascript.
I've never encountered something like this before and I'm not quite clear on what to do about this honestly, in 6 days I've gotten over 2500 hits which feels absurd for a small personal website that went online on the 20th.

>> No.70703610
File: 114 KB, 700x443, 1537522253751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What livestream hosting website could I use if I wanted to livestream my own suicide? I'm not planning to do it, I'm just curious. Reading their TOSs sounds like all of them would shut the stream down immediately as soon as a janny shows up.
I hear that people use Facebook all the time to livestream gore but they're supposed to be super strict too. I don't know how this works.

>> No.70703627

I have 4 SATA slots on my motherboard, I have disks connected on all 4.
Can I add 5th hhd without chaing my motherboard or replacing one of the current disks I have attached?
are there any ports or adapters that allow you to connect more than one disk on one sata port?

>> No.70703635

What's the best way sync and manage active directory group policy on a Mac?

>> No.70703666

Is there a way to make audio from certain sources go through my TV, while the rest goes through the speakers? For example, when playing a game or an emulator, the sound from those would go through the TV, which is acting as a second monitor.

>> No.70703675
File: 27 KB, 391x455, dfdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

>> No.70703677
File: 53 KB, 960x520, $6.56 SAS 32-Pin to 4 x SATA HDD Splitter Cable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, there are all kinds of SATA splitter cable options. Browser around on Ebay!
Just don't expect peak performance on those and only use it for storage.

>> No.70703762

>didn't find any info about Win 10 activators I've seen in the pic
Then the ones in the pic were probably shit. KMS_VL_ALL and Daz are the best way to go, especially since hwid and kmspico aren't being maintained anymore. Also there are links in that bin from as recent as last month.

>> No.70703770
File: 11 KB, 272x195, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't stack CRTs directly on top of one-another. build shelves for them and leave some room above them for ventilation
(pic related is called a videowall, if that helps)

>> No.70703776

You don't. It's not allowed, and if there was one that worked and it was shared here, it would be added to the block list. Closest you could possibly do is a VPS, if it was obscure enough.

>> No.70703856
File: 6 KB, 480x234, TEK00012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody know how to easily make version history document that can be opened in a web browser? Im talking about selecting a version in a dropdown box and it then shows changes since previous versions or just specifics of this version. The idea is that there's a dict-like structure per version and in case of same dict names with a previous versions it gets highlighted as same, changed or new.
(pic unrelated, just some hobby stuff)

>> No.70703949

I've accidentally enabled some sort of "tree- view" on 4chanx? How do I make it look normal again instead of leddity

>> No.70704096

Do you have anything checked in the drop down arrow in the upper right corner?

>> No.70704286

I want to move around 100gb of ancient files (mostly 4chan memes from late 2000s, stuff that doesn't exist on the internet anymore etc), somewhere safe as I don't want to keep them on my main HDD anymore, but I also don't want to keep 3 drives plugged in all the time.

What should I do?

>> No.70704301

make a torent and let hoarders like me download them

>> No.70704311

Is there cloud host that allows 50gb of storage space persistently?
The data isnt that important and if it is id just encrypt it, so i dont care about data mining or other marketing ploys

Mega only offers 50gb for the first 30 days then goes down to 15gb and locks your account out.
Having a cli interface to upload/download would be great also

>> No.70704399
File: 49 KB, 675x665, 1462300965045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so i've tried to get a bunch of tau digits in a proper numeral order but run into a problem. the site that provided me with digits has them grouped into lines and i don't want that however i've been unable to remove the newline character. everyone says that in notepad++ i should replace "\n" (or "\\n" or "\r\n") with blank but that doesn't work. what other newline characters could there be?

>> No.70704423

I thought about somehow storing it on my own, like buying a pi or pi clone and old hdds from auction or local second hand computer flea market and running a lan ftp like this.

>> No.70704452

I'm not going to, that's why there's a question thread, genius

>> No.70704505

the safest way is to release stuff on the internet since you can never guarantee that your house won't burn down to a crisp along with your hard drives. anyway:
for flexible archive, a pi is a good option, (tho i'd recomend odroid xu4 for gigabit enthernet and usb 3.0) as for hard drives, think of RAID1 in case of hardware failure. and look for 1-2TB Hitachi and Samsung, there's still plety of them around and they're all good quality

>> No.70704551
File: 268 KB, 1200x551, 1547424872282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude, no.
I think so? https://seasonic.com/cable-config
To be sure, I'd just follow this image to the letter and plug the CPU in the lower leftmost slot at least.
Graphics card, if you'd plug it in the motherboard you wouldn't be using your 1080Ti. And yes, they're there for people without dedicated GPUs.
Depends on the programs to let you set the audio output I think. You can't set it in Windows.

>> No.70704768

anyone? it's really bugging me

>> No.70704786

been doing that for years. it's fine, just your system will be like wtf when he detects a different device

>> No.70704839

what linux should I get if im retarded

>> No.70704848

why do you want to use linux?

>> No.70704862

programming and when windows10 makes me mad
also I want to install it on the same partition as my win10 installation without wiping it, is that possible?

>> No.70704912

you can use wsl to have access to the full suite of linux programming tools on windows. if you simply want to use linux programs on windows you can install that.
a standalone linux installation can't be installed on the same partition, but you can resize the windows partition to make room for linux non-destructively.

>> No.70704950

ok thanks

>> No.70705151
File: 663 B, 74x22, 1535156123015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's this new number in the [ ] on the thread watcher for 4chanx?

>> No.70705166

It's the page that the thread is on.
Took me 1 second to check.

>> No.70705180

It shows a different number is the page the thread is on most of the time though

>> No.70705183

Try refreshing it before checking.

>> No.70705347

So I ran blackbird on my windows 10 drive and now it can't boot. I did create a backup with blackbird beforehand but I can't even open windows to launch it.

I tried using a boot drive and selecting the troubleshoot and fixing boot doesn't work, I tried every option in troubleshooting none of that works.

And lastly I opened the command line from the boot drive menu and then set my path to system32 and then tried to launch blackbird through the command line and that didn't work either. It says unable to define session username

please save me the only reason why i want to fix this is because windows is holding my other two drives hostage and won't let me write to them on linux.

>> No.70705355

Does anyone have a high quality SICP cover image? I can only find low quality crap from searching.

>> No.70705381

>he fell for it

>> No.70705535

Yeah I fell for it.
would reinstalling windows solve this problem? I don't care about the files on the actual windows drive but I want it to release its fucking deathgrip on my two completely unrelated drives

>> No.70705543

Is there a good tool to streamline Windoze? I've only got 8GB and there's way too many tiny processes running.

>> No.70705568

Get more ram

>> No.70705620

I want to put music onto my phone. Not much space. Library is a mostly 320kbps mp3.
I want to reduce the average filesize by at least half.
What codec/bitrate options are there? Is opus my best bet?

>> No.70705638

I got 2TB of data I need to compress and alternatively access to either a 32C EPYC @ 3GHz or 2x 16C Zeon @ 3.7GHz, both with 128GB ECC RAM.
I don't care about how long it takes to compress or decompress the only thing that matters is compression ratio.
Which server is the better choice, does it even really matter when I don't care about compression time? Is LZMA2 my best bet if I want the best compression ratio?

>> No.70705678

Get an SD card, you turbonegro

>> No.70705705

my old ass moto x doesn't have an sd card slot

>> No.70705716

If a script reads and writes once a minute to disk. Where do I store the log? Is that a good idea anyways?

>> No.70705754


>> No.70705775

get a better phone

>> No.70706560
File: 452 KB, 848x1561, Screenshot_20190426-195314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My sc videos appear green for some users I send them too. They dont show green on my end. what do?
ive tried reinstalling, old app versions
i have huawei p9

>> No.70706578

When benchmarking a game do you want the average or minimum FPS to be 60?

>> No.70706632

Minimum, although an average fps close to 60 means that the framerate didn't dip too much for too long

>> No.70706689

Toggle switches on molex/sata power cables. Not very elegant, but it's a pretty good way to segregate the drives.

>> No.70706726

im currently using my iphone as a mobile hotspot to access the internet on my laptop
the download speeds are quite slow
is there any way to speed them up or is this just how it is?

>> No.70706734

There could have been open connection in the background that were terminated when you pulled the plug.

There also could have been some shitty Qos going on tied to the port or your lease.

>> No.70706803

According to government records, the only name not yet trademarked is "Zittzers".

>> No.70706859

not anymore hehe

>> No.70706949
File: 192 KB, 661x768, servers-wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just use a multi meter on the rubber cement first to make sure it's not conductive.

Might be a good idea to put a test blob on some scrap PCB or components first to see if it's corrosive. It might have some solvents in it but they're going to be gone by the time it cures. Copper and PCB should be fine. Worst case scenario the plastic on the connector starts to melt.

A few rubber/plastic cements actually work by melting the two surfaces you intend to bond together. Don't use one of those, and if you do don't slather it all over the place like barbecue sauce.

Super glue might be your best option and only if you apply it after the connection is made and has good contact. You really don't want the surface of pads/pin covered in it.

>> No.70707001


Prebuilt/brand make anti-theft trackers are often baked into the recovery partition.

>> No.70707051

It highly dependent on the solution used. Hidden partitions, trackers within firmware, and custom hardware solutions/options that certain brands use don't give two shit if you remove/replace the OS.

Way more prevalent in corporate settings.

>> No.70707071

give it back jamal

>> No.70707101

50% used? or 50% available?

cacheing is a thing.

>> No.70707114


>> No.70707129

What's a good gaming laptop? I've been looking at the Acer Swift 3.
It has
AMD Ryzen 7 2700U, AMD Radeon RX 540

I prefer AMD GPU/CPU
I can spend up to ~$1000

>> No.70707180

Opus yeah. Personally I can't tell the difference between 96kbps and flac. You shouldn't convert mp3's though to be honest.

>> No.70707495

Is it true that larger capacity ssd's are faster than the lower capacity equivalent

>> No.70707520

How fast is 30mbps? How fast is 100mpbs?

I have absolutely no frame of reference.

>> No.70707619

Divide the mbits by 8 and you will get the Megabyte per second.
This is an easier frame of reference to calculate how long a file takes to download.
8 mbit/s is 1 Megabyte/s
So if you have a 12 MB file it will take you 12 seconds to download it.
if you have a 100 mbit connection your download speed is 12,5 MB/s which will make it take less than a second to download.

I think this is true for NVME drives but sata ssd's are constricted by the sata port.

>> No.70707654
File: 858 KB, 983x492, Screenshot-2019-4-26 DON'T Do This When Building a PC Our Common Mistakes 🤦‍♂️ - YouTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So pic related started happening on Firefox on any video stream of any site an hour ago, videos play and sound is okay but colors are fucked. Only on Firefox.
Chrome, Opera, Cyberfox, all show videos fine.
Anyone know what do? Anyone recognize this? Did a cache clear but didn't help.

>> No.70707685

I have an older (~4/5 yrs) Li-po power bank, took it on a trip, charged a bunch of shit with it, and let it sit for a few weeks after it died. Any way i can get it to recharge without opening it up and boosting the batteries?

>> No.70707699

they've probably got you using someone elses account that they stole

>> No.70707705

mbps doesn't mean shit realistically, it's either MB/s or Mb/s.

>> No.70707766

no, if the computers are on your local network, PC2 connects to the internet through your house's ISP and PC1 connects to the internet via a VPN, then when you do the file transfer from PC1 to PC2 it should go over your local network and your ISP is none the wiser. even if you use a seedbox you access over the internet, your ISP isnt going to see "torrent traffic" when you download a single file from your seedbox, it would be like downloading any other file from any other website.

>> No.70707782

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

>> No.70707813

WD Blue or Seagate Barracuda?

>> No.70707838

If you care about your data WD Blue,
if you dont give a fuck and want a mildly faster drive barracuda

>> No.70708245

How the fuck do I allow receiving email to only one user on Postfix?
I just want to allow emails to be delivered to the "contact" user, but this fucking server delivers email to every single user in my /etc/passwd by default.

>> No.70708248
File: 87 KB, 320x240, 1403263376302.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CUE files break my foobar whenever they're in a zip file. Not break, but the zip won't appear in my library unless I delete it. Anyway to fix this shit?

>> No.70708305

So a couple weeks ago I was at the cash register at the grocery store (not gonna say which one) and the cashier looked kinda stoned, wound up scanning like half my stuff and then said just fuck it his shift's ending anyway I could have the rest of it for free. So I was like yay, free shit, paid for what he'd scanned and left, but later I found out that guy had been fired.

Was it my fault? I feel really bad...

>> No.70708342

Cashiers don't get fired for mischarging once, sims like it was something else or it was a recurrent issue.

You are still kind of a dick for not telling him.

>> No.70708352

No I mean he knew, he specifically told me he didn't want to bother scanning the rest of it so I could just take it and pay for what he'd already scanned.

>> No.70708372

You might be the cause, but you're not at fault. He was stupid and got fired for it. I could see him being fired just for being stoned even.

>> No.70708459

Seems like he was gonna be fired anyway

>> No.70708486

What is the point of HTTP now that most things are HTTPS? It is just for legacy?

>> No.70708540

There's no need for encryption if the transport layer is encrypted, e.g. HTTP over Tor (Hidden Services), or within a private VPN
HTTPS would be redundant in both cases

>> No.70708551

Is it legal to provide public VNC access to my desktop running a legal copy of proprietary software, e.g. Photoshop?

>> No.70708569

I've got two questions, 1 I'm not a brainlet but in windows 7 when I've got a file with a name that starts with "z" and I want to put it in a file that starts with "a", why can't I scroll? I just put the cursor near the top and it auto scrolls super slowly, what am I doing wrong? I'm not a brainlet I promise :( And 2 is the honey app legit? the one that gives you discounts supposedly, good app or is it botnet and data theiving?

>> No.70708576

That seems a bit overconfident.

>> No.70708621

I suppose not. If it is, the guy behind CollabVM would be getting arrested for providing public access to Windows.
Then again, it depends on whether Adobe would be more or less anal about license enforcement.

>> No.70708645

Pretty much. I've heard some say that HTTPS isn't necessary if a site doesn't have credentials passing over it, but I'm fairly certain HTTPS does mask the path you're at in the site. In other words, someone sniffing your traffic will know you went to Pornhub, but they won't know what you watched on there.

>> No.70708653

alright so my dad wants to play a blu ray and listen to it through headphones (preferable through his phone through like bluetooth) but watch it on the TV with no sound coming out of the TV.

I thought this would be easy to figure out but I honestly can't figure it out.

>> No.70708658

Never heard of that, but I have heard they're less likely to die than smaller ones.

>> No.70708680

I've had good experiences with WD drives. Would recommend.
Also I think they're backing RISC-V, which is always good.

>> No.70708703

New thread:

>> No.70708964
File: 81 KB, 629x774, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why did I get this question wrong (I chose that the workstation could not contact the DHCP server)

Is the question just gay or is it me that's gay?

>> No.70708989

there's a fucking explanation as to why you got it wrong
the question does kinda suck but please fucking read

>> No.70709045

but it says that it gets the APIPA address because no DHCP server can be found which is exactly what I chose. The brown answer is the "correct" answer but what does a DNS server have to do with getting an IP? DHCP can deliver DNS server to a client but I don't know maybe I'm just gay. I still don't see why I missed it

>> No.70709196

You're right, the question is wrong.

>> No.70710765

Is this accurate? https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Software

I bought a "like new" second hand 1080 Ti and I have 3 days to test it before my money is released from escrow. How can I test pure gpu performance? Was thinking of comparing fps on a few games but I only have a 2700 cpu so there's no way of telling whether that's bottlenecking it.

>> No.70710854

DMCA has to do with copyright, not trademark

>> No.70710931
File: 26 KB, 640x407, hi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you need some of these bad bois, 80 pin SCA-2

>> No.70711837

I have all my files on Windows 10, but all my program files are in a windows.old folder. This messes with things like Steam. How can I fix this?

>> No.70712047

Back up your data, format your drive and reinstall your OS.

>> No.70712056

Furmark. Make absolutely certain your fans are working and your system is clear of dust.

>> No.70712236

How can I get windows 10 for free? I don't have any Windows OS to upgrade from.

>> No.70712440

i installed debian a few days ago, i downloaded discord, yea discord botnet shit

works fine for a few days, login today and it lags the SHIT out of my computer, it doesnt freeze or crash but lags horribly to where i just hit the reset button

im not sure if it was discord or just random, but... should i be worried?

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