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Why is it that most CompSci PhDs don't have 3 monitors, a 40% keyboard with Miami caps, Arch Linux with riced tiling window manager, a windows case with LEDs inside and an Anime wallpaper?

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They’re not men of taste

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They hide them for the Official Pictures

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3 monitors is the only thing actually useful. riced wm's are only good for a hobby. 40% keyboards are an easy way to show you were adopted. and a computer case with a window is gay, real men go for a closed case with sound dampening

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Multiple monitors is the most useful when you have a visual output. If you just have data processing algos then it isn't going to help much.

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I couldn't even use a 40%. I use 10 key so much in excel it hurts.

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because theyre dumb shits that couldnt be assed to do real science

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I wish I was smart like this guy. I fail at even learning python. Rate my mental retardation /g/

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Of course, they can't do real science because they have CompSci degrees.

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multi monitors are for business work or for casual use, in academic settings one monitor is enough
also I've personally downsized my own monitor use, I have 3 monitors available but only use one. too often my extra monitor is just sitting doing nothing and getting burned in

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honestly thats the same with me, I will occasionally use my second monitor for a forum or irc but other than that it doesn't see much use

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If you look into the background you see that most people have dual monitors. This guy just opted for one big one. A 30 inch monitor in 2006 would have been pretty pricey.

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They're too busy getting actual work done.

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I use a 4k 27-inch Ultrawide as my main monitor for spreadsheets and a 27-inch 4k for email and database display. I am not sure what I would do with a third monitor. Maybe I could find some sort of fish tank simulator to run on it for atmosphere.

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I bought the apple 30' monitor at 2560x1600 in 2004 or 2005 and people would go crazy at the thing, msrp was like 3 grand. I remember people could hardly believe how good it was at the time, such good colors and resolution. everybody I knew had shitty 17 inch crts and I had this fucking perfect display that still looks decent by todays standards.
back when apple made good hardware. then came the glossy screens and cutting costs to increase margins. fucking company sucks. I always hated osx though, never touched that shit.

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None of that shit helps write good code.

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Any PhD is a complete retard when it comes to actual application of anything from their field. They are 100% hot air.

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All about the Ultrasharp 8ks now. I work at Paycom and our UIX department just got them and I am so jealous.

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They get the big bux though.

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>If you just have data processing algos then it isn't going to help much.
I don't know.
>do data processing on left screen
>watch boobie animu on right screen
sounds good to me

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nah phds rarely convert to overall more pay. you're better off with a masters/mba and more years of experience.

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>40% keyboard
these are much worse than standard keyboards

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>I could find some sort of fish tank simulator
or you can buy a fish tank

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They do at hedge funds. They only hire researchers for the big bux positions.

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Not true at all. I work at Paycom and they have brought a few fresh PHDs on that are making more than the team leads with over a decade of experience. It is fairly standard at larger companies for a PHD to = executive levels of pay.

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The software dev at my engineering job uses 3 monitors and hes peak Boomer. He uses C to write code for logic boards for car stereo amplifiers.

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t. doesn't know any PhDs

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Men go for the cheapest solid black case they can find

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That monitor is probably 2560x1200, the biggest res available before 4K came along. Also, academics or domain experts tend to work in one thing at a time and a single monitor is fine for that. When I'm at work, I'm managing 4 servers, I'm building the company's website, I'm answering email, working on 2 different desktop applications with different stacks, I'm researching 3 different topics and I'm also managing the finances for my department.

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Self fulfilling prophecy. That being said, not all men are born equal.

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>That monitor is probably 2560x1200
>the biggest res available before 4K came along.
IBM T220 had 3840×2400 pixels

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Because they have actual work to do.

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absolutely not. that is far from true. there are a lot of phds at hedge funds but the top earners by far are people who have been at it for a while and who have a lot of success. traders get hired out of undergrad.

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I use 2 monitors at most. I just use the 2nd monitor to boot up IASIP and do stuff with the main one.

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>>That monitor is probably 2560x1200
>>the biggest res available before 4K came along.
>IBM T220 had 3840×2400 pixels
Bigger radiology and medical visualization monitors have existed since ever but they're niche products. The IBM was a extremely niche product too.

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I got one of these for free, but unfortunately it's nearly impossible to get them working with a modern PC. Due to the limited throughput it also had a very shit refresh rate and response time.

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>muh refresh rate
>implying humans can type 60 characters per second

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It's not, it's 1920x1200, I use the same one at work.

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One large monitor is all I need for work. Senior dev here with 15 years in industry.

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Imagine how much time you spent to get that setup. Now imagine people with actual careers doing that. I ain't got time to mess with linux setups and other bullshit. Also the ratio of coding I do vs paper reading and writing is pretty small.

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Enjoy getting canned if you make a mistake lol.

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grown up people don't sit on 4chan all day comparing virtual dicks to see who has more rgb or the most obscure keyboard

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Pleased tell me this is not true. I've just left dev job at a known corporation to get PhD and get hired in research for increased income and prevention from getting pushed out of the dev industry by dirt cheap h1b Indians

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but they are not jeff fucking dean

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peak productivity

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The second part is true. You won't be a code monkey anymore and you will be considered first when promotion opportunities come up. But the first part depends on your PhD speciality, networking, how well you interview, and various other factors. You only really feel the effect of having a PhD a few years down your career.

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CS PhD student here, feel the same. I have a 32” 4K ViewSonic that I quite like. Just wish it was 16:10 instead. One monitor is plenty with workspace switching and you have fewer distractions for doing deep work.

As far as a PhD being a waste - sure, some will go off and do something so esoteric as to be useless to five-nines worth of society, but others (like me) are working at the cutting edge of HW/SW *while* serving as scripter, sysadmin, etc. for our groups. And if there does come a time when I want to go into industry, MBA bois and Pajeets can’t hope to compete with the combination of theory and pragmatism

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because a single 4k monitor is more estate than 2/3 FHD monitors

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I actually like two distinct displays, slightly tilted. Depending on which monitor I focus I will adjust the upper body, or body rotation accordingly. I also have a keyboard in front of each, and two mice (one set of them to be switched of to another box running in the background).

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Top kek but cm on anon, open the side door on your case and your temp will drop by so much you won't need all those extra fans.

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Me too.
Best computer hardware investment ever.
I still use it to this day. That's almost 15 years.
I doubt the rumoured 6K Apple monitor will last that long, but if it's >30" 16:10 it's an insta-buy.

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B-but how about all the dust

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yeah, thats their work computer. lets see they personal computers

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Why is it called computer science when it has nothing to do with the scientific method. It is basically a math degree, can pretty much be a professor in it without touching a computer.

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Unironically even that MS guy probably has a mbp and that's all.
Not everybody in tech is a tech enthusiast. A lot of them just do it for work.

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he also uses Emacs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzC5H5xrr-E

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He has a gaming mouse lmao what a loser.

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>he didn't spend 400 dollars on a keeb with 15 unmarked keys and 4 layers mapped to each key

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I have
>a compsci Ph.D
>3 monitors
>80% keyboard, and a kinesis
>debian linux with riced tiling window manager
>two windowed cases with LEDs inside
>a pony wallpaper
What do I win?

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>a pony wallpaper
what pony wallpaper pray tell

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Not posting it for obvious reasons, but if you google 'luna scan line wallpaper', it's the first result

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...Why would they?

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personally I prefer to give 100% of my focus to each one, but you are allowed your opinion just as I am mine.

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Those headphones make my ass bleed. Do the needful and delet immediately kind Sir.

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He's got millions of dollars and you don't.

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I've been by all of my professors' offices. Only 2 of them have multiple monitors - the rest just have one big one.
The first specializes in robotics, so he has 1 monitor for the simulation, 1 monitor for his IDE.
The other is our resident Wizard so he has 3 monitors each with a half dozen terminals.

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And that changes what exactly? Money can buy many things but it can't buy taste.

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It's only called computer science in stupid burgerland.

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>it's nearly impossible to get them working with a modern PC
It's pretty easy though, you only need some uncommon DVI cables.

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CS phd's have latex on one screen, the output on another, and slack on the third

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Does he blast loud techno music, or just dad rock and industrial metal?

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Because they have more in common with mathematicians than software devs

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Because 3 monitors are only useful for watching anime while working.

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I want Jeff Dean's emacs config

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I don’t understand multiple monitors. What’s the point if you can only focus on one screen at a time anyways?

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You have never truly done programming until you change your external monitor to portrait mode and full screen your emacs in it.

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>asking questions you know the answer to.
a thread died for this you faggot. saged

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found the tiling window manager 6 monitor neet basement dweller

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Go drink some bleach, shit smear.

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Used to work with multiple monitors, all the retarded arguments here convinces to to give single monitor a shot.
Better focus and productivity. I find that I tend to open less shit

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Looks like an HP LP3065c to me. 2560x1600.

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Multi monitor was good back in the day when decent single monitors were 4 figures or not even available. If you use it today, you're either running multiple PCs or you're a luddite.

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>or you're a luddite
>implying there's literally anything wrong with that

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Probably because they being paid.
Alien concept to /g/entoomen.

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that's a big screen

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Most computer science PhDs probably cannot program in a single language and have close to no practical knowledge.

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>peak productivity
Especially with nothing on the screen.

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Do I've fixed about a million desktops in my time and I can tell you the dustiest ones were always closed with intake fans clogged up because they have to suck so hard. Low case temp = no fans blowing dust in.

My 1080ti will not spin its 3 fans until in game because the case is open

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