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Stable: https://mpv.io/manual/stable/
Git: https://mpv.io/manual/master/

User Scripts & Shaders:

High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf):


Configuration Files:


Post your system specs and config if you're asking performance related questions.

Windows Builds:

Evaluating mpv's upscaling algorithms:

>That mpv.net shill keeps shilling.
>JEEB keeps merging mac shit.

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one minute at mpvtard.net and you get this look

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The mpvnet troll is really talented.
Could finally kill mpv threads.

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reminder that mpv android is not dead

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He's is betrayed by his passive aggressive behaviour. So no, don't think so.

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Mpv chads ensemble. Windows autists like everything easy to use and retard-proof.

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damn, found this while browsing /a/. can you guys identify any of the settings being used in the mpv config for this screenshot. looks really nice for 720p

the OP didnt reply when I asked him

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don't ask this shit in the shill thread, go to this one, the technical patrician thread

>FYI, probably ravu-r4, debanding, and some adaptative-sharpen

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It should be mostly the same regardless of settings, it's not scaling luma probably.

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bamp for justice

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how can you disable an audio filter for http streams only?
I'm using af=lavfi=[dynaudnorm=f=100] but dont want to use it for [protocol.http]

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21:9 anime is pretty nice

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nothing wrong with it

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But mpv is easy to use.
Try [protocol.http]

no u

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that worked, thanks.

another question, is there a better way to normalize a local file? I know I can tag a file with foobar2000 with a replaygain value, and mpv can read that value, but the think is, aac audio files do not allow writing this tag to the file, and only the container header.

so if there is a way to scan the file and normalize it to 0.0dB before opening it just like the tag version I would really appreciate it if someone could show me how.

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What should i add besides profile = gpu-hq in the configs?

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but youtube-dl+mpv is braindead easy to use tho.

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ask that to the mpv.net shill

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There is --replaygain, and you can set a fallback value, but besides that I'm not sure how to tackle your problem. Maybe you could make a keybind or add mpv.conf files with the replaygain next to the files.
Whatever you need. Just don't copy stuff without reading what they do in the manual first.

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Why would I use this over Home media player?

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should i use vulkan or d3d11? i used opengl all the time

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mpv is comfy

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vulkan nor D3D11 work for me i get the same error, it's probably my config?

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Does fbo-format=rgba16hf help?

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Not on my pc right now, will try later but thanks for the help though

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Is it possible to load profiles from mpv.conf with a keybind? I'd like to set up different "profiles" but I can't find any references for this kind of behavior

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Thank you, I must have missed that

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indeed. mpv is truly the practician media player for every user.

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what hwdec and ravu version should I use for anime

R5 2600 + GTX 1660

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Lite-r4 is the best

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No wonder it died, rather commit suicide than run on a brainlet's pc

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FSRCNNX and --hwdec=no

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>tfw not using FSRCNNX

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To make blurry shit look better use adaptive-sharpen

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patrician bumping

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Could someone (>>70604696 ?) explain to me why exactly is hwdec bad? I understand that it may decode inaccuretely in some cases, but I believe that hwdec=auto-copy takes care of that. As far as my understanding goes, decoding is only extracting frames from the source and postprocesses (such as upscaling) and displaying the video is something entirely different that gpu takes care of regardless of hwdec settings. Is that right?
So many questions, so little knowledge. Any explanations and links to further resources would be greatly appreciated.

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But I am using mpv on Windows.

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d3d11va alongside ra_d3d11 is always safe, you only need to worry about hwdec on Linux.

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I can't figure out how to use the geometry shit. Someone help a brainlet like me out.

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To be fair, you also have to worry on Windows 7, which doesn't have d3d11va.

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>PSNR-HA/HMA measurements are now done with wstep = 7 as recommended by igv.

Does this mean Artoriuz is using this igv shit or what? https://github.com/igv/Python-MDSI

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how do I disable a lua script (specifically autoload) without having to change the autoload.lua file

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No, it just means step went to 7 (default is 8)

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cool, thanks for the info!

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From the docs ( https://mpv.io/manual/stable/#options-geometry ), there are two possible syntaxes for the geometry options

I'll give you my setup as an example

this uses the first of the two formats
The 50% represents the <[W[xH]]> part. This means whenever you open a new video it will always take up 50% of your screen width and the height will be scaled to achieve that.
If instead, for example, you want the video size to be equal to either half of your screen width, or half of your screen height, you would use 50%x50%.
+100% means the video will be positioned 100% away from the left hand side of the screen, so basically it will open up on the right hand side of the screen.
+0% means the video will open up 0% away from the top border of the screen.
Overall that line in my config will make new videos open in the top right corner and take up half the screen width.
You really should read the manual carefully though, there are a lot of examples and it's explained quite clearly.

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Any way to make it start maximized?

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You mean full screen?


otherwise just use

(this makes the window size either 100% of the screen width or 100% of the screen height, whichever comes first (so that it doesn't become larger than the screen size)
and maybe also
so that it stays on top

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oh, also I think
might come in handy, that should add black bars so that you get a maximized look (haven't tested this though, check the manual really)

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