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post uptimes

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fuck off we have enough threads like this already

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I work for an ISP so I run across some stupid high uptimes.

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My laptop is turned off.

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i was at 14d but the wifi stoped werking and i had to reboot, very disapointed

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Let her sleep anon

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Since 2007? Shit, damn

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>wifi stoped werking
>i had to reboot
go back to windows

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My home server

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Why are people proud of burning electricity? Just get windows and you don't have to worry about it.

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12 years? Holly shit!

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just updated. Also OP fucking update your shit

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Why bother leaving you're computer on for so long? I understand with windows, but GNU/Linux takes almost no time to start up.

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I don't keep my laptop on all the time.

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Don't keep my laptop on all the time.

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are you retarded??

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Yes, I don't really give a shit enough to make a coherent username.

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Yes sir!

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he is using windows, only windows does that

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linux doesnt NEED to restart, rarely. thats the point you brainlet

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thats one of the most normie places next to reddit. nothing but copypastas

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people enjoying security vulnerabilities

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>implying high uptime = no updates
being this retarded

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I only have it for /v/milliondollarextreme. I rarely visit it otherwise.

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ok faggot tell me how do you upgrade the kernel without rebooting

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use solid os, op network security, no need.

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serious answer though, not all companies can afford having downtime for a kernel upgrade. maybe if they have redundancy - MAYBE but that would mean slower service with one less server. i can't tell you how many times ive come across servers that have not updated the kernel in a loooong time. its just the nature of the business and thats when you want to up up your network security so protect any possible hole your internal systems may have. as for home PC's, sure why not?

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Best I ever had, then the power went out.
Now I turn it off pretty regularly for upgrades or while I work with other projects.

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so basically high uptime = no updates

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being this retarded
you can still run regular updates dipshit. only updates that absolutely require rebooting you cant if you're in that position.

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How do you upgrade kernel, etc, without rebooting?

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can you reboot systemd? runs on pid 1
protip, you can't

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It ain’t much but it’s honest work

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fucking retard.
>sudo systemctl reload-daemon

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I wanna fork bomb your server via SMS. Just use SSH like a normal person, sicko

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what am I looking at here?

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always mix them up...

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pidof systemd
1581 1


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Only supports iMessage so good luck. Well, Signal too but I’d have to trust your key. A friend of mine almost popped a shell the first week I made this, using some dirty Perl trick. Had to redesign everything.
The keeper of my inn, Sue. I have a couple predefined commands that give me info about my server.

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>ifaggot only supports a proprietary protocol instead of a tried and tested, secure protocol
>is phoneposting with unique GUID filenames
You're a retard.

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A few minutes. I shut off my PC when I'm not using it.
All of you underagefags will realize why when you move out of your parent's house.

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The whole point of install Arch is to post your uptime and changing terminal color on 4chan.

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what are you running anon? thats strange

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cba to log in and screenshot but I have a about 700 days on my NAS with no UPS, nice to live in 1st world with decent power grid

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Actually my phone wouldn’t post for some reason, so I’ve had to make do. Also, you may be misunderstanding this. Sue isn’t a replacement for SSH. There are only two commands that ever touch the shell: !uptime and !fortune, neither of which take further user input.

Until our next embrace,
Sent from Rin’s tablet.

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What DE is that?

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