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Never obsolete

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*sip* you tell 'em

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E6600...now THAT was a processor.

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I kept using mine until 2016 when I traded in the laptop to bestbuy for $75. Shit was cash

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You mean this.

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My college lab computers use core 2 vpros and they shut down the entire computer with a BSOD when we launch Firefox+YouTube with an error pointing towards INSTRUCTION_BUS_ERROR

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Sarcasms aside, that was and still is more than sufficient for regular home usage. But, they have to keep selling, so....

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sounds like the IT guys are incompetent, what college?

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Agreed, I have no reason to buy anything newer

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McGill University

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where is this college? even poorfag schools in the US can steal enough government money to upgrade their computers like ever 4 years

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>sandy vagina
Friendly reminder that Bulldozer and Piledriver are outperforming it in modern games and applications since devs stopped being lazy and started optimizing shit for multiple core usage.
He who laughs last...

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This is the one that made the core 2 duo obsolete

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if you got a 2500k that's still plenty of cores, I doubt any application is optimized for more than 4 cores.

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>I doubt any application is optimized for more than 4 cores

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Forgot to mention the part where the 8350 shits on your precious vaginal itch cpu.
>why do you need more than 4 cores ?
Lmao, Incel drones, everyone !

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I replaced this 3 days ago
lga775 to lga771 socket mod
8gb ddr2 800
i also have a vintage lan party mobo if any of you remember those bad boys

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all mobo cpu combos after this generation have anti theft technology which means a 3g chip embedded in the die

Intel backdoored every processor after this

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Found the squarehead

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It was obsolete by sandy bridge. The IPC difference is substantial.

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for a while I had a evo2 ssd and a 1080ti hooked up to this

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always inadequate, just never inadequate enough to break you and get replaced

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Never obsolete

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E8400 can still pull it's weight with a lot of things still

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get on my level

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>1tb ram
>all those disks
>981mb/s transfer rate
This isn't your database server.

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Based and 2600Kpilled

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>imagine not having a 8700k

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If you had said Quad, maybe I would agree with you.

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2500k retards are still fucking seething over this.

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It's not that the devs stopped being lazy, it's more like they have to optimize for consoles first
Consoles have multiple cores which are relatively low clocked compared with PC, they really have to split the load across all the cores as it won't run with speed otherwise. This carried over to the PC port of games.

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>quick someone posts the dual epyc screenshots the anon posted some time ago

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You say that but I'm really hurting and I can't stand my core2 any more. waiting for the next ryzen though.

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>tfw i7-2600

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FX beats the shit out of these, finewine.

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This couldn't be further from the truth. The 2600 still beats the shit out of the 8350.

t.former 2600 and 8350 owner.

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so this is why we havent progressed past 2006
its the same processor over and over again

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An 8350 scores 650 stock on cinebench R15, yes its single core is ass but it gets it done.

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>Friendly reminder that Bulldozer and Piledriver are outperforming it in modern games and applications
Utter bullshit. Even the """"eight"""" core FX chips still get humiliated by Sandy Bridge in modern games.


Provide literally even one example of an 8350 winning a head to head against the 2600K in a video game. Literally one. Even in Ashes of the Core Count it gets fucking STOMPED by Sandy Bridge. You delusional faggots are hilarious.

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it will be obsolete when it cant play 1080p anime

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gotta admit these two "old" chips seem to hold up remarkably well, aren't they both around 8 years old now?

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>mushkin ram

I have two sticks and recognize the heatsinks.
Why not install a Xeon there? There are some ones that are 775 or get a quad from China that is pre-modded.

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even gay men benefit from up to 8c/16t

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Sandy Vag came out in January 2011, so is over eight years old now. Piledriver didn't arrive until October 2012, which further highlights how embarrassing its performance was. Bulldozer, one of the biggest blunders in tech history, came out a year before that and was literally worse than the Phenom II chips from 2008, let alone Intel's offerings.

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This. I can't believe these shit cpus are still being shilled here like >>70493185

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Pajeet still buys them

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found bixnood

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the c2d might be able to handle it still but barely, my t410 could do the 1080p yt av1 videos. gonna test this out

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That is actually a pretty hefty overclock on the 2600k, I agree with you but that test looks complete b.s., not everyone wants to buy a $60+ air cooler just to make their CPU now worth like $90 competitive.

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>averages 111fps
>lows still way above 60

>averages 133fps
>dips below 30

gg no re

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Yeah but that thing is pushing quite a lot of watts, at idle a 2500K/2700K stay at 15-20, open a window and it's already at 40 watts. The 3770K is a much better CPU.

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I'm not a manchild.

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>no AVX2

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Absolute fucking horse shit COPE. You can overclock a 2600K to 4.5GHz with a very minor voltage bump and a $20 air cooler. The 8350 is also overclocked and uses significantly more power than the 2600K for those same 4.5GHz, whilst offering greatly inferior performance. And the other test with 4.8/4.7GHz overclocks is entirely fair, since you sure aren't overclocking an 8350 that far without at least as good of an air cooler either.

And hell, the performance gap is so gigantic that it wouldn't even be closed if you were running them both at stock speed, giving the 8350 a 500MHz clock speed advantage. Piledriver is just shit, and it's amazing that AMD fanboy retards STILL can't acknowledge that, even now that they have Ryzen to shill instead. No wonder everybody hates you retards.

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either 6c/12t or 8c, to be precise

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it's a performance metric
fucking deal with it, if you are indeed not a manchild

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neither am I, I just thought this example was especially interesting since the normal narrative is that 4c/4t is "good enough" for gaming.

not that anon, and dozer was fucking garbage, but to be fair you could run them insanely hot and they didn't care. I ran an FX-6100 at 4.6 on the stock cooler for 7 years. Maybe I won the silicon lottery, I don't know, but you could blast the power consumption and thermals on that thing without ruining its longevity.

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I agree with you. The Duo now is only adequate for basic tasks and web browsing only if you have an SSD. Modern gaming titles will bottleneck the Duo quite badly.

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I used a core 2 duo e8400 until last year. It's not even sufficient for web browsing.

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Fucking Atom 330 with Nvidia ION can play 1080P H264.

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> based i7 4790k

i7 4790k master race reporting in. Enjoy seeing Poozen 2 2700 and 2600 getting cucked by my stock baby.

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>Fucking Atom 330 with Nvidia ION can play 1080P H264.
av1 is a lot harder to play than h264 afaik. t410 can do av1 fine though jsut tested that fate encode

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>have an old C2D machine with 2GB DDR2 667MHz
>Find out the board can handle faster RAM and CPU without an issue
>Go eBay hunting
>Get a Core2Quad Q6600 with Hyper 212+ for $15
>4x2GB DDR2-800MHz for $25
>AMD RX560 2GB from Newegg's eBay store on sale for $55 (sealed but the box was cardboard box was crushed so they sent it to me in a plain brown box)

Only thing I bought full price was a Crucial MX500 500GB on sale for $58 from Amazon. Fully capable poverty machine. Runs windows 7/Linux flawlessly. Does all I need + games at acceptable levels since I mostly play light stuff like Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight, and WoW. Funnily enough, WoW still plays extremely good on my old stock C2Q.

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gaming benchmarks are the only ones I can find that put the 4790K ahead of a 2600. My guess is that a 2600 is faster overall but a 4790K has better latency, shorter pipeline, etc

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based and redpilled
But I've finally put my 2600k to rest after almost 9 years. Upgraded to 9900k just last week.

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Why is there such a massive perf difference between i7 4770k and i7 4790k despite being same architecture and only small mhz diffrence?

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who /Hapertown/ here

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Even a Q9550 isn't up to scratch for web browsing. The E8400 is already obsolete.

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Congratz, you're retarded.

Go larp somewhere else.

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Using a T7200. You must be doing something wrong.

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it is still going strong after 11 years

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Sticker mod? Or soldered?

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2600k is such a comfy cpu
I'm waiting to see what zen2 will deliver in terms of price/performance, maybe I'll skip this DDR4 generation and only get a new full build when DDR5 and a new PCIE come out

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Well Zen2 is supposed to bring PCIe 4.0

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DDR5 and PCIE 4 are nothing but gimmicks. No program uses the bandwidth DDR4 has except some benchmarks and even a 2080 Ti can't fully saturate PCIE 3.

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>160 logical processors

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>the mobo from my first PC I built myself.

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>those same 4.5GHz, whilst offering greatly inferior performance
The 8350 at 4.5 is getting damn near the 734 score of a locked i7 4770, which cost alot more.


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>gets the same score as an Intel CPU running 1GHz lower
>in a synthetic benchmark that presents a best case scenario for the moar cores meme

What an achievement! AMD am winning again!

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No processor/computer is ever obsolete. They can always be used for some task.

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Betting my life that it was a lack of RAM. I have a lower-end model that will cut through Javascript-infested sites like butter.

>> No.70500900

Obiously the IPC of FX chips is terrible, but alot of stuff scales the way cinebench does, it's not even a synthetic benchmark, it's a professional Cinema4D render that spits out a score based on how much time it took.

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look at how delusional amd cheerleaders are, they are literally still and unironically defending bulldozer
remember this when you see them shilling ryzen chips they are always fucking lying to you
i5 9400f > r5 2600(x) AT THE SAME PRICE
i5 9600k > r7 2700(x) AT THE SAME PRICE
i7 9900k/i9 9900k > nonexistent competitor
when comparing price/performance look at the cost for the complete system and you will find that AMD is almost never actually worth it, the only exceptions are the 2200g/2400g which are actually quite a good deal because of the integrated graphics
DO NOT TRUST THEM about mobile ryzen chips either, they are much worse than intels mobile chips because their idle power draw ruins the battery life and they throttle at temperatures like 25C lower than intel which destroys performance and causes fans to spin all the time, not to mention they're still having driver issues over a year after release

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>tfw 2700X has two more cores than a 9600K and only uses 10w more energy
My dude, accept that intel sucks ass right now, I like FX but I accept that ipc was not it's strong point and stay away from it if you care about single threaded performance.

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it has 2 more cores and 10 more threads and still performs 20% worse, that's how bad AMD is

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gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

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single thread rating:

>> No.70501364

The last major change in speed I noticed was about 8 years ago, when I first purchased an SSD. No reason for any further upgrades for most home computer users.

>> No.70501367

>Single thread

I mean you can just be honest and say games.


>> No.70501371

My E8500 still going strong.

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The sad part is that even games utilize more than 1 cores, multi core doesn't matter to these people, it's like they're living in 2003, it's weird, and the single core of ryzen gets insane framerates anyway.

>> No.70501395

I don't even play games lol but 99% of applications do not benefit at all from having more than 6 threads, the exceptions are stupid shit like software rendering and I guess zipping files or something? an even in rendering intel will often be better for industry standard software such as photoshop and premiere due to supporting modern instructions like avx and the igpu accelerators

>> No.70501404

>Intel shills are literally dismissing the extremely efficient 8 core flagship known as the 2700X because their flagship 8 core can't be cooled on air

>> No.70501420

wut the 9900k hits 5ghz on air and if you were to clock it down to 4.2 or w.e the poozen is capable of it uses like half as much power

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>wut the 9900k hits 5ghz on air

>> No.70501477

like i said it hits 5ghz on air? even with their unlucky binning there

>> No.70501494

>Review samples
>Bad binning

I have some bad news.

>> No.70501495

If you need to bin a fuck ton of chips to get one that means you can't run 5GHz on air, Intel would never release such an outrageous processor if RYZEN were no good.

They're crackin.

>> No.70501506

Even RAM based mini O.S.s can hand web browsing on a Pentium 4.

>> No.70501523

Mini O.S' are the biggest meme going, sure they'll let you run a web browser on your 15 year old hardware but so what? At that point you're better off buying a $20 tablet from Walmart.

>> No.70501533

you're thinking of nvidia and amd, intel doesn't really do that
what are you even talking about every i9 9900k can hit 5ghz on air they are binned by intel

>> No.70501562

SSD's work better with sata iii and modern boards.775 sata ii 3g don't quite cut it.

>> No.70501649

if running on a core2duo in 2019 is wrong i dont want to be right

>> No.70501674

I used to be super hard on using core 2, but the limitations of the io on 775 boards really limits you.

>> No.70502295

Tfw went from a pentium 4 to duo (had to replace it like 3 times) and then to q6600 and now im with a i5-7600k

>> No.70502934

It's better to take a lightweight distro and breathe some life into grandma's old tower as opposed to buying her something new simply because the old one can't handle Windows 10.

>> No.70503187

the P4s I've occasionally used as flavor-of-the-week project shitboxes have been quite decent in day-to-day for being nearly 15 years old, as have contemporary Athlon/Xeon/Opteron machines

if you forced me to use one for the rest of my life I could probably live with it

>> No.70503260

I don't understand what /g/ does with their systems to the point that a multi-processor system with multiple gigabytes of RAM is utterly unusable and/or requires a stripped down GNU/Linux installation for basic tasks. Do you just hoard tabs, or is "unusable" more like "takes more than a second to load?"

>> No.70503536


precisely, outside of some very specific tasks most day to day computing activities are on the web. The same internet designed to run on a dual core ARM based cellphone.

>> No.70503550


The internet was designed to run on the US Air Force's workstation terminals.

>> No.70503605

Just as most people on /k/ don't own a gun and most people on /ck/ eat take out every night, /g/ is populated with people who own one computer for gaming and browsing and that's it. They dream of having a render farm in their basement. They tried to install Linux once, but couldn't figure out dual booting. This makes them perfectly informed to insultingly criticize every option out there.

>> No.70503617


I have a crappy pentium2 laptop I use for windows and run everything else on a solo linux machine.

>> No.70503619


I'm getting pre-modded 771 xeons from china for like $12 this is the best way to go

>> No.70503684

Good point, but sad. I rotate my primary systems pretty frequently and right now they're all Core 2 or older, I've never really found myself pining for my various Nehalem and Sandy Bridge boxes nor even my Skylake ultrabook that's been gathering dust on a shelf for almost a year now, though I might dig one up again because of some specific requirements of software I plan to use for a weekend project.

>> No.70503697

I have 4 laptops all for different things

>> No.70503744


I have 2 servers in my basement, 2 laptops (1 for work, 1 personal) and a desktop, my wife has a desktop and 2 laptops as well.

if i hooked up all my machines (including the NUCs, Pi's, C2Ds, AM3s) I probably could cobble together a render farm

>> No.70504023

>not 14% and 88%

>> No.70504220

I actually played Crysis with a P4, Radeon 9550 and 512 MB of memory

It took like 10 seconds to load gunshot sounds, so I had to play stealthy (on Delta difficulty, actually!)

>> No.70505593

Batlefield also
Works a lot better with 8 threads

>> No.70505606

This but unironically.
t. owner of two Phenom IIx4 965 BE.
I am not upgrading until Zen2. Blow it out your ass i3/i5/i7/iFaggots

>> No.70505616

This is why I think they should measure things in minimums rather than average or max framerates. 1% and 0.1% lows matter much more.

>> No.70505641

>Proof you haven't needed to buy a new CPU since 2012

>> No.70505651

lol blow it out your ass. I'm on a 1.3ghz U7300 core2duo and its fine.

>> No.70505667

So close yet so far.

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File: 65 KB, 512x491, core duo minimum requirement pff pls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


u ain't got shit on this kid.

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File: 73 KB, 734x496, [email protected]: ~_004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

real and straight

>> No.70505780


Based and frugalpilled my man.

>> No.70507185

GNOME is too bloated for my T6500 :(

>> No.70507210

worse than p4
>that gpu
enjoy reballing that in a year

>> No.70508331
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to the trash it goes

>> No.70508344

This is the only real option in the thread. OP and Sandy Bridge are cringe zoomers.

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