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Legitimate thread here, redpill me on linux.

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Fuck off.

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thanks, I understand now

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yep that pretty much explains linux for you they're all bitter incels OP just go on with your life like a normal person

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Windows full of strategies to make browsing easier for laypeople that make wary people go "boo". Also sold, closed codes

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you know when you were a kid and you had your friends that lived in the nice neighborhoods but their parents were really strict and didn't have good snacks but you were in a nice house , that's windows/mac. Your friend that lived in the shitty house in a a bad neighborhood with the best snacks , parents didn't care about them and let you do whatever you wanted to is linux.

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it's what I resort to when I'm trying to install some shit on Windows and it doesn't fucking work. usually works first try on linux

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I'm saving that analogy for later, if you don't mind

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