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How much butthurt do you think there will be at their HQ when Zen 2 launches? Should we ring up Proctor and Gambol for a large order of soothing anal cream?

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>makes another /v/ tier console wars thread because he doesn't know anything about actual technology
>can't even spell the name of one of the most prominent companies on Earth
Checks out.

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None. They have like a decade of good will left probably. For datacenters clueless execs will keep falling for the 'stable and proven' meme the marketers push forever. "Tech savvy" friends will keep parroting "just buy intel" to their retarded friends forever too. Zen would need to be double the performance at half the price for it to make a significant enough difference on the market for Intel to get actually butthurt.

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It wont matter, Intel is already having the mobo companies drag their asses.

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Their sales/business guys will pick up the slack. This will only work for so long though. We shall see what happens. Rome and Matisse will be a monster product, but completely unappreciated.

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Is Intel really not releasing anything else this year? The $20k 56 core cascade lake is their only playing card?

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>just buy intel
Just wait a few years and you'll be parroting the same advice, to mommy Su.

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supposedly they're releasing a 10-core 14nm Comet Lake housefire to btfo Zen 2

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>something that's not even on the roadmap
>which means it's a last minute hodgepodge to eek out “top spot numbers” but will never be produced, just like that chip with the 1kW water chiller

That doesn't help data centres m8.

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>clueless datacenter execs
You gotta be fucking kidding me you believe this shit. The biggest PC market where all innovations happens first is where the most idiots are? Give me a fucking brake.

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>How much butthurt do you think there will be at their HQ when Zen 2 launches?
Absolutely none at all.

The consumer market doesn’t contribute to their bottom line at all. You think anyone at all is running their esxi clusters on AMD? You think any companies will move their xenapps setups across architectures just because AMD has something new out? WINTEL will always dominate because WINTEL has always dominated. Unless every single data centre on the planet burns down at the same time, and all the backups are fucked too, no one will move from WINTEL.

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I worked for a hosting company with 3 datacenters across the US. In some cases the execs make decisions on what hardware and software to buy based on which company offers them free trips to Vegas and shit. Not all companies are like that but enough of them are.

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He's right though. Think about data centre purchases. This is millions of dollars of hardware. The IT department isn't signing that off by themselves. The CEOs get involved with investments that large, and other management entities who don't know a damn thing. They are who the intel marketing is for.

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>no one will move from WINTEL.
New datacentres are popping up all the time, and many large companies are building AMD centres. Since like you say, everything is ESXi virtualised so the hardware doesn't really matter that much so long as it runs cost effectively. which on AMD, it does.

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There's no point in arguing guys, the soulja console clearly has the processor.

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It's another flop like ryzen

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Read what what you said very carefully and compare it to what I said.

A new data centre is a whole different dynamic. There is no prexisting infrastructure to make sure works on a new architecture.

Moving an existing data centre off intel is fraught with uncertainty a business can’t afford. It is 50% likely performing a vmotion from an intel esxi will move well to an AMD vmotion.

It is at 50% because it either will work, or it won’t work. The actual odds may be higher. The odds will never be 100%. Doing a migration from an intel esxi to another intel esxi will have a 100% chance of being compatable.

While this might not be a problem now days, with better virtualisation, the fact it ever WAS a problem, and a recent enough one that the people in charge of these migrations will remember how it used to be, means they won’t absorb the risk and find out.

tl;dr once bitten, twice shy.

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amd doesnt have something new

amd has something NEW
something FASTER
something that costs WAY LESS
and consumes 10 tokamak's less in power

there is a reason why they took so much market share back in the datacenter which usually takes years for this to happen

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>Person asks AMD salesman : Will we have any trouble migrating X intel platform over to AMD?
Amd salesman returns:
>We have developed integrated migration solutions for this very scenario, as 99% of the fucking market is intel and having no customer support for migration is retarded you cunt

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