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In this article, we are going to discuss why the AMD EPYC “Rome” generation will likely see 160x PCIe Gen4 lanes plus likely additional lane(s) for a necessary function. While all of our previous material focused on 128x PCIe lanes, in single and dual socket configurations for AMD EPYC, we are expecting a big change in 2019 with the new generations and one that Intel fully failed to address with its release this week. Intel instead focused on bringing out a large portfolio instead of addressing the fact that it is about to have a competitor with twice as many cores per socket and well over 3x the PCIe bandwidth in mainstream dual-socket systems.


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>moar corez
meanwhile gaming performance sucks lol

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Epyc, like the inferior Xeon and the superior Power9, are not for toys.

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Mcm design comes with higher latencies. Not ideal for gayming, but totally worth it for most professional workloads. Gaymes would need to take the far more complex zen design into account, but that's a lot of work and not that easy, so yeah.

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Inclusive L4 cache, no more NUMA issues

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>thread about epyc SERVER CHIPS

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Except Ryzen and Epyc use same chips so both will suck just as much.

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well the central I/O chip surely is acting like a huge buffer afterall its going to be x2 faster than first gen IF

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maybe faster. The core chiplet to i/o IF link is rumored to be 100GB/s now.

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Go back to /v/, kid. Adults are talking.

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>Adults are talking.
>When you grow up you make bad decisions and buy inferior products


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>Rome 64 cores @ 180 Watts vs Xeon 58 cores @ 400 Watts
kys gaymer these are workstation chips

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You're not shilling hard enough, Murthy Renduchintala

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Gayming or single core performance still suck

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Games are for children.

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No, they actually do not.

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how many rupees are those niggerfaggots paid to shill their housefires here

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>performance here and there doesn't matter!
Good argument, AMDrones

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>thread on server chip
>derail thread to be about gaymen performance
You are fucking retarded

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I'm pretty impressed with AMD desu

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Don't you have a fortnite dance class to attend?

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its not that hard if you take a quick look at the (((competition))). soldered to the board 2x28c (literally glued together also) for the price of your kidney. meanwhile ROME is just drop in older boards without any hassle

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only on those that will support pcie gen 4

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AMD is Google salve

Litearlly murdering the PC industry one cloud server at a time.

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google had either to choose amd sriov solution
or going with nvidia GRID and being propiertary shit

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wrong. ROME/PCIe 4.0 is downward compatible

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implying google was the first company to have that idea or the last
if google didn't do it soon someone else would have done it

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Google isnt even using AMD CPUs. They're refarming their older Intel based servers for stadia

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only if they actually had bidirectional implementation
otherwise no

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>intels highest end server chip will have fewer lanes than AMDs upcoming R3 lineup


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>it's PCIe 3.0

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Pcie gen 4.0 is what convinced me to buy AMD when it'll come out. Yet, I hope they'll fix emulation >>70423426

Secondly, is there any chance for the usb 4?

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I have two AMD systems, I've used Bluestacks on a 1700 and never had a single issue. PCSX2 and Dolphin both work just fine as well.
There is nothing to "fix"

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>still mad

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> 160x PCIe Gen4
It'd be great if this translates to actually getting the PCIe lanes it looks like you get when you buy a standard consumer / AM4 motherboard. Here's today's total scandal unacceptable situation: My X470 board has 3 x16 slots and 3 x1 slots. So how many x16 slots do you have? ONE. Just the one. Fill the second and the first and second run at x8. The third can only do x4 and that's IF just one x1 slot is populated. Populate two x1 slots and the third x16 slot goes down to x1. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM, it appears that you get three x16 slots but you really don't, you get one, that's your x16 slot, that's it.

Graphics doesn't render on the CPU anymore, it's been decades since it did. In most cases it doesn't matter. If you're spending way more than you need to play games on a GPU and you get a high-end card like the 1080ti or 2080ti then there might be a small difference. In most cases it simply doesn't matter.

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Press S

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I know you can shill harder than this, murthy

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I mean real virtual machine, not malware >Join 370+ million users on the largest, FREE Android Gaming Platform on PC and Mac.

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They need to shill as hard as they can before Zen 2 drops.

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Hyper-V works though?

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Not playing games is for betas

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I've run into no issues doing virtualization with Hyper-V and QEMU/KVM on a 2600X.

What specifically is the problem you're having? SR-IOV? Nesting?

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Quick! I need the version of this pic with Hitler in it.

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oy vey

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Hey check this out, caught out intel shills lying about their products!
See here

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Doesn't matter AMD shills, intel is still superior for gaymen. Which is the only thing that the majority of the market cares about.

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Muh 0.0000001% better performance

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