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I need context.

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>be retard
>"hey use this retard friendly thing"
Seems about right

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>Javatards need a fucking IDE for simple HTML
Tell that guy to kill himself right now.

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Unironically my first job.
And were're not even using Java, we were using PHP. Fucking hell.

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Post your code PLEASE

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This. Your professor is literally retarded. Drop this class immediately.

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OP seems to be the retard here.

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>a computer running Linux is not a PC

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Either be competent or use the provided tool that holds your hand.

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>Get called a retard by a retard
I think you may just need to drop out

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How is the prof retarded? He isn't the one submitting fucked up HTML documents.

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>And were're not even using Java, we were using PHP.

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what in the living fuck
>student manages to screw up writing basic HTML
>like, literally does shit like put <html> twice
>professor suggests fucking netbeans as an IDE to solve this
I can't get over the sheer level of stupid here.

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This. How the fuck do you even manage to put two different doctype tags into one document? OP, did you fire up vim and roll your face on the keyboard just to see what happened?

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You act like if you dont need retard friendly software, when you make retard teir mistakes. Either fix your shit so your prof cant complain, or use the retard friendly software to do it for you.

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Interaction Engineering isn't for everyone I suppose

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NetBeans is NOT a fucking solution to the problem. His email strongly suggests the professor has no idea what he's teaching.

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Why is the suggestion stupid? NetBeans will highlight that and tell you that you fucked up.

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Can't you get netbeans on linux?

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yea but linux isn't a PC

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It sounds like a case of "I don't know that platform and you've very clearly demonstrated your incompetence and cluelessness, so please use a platform I'll be able to provide assistance on".

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>Fuck up html like a retard
>Teacher recommends baby program for you because you're a retard
What is the issue here? Teacher was only being helpful

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How does this guy even know you're on Linux and why does he think netbeans isn't?

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>install Windows so you can use NetBeans to edit HTML
>NetBeans is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java. NetBeans runs on Windows, macOS, Linux and Solaris.
You at the University of Delhi OP?

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Linux tards on this board in a nutshell

College and high school kids that think they're cool as fuck because someone on this shitty old board told them Linux was cool now that struggle to use it but refuse to use anything else because someone said it's not cool

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Stop posting thots

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Have sex

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Based on the people I've seen in my web programming class, the professor probably has to deal with a lot of retards and autists, so the best solution really would be to tell them to use IDE.

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Are we laughing at OP or OP's image?

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Tell us what college you attend you double nigger

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Found the virgin. Ths nigga is a virgin!

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Dab on your TA and show them netbeans running on linux

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They're both retarded.

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Why are freetards so incompetent?

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Have sex.

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I think he may be suggesting netbeans because suggesting notepad is too condescending.

I mean, just read how the message is worded so as to not offend. His real feeling are probably "Why the fuck are you so stupid? Why do you try to live?"

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>Linux is not a PC
>multiple nested <html>
>two pairs of <head>
>suggests there is no NetBeans on Linux
>using NetBeans for HTML in general
What in a everloving fuck

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is this a new meme

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post code pls

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>trying to learn a thing
>instead of helping you overcome the hurdle and learn, teacher insists you go back to the kiddie pool
cringe and bluepilled

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>a busy professor gets tapped to teach a class
>suggests an idiot-proof teaching tool to make things as easy as possible
>an autist refuses to use it
>proceeds to fuck up html, proving he is truly a pleb
>prof reiterates his suggestion that autist should use the idiot-proof teaching tool
Prof is the retard?
How the fuck else do you expect him to react when he sees nested <html> tags?

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avoid Linux!

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just install netbeans on whatever distro you got bro

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honestly if you have multiple nested html tags and two <!DOCTYPE> tags then you are too retarded to use GNU/Linux, and you should definitely stick to something more to your speed (read: Windows)

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So will Vim + neomake, but if OP is fucking up HTML that badly I doubt he'd be able to set it up

OP, just install netbeans on your meme distro, you need the training wheels.

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Based and redpilled

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Cringe and bluepilled

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You're wasting your time, anon. Remember that you are arguing with retards who a) can't get jobs to save their own lives, b) legitimately believe that they are somehow superior to people above their station in life, and c) don't actually know how to write code.

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Holy shit I want that sleep mask

>I'd put it on my girlfriend while she's tied up

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i'd wear it at work

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He should be thankful based prof was careful to break the news to him privately

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im thinkin bout them beans!!!

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Have gay sex.

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Is this what so-called """PROGRAMMERS""" do nowadays? I'm pretty sure we just had a fucking text editor and proofread our shit. Granted I'd finish shit in the class faster than everyone else and professor would have me go around and half the time it was an open < or ( or whatever the fuck depending on html or c/c++ - but I always felt like i was too shitty to do anything with it. Maybe I shouldve been a programmer, it seems every dumb nigger in the world thinks they're god at it when they cant even fucking do html which is not even programming and neither is python you scripting interpretation library including niggers. write your own libraries you fucking nigger monkeys.

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t. virgin

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Based and gaypilled.

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>write your own libraries you fucking nigger monkeys.
Write your own video drivers you fucking nigger monkey.
Write your own media player you fucking nigger monkey.
Write your own word processor you fucking nigger monkey.
Write your own kernel you fucking nigger monkey.
You are a retard if you suggest that using something what already exist is bad because "it's not REAL programming".

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Don't use HTML op it's a bad programming language.

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Syntax checking and linters are time saving tools designed to catch simple mistakes. You still need to do proofread and do unit and regression tests, it just means there's no excuse for stuff like having 2 DOCTYPE tags. It's the equivalent of a news site putting out spelling mistakes - it means they have neither an editor nor do they know what the squiggly red lines mean in Word.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with using third party libraries, but you should at least poke around in the source to see if whoever wrote the library you are using has brain cells or if it's being held together by sheer luck, if it's the latter it will bite you in the ass in production. Audit your shit, retards.

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Maybe you shouldn't have fucked shit up in the first place.

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Man you guys are hardasses

I responded!

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t. things that never happened but should have happened

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>Needs an assignment extention
>Has to tell prof about wanting an operating system with muh freedoms
I agree with using what you believe in but man you've lost all potential respect you could've gained.

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nigga, how are you supposed to learn if ide holds your hand all the time?

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based and beanpilled

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God damn you are everything I hope to never be. I sincerely hope you are "trolling" you fucking eunuch.

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welcome to nu4chin

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Ubotnet does not respect freedom.

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OP's response should start with "Thank you for explaining this to me privately."

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What sort of retard nigger monkey can't even write html?

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>>I would highly recommend that you avoid using linux for the rest of the semester

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>can't even write HTML
absolute state

>> No.70433238

>can't html
>ubuntu respects freedoms
>cat s60

this is some turboautism, is that even possible in real life?

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How do you fuck up html? The prof is retarded for suggesting NetBeans for a user problem but OP is still a faggot.

Post code OP

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Have sex.

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Is this like the polite version of "get fucked"?

>> No.70433350

Get intimately fucked by someone you love very much.

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He's absolutely right.

You are using a sperg IDE because you think it's the right thing to do but you can't even write basic HTML. Linting will help you understand problems with your code, at the very minimum you should be inspecting your code with a free browser or your code quality will not improve.

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His prof might believe he's to dumb to install Netbeans on GNU/Linux, and thus the most idiot proof way to get around this it's to use a Windows machine

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I know this is probably a meme , but in the case you really want to actually learn something.

If it's just html + some ajax with php or something just use visual studio code.

If it's jsp use eclipse because at least it's a standard, nobody fucking uses netbeans.
Idea community edition is a no go since it doesn't even parse js , only use it for java.

I honestly recommend doing vs code for the front and idea for the backend.
Eclipse is ugly , but it will do everything in one place , maybe it's better since you're honestly seem like a brainlet OP.
Who the fuck listens to /g memes , linux is a great OS to be productive don't use fucking vi in 2019.

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> netbeans

isnt that the eclipse like shit?

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Look goy, the title of

interaction architect

is not for everyone

>> No.70433695

It is dumbass, it's a free IDE with html (and all other web technologies) highlighting and auto completion.

>> No.70433709

yeah well you can literally throw paint at a wall and scan it as a QR code and it will still be valid perl code. html is a markup language just use a crayon and a big rock

>> No.70433726

But OP is an idiot who can't do basic shit, so he needs all the help he can get.

>> No.70433768

This is the most likely thing, Idiot first-year students tend to use linux all the fucking time because they want to appear better than other people, despite having no fucking clue how to actually use the system, let alone use the system effectively.

I've seen this shit too many fucking times, and you can always tell the student thinks they're better than people using windows, despite them accomplishing nothing and their classwork being sub-par the vast majority of the time. Bonus points of they argue semantics with you or other students for no apparent reason.

>> No.70433772

Well, you're not the biggest retard who somehow got into uni at least.
I've had some subhuman spaniard submit a .rar archive with only a .sln file when they had to submit a .zip or .tgz with their c source.
Best thing, his monkey crew copied his .rar archive and submitted that too. That's how you cleanse your uni of spaniard trash.

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yes prof is a retard. You don't need a Windows™ IDE to avoid dumb shit like putting 2 head tags in an html page

>> No.70433803

clearly the prof wants him to use win to connect to the school server,not due to netbeans. Most of you retards in this thread have 0 reading comprehension.

>> No.70433853

No but it might provide more and clearer cues that you're doing something radically wrong when you fuck up. You only get to shun the prof's suggested tools and go your own way if you're competent enough to do so effectively, and OP definitively proved himself totally incompetent.

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>don't bother anon xD they're all dumb and jobless except for us, we're smart
Get a room and browse reddit after you fuck each other in the ass, you moronic gaylords.

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>How the fuck else do you expect him to react when he sees nested <html> tags?
The prof should consider that his student might identify as a bird, and may simply need to be told that <html> tags are not suitable materials for nest building.

>> No.70433925

>be retard
>get retard-friendly advice
>be such a retard you can't even follow retard-friendly advice
so you're a retard who identifies as a genius? unfortunately, there are many others like you

>> No.70434236

I'm so confuse. And why can't you do html right?

>> No.70434576

> OP got told

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>multiple nested <html> elements
>two pairs of <head> tags
>two <!DOCTYPE> tags
>stray elements

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lol retard

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please include me in the screenshot

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>super elite gentooman with vim enters CS studies
Man, that takes me back, I was just as retarded as you are, ultra hacker.

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You are so fucking retarded lmao

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>I had to eat shit so you have to do it too

>> No.70436284

Get blacked

>> No.70436298

t. virgin

>> No.70436363

>still havent posted code
Post it you autist

>> No.70436400

I really hope this is fake

>> No.70436497

Post his response

>> No.70436586

You can just install netbeans on linux as well.. Telling him to stop using linux and bring a pc to (connect netbeans to their server??) is retarded, i'll go ahead and assume he means their git server, which is even more retarded to let them use git through an ide. Thats how dumb dev continuously fuck up git repos/get merge conflicts and generally have no clue what they're doing

>> No.70436724

You don't even need a computer to write valid html, you could do it with pencil and paper, right?
The chance that OP can properly install and configure software in *nix is dubious at best.
Read the image again. There's a reason why the school goes so far as to provide laptops, already set up with the software he'll need for his homework, that he can check out for the semester at the library.

>> No.70436803

>bring a pc to (connect netbeans to their server??) is retarded, i'll go ahead and assume he means their git server
You are exactly the type that needs to bring a laptop to class so you can be walked through the process step by step

>> No.70436818

Nested and birdpilled.

>> No.70437028

best post

>> No.70437086

What is wrong with using netbeans?

>> No.70437130

if you're doing dumb shit like putting 2 head tags in an html page you should probably fuck off back to windows before you break xorg.

>> No.70437158

framework jockey detected.

wooden wagon wheels work I don't see why we need to use these rubber ones?

Don't reinvent the wheel bro, just because i use wooden wheels doesn't mean I'm not a real racer.

>> No.70437168

Nigga I wouldn't leave you in the house without adult supervision, what freedoms are you talking about?

>> No.70437206

>get you connected through netbeans
and why would your OS matter if you're 'connecting' through netbeans

>> No.70437224

Second this as the most likely case.

I had a van running windows and specific ide for vhdl that I knew I could install on windows. Later in the semester I was at a workshop for the language and a guy showed up running I unit in his leet gamer laptop and didn’t have the use installed but he heard recruiters from intel were at the workshop so he showed up anyway and just embarrassed himself.
This semester were using eclipse so I’m back to not using my vm and am documenting how to get things done in a Linux environment and the prof is loving it so now he has a tutorial he can point other students to.

>> No.70437230

eclipse requires a supercomputer to run at the same speed as Netbeans.

Eclipse forced me to get an SSD because it simply won't run on an HDD in time for me to finish my shift.

disk was stuck at 100% IO the whole time

>> No.70437250

Probably for syntax highlighting and not much else. Still, if OP has nested head tags he could probably use it.


>> No.70437279

No, the professor is clearly asking the OP to practice in the shallow end because he doesn't have time to bail his out from drowning during the quarter/semester. I'd suggest the same thing. If you're going to try to style on everybody by using vim and being all cool, then you better make sure you pull it off. If you can't handle simple HTML, then suck it up and use an IDE that will hold your hand.

>> No.70437308

This guy can't write basic HTML and you expect him to learn git? One thing at a time, man.

>> No.70437363

Ew, no. Fucking disgusting.

>> No.70437554

Most profs are. Academia is poison for programmers and should only be used to learn how to work on/cope with team projects.

>> No.70438916

No. A good programmer doesn't need this, though it can still be useful to catch the occasional typo. But it's a useful tool for learning when you're incompetent enough to put 2 doctype tags and nest multiple html tags.

>> No.70439256

in this case the IDE would highlight your fucking extra tags all the time and complain about being retarded so you would eventually be tricked into learning not to do it anymore

>> No.70439257

I think her name is oreob4by, you can probably still find her shit on /t/

>> No.70439309

>"Go use these training wheels so you kill that spaghetti code habit of yours"

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