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who's next?

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tim apple<div class="like-perk-cnt"><div style="text-align:right"><img alt="" width="32" height="32" src="//s.4cdn.org/image/temp/verified.png"></div></div>

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drumpf btfo

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>linus torvalds
he hasnt done anything that can be considered big or great

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His youtube channel is pretty big.

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dont care

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I hope gates before he donates all his wealth to literal niggers

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well gates is over 10 years older but linus is fat while gates seems like he takes care of his body
gates also has practically unlimited money for medical treatment and the best doctors.

normally you would have to bet on gates next but in this case idk

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Chris Poole

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also obligatory: linux is a kernel

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Hopefully me.

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we can only hope

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Torvalds will transition first to appease the progressives and then kill himself.

Bill will pay for the best health care so he can live to a 100+ to ensure his plans in making the African population explode become reality. His final days will be spent gleaming at his achievement of niggers burdening every developed country on the planet consuming everything in their path.

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Out of those three he's the only one that has, bootlicker.

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It's gonna be Billy for sure.

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your mom, tonight, in her sleep

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>Single handedly created git, THE tool for collaborative software development
>nothing of worth

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Elon Musk, he won't live to see christmas. Screencap this

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