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Can this language just die already?

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Considering that 80% of all web servers use PHP, it's not dying anytime soon... Sadly.

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I blame Wordpress. Drupal is shit too.

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Honestly modern PHP isn't that bad. I mean it has its issues but so do Ruby, Python et al.

This right here is your issue. Wordpress needs to be cleansed with fire. It's the sole reason every web host offers ancient versions of PHP.

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PHP requires a high IQ. If you don't like it's probably because your stupid

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PHP7 is actually excellent and there's no reason to use something else for many use cases.

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PHP is fine. Only JavaScript pajeets hate it.

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>Drupal is shit too.
Drupal is infinite job security. I'd take a Drupal contract ironically knowing with all the engine hacks I have in my pocket it'll be repeat work at double the rate next time desu

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>high skill

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Don’t prepone - kindly do the needful

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I said IQ not skill. Skills you can learn. PHP you have to be born to do.

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Mad cuz bad

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PHP7 is actually quite nice and mature. You may not like some of its goofy legacy issues, like name conventions, but it's a solid, mature language with lots of support and libraries.

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Why would I be coping? If I wanted to use another language, there is next to nothing stopping me. I could switch to anything at any time if I cared. I'm not beholden to any existing codebase that needs maintaining.

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>high anything besides weed

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Pajeets are to Javascript as Spic and Nigger diversity hires are to PHP.

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PHP was cool back in the 90ties, when the web was still simple, and you could make a quick buck with shitty webdesign for everyone. And they all wanted to have their website. Good times.
And of course it was PHP, because that is what you got with the cheapest contracts at ISPs for some webspace and a mysql database. And I guess, for small shitty projects, that's still a reasonable fit. Anything else? I'd rather not. Then again, I'd shoot myself if I'd still be involved with fucking web anything, front- nor backend. No thanks.

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But... if you get rid of PHP, you get rid of Facebook!

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> modern
shittiest buzz word

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>What's wrong wit-...

Then I realized that despite what /g/ pretends to be, most of posters here can't do much besides stacking libraries and frameworks. Just like hating C and C++.

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Fuck you, we wrote our own guest counters and guestbooks back in the day.

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php is 100% based
js soi bois absolutely seething

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The only language more hideous than PHP is Javascript, and not by much. I look forward to the day when both of them are dead.

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Anything /g/ made in last year?

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i agree with gigachad

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>'people' need to criticize an old version of a language to have any criticisms at all

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>looking at jobs
>php developer
>$150k + benefits

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yeah i could probably learn php in a week

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It's comfy.

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>that feeling when you are the only Mexican at your job
>PHP developer
not a diversity hire though, well not at first anyway; I am a manager.

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not really, it just means a recent version.
AI, deep learning and machine learning are way worse.

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that's my wife!

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top kek

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The language is ok, the standard library is shit. The frameworks and fig make up for it. WordPress is shit.

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can php do meme learning?

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Nah, use memeython.

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So how do I learn php in a week?

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>be good programmer
>look at php syntax

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So why hasnt anyone made a good (php based) cms yet? Like why are we still relying on wp an drupal?

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setup a mysql database and make a website. it's not hard to learn. you can easily do a LAMP setup on an old desktop and start with that.

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Where does this shitty retard opinion that PHP 7 somehow saved the language even come from? PHP is still just as broken as it ever was and the super primitive scalar typehinting and return type declarations have done nothing to fix the language's completely broken design.

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Why should it die when tens of millions are fluent in it and the entire original internet has been written in it?

It only needs to be made safer.

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There are a lot of different PHP CMS's. I barely tried any of them but I imagine some of them might be good. The problem is, what's good isn't necessarily successful.

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Start learning.
Only take necessary short breaks.
Don't stop till you're done.
(If at an tie you feel like you can't do this then slap yourself in the face for being a useless POS, or do/think something similar)

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just wrote a current events seo splog script in twenty minutes, can deploy on thousands of hosts in minutes... in LAMP.... feels good man

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download a simple php source code of what you have an idea for, database or whatever then look at the code and dissect it piece by piece, you won't understand what a lot means just look at reference, one day BAM it start making sense it's one of easiest most valuable modern languages to learn

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Excuse me all the twats. PHP has the best documentation existing. Pythons documentation is pure shit and splitting it on 2.7 and 3+ is maddness

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>Pythons documentation is pure shit

OP here and I definitely agree with that.

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The Kong™

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It's currently the best language for web backend.

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python2 is dead at this point unless you work somewhere where people are retarded and don't let you upgrade to packages that aren't older than 10 years

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I think most pythonfags don't know what they're doing anyhow

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its fast af

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Make a better alternative and done.

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amen bro
how is my code?
}else {
die(">tfw you can't fill out 5 input boxes");

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in the trash it goes, use nginx
in the trash it goes, use postgresql or sqlite

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Almost every serious project is on LEPP by now

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I hate how they make nginx an E
fuckin terrorism that is.

fuck vowels

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why do i need distinct webserver? PHP7.0 has integrated http webserver

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Why is it that languages that actually help people get things done are the most hated?

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because "getting things done" means "put shit together without a second thought" and that means something that's gonna be more unstable or harder to extend or both

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>put shit together without a second thought
And how is that the fault of the language?

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each language is a tool that encourages some paradigms and discourages others. you can fight against it, but most people don't, and as such the tool is partially responsible for many of the faults of the code produced with it

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You can't learn PHP in a week. It will take more than that, a month maybe.

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Why? I bring home a 6 digit salary on PHP development in a nice city with amazing benefits. And if I ever need extra cash, there is no shortage of short-time freelance jobs I can charge $100 an hour for.

It's fine; sure it has some issues, but so do other languages. The only thing you can complain about is the pure amount of garbage web site and app implementations you can run across; however, if you aren't a chump begging for jobs, you just turn away those clients and only work on well written code bases.

This shit has put a lot of food on my table, and actually created a good amount of job enjoyment. A well written application in PHP is just as satisfying to write, enhance, document, and curate as in any other language.

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People write shit code in every language, but only in PHP is there this much pajeet blog spam with bad instructions.

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