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So, is this fake? What "exclusive features" will the upcoming X570 motherboards get that the X470 ones do not already have?

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>amd says 7nm offers 25% more clocks at the same power in comparison with 14nm glofo
>vii has 25% better clocks
>4ghz+25% is 5ghz
But yeah, it's a fake, buy intel, goyim.

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I was just asking a question, I hope it's real. In fact, if it IS real then I have no idea how Intel will be able to compete with the 3700X and the 3850X with their Comet Lake 14++++++++++++ CPUs later this year. Now I just hope Ryzen 3000 boards will finally support very high speed ram.

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You're making this to simple. In reality it's a curve like pic related, so maybe 2.5Ghz 7nm has the same power requirements as 2Ghz 14nm, but this doesn't has to be the case near the voltage wall.
It's very possible that 7nm has massive problems reaching anything more than 4.5Ghz (like 14nm had with 4Ghz). So anything upwards of that might require a shit load of voltage and won't be available for all cores.

We don't know if it's real but it certainly is possible.

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Better PCIe 4.0 utilization. x470 boards can only utilize PCIe 4.0 on slots directly routed to CPU and only if they are close to CPU enough. So it will be either one slot or none at all. x570 chipset will itself be a PCIe 4.0 device hence will offer more or better lanes (PCIe 3.0 instead of 2.0 or double the 2.0 lanes), also all PCIe slots routed to CPU will have guaranteed 4.0 mode. Also if there will be CPUs with 135W TDP, there will also appear mobos with better power design.

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I hope Gigabyte can deliver with a top tier power delivery and vrm under $300 like they did with the current gen.

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5.1Ghz only on 16core does scream fake to me.

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Yeah, that seem a little too big to be true. If it is though then I wonder if there will be any kind of headroom left to further OC, it'd be a 135tdp chip too so the electricity bill would be insane with additional voltage.

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>what's binning?
It's almost like 4.4GHz boost wasn't only available on 16-core threadripper.

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>there will also appear mobos with better power design.
i would LOVE to see EVGA making a AMD board and some Navi cards too. aesthetic and components are quite good right now

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16/32 desktop part.
How the jews are gonna react to this?

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Current x470 chipset is connected to the cpu with 4 PCIe3 lanes and split them into PCIe 2 lanes. Next chipset will spit out PCIe 3 and 2 lanes so you can have more bandwidth. Useful for 10gb ethernet and more nvme device.

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AMD will make short term gains until 2021 when Foveros+ is released.

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We'll see about that.

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>So, is this fake?
Yes. First of all APUs are generation behind, so the first navi+zen2 apu we'll see would be in 4000 series. Those 16c are likely bullshit as well as releasing them under WX branding and much lower clocks is far more realistic given the power budget of AM4

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EVGA boards are absolute trash. The BIOS is horrible.

t. X299 FTW K owner

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