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4th child with cancerous tumour after 5g tower installed near classroom


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>implying non-ionizing radiation is harmful

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I'll take confirmation bias for 2000 Alex

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Thanks for beta testing the tech, America.

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How many schools do you know that kids got cancer after a5g tower was installed?

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Lmao, buzzword just like Correlation =/= Causation.

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Yeah it's totally milliwatts of non-ionizing radiation and not all that processed gunk parents shove down their children's throat. Couldn't possibly be all that second hand cigarette smoke either. Definitely has nothing to do with all that fucking heavy metal and lead in the water from old piping in homes or chink toys.

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>non-ionizing radiation is harmless I swear!
Can't fool us Ping Long.

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There is no definitive proof that it isn't. And I'm not one of those people that think that WIFI will end us all, I am an RF Engineer who works with antennas all the time and I sure as fuck wouldn't want one close to me at all times.

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You wish.

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There is no definitive proof that vaccines don't produce autism, and he were are.

that's a pretty shitty argument anon

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>proof of a negative
How big is your reading list?

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not him, but consider this;
cell networks are a two-way communication system, like wifi.
for a connection to be made, not only does the tower need to emit enough power to reach the cellphone, the cellphone must also emit the same to reach the tower
it would be much more dangerous to have a cellphone in your pocket than to be standing under a cellphone tower

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>non-ionizing radiation causes cancer

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I hope you're baiting. A single cellphone has less power to recieve data than than the Tower does to send it. And that's just one connection. Yeah. It's totally safer than standing under a tower constantly sending out gigantic amounts of data instead of your phone which doesn't output that much.
Not the best example to use there bud

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Put your head in the microwave then.

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Yup, it HAS to be that. Can't be all the processed food and uber preservatives that make food last for a decade. No, we must ban all forms of non-ionizing and nobody will have cancer anymore. Definitely, this random facebook post, random clickbait article I found online told me so it must be true.

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>the cellphone must also emit the same to reach the tower
Oh, wow. I was wondering what my enormous yagi array was doing on my personal cellphone. God, all of this talk of "gain" and shit in these engineering texts was really hard for me to understand.
Thanks for letting me know it's actually useless, and we can just pull shit out of our ass instead of learning anything.

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>implying vaccines don't cause autism

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Vegans and fruitarians get cancer all the time. Point?

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>proof of a negative
>Nevertheless, it has been said whoever makes a claim carries the burden of proof regardless of positive or negative content in the claim.

There's no proof either way, so we can easily conclude that in lacking evidence both must necessarily be true until proven otherwise, thus experimentation can be afforded on either side to pursue the ultimate conclusion.

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>all this bullshit food health nutjob memes with no proof claims
100 years ago doctors barely knew what cancer was and every little unexplainable death was attributed to old wives tale tier voodoo.
Now they've discovered there are over a thousand different types of cancer and realistically they all need their own treatment, have their own cause.

It isnt the food it isnt the microwaves in the air it isnt stabilizers in the flu shots. People develop sicknesses or bad mutations or are born fucked up OR, OR we call behavior that the news media memes a disease.

Fuck off with your caveman style logic and your caveman level intelligence.

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>People develop sicknesses or mutations or are born fucked up OR, OR we call behavior that the news media memes a disease.
Yeah. I wonder why that happens you fucking idiot.
>doiii it's not the underlying cause it's the symptoms developed from the cause.
You're literally fucking retarded for calling people dumb.

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>we can easily conclude
Hoo, boy. You've got a pretty big list to go through, too, still, yeah?
I usually try to stop posting when I don't know what I'm talking about.

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>Over the 2014-15 School year students were deployed out to the other four elementary schools in Ripon so that Weston could be rebuilt. Weston Elementary was rebuilt thanks to the voters of Ripon passing Measure G Bond.
Rebuilt in 2014/15 and since 2016 they had four cancer cases. What a coincidence. Did they check for chinese drywall?

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You don't know.
And don't try to post rat/mouse studies where they intentionally fuck these creatures up with 100 to 1000 times the dosage of chemical x, y, or z. Rodents have extremely different metabolic processes than humans in the first place, let alone a discussion about tolerable limits.

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Enlighten me or shut the fuck up.

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How do you know that's the right dosage.
And oh. I get it. Mouse studies are now irrelevant cause it shows something you don't like.

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I would have to guess there's some kind of hazardous waste contamination somewhere nearby that these kids have been exposed to in some way.

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Yeah. That's explained in the headline.

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>He says it’s not just a cell tower, it also transmits wireless frequencies.

I guess cell phones transmit through smoke signals or something.

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Point is before we point to things that have literally no evidence of causing cancer in humans we need to address the things that HAVE been proven to cause cancer.

Cells very rarely mutate into cancerous ones by chance, that's why you see more people who drink, smoke, or have had some kind of exposure to a carcinogen develop cancer at a significantly higher rate than most people.

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The "expert" guy they got to comment in the article is really a huge idiot.

>“I wouldn’t send my kids there at all, it absolutely is dangerous,” said Eric Windheim, an electromagnetic radiation specialist. “Children are still developing and their cells are still being divided. It’s the worst possible time in their life to be exposed.”

Cells are constantly dividing during all stages of life. You have an immune system in part to deal with damaged cells.

>“Instead of only going 300 yards like regular Wi-Fi, Y-Max can go 30 miles,” he said.
Shortwave and AM radio can go hundreds of miles. FM can go like 50+ miles. Radio technology is not new and we've had like 90 years to examine its effects.

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It is to those guys that work on the towers. I worked with one once, after 3 years their brain is fried and they need a replacement. Plus birds won't nest near those towers.

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This. If kids are developing cancer at this school faster than what is normally observed then some kind of carcinogen exists there especially if the school has been rebuilt. Could be in the pipes (old and new), in the air, in the walls, floor, ceiling, etc. Construction companies have been known to cut corners to maximize profit.

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how horrifying

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The towers put out enough energy to burn if you happen to be close to the emitter at the top. It's similar to a microwave oven in principle. You will be cooked if you're exposed for too long. The reason non-ionizing radiation is generally considered safe is because most people do not actively try and expose themselves to it on purpose and our natural reaction when exposed to it is to move away which keeps us safe. If you override your natural reaction and stay near the source you'll get burned.

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Or it's the recently built cancer tower

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Probably this.

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>Big words I don't understand is buzzwords.
Ok Cletus.

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Stop meme'ing you retards. There could be chink ceiling tiles/insulation dust or whatever filled with carcinogens circulating in the air at that school and by focusing on things that don't cause cancer people will let the actual cause go unknown.

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Posting “mobile phones cause cancer” shit on /g/? Really?
Are you an anti-vaxxer as well OP?

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I'm not meming.
No. They're both completely false. Correlation is pretty the much same as Causation. It's only used when jews don't like the result of something. Conformation bias is gay too.
>Niggers rob stores maybe they're programmed this way
>doiiieee confberbabion bias anon :DDD

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Leaded gasoline.

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>implying they both aren't true

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You ever take discrete math? Proof by negation is a thing boi

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imho a cell tower "near" the classroom is hardly even a correlation. There are people that work in environments surrounded by high power radio transmitters for long shifts day in and day out for years and they don't seem to show any signs of this type of stuff.

imho every kid that got cancer was also exposed to vehicle exhaust on a near daily basis. many of them have inhaled pounds of vehicle exhaust in their little kid lifetimes. nobody is looking at that correlation for the same reasons they shouldn't be looking at this one

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Holy shit, I honestly cannot tell who's fucking trolling anymore.

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Thank you, unironically

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>cancer for 10x faster internet
is it worth it

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you will find other schizos there, you will feel at home

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I'm not trolling.
People who do work near high power transmitters are fucked up all the time. It's an incredibly huge turnover rate.

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>less power to receive data
you should look up a tutorial to tie a noose and then hang yourself

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well memed friend but boomers will actually believe this because they came from a time where people actually believed blatant lies that were fed to them from the government and government controlled media

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You have to go back.
Lmao you're saying this bullshit on a tech board

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Do you not understand the fundamentals of logic, anon? You need to prove something true or false, just because something hasn't been proven true doesn't not mean it's false.

I am not the person you were originally talking to.

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holy shit this post
abandon thread

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Lmao go to school

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Why? Because you jew shills are scared?

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>if you d-disagree with me you're a jewish shill!
2016 was a mistake

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Reminder to take a couple drops of iodine a day to supplement your radiation defenses because the iodized salt probably isn't enough

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>all me btw

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>the inverse square law doesn't exist because I read a clickbaity article

Fuck off, /g/ may have been a place full of stupid, but vaxx soccer retoric wasn't one of them.

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For all this tech enthusiasm youd think you know how it works or how to research anything.

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There's nothing to worry about, goy. This reply is all you need to hear >>70159743

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I bet you're the same fucking retard who posted that webm of a router melting ice and how it "sped up" as the ice was melting, and got BTFO by every anon in that thread
please just either an hero, or go see a psychiatrist

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epic post sir

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You're literally retarded. I dont know how the fuck you can disregard multiple studys that have shown very close range exposure to non ionized radiation can still be harmful. /g/ got fucking filled with retards since the election I swear

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Why do (((they))) want us dead guys i'm a good goy my (((daughter))) has transitioned too and i don't post toxic comments : (

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Literally the only way you could get damaged from non-ionizing radiation would be standing in front of a Navy RADAR, even then you would get horrible burns, not cancer.

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>disregard multiple studies
you've posted none (and will never post any because you're a glow in the dark CIA Nigger)
I lived next to a place where they constructed many many tons of plutonium and nuclear weapons, REAL radiation, the cancer rate in my city not any higher than anywhere else, even though the toxic radiation seeped into the river due to it being stored in single-hull tanks for some 50 odd years, if you're telling me non-ionizing retard-tier radiation is going to give people cancer, I hope that you're the first so you can't reproduce and further fuck up the gene-pool

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sins of thy father, gentile

>> No.70160840

>all me btw

>> No.70160847

>you've posted none (and will never post any because you're a glow in the dark CIA Nigger)
Says you.
>I lived next to a place where they constructed many many tons of plutonium and nuclear weapons, REAL radiation.
And it shows. Your mind is irrevocably fucked.

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>believing studies when jews run education

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More like nano

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>because you're a glow in the dark CIA Nigger
why would the CIA shill 5G as toxic are u schizophrenic?
If anything the "5g is good for ur skin goys" ppl are feds

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very nice, you claim to want to discuss things you believe are true, but when presented with anything that deconstructs the reality you have so frailly built around you, you choose to disassociate entirely and result to logical fallacies and ignorance.
you are beyond saving, your head is rent-free you just have yet to realize it, and you may never
you are easily convinced by the very people you call "jewish shills", do you not realize how easy it is to spread false information on the internet? and even advertise your fake shit to a certain demographic of easily-manipulated people? And its all so some romanian can make .001 cents a click

>> No.70160902

>logical fallacies
So I get it. You're six.
That's you.

>> No.70160920

who else would fail so horribly as to understand how anons speak, I get the CIA Nigger is a bit of a stretch, as why would the CIA care about 4chan of all places, but for someone to be to be so retarded as to border on schizoposting tendencies, told they are a schizo and then tells them to go to /v/
you would either have to be a 2016 election transplant or a paid shill to spread lies
clearly mentally ill if he is unpaid

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Lmao. Grow up. Just because you think it's hip to act like a retard doesn't mean it's true. 5G causes cancer easy as that.

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epic post friend based and redpilled!
how can one poster be so based?
it is beyond comprehension

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Just about everything else causes cancer but there's pretty much never been any conclusive evidence that radiowaves cause cancer.

>> No.70160967

Lmao bet you hate Sneed posting too.

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a 5g tower just flew over my house

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>brought to you by the state of cancer, where everything causes california

>> No.70161049

i bet it left a trail of irradiated chemicals in its wake, too
won't somebody please think of the frogs?!

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Anyone who sends their kids to public American schools didn't give a shit about them anyway.
>Get brainwashed thanks to leftists
>Get shot thanks to diversity
>Get cancer thanks to 5G

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Hi Chris

>> No.70161163

How many years left until your brain fries? Or it already did?

>> No.70161677

Correlation = Causation

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tumors cannot grow this fast you fucking imbecile degenerate

>> No.70161708


this is scientifically unsound fucking crap

degenerates posting bullshit ought to be killed because cannot be legally procedured

>> No.70161719


mathematics fagot, do you know it?

the radio waves have nothing in common with particles. they simply has not enough energy to do any harm

fucking illiterate imbeciles

>> No.70161733

Why don't they experiment on human prisoners? Lifers who did murder and all. No one cares about them and we'd get actual work done.

>> No.70161743

Is 4g too slow for zoomers? What the fuck.

>> No.70161781

The media is pro-vax though.

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>What is photochemistry
Waves and particles *do* interact but the radiowaves discussed here are so low in energy the absolute most a RF photon can do is excite a vibrational mode within the molecule. This energy will in turn will rapidly dissipate as the molecule undergoes collisions or for lager molecular structures like DNA or proteins simply dissipate through the molecule

>> No.70161902

>Radio technology is not new and we've had like 90 years to examine its effects.
but did we use millimeter wave? retard

>> No.70161945

>Of course I let myself be bitten by this weirdly colored snek cause there's no proof that it's venomous.
Nuke this planet right now.

>> No.70161960

Go back to >/x/ posting on the technology board gives no credit to your delusional claims.

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>Guys, lead is perfectly safe in gasoline. Anyone telling you lead isn't safe is a fucking shill or retard. We've been putting lead in gasoline for years, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that lead causes poisoning. In fact, we have multiple advanced, trusted, and reliable researchers that have done countless studies to prove that lead is definitely, unequivocally, undoubtedly safe. If putting lead in gasoline wasn't safe, we wouldn't do it to you. We do not want to poison our consumers for profit, that would be ridiculous. Killing our consumers kills our profits, right?
>Sorry, you cannot try out this new research treatment that has a significantly higher success rate on (x) kind of cancer. We have to do chemo, it's the only way. Just because people are heavily profiting on your chemo treatment doesn't mean it isn't the absolute best treatment available to modern medicine. We, as scientists, pharmacists, and doctors, have taken a Hippocratic oath to do no harm. We would NEVER suggest using a less safe or less effective treatment, simply because others are profiting from it, and we're getting a kickback for using that kind of treatment. That's so morally and institutionally wrong in every conceivable way. Would never happen.
>What, you think non-ionizing radiation is harmful? Are you full of shit? I've been microwaving food for 40 years without issue. Let's not make mention that cancer rates are going up in almost every first world country, that's from paint, or something. Non-ionizing radiation in your pocket couldn't harm you. I mean, that screen door and 400 safety measures your microwave uses are for laughs, the most it would do is warm you up a bit. 5G is the future, you guys are shilling as if living you're living under power poles or next to electricity plants. Which, of course, are also 100% perfectly safe.

>> No.70162065

This. Pointing at a cell tower as the cause is going to get a lot of kids fucked up when the real source of the carcinogen is ignored.

>> No.70162067

Where in the article does it say this was a 5g tower?

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>> No.70162073

You overestimate /g/

>> No.70162079

Are you seriously implying that the technology sector is in bed with big pharmaceuticals to raise cancer rates? Might as well imply that health insurance companies and politicians are also getting kickbacks. Obviously spending more money on treatment is in the best interest of your healthcare provider. They would be pushing the cheapest and quickest option so fucking hard it's ridiculous.

I hate to sound like the people you're talking about, but that's some Illuminati, tinfoil hat shit.

>> No.70162095

Nobody ever suggested lead was safe in gas. The second it was implied, that shit was pulled out so hard and fast you'd think the lead was a nigger trying to avoid child support payments. Stop shilling your bullshit.

>> No.70162118

What else is common in this scenario? All the kids drink water. The children with cancer drink water.


>> No.70162119

>lead is unsafe therefore rf energy is safe

>> No.70162123

how do we know he wasn't browsing redit?

>> No.70162136

I'm going to install a cell tower inside of your aids-infested vagina if you keep posting this stupid shit.

>> No.70162856

The fuck are you saying? Why are the two at all correlating?

>> No.70162871

oh lord, is this going to be the new anti-vaxxers

fucking imbeciles

>> No.70162900

Well, they unironically are. I’m not that anon, and I don’t know about this 5G conspiracy, but when the #1 lobbyer of Congress by multiple factors is the same group pushing every kid who feels nervous to take Xanax and every middle schooler who wants to play outside instead of study Adderall, it’s pretty clear the healthcare industry is not squeaky clean. Also yes, higher costs for care provided would be a plus to the hospital providing it in America, because they’re not billing you necessarily, they’re billing the insurance company, whom the consumer pays so they can avoid the overpriced healthcare costs. And before someone goes off about how bad America’s healthcare system is, the same principles apply to state run healthcare, instead of billing you, they’re billing the state. The only difference is, the state has the power to regulate exorbitant costs. Which they don’t, because they get paid by the healthcare industry. It’s a fascinating racket, and one that is absolutely 100% conducive to falsifying or omitting facts to support whatever will land them money. So, I don’t necessarily believe in this shit, but, if in 50 years we all have big ass tumors in our legs from phones in our pockets, I’ll be less surprised than the people who smoked their entire lives being told it was okay by doctors just to get some badass cancer.

>> No.70162924

Misread your post. I don’t mean unironically conspiring to raise cancer rates intentionally in some grand Deus Ex 5G Tower Master Plan, I just meant the healthcare industry is indeed unironically spending a ton of money in politics to push drugs and other things that aren’t well enough understood, to make a profit.

>> No.70163981


oh, come on, nigger, just fuck off with you pop-pseudo-science

go, learn how much energy required to break even a weak, non-covalent chemical bond

> photon can do is excite a vibrational mode within the molecule


>> No.70164160

>There is no definitive proof that it isn't.
anon you cant prove that something does not exist

>> No.70164171

WTF I love 5g now.

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File: 393 KB, 2250x1508, statistics2017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it could just as well be a random variation in cancer distribution.

>> No.70164284

how would you know? maybe non-ionizing radiation does indeed increase the risk of getting cancer but the effect may be so small that its like 1 cancer out of 1000 that was caused by it. there is no way you would ever be able to show a correlation then.

>> No.70164318

>be a soccer mom
>a new *g tower is built/a wifi hotspot set up
>complaint about headaches and whatever
>be told that's not even enabled yet
Every time.

>> No.70164366

maybe its a temporal distortion effect. some tachyon radiation from the future may radiate back in the past. so you already feel the effect of the radiation that the tower will send off in the future because its already activated in the future.

>> No.70164430

photochemistry literally allows you to see dude. snd it can also blind and pain you. dont play its possible effects down.

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What about 5G wifi?

>> No.70164476

The time when a single double blind study confirms EMF sensitivity is the time when I start even considering these """news""".

>> No.70164519

light is emf. im sensitive to it, how would you design a double blind study to prove im sensitive to it. its literally impossible.

>> No.70164525

5G isn't related to 5GHz WiFi

>> No.70164566

>Obviously spending more money on treatment is in the best interest of your healthcare provider.
Just look at this jewspeak. Just look at it.

>> No.70164873

What I think is interesting is that anons are willing to exclude one because of the other, as though there's no possibility for a cumulative degeneration caused by multiple environmental factors, with 5g simply further adding to the extant epidemic.
Did people even get cancer in the old myths like the Iliad?

>> No.70164968

There's a strong scientific consensus on the already known phenomenon of EMF pulsing on the human brain, the only debate is about "how harmful" and "how much," which is mostly only a debate because the 5G lobbies don't want to find out.

>the changes of brain function induced by pulsed high-frequency EMF outlast the exposure period.

Only a foolish person would be convinced that magnet fields can have no affect on their cognitive functioning. EMF is a fundamental force of nature for fucks sake. It's like saying the wind can't hurt you because the breeze never has.

>> No.70165050

Are you seriously suggesting that the asbestos sector is willing to raise cancer rates for a profit? Might as well imply that insurance companies and politicians are not known for their high principles and virtue. Obviously spending more money on insulation is in the best interest of your average housing developer. They would be pushing the cheapest and quickest option so fucking hard it's ridiculous.

I hate to sound like the people you're talking to, but that's some illuminati, tinfoil hat shit.

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File: 33 KB, 250x374, Tower_CAUTION_fs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would bet there are some signs like this around the tower. So no one is responsible since the sign is there...

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File: 319 KB, 533x400, antenna-signs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70165271

>Rodents have extremely different metabolic processes than humans in the first place, let alone a discussion about tolerable limits.
Biochemist phd here. Are you fucking retarded? Different metabolic processes on two mammalians? Hahaha

>> No.70165319

for this to be /g/ - Technology, it's full of complete retards who don't even know how science works. This place is more like /b/ with computers.

>> No.70165334

>This place is more like /b/ with cellphones.

>> No.70165342

of course, they have to be fucking phoneposters

>> No.70165352

He was being sarcastic.

>> No.70165374

Bayer sold HIV and Hep C infected bags of blood overseas to recoup profits after they were found to be infected. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we're being slowly poisoned so some asshole can be a billion dollars richer, despite already having 100x more money than they could ever spend in their entire lives.

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>Are you seriously implying that the technology sector is in bed with big pharmaceuticals to raise cancer rates?
Yeah? How dumb do you have to be to think that's far fetched?

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File: 95 KB, 885x660, if_you_fuck_with_me_i_will_kill_us_all.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This bread is experiencing some intense shitposting

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