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security updates is the killer app thats finally gonna get me to update to windows 10

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Damn in that thumbnail he looks like he's wearing one of those sailor uniforms. That would be so cute, his twink little body in that uniform... mmhmmmhmmm... I certainly could slurp him up, just imagine him whimpering while clutching his clothes

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Just pirate the late updates.

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>pretending to care about security
>even considering forget using Windows at all

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Can't you just steal the security patches for the enterprise version and install those?

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>killer app

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>pulling security updates from 100% shady sources
I hope this is a joke and windowsfags aren't actually like this

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just use 10 ltsc or ubuntu you fucking autist

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On the plus side he's saying Linux is a legit option. I can see myself going that direction soon.

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>muh security updates

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>killer app
kill yourself

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gonna be some sum hard decision one last possible day,
that or holy temple
i really don't want to go back to linux distros, where most open source mean bugs, instability, unreliability and fixing bugs common to handful of people or only yourself because of vast the choice of distros, editions and versions thereof is

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>argues in support of Linux
>/g/ gets angry

What did nu-/g/ mean by this?

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We get angry because he suggests that Windows 7 will become unuseable just because Microsoft aren't going to release worthless updates anymore, and because most of his dumb viewers will believe it.

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I'd say that the guy that created Linux knows more than underage niggers on /g/, so I'll be getting w10.

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>he suggests that Windows 7 will become unuseable
He doesn't suggest that. It will still be useable, but it won't get any security updates so it'll be like fucking a Tijuana prostitute without a rubber.

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Somebody’s going to make a pirate branch of wangblows 7 that will get modern security updates, r-right bros??

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why do retards like you keep forgetting that windows is not open source and we literally can't do anything with it outside the box?

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if only they released to source code!!! we're not too far behind, seeing that I had to go on some sketchy as shit to emulate windows 3.1

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lul you'd be surprised

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Knowing Microsoft those extended updates are probably not going to be under any hard lock and key and instead may just require some configuration on the OS side and you’ll be able to source updates directly from MS servers
As of right now XP can still receive updates if it presents itself as POSReady 2009

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Security on windows doesn't exist, neither does privacy. Might as well switch to Linux now or stay permanently cucked by windows 8.1 as it becomes the last usable windows in 2024.

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Same. I'm going to give Mint another shot.

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w10 mastor roce

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>Security on windows doesn't exist
Such a tired meme

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First time I've actually watched anything by this guy.
I've seen his face /g/ 5000 times and just assumed he was a complete idiot.
Seems like a tuned in dude.

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>muh security updates
>muh backdoors
>muh exploits
>muh viruses
retard alert

none of which will never ever ever in a million years happen to you

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>security doesn't matter
retard alert

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>what is POSReady
I don't even know if I'll be alive before the end of 2021, so I don't fucking care. Better than that W10 rubbish if I ever need windows.

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He didn't say Windows 7 will become unusable, just that using the Internet will be risky (true) and you won't be able to upgrade your hardware in the long run (also true).
Lack of security updates generally just means your network services could get fucked (generally not a huge issue for home users behind NAT firewalls, but you could be more vulnerable if you need port forwarding for gaming), and you could get fucked by new holes in the way the OS handles data from the Internet (for example, possibility for something like fonts or a JPEG to become an attack vector because of vulnerabilities in the OS facilities).
The only real criticisms I can offer about the video are unnecessary FUD about automatic updates (seriously guys, just install them as soon as you're not busy instead of deferring them for several weeks, or use wifi and turn on mobile data restrictions), and no mention of dual booting (e.g. use Linux or Windows 10 for web browsing and Windows 7 for legacy applications).

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Could you imagine Jimbo if youtubers were paying to make and keep up ad threads, disguising them as legitimate content? wouldn't that be quackin' crazy?

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There was literally an anon who had his entire computer held ransom because he was still on XP

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> The only real criticisms I can offer about the video are unnecessary FUD about automatic updates
Most of the issues from windows update stems from the fact no one shuts down there damn PC and updates decide to pile up when patch Tuesday hits
My PC gets shut down every night and when updates do come around they take as a MAX maybe 30 secs to install on shutdown and startup, I’m never intruded on about updates with the only exception being the security patch for the exploit that wannacry took advantage of
I swear it seems like others are running an entirely different OS when they complain about automatic updates

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>Linus shilling his operating system again
No surprise

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Already on it
Waiting for Valve to put out EAC support once they've secured some sort of negotiation or wine patch on that front.

All the top 10 and top 100 games on steam will work by then.

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You can't.
It's proprietary so you can't patch the source code.

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this is really gay

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I wonder what Brad Muir thinks about this image

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this is really based

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what are the best downloads and settings that make win10 like windows 7 or even 8.1

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>mfw I switched to win 10 right when it was released and have been happy

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>going though all those hoops to modify an original XT with modern hardware AND manufacture an actual fake monitor bezel
>still just using some generic mechanical keyboard and shit mouse because too lazy to convert something from DIN to USB

linus lazytips

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Tbh, best distro to go for is one with some money behind it, like Ubuntu, Fedora or maybe OpenSUSE?

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Stop posting this dumb fucking meme you disabled fuck

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yes. avoid homebrew shit distros and you'll be fine

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Linus is a fuckwit that only rattles off consumer electronics rote memorized bullshit. The guy is an assclown and has no idea how to manage IT infrastructure. That fat, balding loser he hired a year ago seems half smart, but too little too late. What a clusterfuck of a "tech expert" he is.

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>complains that people running informercials are not actually professionals
wow dude u so smart pls marry my mother

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I don't need to marry her to fuck her, son.

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If you plan on using old a old windows version you have to put in the effort to harden the system. The extra updates even if installed manually. Making a custom install disk with non-essentials windows services removed, and remove not make invisible internet explorer, media player, etc. to reduce your attack surface. Having a image/media/web viewer that doesn't use system codecs and is updated, even if you have to compile yourself. Restrictions/policies on what executables can run, emet too. There's so much. Not trying to shill Linux or win 10, I use 8.1 and have been researching what it would take as a option to safely run a old os with internet access.
Example: I remember a kernel vulnerability involving font rendering, I think that was windows, if you don't have a security update for that and your browser uses system font rendering, you're out of luck.

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I can't wait for 6 years from now when Microsoft drops Windows 10 support and all you cretins lose your shit again

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There will not be another Windows version. And they have already dropped support for older builds of Windows 10.

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>shilling his kernel

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Just stop using windows
what the fuck is wrong with you people

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B-but.. muh gayms!

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that old ass ubuntu screenshot lol

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No. Linux isn't a alternative, neither is macos. What else realistically is there, long term it seems besides my phone everything will be either non-internet connected or older.

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>No. Linux isn't a alternative
why do you mistakenly think that?

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Still have been using 8.1 since June 2014 and will keep on using it till January 2023.

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>tfw will still use w7
i dont need to worry about security cause i use common sense.

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Its not a mistake you subhuman trash.

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>oh yes, please keep shoving that shit in my mouth, I hate it but please dont stop!

>> No.70134115

Why are you so mad? Just tell us why it's not an option for you.

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kys, cultists

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Hahahahahah Win 7 fags btfo.

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the mods were done by Intel, not Linus

>> No.70134227

that's not how it works lol

>> No.70134256

you could just...not install security updates. common sense will keep you safe in most cases and a dedicated cracker will break your windows anyway

>> No.70134265

New games need Windows 10.

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>can't even provide a single reason why he absolutely must stick to windows
>calls others cultists
Stay cucked

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Why is the audio so shit? It feels like they're trying too hard to make it sound professional and it ands up sounding like trash.

>> No.70134343

>30 seconds
>win 10 & 8 that hight
what the fuck are they testing with HDD's?

>> No.70134358

>muh slower system boot time
imagine all the cool things i could do in those saved 10/12 seconds...oh, actually there's none
>turning your computer off

>> No.70134364

>you need muh SSD to boot 10s faster, goyim

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New games are shit

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Just use Windows 8 like me.

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Bought my computer in 2016 and it crashes 4 or 5 times per day. There is no virus on it. I have done a complete system reset, run anti-virus scanners, etc. Windows is way WAAAAY more glitchy than you realize unless you do the absolute most plain, normie set of tasks at absolute default settings.
>Have second monitor
If you accidentally have the taskbar on the side of your screen so that it would be in the middle of the two displays, then switch to "extend this display", Windows crashes. Doesn't let you fix it or move the taskbar or anything, it just fucking crashes. Start bar stops working, taskbar starts glitching out, nothing opens anymore, it crashes. There are thousands of glitches like this.

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>i said "lol" after "x" therefore i am superior and in the right.

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fuck off plebbitor

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File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, Orc Class vs Twink Class [Qo_vwhunO7I - ziyuwvy].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I haven't installed any update on my W7 main machine for at least 4 years

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The main issue is: Windows is proprietary, closed-source software, which GREATLY hinders progress in such efforts. If a maker of proprietary software stops supporting a product or won't implement the fixes you want/need, you're SCREWED.

Learn about software freedom: https://www.fsf.org/about/what-is-free-software https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_software

If Windows was free as in freedom software, like GNU/Linux, someone could just fork Windows 7 and continue their own development of it, or take Windows 10 and turn it into the OS everyone wants. Of course, this probably won't happen anytime soon.

My suggestion: switch to GNU/Linux. There is also BSD and other libre operating systems such as Plan 9/9front that may interest some enthusiasts. Unless you critically rely on some piece of proprietary software that has no alternative (most people don't), you really should make the switch. Operating systems, of all things, should not be proprietary in this day and age.

[note: Copy-pasted my own YT comment here, so my language here was catered to non-/g/ normies]

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>I swear it seems like others are running an entirely different OS when they complain about automatic updates
And unlike this anon, I only reboot once every week or two, and have the exact same experience. Always super quick, nothing breaks (except my listen to audio config or default audio devices on the biannual feature update sometimes)

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>Windows is way WAAAAY more glitchy than you realize
i know what W7 sucks at and i spent some time to fix those annoyances. sometimes you have to play with shell or registry but it pays off. it's been like 4 months since my last boot? and only to clean the dust
>it crashes 4 or 5 times per day
have you ever considered a hardware malfunction? last time my system crashed, i ran a memtest and found a broken RAM stick

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>literally can't do anything
I'm guessing you haven't heard of reverse engineering or disassembly

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Mint or Solus?

>> No.70134555

I'd say give Solus a try, I am actually thinking about installing it for my mom to replace her Win 7 install.. the "curated rolling release" model is really appealing to me.

>> No.70134562

nothing happens because most people are already on win10. new hardware comes with it and most wont know how to install something else and the rest got the update that installed it for them.

>> No.70134583

it probably means that software support will end just like it did with winxp. old things will work fine but you wont get new versions of browsers and other shit that normies want

>> No.70134604

Doom Eternal, Metro Exodus all great

>> No.70134694

this is really straight

>> No.70135239

If Win 10 boot in 38 seconds, you'd whine about it nonstop.

>> No.70135276

i wouldn't give a single fuck

>> No.70135282

>Seems like a tuned in dude.
well I would fucking hope so considering he's in charge of the linux kernel

>> No.70135618

I thought they ended the free upgrades. Is this still possible?

>> No.70135655

There was a workaround via accessibility options for a while, dunno if that's still valid

>> No.70135656

Windows 7 was the last good OS then Windows 8.1 came but then Windows 10 shot down it all seriously gtfo if you love Windows 10

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He literally says that in the Video. 2020 will be year of the Linux desktop.

>> No.70135933

fucking finally

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Who cares. I never updated my pirated windows 7 since 2011.

>> No.70136656

>completely ignores LTSC
group policiy is a magic thing
You can make windows do what you want and it has to listen because enterprise

>> No.70136666

I had to nigger rig my drivers because my monitor decides its the default device every time i reboot

>> No.70136672

I hope you enjoy cryptolockers

>> No.70136727

if only w10 wouldn't release updates that brick your system

>> No.70138163

Stay mad for eternity win7 shitter.

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you forgot pic related

>> No.70138359

they will be digitally signed, no problem

>> No.70138367

chrome and firefox do font sanitisation to stop dodgy fonts doing exactly this

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>Updated from W7 to W10 when it came out
>debloated it and disabled telemetry in one afternoon
>Never had to fiddle with it ever again, never forces me to update, never shows me ads, never forces me to do anything I don't want to

Feels good not being retarded.

>> No.70138466

>You can make windows do what you want and it has to listen
Not since pajeets released The Abominat10n

>> No.70138494

Lol funny how u tin foil retards cling to 7 and xp/dos before it like it wasn't backdoored as fuck.
30% of pcs still run this ancient 11+ year old shit

>> No.70138507

>install Ubuntu 8.04
what the fuck are you insane?? go install 18.04 LTS or something you retard

>install Windows 7
yep that's a good operating system I use it for games!

>> No.70138683

The more I use Windows 10 (and I used it for a while) the more problems I see, to be honest. And this is not like other people who get BSODs or a slower system, anything like that. I just mean generally, it's not a good system. It gets to a point where it's stable and without me noticing it updated and now there's an issue here or there. Or I try to do something that I used to do years ago, and it's suddenly giving me issues and wasting my fucking time.

Example: I'm into gay ming. Or at least I play games ocassionally and my hardware is nothing to be proud of for games (i5 4460 + rx 570 8gb) but I've always wanted to have a system that actually took advantage of that. That didn't fall behind just because. I thought 10 would be it, newer software is better tailored to work on that piece of trash w10 is, so might as well. The issue is, now there's this update that does affect me because of my haswell processor, taking away that fucking benefit and perhaps even getting worse.

Another thing that I have had problems with, and it requires fixing every fucking time I reinstall is drivers. Sound drivers for instance. I have to enable MSI support and install newer drivers than what windows update provides, but I have to get them from a different vendor. Otherwise the sound stutters every now and then or there's some weird crackling. I don't know why it happens now, but curiously enough it happens on 2 different motherboards with the same integrated sound card. Or the 360 gamepad. I have 2 of these, one official and another one 3rd party and the windows 10 drivers for them cause an annoying bug where the gamepad will start vibrating randomly and never stopping until I disconnect it and connect it again. Solution? Use Windows 7 drivers for the 360 controller on Windows 10. 2009 drivers. Old shit that supposedly, by googling, give BSODs but to me actually fucking work without having that bug. And I have to manually install and pick those.

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Absolutely based.

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MS did a good job convincing people to reinstall its software twice a year and calling it a "Rolling Release"

Pls Gabe save us.

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Hello Dear Sir,
Allowed me to introduce me plzd. I from Micro$hit Teknikal Sahwort Teams. I with the pleasurings deliver the two rupee to dewosited into account of the choicings.
Sirs with the greatness off respectfulness.

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>disabled telemetry
Good for you, but this actually does nothing. Just fyi.

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Fucking lardass

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Just install windows 10 ltsc(no bloatware) and use W10PRIVACY tool from privacytools io
For me I will never use anything than linux desu

>> No.70140190

>Bought my computer in 2016 and it crashes 4 or 5 times per day.
its not Windows its your fucking Mobo, CPU or RAM you retard

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All work on 7, dumbass.

>> No.70140326

So is linux dead then?

>> No.70140340

>tfw my pc boots faster than my monitor

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>tfw my pc boots faster than my monitor
my plasma monitor takes 2 minutes to warm up thanks to my "tuning"

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>> No.70140505

LITERALLY sour grapes lol

>> No.70140524

The absolute brainlet behind this post.

>> No.70140661

Anyone else here use the simplix package to keep Windows 7 updated? I love that it excludes all the undesirable updates and telemetry bullshit and is continuously updated.

>> No.70140799

Not all. The gaylo collection and some unsubstantial trash like crackdown 3 or forza horizon don't work on 7. Other games run about 10 to 15% worse, like GTA V. There's a few other games that needed to be updated to run proper on Windows 7 and 8.1. I remember when SFV came out (another trashy game to be fair) and that game would stutter like mad, stopping visuals for several seconds every time, if played on 7 or 8.1 on windowed mode, but played totally fine on 10. Back then, that is.

It doesn't even matter anymore though, because MS is in the process of further patching their system in order to make things "more secure" and worse for performance to the point where 7 will still be a better option.

>> No.70140888

Post a photo of yourself once.
Somehow I got the feeling you're some sort of Russian purple-haired SJW basement freak "woman".
And this disturbs me.

>> No.70140911

Windows 10 is too much for my nerves because I have OCD. Inconsistent user interface rips the soul from my chest.

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stay on windows 7 BOOMERS, imma go play fortnite on my gayming windows 10 pc

>> No.70141823

Windows 8.1 is still much better than win10.

>> No.70141827

I think my win 7 crashed for the first time ever last year.

>> No.70141886

Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro: supported until November 2023
Windows embedded standard 7: supported until December 2021

>> No.70141904

windows 10 is great if installed on an SSD and if it has no programs running, other than chrome and the game you are playing. When I am done with my work I will often boot into windows to play video games. It's basically like Xbox for PC, highly recommended

>> No.70141939 [DELETED] 

>except my listen to audio config or default audio devices on the biannual feature update sometimes
While I don't have those issues I do have an issue with overall low volume on my PC im trying to fucking fix at the moment after a win 10 update recently.[spoilers]Any suggestions would be helpful[/spoiler]

>> No.70141965

>except my listen to audio config or default audio devices on the biannual feature update sometimes
While I don't have those issues I do have an issue with overall low volume on my PC im trying to fucking fix at the moment after a win 10 update recently.Any suggestions would be helpful

>> No.70141991

MacOS master race

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>> No.70143739

>38 seconds to boot
sure shlomo

>> No.70143833

If you have to mention disassembly, you have never done it in your life.

It's not an option with a project this big, which is also protected under copyright law and patents which will nail you if you attempt to distribute decompiled code.

>> No.70144571

Literally the only way I update, don't tell nu /g/ though. They only care about muh Russian botnet.

>> No.70144790

>What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

Just reinstall it, normie.

>> No.70144810

Get off /g/ grandma.

>> No.70144923

Absolutely based, linus waifu pillow when?

>> No.70144944

I cant wait for the first exploits to roll out, dumb faggots like you will get rekt

>> No.70144957

No, its (You) anon, only (You) are retarded enough to think that

>> No.70144976

According to vulnerability scaremongerers I should've been rekt about seven years ago.

>> No.70144977


>> No.70144993

Even macos is better than winblows

>> No.70145056

Fucking this, this retard >>70134527 should download ida and try to figure out how a simple software works, his inevitable suicide would make this board better.
t. cyber forensic """advisor"""

>> No.70145105

step 1: open up wireshark
step 2: open for ANY packages that are unaccounted for
step 3: stop being retarded
Or you could just install Little Snitch and be done with it

>> No.70145119

I meant look for any packages etc

>> No.70145179


>> No.70146064

>begins writing "NCSA Mosaic"

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>still shilling for W10

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