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12-core to launch first

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btw i am a girl

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Sharpie in pooper and link to pic

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>meanwhile intel is stuck on 14nm++++++++

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checked but fake

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>the next holocaust
Okay but when was the first one?

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he probably means the Russian pogroms

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1999: First 1GHz CPU was an Athlon
2003: AMD64 + Athlon 64/Opteron
2017: Ryzen

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>12-core to launch first
That's all I even fucking care about.
Give me my 12c/24t 5GHz drop in replacement.

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Intel's 14nm is more advanced than TSMC's 7nm. The 3nm/5nm/7nm is just marketing.

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shitty bait

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sure shlomo

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Well, you just proved it's successful bait less than 1 minute into the lifetime of the post, by replying.

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TL;DR? I hate this guy's voice in the video. What chips are we looking at and when?

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That doesn't even make sense. How could transistor gap measurements be more advanced?

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well CLEARLY because Intel has been using 14nm++++++ for so long, they're masters of it.

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12 core first, 16 core in December cause binning issues, or AMD simply wants to gauge reaction to Comet Lake/see how it performs before launching the full line up

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Fuck yea. 12 core meaning 12c24t? Or 6c12t?

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12c/24t. 2x 6c chiplets.

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12c24t. I don't think there was ever a doubt they will be launching 6c/12t and 8c/16t, the only shady part by now are the APUs

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God damn. OK sick. This is going to be a drop in as >>70041621 mentioned? I have an Asus Crosshair VI Hero. I know a BIOS update would be required of course. So 12c24t first. When is first? July?

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The rumor says 7/7/19

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14nm++++ might be able to clock higher, but that's probably the only superior thing about it

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Thanks anon. I'm pumped now. Going to get the 12c24t one in July. If rumors prove to be true and the 16c32t releases in December, I'll look at that one too AND a brand new X570 board.
>12c24t at 4.8GHz on air cooling can be a reality
Who would have thought AMD would be the one to bring such a thing? Wonder what Intel's rebuttal is going to be? Any news on their 10nm making anything actually worthwhile?

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Comet Lake will still be 14nm, Ice Lake is mobile only

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>will be 14nm
Fucking really? Intel still whipping that dead horse? Where do they intend to go? the i9-9900k already has proven their architecture is completely tapped out short of increasing the voltages and clocks even FURTHER. Is LN2 cooling solutions going to be the standard to maintain 6GHz clocks? And didn't their 9900k have terrible yields in the first place? It's not like they can play the moar coars game with AMD at this point.

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>I hate this guy's voice
yeah its pretentious as fuck
fucking aussies

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Would going from 8 to 16 cores half my video encoding times (x265, av1) or the more cores the more marginal the improvement is?

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encoders cap out at 16 threads. However a CPU with 16 cores vs 8 cores and 8 SMT threads will always do better in encoding. Not only that, but you'll be able to do other stuff while encoding. I also encode a lot so the 12c24t really speaks to me.

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Underrated kek

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It depends on how well your encoder scales

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You know the rules skank...
>Also why aren't you in the kitchen ?
That's right, you are a confused tranny.
nvm, KYS.

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