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Intel BTFO'D


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>Adored Pajti was right


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Any dates? I need to know how soon I can buy a 3700x

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mid-year probably computex

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Mama, I'm ready.

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if this whole thing turns out to be fake and I've waited for 6 months for nothing, I'm going to an hero.

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just wait bro we're gonna make it

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Just Wait™

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>trusting those fake leaks yet
holy fuck

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Where the fuck did these GBP prices come from? Ryzen 3 is supposedly 151$ which would make it 114.6gbp and then add 20% VAT on top for a final price of 137.5gbp.

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>same shit as the Russian """leaks"""

Literal fake news

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nvm I'm retarded. It's in Singapore Dollars

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This says to me they're just going off the same info as the rest of us.

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different font in the body vs the opening and closing

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could be nothign more than their email template. everything which stays the same is the typerwriter font.

everything which the sender actually wrote is the default font of whatever email software they use.

that's my guess, at least.

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Intel is on the same architecture for like 6 years now you dumb nigger

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*ahem* ... *AHEM*

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Have you literally never used email before you dumb faggot?

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Now the only question for me is whether or not to wait for next gen GPUs or just buy a used 1080 ti.

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>hurr durr what are placeholders

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All I need to know is clock speed.

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I held strong through the Vega 64 and 56 sales, I will be rewarded

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Based amd

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i hope amd doesnt do a ryzen 9
sounds retarded

also give me a 6/8 core god chip instead of making em all into 420 core ebyn's
also make SMT disablable and keep sleep states

thank you amd

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>i hope amd doesnt do a ryzen 9
It's a halo product. It doesn't matter if it sells or not, they need something to top the charts and make investors happy. Most people buy mid-low end CPUs anyway

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Prices are too low desu

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>150 for a r5 3600
these prices are way too good.

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I almost got excited but the 15% on Vega64 is still garbage.

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Sounds alright for 250 bucks. Would finally be a significant upgrade for less money than I originally paid for my 290.

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>mfw Moore's Law is Dead was right

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Add £100 to each and you have the real numbers

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it will btfo the 2060

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I would gladly pay an extra 100 pounds for chips that btfo intel and use less power.

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>SMT disabled
Go away, Intel.

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Intel BTFO...how will they ever recover?

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>the specs and the prices will be the same as the leaks say, I swear!

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look what intel has done to you

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I own a r5 1600

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3000 series prices will be competitive, but there's no way in hell a 3600 will cost as much or less than a 2600. It'll be marked up at least a bit. Screenshot this.

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>believing every "leak" as fact
>over estimating every amd release
>this multibillion dollar company is different!! They care about the consumer!
>muh i bought a ryzen i edit videos now
>muh value ryzen
>muh $400 ram to still land behind intel
>muh power draw when radeon 7, Vega, and Threadripper hit 500 under load
>muh undervolt
>muh speshul ram
>muh upgrade every generation to beat intel this time!
>muh bottlenecking high end graphics
>muh shit workstation performance outside of rendering
>muh no igpu
>muh bad overclocking support
>muh trainwreck of glitches and bugs every launch
>muh im suddenly a content creator to justify this purchase!!
>muh shit Adobe performance
>muh trash driver support
>muh poorfag
>muh buying AMD is a political statement
>muh AdoredTV leaks
>muh $250 Vega 64
>muh host of software that is still inferior to intel/nvidia

AMDrones are fucking pathetic poorfags

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And it won't be available in any good laptops for a cheaper price and thus will sell like shit.

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Please delete. This is antisemitic.

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More like cock speed, you semen demon

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>not a power of two
I'd kill myself desu senpai.

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So, according to this, the lineup is going to be released mid-May right?

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>oh look, it's another episode of AMD fans celebrate before the actual product is released.
When has that ever worked out?
Bulldozer was supposed to be an i7 killer.
The furyX was supposed to beat everything Nvidia had.
The rx480 was supposed to be better than a gtx 980.
Ryzen was supposed to be faster than Intel's offerings
Thread ripper was supposed to be an x299 killer.

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Cope Lake is already here?

>> No.70045739

Any word on if any new Vega chips will come in the G series?

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>Cope Lake

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Has anyone never asked why some retailer in Singapore is using pound signs? Everyone but bongistania uses pound signs.

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go ahead and make jokes.
because in 3 months you will be the joke.

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Good work refuting him, AMD fanboys are such cancer.

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>500$ 8c/16t
such cancer
>6c/12t way under 200$
more cancer
>16c/32t HEDT under 1000$ with 64 PCIe lanes
mother of all cancer

at least you can gayme fortnite at 480p 666fps

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>Intel today announced its fourth quarter earnings for 2018, missing analyst expectations. The company reported revenue of $18.66 billion, missing Wall Street expectations of $19.01 billion. In its release, Intel attributes its lower-than-expected revenue to slow modem sales.
>Despite missing expectations, Intel’s revenue was still up 9 percent year-over-year. Earnings-per-share also beat analyst expectations at $1.28 per share, versus $1.22 per share expected.
>In its “Executive Summary” of its Q4 2018 earnings, Intel says that its revenue being “below Oct’18 expectations” is due to “weaker modem demand, a slowdown in China, cloud customers absorbing capacity, and a weakening NAND environment.”

Intel isn't even competing against AMD, they care more about modems that go inside iPhones, 5G, NAND and cloud servers.

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>IMAGINE actually falling for muh 7nm meme >IMAGINE JustWaiting™ all this time, using an inferior Ayymd """"CPU"""" for years, or buying new ryzen every year like a good cuck
>IMAGINE spending $500+ on a cpu that will only give you +10% performance and still won't reach 5 ghz mark, not even with OC
>IMAGINE actually buying a cpu on an obsolete AM4 platform with DDR4, instead of superior genuine 10nm Intel product with DDR5 support

weew, really?
Someone would actually do that?
The absolute state of ayymdrones...

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what ever,no different for old ryzen.
and more and more intels cpus going win,wait end of year.

tdp is just that high what is should be with more cores or clocks...none upgrade.!!!

looks same effect ike gpu sector, fury,vega and radeon vii...no different
well radeon vii was 7nm gpu, but not belive it! so lausy efficiency,and still slow!

ok, cputdp also same...there is anyhting new,just different name....i wonder how long amd can sell product with no profit..well looks that no longer...sooner or later its eat hole company and debt givens not tolerance more...end of 2020 is my guess.

hmm. i try really see different from ryzen 2000 series,but no....oh yeah... more cores..but is it only trend or commercial way.
you dont need more than total max 6 cores for gaming,even 4-core is enough. easily.
more than that is waist of cash, no matter how much its cost.

and,i still see not any goodies from amd 32-core cpu...erhh i mean where to use thouse??!! tell me..

200-cores cpu.... so what!

no help gaming,apzz or rendering...useless.

another hand, real pro rendering use always intels cpus...why??

well,buy them amd fans, you keep amd up and pay them callary...youself you give so little back.
except red fine main...lol

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>all prices are subjected to change without prior notice

add +100 bucks to get real price. Add another +100 to get retail price in Yuroland.
There's nothing to be really excited about.

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>i rate core count

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Intelaviv user here, I really hope for this pricing because it would finally bring some change to the market.

But this does sound too good to be true for pricing in Europe, that's probably before tax meaning add another 25% on top.

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Please be real. I'm ready to toss my 2600k out the window.

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Where were you when AdoredTV was right all along. Doubters OUT!

>> No.70048329

tim on suicide watch

>> No.70048333

stop claiming victory until it's out okay? i want him to be right but you really shouldn't pop the champagne for now

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>bring some change

Intel will never lower their prices

They would rather exit the consumer DIY market and sell future CPUs to only SIs

The 9900k is $500+, any future flagship Intel CPU will be around that price range

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Alright I'm going to wait for these so I can finally say goodbye to my ancient i5 2500k. You faggots better not be pulling pic related on me or I will hunt down every single AMDnigger.

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>4 threads

>> No.70049980

>disable smt
unlike intel, amd's smt actually improves performance.

>> No.70050154

Why are you copying my previous posts?????

>> No.70050167

>amd's smt actually improves performance
lol what

>> No.70050225

amds smt implementation is fucking amazing compared to the now-disabled feature™ HT™.
how else can ryzen score higher on cb, for example, than Intel with lower clocks?

>> No.70050239

tell that to the source engine
hammering threads 0,1 and 7 by default gives me bout 160fps
setting it to 0,2,4 makes it 220
disabling smt solves that and allows higher clocks

i also didnt say disable smt but allow the user to disable it themselves while still alowing the computer to sleep
it might be a motherboard thing

thing is single/multicore benchmarks will probably run better with it off, in my experience its only marginally better in tests that scale infinitely with cores
probably meant its better than intel's HT

g is an advertising board alright

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To be fair to AMDrones, AMD barely hypes their own products.

The false marketing comes from AMDrones themselves, hyping up every incoming product as the next best thing only for it to fall flat again and again until the cycle repeats.

>> No.70050294

Why is AMD so incompetent then?

>> No.70050356

I think using threads far away from themselves like 0, 1 and 7 is the problem more than SMT itself, also
>Source Engine as a benchmark

>> No.70050446

before Lisa, they had 3 corrupt ceos that brought the company into the ground

>> No.70050493

Is Intel going to be able to realistically compete in the gpu market? Or nah?

>> No.70050517

i'm not using it as a benchmark, i play gaymes
might be a windows 7 thing, is there a way to make it assign affinity to odd cores in steam options or when the exe is run?

>> No.70050549

unlikely. by the time they have something worthwhile both amd and nvidia will be 5 years ahead of them

>> No.70050561

Then why do they even bother?

>> No.70050602

because they still have a lot of money to burn? dunno. at best it will face the same destiny as the xeon phi

>> No.70050612


Arctic Sound is a tech demo, not a real product

Laugh at AyyMD all you want, they have still decades of experience in GPUs

Intel should just refocus on fixing their fabs and pushing out a new Nehalem instead of pouring billions into Israel, China and Ireland

Sunny Cove will be a paper launch and cost more than Coffee Lake-R

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for me its 3700X.
Intel will probably cost 2x more

>> No.70051414

God I want a 3600X

>> No.70051604

The new Chromecast will use AMD?
That part of the picture is confusing me.

>> No.70051688

I really, really want the 3600g to be true and be almost on par with the 570. That would mean a solid low end gaming rig while saving at least 200 dollars on the GPU.

>> No.70051746

There is no big IGP APU coming. There are no chiplet APUs coming.
You're not going integrated graphics anywhere near the RX 570. That level of performance would require HBM, and that means radically higher costs.
APUs are primarily mobile chips. Their cost, power consumption, and thermals are tailored to the mobile segment first and foremost.

>> No.70051793

this. That perf would require dedicated graphic memory.
Not necessary HBM, but only that could fit currently inside package.

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>There is no big IGP APU coming. There are no chiplet APUs coming.
certainly. APU's are always 1 year behind. Lisa herself said that there won't be chiplet APU's on MATISSE, got it or do i need to spell it out for everyone.
if yields are beyond 95% on a matured note, so dirt cheap, maybe we'll see AMD slap a single HBM2 on it. cost would mostly be on the interposer and HBM with CPU costing mere peanuts.
but that all a pipedream right now

>> No.70052619

>believing totally asspulled lies from a youtube welfare cuck
The 7nm logic chip probably has a yield around 30-40%, bucko. This is not even small for the process. Adored is a total shit eating moron, and regurgitating what he says makes you an even bigger idiot.

>> No.70052674

Reminder that when a foundry is getting for example 50% known good candidates per wafer, that does not mean that 50% of the chips are perfect flawless high clocking dies.
This figure includes all passable defective dies which will have areas binned off. The cream of the crop is always a marginal portion of the total known good candidates.
Adored literally has no idea how defect binning works and hes a total laughing stock everywhere but /g/

>> No.70052687

talking about at least 1 year from now on yields, not the current one, little Timmy.
there sure is nothing as dense as you right now

>> No.70053011

>wash I know it better than anyone!!!
>wash muh 0.0001 % Intel yields determine physics!!!

>> No.70053056

>anyone who speaks against my Paypig Daddy Adored is an intel shill!
The pathetic mind of a Patreon cuck, everyone.

>> No.70053084


>> No.70053116

Just because Intel is a shit company with a forever broken 10nm process doesn't mean the rest of the world is like Intel.

>> No.70053137

>Hurry up, give me my armor and sword, there's someone on YouTube making videos, I have a crusade to run!

>> No.70053190

>keeps bring up intel
>is very clearly an Adored paypiggy
>incapable of separating reality from his narrow and obsessive fanboy mindset
Apple's A12 SoC had moderately low double digit yields when it went into production. The chiplet from AMD is only marginally smaller, and TSMC isn't a miracle worker. The 7nm node uses partial immersion stepping which is laughably complex and is never going to be a high yield process.

>> No.70053268

Ok shill, whatever you say shill. 7nm will be cheaper because it’s smaller you fucking retard. You pay less for a smaller TV too.

>> No.70053340

congrats, you got rewarded with Radeon VII !

>> No.70053352

>I have no idea what I'm talking about
>I'm just grasping at straws because I'm autistic and want to argue
7nm logic is not cheap enough to offset the cost of an interposer and stack of HBM. There are no APUs coming with a large IGP any time in the near future, anon. No amount of shitposting will change this.

>> No.70053383

back go /leddit/, pajeet.
you can't even type properly.

>> No.70053385

Not only that Zen 2 is built on a more mature 7nm process compared to Apple's early 7nm SoC, but it's also smaller, but of course facts don't matter, only personal feelings.

>> No.70053479

>Zen 2 is built on a more mature 7nm process compared to Apple's early 7nm SoC
but it's the exact same process anon.

>> No.70053712

Its the exact same 7nm line, genius. Don't try to be a smartass when you're absolutely clueless. Tapeout for AMD's chip happened only a little after A12 started hitting production. Yields don't jump through the roof within the span of 9 months. They don't jump at all with immersion, which is why immersion processes are so expensive.
Fucking EUV is a cost reduction despite its insane complexity because immersion stepping itself is an outlandishly complex and failure prone process.

>> No.70053771

No, TSMC has 7nm for HPC and 7nm for mobile

>> No.70053794

Please stay away from the keyboard because you have no idea what you're talking about.


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The HPC track is just one variant of their singular 7nm non EUV process. It is the same process, same lines, the only differences are metal stack tweaks to better higher higher voltage and total higher current which enable higher clocks in larger ICs.
Thats like saying HVT and LVT are totally different processes. You're clueless.

>trying to link to thinks you don't understand which only work against your argument

>> No.70053830

Intel lives on AMDrones' heads rent free.

>> No.70053976

Your mom lives on my penis head rent free.

>> No.70054001

>one variant
So it's not the same, feels good being right.

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File: 2.65 MB, 2100x1500, 1535464595667.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how does she do it frens? how does she keep getting away with shitting all over the kikes?

>> No.70054245

6 million chiplets - only this time it will be done in a single year, not five.

>> No.70054323

Ryzen 3 3300: $111.38
Ryzen 3 3300X: $144.57
Ryzen 3 3300G: $144.57
Ryzen 5 3600: $199.90
Ryzen 5 3600X: $257.43
Ryzen 5 3600G: $223.50
Ryzen 7 3700: $335.62
Ryzen 7 3700X: $369.55
Ryzen 9 3800X: $504.53
Ryzen 9 3850X: $560.59

>> No.70054324

Nigger the 2000 series is already parcecs ahead of your 2500k. Zen2 can't be worse than Zen+ with the info that has been shown.

>> No.70054353

She came from an EE background before she moved into the business and financial side of the industry. Her doctoral dissertation was on SOI devices. Whats really cool is that the first theorized FinFET device was actually an SOI device. Shes not someone who just dipped their toes into electrical engineering, shes a serious intellect, people like her are the absolute top tier of humanity.

>> No.70054365

I'm inclined to agree but she was referring to power consumption at CES as 'system powers'. That's kind of odd for somebody with an EE background.

>> No.70054574

Frequency isn't the only thing that matters

>> No.70054589

If it beats the rtx 2060 and costs $50 less then it btfo nvidia and any morontrd who bpight a 1660ti or 2060

>> No.70054730

To understand if the AMD drone you first must understand the mindset of the person. An AMD drone is more likely to be someone that feels like they're being persecuted. it's usually someone who's been very unsuccessful in life. They are likely to have an unsuccessful job and are poor. They fell like others are responsible for their failures. As a result, they relate to AMD. They think the big bad Nvidia and Intel all are bullying them. Much like how AMD drones IRL have been bullied.
So, they over hype AMD products. Why?
Because they think if AMD is successful, so will they be in life.
When the real product is released and is far below expectations, an AMD drone will blame Intel or Nvidia and start hyping up the next product.

This mindset of blaming others and unrealistic expectations is how a BETA male thinks.
I know this because at one time I was in the same position waiting for the i7 beating Bulldozer.
After maturing a lot, I discarded this mindset after I realized that I was the problem.
After losing my virginty and getting a Girlfriend, I further realized just how damaging that old mind set was.

This is how an AMD drone thinks.
Remember this.

>> No.70054764

>I'm inclined to agree but she was referring to power consumption at CES as 'system powers'. That's kind of odd for somebody with an EE background.

Is English her second language? That might explain it.

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