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>cancerous UX

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works on my machine

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>even did a circle

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The Division 2's augmented reality style with a bunch of thin lines and high pitched noises. Not sure what the fuck to call it.

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>ugly theme
>bad layout
stop shaming us faggot

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fuck off m8, crux is the best gtk theme out there
i don't have anything against dark themes, but i DO have a problem with symbolic monochrome icons, they're fucking useless

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i wasn't talking about the icons

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>We want the Windows10 crowd

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Dead Space did it better 10 years ago desu

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>paying hundreds of dollars for something not that much better

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Gimp could be ok but it needs a full UI overhaul and basic tool functionality should parity Photoshop as that's what 99% of us learned on.

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Someone should really take GIMP and then build a fork or it, perhaps something proprietary.
There are issues with that of course..

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posting in gimp bread

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I will attempt to switch but relearning the tools has been my primary reason for not.

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there may be PS like addons already

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I've never really used photoshop. GIMP is simple if you've played with it a bit. You do need to think about how you achieve your goal with GIMP more though. It's not as simple as one click fixes, but you can do much more than what you could do with other picture editors. I'm shocked it's free to be honest.

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gimpfags won't post a cmyk image

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Green is my pepper

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>all these photoshopcucks with their shitty perfect circles
LMAO. Have you ever seen a perfectly symmetrical circle in nature? I don't think so. Unlike your stupid, propietary software, GIMP has natural, life-like brushes.
Go on, draw a circle in a piece of paper right now, I can guarantee it will look like this patriotic, american, free and open source circle.

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need I say more?

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That's nothing new. Freetards can't design UI.

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see >>70032836

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