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When this program, Malwarebytes, quarantines potential unwanted programs or malware does this mean it's temporarily thrown into jail?

So when my free-trial runs out, that shit will be let loose and fuck with my machine again?

I have a case of the "chromium" that I seem to get no matter what I do to try and get rid of it, on and off since 2017 now. It pop-ups every now and then and is just a big hassle and nuisance.

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Just uninstall it and only use it for one-time scans and clean ups. No it won't let things loose on your machine.

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Why is it called quarrantine when there is the option to "remove" threats then?
Also i don't even need to re-download the instillation wizard right? I can just re-install from there whenever i need it again and so long as i keep on doing this i'll never void the 13 day free trial?

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I think the trial is for advanced features, you should be good.

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Oh I guess so, does it just stop working after that period or can I leave it installed for regular scans then? What's the reasons you told me to uninstall it after use?

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Quarantine just neutralizes rather than deletes the threats. For examination purposes or in case it detected something that was a false positive and you want to restore it.

You should be able to keep the installer, but the program itself isn't necessary and will more than likely slow your machine down and make it part of their botnet. It's great for one-time clean ups every year or so.

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Ok, uninstalling now.
How does this shit even happen to me? I had 40 issues but one was legit malware. I don't understand how I could've obtained such a thing.

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Just by browsing. It's pretty much unavoidable, you just clean it up every so often.

I use ADWcleaner and the ESET online scanner personally

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Oh man that's good, I felt like I was a bad pc owner because I had a malware.

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google searches and clickbait articles are the enemy

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Autism. You can just leave it anon.

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