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after 5 years of using a shitty laptop that I've kept alive with tape and cheap replaced fans/ram, I just ordered my new desktop build

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nice blog you cumwipe

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I just wanted to share my excitement with someone

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Could you give us the specs, the price, anything to discuss in detail?

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pcpartpicker list now

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got the 580 (relatively) cheap nearly new from a teenager gaymer, which I plan to upgrade from when navi or better nvidia cards release

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Very exciting anon, looking forward to all your questions in /sqt/

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Good for you anon

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congratulations dumb frog poster :)

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nice build

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i'm happy for you anone

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Enjoy it :)

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Is good.

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thank you anons for all the congratulations! two sleeps until the big day
forgot the one amendment - I bought the titanium version of the mobo because the black one wasn't in stock

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Yay! God on ya, we're proud!

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preinstalled with libreboot and gentoo, I hope

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Take a screenshot and post it on reddit

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Take a picture of the current state your laptop

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Upgraded my amd home server with modern, Intel hardware. It's actually a security improvement because I me_cleaned the CPU firmware. No such option for amd.

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Unironically based. Enjoy your 144Hz gaming, but be warned 60 will feel choppy afterward (and 30 will seem unplayable). I don't think I would've chosed much differently.
On second thought, what OS are you running? MSI AM4 mobos are the worst choice for Win7...at least in my experience. Though you should be fine if you're running Win10

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amd's psp has no internet connection in the first place...

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This is such a wholesome thread. Kudos to you OP.

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How does one fix the ME shit?

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I'll be running win10 and trying out some linux VMs until I'm confident enough to dual boot
thanks buddy

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Why is everything so expensive in Australia? That would only cost like $700-$800 US.

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Except the monitor of course.

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Government healthcare. Our taxes are higher, we have a national GST (or VAT you might call it) at 10%.

Our dollar only buys 71 US cents so $1,000 quickly becomes $1,800 - $2,000 by the time all this is considered. Plus we're a smaller market.

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Great pumpkin, now be sure to shill companies that sold you the parts like your little friends.

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Makes sense. Enjoy your new pc anon. What games are you gonna play?

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>spending your birthday money so you can browse anime board and jerk to pixels in higher resolution

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>fell for the 16 GiB RAM meme
>170$ EVGA PSU
Why not go for the fanless seasonic at that point?

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the light at the end of the tunne is good news! thank you for sharing it! it made me feel happy.

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