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im going to buy it.

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I may as well, really enjoyed my s8 these last couple years. Might wait 6-12 months though cause s8 is still a beast with no issues.

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im going to buy it.

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nice blogpost
keep me posted

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>another year with no reason to leave my s7 edge

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Have fun with a hole punch that looks like a splotch of dead pixels and an OS bastardized by retarded koreans

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Holy fuck you drink that and you basically can't eat anything else for the day if you don't want to get fat.

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it looks really good

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Me too. Just the regular S10 tho. 600 with trade in isn't bad after two years of the S8.

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i will.
and i hope you have fun with whatever trash phone you think is superior. lol.

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So they value the s8 at $300 after two years? It loses 70% of its value in 2 years? Really makes one ponder...

Meanwhile people are selling op5s on swappa for 300 which is less than 50%

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>"A good source of iron"

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60% lost new with sale it's less than 50% lost.

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Even for most men who exercise daily (2,500 cal maintenance) this single drink would be too much energy for the whole day, let alone the sedentary fatasses who must buy these things

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>2600k calories
Jesus christ.

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2.6m calories
enough for the rest of your life

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>Those recommended daily percentages

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maybe if they made an app that made a permanent black bar, so you couldn't see the screen obstruction

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I use this as a protein shake

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LMAO I just bought this right now. I'm a fat loser so who cares right.

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Be careful of Diabetes. Drink it slowly with lots of water.

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Please remember that Amerifats reduce calorie numbers by a factor of 1000.

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>total fat: 208%

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>another year with no reason to leave my moto g5 plus

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That's percent of recommended daily intake.

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Nothing wrong with a little bit of onions now and then

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You literally need to swim to Cuba or swim the English Channel to burn that calories off... literally

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I want it too

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You're going to die

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I prefer the iPhone xs because of the Apple ecosystem and user experience, but good for you OP.

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>>>69920959 (OP)
>I prefer the iPhone xs because of the Apple ecosystem and user experience, but good for you OP.

>non upgradable memory
>iTunes bloatware
>no headphone jack
>patch that cripples phone after 1 year

I too prefer getting fucked in the ass raw.

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It's disgusting and decadent and I want one

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I use the stylus on my Note 4 a lot but I feel it nearing the end of its run.

Should I just go for the Note 9 or wait for the Note 10? That ultrasonic meme sensor on the screen is really making me want to wait but I dunno.

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Once again OP has proven himself to be a eternal faggot.

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Your credit score says otherwise, anon.

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i'm going to say n word in approximately 3 minutes

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>4 minutes ago.

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How is this even legal? Is america a 3rd world country when corps are allowed to do this?

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the s8/s9/note8/note9 back fp sensors are poorly executed. I'd wait for note10 if i were you

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Almost 300g of sugar, it's like eating half a birthday cake

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I already pre-ordered the S10.

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yay, 2k$ phone which does the same thing as 300$ phone

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That much fat in one go would make me automatically have the biggest fucking diarrhea shit like 10 minutes after finishing this crap

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Thats considered a daily norm for a man engaged in physical labor in cold climate.

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I seen it here in KFC in Ireland

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>Laughs in chinkshit

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does the body even convert all those calories or is it just left in your shit?

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Carbs - certainly, most of those fats probably will give you a greasy shit.

Fun fact though carbs raise your insulin and kickstart anabolizm which makes sure that all of the excess fat you eat will go to your ass rather than energy.

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>all those fats, carbs
>all those sugar

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This is more degenerate tgan a herine shot or gay sex.

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I want to buy the s10e when it gets cheaper after a year

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>Greasy shit
Is this even a thing?

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why do you think there's an obesity epidemic?

or, idk, that maybe. i dont think you should bank on eating so much of something your body is incapable of digesting it

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if your gallbladder does a shitty job then yeah

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I really regret my lease of a Note 9 from Sprint last year when it came out. I'm paying ~$42/mo to lease it, and 2 months after release they dropped the price to $20/mo. I got burned good, and I'm not going to get burned again jumping to get the latest and greatest for no real good reason.

I'm going to wait till the end of the year again and just get a fucking S10+ when it's like $5/mo. The way they pump out these new generations of phones it just makes more sense now to get slightly "old" shit at a steep discount. Phones and computers are so fast that 1-3 year old tech still feels lightning fast.

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Your body is fucked.
Not saying anyone should drink that but everyone should be able to process it

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>Literal two days worth of fats in one drink
>Anybody should be able
That thing shouldn't even exist

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>Renting phones
How dumb are Americans?
You do understand you overpay for any thing you buy with the money you dont have?
You do understand you are paying a fucking interest rate to the jews for lending you a chinkshit shiny toy?

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yes, in one drink you fucking retard
imagine getting all your calories in one drink

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Either I buy a stupid fucking $1000 outright to use for 2 years, or I could just pay about $60 for 12 months of lease and get a brand new phone next year and do it all over again.

Do the math, Eurofag or whatever shithole you come from. You own a $600-$1k phone for 2 years. What's it worth at the end? You might get $300 if you're lucky? If I walk away paying $120 for two years with two brand new phones, and you walk away paying $300+ for two years on the same old phone, who comes out on top?

Go suck on a maple tree or stick a bottle of wine up your ass or w/e you do in your faggoty country.

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Sooooo... You pay nothing for the subscription on the cell service? You get locked into expensive plans even if the lease on the phone is cheap. But I guess burgers think everyone pays 60$ a month for their cell service.

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Where can I buy this in europe?

t. hungry skeleton trying to bulk

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Jokes on you, I use 200$ phones until i drop them to their death and once it happens i just buy a new one with cash in the nearest store.

I dont have an upgrade cycle, i use them to death. And then sell for spare parts to repair shops for 50-100$.

I prefer spending money on things that actually matter, or prostitutes.

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Just buy some choc chip ice cream and oreos to blend together. Put some chocolate sauce in as well.

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You pay for the service regardless. The phone is half worthless without the service. Who fucking goes around switching carriers every fucking few months? Your point is you're an idiot and you're jealous we have cheap leasing plans on our phones in God's chosen country.

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>using a phone for only 2 years
>buying a $1000 phone, period
>implying you get the same value from a plan where you're getting the phone included and a plan where it's BYOD
>implying you're only paying $5 a month lease for a current flagship phone

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Oh and the family pays 25$ total for the family plan we all use.

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What is whores bath
Enjoy your stanky hoes :-)

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Jokes on you - $200 phones are shit and everyone thinks you're a fag.

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I pay like 10$ a month for cell service.

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My carrier has the S9 for $5/mo, the S9+ for $10/mo, and the Note 9 for $20/mo. Not bad.

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2600 calories lol

>> No.69927500

old news, how much for the s10 or latest iphone

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They'll be $20/mo lease for a couple months, and then they will drop to the same prices. They just did that on the current gen stuff end of last year.

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It satisfies 100% of my needs and i have zero discomfort using them.

I dont play any mobile games or timekillers, but i watch youtube over 4g and shitpost on long 24h shifts and the battery holds up.

I bet your flagship cant handle 24h of use.

Fucking tell me what does a flaghip offer over a 200$ device. And why does it cost 800$.
>Inb4 camera
You can buy an ok-is mirrorless and a fixed lens for it for that money.

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My Note 9's 4000mAh battery lasts me two days of use.

>> No.69927571

>What is whores bath
>Enjoy your stanky hoes :-)

Implying an awerage thot pays anywhere near that level of attention to hygene as a whore does.
Not only they wash before and after ( sometimes in between rounds too) they also apply antiseptic everywhere.

Never encountered a whore who didn't smell and taste like soap, but if i did i'd tell her to go and take a good shower.

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Two days for me. People just don't pay attention to how horrible this stuff is for you.

>> No.69927732

>He has never eaten half a gallon of icecream in one go

>> No.69927772

only subhumans do that

>> No.69927774

Bullshit, the fingerprint sensor on the s9 is great.

>> No.69927937

Do trans fats make you want to suck dick?

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Not going to buy samshit. My s7's battery gave up after two years of use.. OnePlus rocks !

>> No.69927968

It really sucks if you ever used a pixel. Its surface area is too small and the square shape hinders functionality

>> No.69928089

> no jack

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>not living in a free country, where the evil goverment doesn't tell you what to eat.

>> No.69928251

why the fuck is there so much sodium
how does it not taste salty or something

>> No.69928263

>battery gave up after two years of use.
That's a normal lifespan for a battery.

It's a consumption good, meant to be replaced.
That's why you usually get no or limited warranty on the battery.

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>No crustaceans

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Post actual leasing plans instead of claiming stupid shit so you can't get BTFO by simple math

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>295% saturated fat
>263g of sugar (!!!!!)
>even 1.77g of sodium, somehow
what the fuck, is that a painted block of sugar glued together with fat?

>> No.69928473

how much does the galaxy s line usually get discounted couple months post launch?
wondering whether to wait or to preorder now and get some free sammie buds

>> No.69928482

>263 grams of sugar


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>Tfw I have an s9 but I want the s10e because it makes my s9 look ugly now
who here a slave to the jewish overlords

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exactly, do they expect you to eat that, and only that, over two days?

>> No.69928506

You probably need a special permit to buy something like that in Eurolandia

>> No.69928519

They make it impossible to resist when they're giving you more money to trade in your used S9 than S9s are going for new right now.

>> No.69928542

the back of my s9 is scratched to shit so I doubt i'd get anything for it

>> No.69928562

i had to look up what a gallon was, but half a gallon is ~2.25 litres
i'd have to eat an entire 2 litre container, and some to do that
that's getting into disgusting territory, i think i would only want to eat about half that (1 litre / ~1/4 gallon)

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>i had to look up what a gallon was

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don't know what that picture refers to

>> No.69928594

As long as it works, it's cracked, and powers on you'll get at least $450 for it. I kept mine in a case like a smart person so I'm getting the full $550.

>> No.69928703

Have you ever consumed 2 liters of soda in one go? It's about the same because icecream melts. I wouldn't eat two kilos of solids like meat though.

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The note 9 came out like 6 months ago and it's the same price as the s10 still. It takes a year or so for the price to come down. Qnd even them itll still be near 1000

>> No.69928736

I don't exchange my phones but when I went in they offered 150 for my s7 without even looking at it.
I think it's just a marketing tool and they don't give a damn about it.

>> No.69928742

note 9 is £500 on ebay

>> No.69928777

>Have you ever consumed 2 liters of soda in one go?
no, i don't believe i have
i've never bought a 2l bottle of soda to drink on my own, let alone in one go. i might have gotten 1.25l bottles occationally when i was younger, but even then it would have taken some time to drink it all

>> No.69928779

How much is the s10 going for in eurospeak?
I mean I think the note 9 is a little cheaper but not a significant amount cheaper than when it was released it what I'm saying.

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can't speak for those stinky continentals but here's the UK pricing

>> No.69928821

does this count as assisted suicide?

>> No.69928825

no one cares what you spend your moeny on

>> No.69928945

Oh I think you guys are just getting screwed. Its like $900 in america

>> No.69928950

looking at getting samsung s8 on pay as you go sim, worth it? is the battery life terrible on a brand new one?

>> No.69928954

They have a 20% worker's paradise sales tax embedded in 98% of everything they buy, that's one of the main reason their shit is always more expensive.

>> No.69928968

Close your gape, onion.

>> No.69928986

Are their income taxes lower? Holy fuck.

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>Are their income taxes lower

Do you think "free" healthcare and essentially "free" university comes from the sky?

>> No.69929072

>s10+ costs like $1400 where I live, but I get it through work for like $300
aw yiss

>> No.69929158

Just as the S9, I see no reason to upgrade from my S8. Maybe I'll get the S11 or 12.

>> No.69929180

>actually trudging along in Samsung UI with only a SD835
Lagged like shit

>> No.69929336

The camera is in exactly the right place to block critical buttons that you need to use Clover and YouTube.

>> No.69929354

I'm just a little confused how the front camera works with fullscreen apps, like movies or games.

>> No.69929356

How about the fact that it's a fucking edge? Edge screens are glare galore in any daytime use situation.

>> No.69929382

they'll probably just make a super thick notification bar so nothing gets blocked

>> No.69929391

Shit, I wish it sold in our country so I could gain faster.

>> No.69929627

Yeah well I pay 34% tax myself.

>> No.69929679

>Be american
>get paycheck
>over 1/3 of it goes to medical insurance, federal taxes, state taxes, social security, etc.
thank god I don't have student loans or I'd be pissed. its not like we're that much better, but we don't even get the free shit they do.

>> No.69929697

>super thick notification bar
And some idiot said that they hate bezels.

>> No.69929713

No lag here champ, maybe stop downloading viruses

>> No.69929809

>And then sell for spare parts to repair shops for 50-100$.
no you dont. it was believable until this. fuck off autist.

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>> No.69931784

do it don't look back or listen to these nobblets

>> No.69931856

Will they trade in an s6??

>> No.69931932

>not the fold
what are you, poor?

>> No.69932027

>white notification panel on AMOLED

Enjoy your burn-in

>> No.69932179

That alone can feed an African village for a week...

>> No.69932226 [DELETED] 

Fat is healthy, carbs are the problem.
All those calories though...

>> No.69932236

>everyone should be able to process it
This is how you let us know you know nothing about biology or medicine

>> No.69932249

yeah but i wont

>> No.69932270

you think that drink has any healthy fats?
it's pure saturated fat, may as well drink grease

>> No.69932296 [DELETED] 

Communist China?

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Samsung will give me $550 to trade in my launch day S9+ towards S10+, but the shipping is now at March 15 and the phone doesn't seem that great

Advise me please

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You didn't stop me fast enough, /g/ ! I pre-ordered it. I found out the free Galaxy Buds have a mic in them and realized I can use them for conference calls.

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>tfw posting this from my Note 4

>> No.69933993

Woah, nice blog!

>> No.69934047

>nobody cares

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just munch your way slowly thro that. You'll be dog sick by the end, but just remember, Burgers do this every day

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Out of curiosity what, besides a pen, do you expect the S10 note to have over the supersized S10?

>> No.69934760

What'd the price of the s10+? I have an s8+ and it's good

>> No.69935155

look closely, it's a 32oz serving size. according to the site they don't offer it anymore but I have no doubt that it's accurate. no single human bean should consume a 32oz shake.

>> No.69935244

Is the S10+ already out of stock? The Samsung website says expected to ship March 15

>> No.69935326


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>> No.69937477

Does anyone have any info on the S10 battery life? All I can find is S10+ since that's all that seems to be released for review units.....

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