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Post some /guts/

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r8 h8 masturb8

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Is this a vintage guts thread?

Sorry to barge in with my newfangled guts.

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No I intend to use that server at least monthly for me backups

won't boot otherwise rated 1995/10

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>for me backups
Lucky, you can't have my lucky charms.

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>won't boot
sez you

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the hard drive is obviously not plugged in

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>a single fan
>no active heatsink cooling
how hot does it get

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There is a fan in the middle of the heatsink (similar to your pic in a way)

It's an annoying size, 80 mm but thinner than normal so very difficult to find, so of course it's making a rattling noise

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that's a pain in the ass, if all else fails you could zip tie a normal fan to it

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This is a Dell 450 MHz Pentium 2 board with matching PSU since they swap around a couple wires on the power connector so using a standard PSU will fry it. I put in
>ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500
>Linksys WMP54G wifi card
>D-link 100 mbps ethernet
>USB 2.0 host card since the board only has 1.1
>Aureal Vortex A3D sound card for use in Windows
>ISA Sound Blaster 16 for use in DOS because A3D's OPL3 emulation blows
>48x CDROM with proper analog audio out to sound card
>DVD+/-RW drive without analog out for DVD based stuff
>400 GB IDE HDD, partitioned to 127 GB since that's the max Win98SE can see
>Gateway 2000 case that required minor dremeling to make it proper ATX, which is why the PSU is slightly askew - there isn't a bracket at the top to hold the back end of the PSU up
>weird ass "in the back, out the PSU" airflow design because this case's front has very minimal ventilation
>thermistor-regulated fan zip tied to the CPU heatsink to make sure it stays nice and cool (it's cool to the touch under load, lol), and to increase airflow around the HDD
Cost: $0 since it's all stuff out of my junk parts box

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Aliexpress actually seems to have a bunch of them, mostly from Delta
I'll just need to measure it first and I just cannot be arsed to take the cooler out

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Oh also 512 MB RAM because Win98 starts to have problems with more than that, and because I found a pair of 256 MB DIMMs that work in it before reading in the manual that its max is 3 sticks of 128 making 384 MB.

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Nice little 1997 build.

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The drive is dead and I can't be arsed to remove it. The machine is running off the CF adapter at the rear of the case which the floppy power connector is going to.

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Do I spy, with my little eye, a VooDoo 5500? Classy.

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You spy correctly. Found it in an Athlon rig that was going to get scrapped.

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Those "Passive" CPU heatsinks were designed with ATX 1.0 PSUs in mind, which had a fan pointing downwards with reversed airflow compared to modern PSUs.
I hope you're not running that CPU passively, because it's going to cook itself without such a PSU.

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It's runs stable at a substantial undervolt. It doesn't even get hot enough to be painful if you touch it under load.
I considered attaching a fan but it just doesn't get toasty enough to justify it.

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This is now a retro guts thread.

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yeah, cause it sure wasn't before

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>>a single fan
>>no active heatsink cooling

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>Gateway 2000 case that required minor dremeling to make it proper ATX
I have that case, still original with the original P2 233MHz inside. There's only one thing I dislike about PCs that age: the headache-inducing sound of 5600rpm HDDs.

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>Pentium 3 Coppermine, 1GHz
>512MB PC133
>VIA Apollo Pro 133A
>Nvidia GeForce 7800 GS AGP
>2x 3dfx Voodoo 2 12MB SLI
>Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
>Creative Sound Blaster 16 OPL3
>3Com Gigabit ethernet 3C2000
>Initio INIC1623 SATA controller
>WD Raptor 78GB 10000RPM SATA HDD
>WD Blue 500GB 7200RPM SATA HDD
>WD 160GB 7200RPM IDE HDD in the front caddy
>IDE DVD-ROM, 1.44MB 3,5" floppy, onboard USB

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my pc sucks

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> Retro
> Sata cables

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SATA is nearly 20 years old, greenman.

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The one with chubby plastic side panels? Thing has no flat surfaces. No reset button either which irks me. I want to add one, on the ledge inside when you remove the cover to reveal the 2 normal 5.25" bays.

I hate how much the HDD noise resonates inside it. It's a 7200 RPM drive and it makes enough rumble. The way the front bezel fits on seems to make it worse. If I press on that it gets quieter.

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PCIe too. What are you making with SATA and PCIe that isn't just a modern PC but slower?

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The same could be said of using x86 chips. It's the same shit, just slower

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Cheaper baby version of 750D rolling through.

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When you get back to the 80s to mid 90s, you run into compatibility issues. Games that run way too fast on a newer CPU, things that need Voodoo or more exotic video cards, OPL3 sound or Roland if you like wavetable MIDI in DOS... You can do a lot of this with DOSBox but it still doesn't work with some games, and requires fiddling to fix glitches like cracking audio in others.

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>vertical mounted CPU cooler
Wtf, man

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The Cooler Master Hyper only mounts that way on the AM3+ socket, but it's a fantastic cooler, great performance and you don't have to use that backplate that's a pain in the ass.

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zoomer coming through

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As much as I dislike modern cases, the vertical GPU thing is cool because your card won't do this.

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>using the GPU display slot that puts the intake for it right up against the window

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Use a support. The vertical mount chokes the fans.

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took out the window so its not blocking the intake

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>running your case open

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What case is that?

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It's actually a 4U rackmount server case with some rubber feet.
I used to have the exact manufacturer name and model written down but I can't find it anymore, sorry, google "black 4u case door" and you'll find similar cases.

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I see that G5 down there.

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That's a G5 alrite, with a G4 next to it, sadly I don't have it anymore.
Since this is a /guts/ thread, this is the best guts picture I have of it.

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What a cute box

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I added some fans yesterday. Of course it's just a temporary setup, to check if everything fits.

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Nice rads, now you can cool a 9900K at stock.

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And it's cooling this.

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Like the result

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current guts, looks bit more ugly in this pic because the phone flash

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pretty cool

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Depends. It's only an 4790k, delidded and bare die, and an RX480, so there's not a whole lot of heat.
I could only run two fans yesterday, don't want to blow my fan header out. Waiting for a powered fan splitter to arrive.
So with about 300 watts being dumped into the loop the water temp was about 2C above room temp. CPU got about 20-25C over that. GPU got up to about 8-10 degrees over water temp. So basically, 45 on the CPU, 30 on the GPU. It's way overkill, but I still need to see how well it works after I can run all four fans and seal the gaps between rads and fans.

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W-Why did you do that?! That's ridiculous cooling for those parts!
I guess future proofing the cooling is a good idea though, specially if you want to stick to Intel kek.

What amperage are the fans? Modern fans like Noctuas are like 0.10A, you could literally have 10 of them on one fan header, since motherboard headers are usually rated for 1A.

Very nice temps though, you could get some nice OC with that if you win the silicon lottery also.

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It's a hobby. Also like you said, future proofing. Just having a nice little cabinet on wheels that can cool whatever parts I throw at it, quietly. I've previously spent ridiculous amounts on "traditional" third party CPU and GPU heatsinks as well. Fans too. Probably got like 40-50 fans I don't even use besides testing them and writing a short review. So why not give watercooling a go...
The CPU is bench stable at 5GHz with like 1.4V, and daily stable at 4.9GHz, at the same voltage. GPU I haven't really tortured with the new cooling yet, but I've logged some runs at 1560MHz. It's just that coil whine at those clocks becomes unbearable. Temps still stay fine and don't break 60.
They're AP181 fans. I like having a bit of headroom. 0.54a per fan, as they're large fans, and go up to 1200RPM.

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what sorts of goodies are you storing away?

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>the hard drive is obviously not plugged in

You might be too young to know this; computers used to be able to boot without harddrives.

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Dolphin porn, lots of it.

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unironically good taste

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well... they still can
plus the CompactFlash card adapter is obviously visible

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>computers used to be able to boot without harddrives
I'm older than you, and the pic shows it booted from C:

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My Sony MDR-v6 headphones lost sound in one side yesterday :(
Lasted 6 years of pretty heavy use with traveling, gaming, lanparties and the ocational walk outside. And probably dropped 50 times to the floor.

Luckily I bought a second pair years ago :3

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A little but dusty.

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>tfw should have just gone matx

Look at all that fucking dead space.

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new build

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Specs? obviously that mobo comes from a time where asus had the really nice blue aesthetic.

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>blue heatsinks
That's Z77 at the latest, no?

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Yeah Z77 was the newest to look like that, 32nm and 22nm Ultra durable and Asus CPU mobos had the best aesthetic.

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Fucking based, Anon.

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I still have an mITX box running an P8Z77-i, next to my watercooled frankenstein. That mobo is beautiful.
>not that you can see it

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This one, without the door (not my picture). The case is pretty nice, I think.

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