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Is it a meme?

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It's the best mouse ever made. Nothing compares to the hand feel that the deathadder gives you.
Too bad they break every few months.

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if you palm grip they're pretty good
any other type of grip: get something else

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Does it look like a meme?

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is this board filled with /v/eddit memeshitters?
what the absolute fuck is happening here

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it does

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have you literally ever used one

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two mice for maximum autism

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>muh placebo
>muh post-purchase rationalization
>having any reason to use razer ever
cartwheel into traffic

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razer taipan > that shit.

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two questions:
1 why do you have 2 mice
2 why do you have 2 dry pancakes on your desk

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It's the best mouse I've used ergonomically speaking. the software never works though. And the button on my last one started double clicking 3 years after use. That was the 2013 version. Now I've used the "elite" for a couple years and it's still alright. Though the razer software doesn't work with it but that's fine I only need 800 dpi and don't need any meme lighting anyway.

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1. G Pro Wireless
2. Zowie Divina Series
3. G305

6. Deathadder

You can't prove me wrong

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those are coasters you pleb

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>adhd entertainment litebrite
>2 vertical meme displays
>shitty coasters
>lol those speakers
>r type keyboard with xtreme red graphix
>probably just outside of picture: racing chair
>webcam: never used

truly the hero /g/ deserves

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guess you havent

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I use a normal office chair.

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I'm finally replacing my G700 after several years of faithful service, and I'll be replacing it with the G Pro Wireless. Hopefully it's as good.

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Just get a zowie instead: Size/shape options, great sensor, nothing to bitch about

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Go outside. Goddamn.

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if gollum had a pile of tech in his cave I imagine it would look something like this

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>Discord on a CRT

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redragon cobra 711 fps is a 3360 optix sensor mouse for the budget plebeians like me

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It has double the battery life and is much lighter, its pretty much a straight upgrade.

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I lift 4 days a week and ride 15 miles a day on my bike lel

Step up normie

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Try talking to another human being outside of your autism shrine. It'll do you some good.

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I have owned 2 razer products, and both of them broke within 6 months.

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I've had mine for the good part of 2 years, what do you do to your mice??

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That's good to hear. I've had the G700 for years, so I hope the Pro lasts as long. Does anyone use that wireless charging mouse pad with it? Wouldn't mind hearing some feedback if so.

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Always remember that aggressive marketing is somehow supposed to generate extra revenue to cover itself and then some more. The only way to do that is to market in countries that do not have a major user base for the moment (not the case), or to pay for it through planned obsolescence.

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>Maga hat
What you mean by this

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To be perfectly honest, it's kind of a gimmick. Considering how fast the GPW charges, it's not really worth the 100$. If you're used to a mousepad over 30cm it's kind of tiny.

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>ABS plastic
Stop buying this shit when PBT mice exist, holy fuck.

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>ABS plastic
They're all shit and the shell will wear out in 6 months.

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m705 is literally the best mouse in the world with its infinite scroll. mx master * is literally shit

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Whats the point of the two TVs showing the same thing

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Decent mouse with low build quality.
Had two, each of which lasted for just about 2 years.

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If it's not a $20 logitech, it's a meme

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I have that exact same binary clock (won it in a hackathon). It's absolute trash and you should feel ashamed for using it.

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>monitors double as makeup mirrors
>RGB keyboard
>RGB mice

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I’ve had mine for 5 years now, only shit that’s broke is that the damn rubber pads on the side fell off. Glued em back on, fell off again. Fuck that shit tho, still works fine.

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What's so great about logitech mice? They all have this horrible gaymer design and the build quality isn't good enough for the price. I own a G502, the scroll wheel is already broken and the cable is fucked up. I haven't had problems like this with any other mouse, ignoring the razer mice I've had. My deathadder just completely stopped working after my cat managed to throw it on the floor once. No noticable damage from outside, it just doesn't work anymore.

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Waste of monitors

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the only mouse I use

they break way too often though, thank god I know a guy who's great at repairing them

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I find more and more embarrassing details the longer I stare. Weeb shit for days. A mirror with shit stacked in front of it so you can tell it's never used. The body odor fan on the floor.

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Death Adder 2013 Master race

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Like what, the ugly as fuck ducky one? Shut the fuck up lmao, nobody uses pbt for mice. Go back to /mkb/

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the future is now

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yes, I've broke three

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It's fine. Only problem is it can be uncomfortable on the hands. Why do people like/hate it so much anyways?

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Gaming mice are only a meme if you're not playing games. If you do play games, they're a necessity. That mouse has one of the best sensors that exist and the shape is pretty good, too (if you don't have small hands)

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For people such as myself who have big hands and play games, this mouse has the best shape ergonomically. Sure it's a gamer meme but find me a mouse that has the same size and can play most games like enemy territory, cs etc with the same precision.

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Waaaay back in the beginning of the gamer thing, it was actually a great mouse. For me, still it is BUT, his durability sux nowadays.

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Cumfy basement, the fake christmas tree makes it.

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When I bought mine i barely played any games with it but it was very comfortable. It broke within the first 12 months though, despite looking after it.

For me it was the middle click that went first, then the scroll wheel entirely. Maybe I just have a much higher usage of the scroll wheel than others?

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Loved the shape, absolutely terrible otherwise. First one I owned started double clicking after 2 years and the middle mouse button just stopped functioning soon after. Bought another and the middle mouse button went in just 1 year.

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Your mice are like children's toys in my hands.

Let me know when I can palm grip a mouse with a 9.5 long by 6 inch wide hand. Until then I'm sticking to superior trackball.

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Logitech MX 518 is on pre-order.

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had mine since 2013 its a quality mouse dont get the rgb version cause ur palm is covering the rgb area so waste of money

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