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Does windows file explorer itself have a file extension and name?

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Why are files already installed called exe anyway?

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exe = executable

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A-are you serious anon?

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based 3 iq poster

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Since this is now a stupid questions thread i have one that i’ve been needing an answer to: If i uninstall the driver for my integrated webcam, can someone hack into my device and still use it? And if so, how if the OS can’t recognize the device?

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Drivers aren't actually necessary, they just make you install them to use the hardware to make sure you didn't steal it. A bit like a CD Key

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specter and meltdown

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I can’t tell if serious or retarded

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Have you never heard of Driver Rights Management before?

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The installers on Wangblowz should of having .mis instead of .exe afaik

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I meant .msi not .mis

Sorry, my mechanical keyboard is to blame.

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Hello little girl.

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Is that a jojo reference?

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All installers should be on MSI in theory for ease of deployment and general database consistency but no one fucking bothers
It’s just one of those tools MS has developed over the years to make shit a somewhat better experience on windows but no one is interested in that

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.exe is the file extension windows uses to denote executable files so the gui knows what to do when you click on them.
You can run non-exe executables on windows as well but not usually from the normal gui.
Installed programs are just programs that were in a packed format and then unpacked. All this does is try to garauntee that everything the program needs is as it should be.
There's plenty of programs who don't need installation. They work just as well.

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I wonder if Linux programs are this portable where they can just be anywhere and ran with a click
I’ve never tried to be honest

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AppImages are meant to be.

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they are

neck yourself

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There's a lot of programs that are, or at least could be.
Linux ecosystems have a preference for dynamic linking though. So for a lot of programs you'd have to ship the dynamic libraries with it.
It's essentially as portable. You copy multiple files instead of one. Or you could be tricky and just append the libraries to the executable and extract them when you run. Some programs do that. Back in the day when harddrive space was scarce people did executable file compression. So what you actually shipped was a decompressor which decompressed and loaded the actual program.

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