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desktop thread

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cybernetics edition

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Happy Valentine's Day

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reddit: the anime: the desktop

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Oh, I don't actually think the anime is good as I couldn't get past the 3rd episode. Just thought its aeshetic was really nice which inspired this desktop, but whatever.

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so you're a poser poser

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Probably the cringiest post I have ever seen in a desktop thread. Congrats

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Hare Krishna
Hare Agni
Hare Visnu

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Sure hope so. Don't want to be bundled with those lainfags, am I right?

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lain is good

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holy shit the samefagging is real lmao. feels bad doesnt it when no one responds to your desktops anymore

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rate me lads, no cleaning/editing was done so be gentle

default background for maximum camouflage (laptop)

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>rate me
there's nothing to rate,

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Bloated riceniggers
Shiva would have used dwm.

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Based. 10/10

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why is there so much tranny propaganda on /g/ these days?

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go ask the battlestation threads

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I seriously hope you aren't talking about this but the programming socks and stuff.

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>a fucking p4
Is it possible to live with this nowadays?

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this is really nice desu

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Yes. First pc I ever bought, has outlasted everything else.

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What can you do with this machine nowadays? Any video streaming is a big no I suppose, but you can just download everything in h264 and put the shit to work at pure cpu power, I guess.

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i only made the last two posts and the last one wasn't even addressed to you
dude you literally stole a poor tranny his rice based on an anime you didn't even watch, is that so hard to imagine there's multiple people who think what you said was pants on head retarded?

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Its my every day computer. Do scripting, html/css, markup, internet browsing, research, music listening and creation, and watch videos under 720p.

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>pants on head retarded
haha classic- that takes me back

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Even me don't see myself doing anything much more than these things you said. Probably an old machine would be fine to me if it could play chinese cartoons.

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>fapping tissues
>muscular thighs
>broad shoulders
i don't know shit about anime, but i'm pretty sure that's supposed to be a husbando, not a waifu.

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who's rice was stolen?

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have fun with emacs anon
you got rid of the icons in your menu, i like the colors everything blends well.
Happy valentines day anon
Nice and cleans looks good
I like the look nestoligic
The purple in the bar is kinda hard to see blends to much with the bar, id also hide the menu in the terminal.

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Chrome, Discord, and Windows. The gang's all here.

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It's a girl and she's inside a hikikomori's room. That's why it's messy everywhere.
The rest is some old anime characteristics.
NHK ni Youkoso. See by yourself.

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4chan is becoming way to obsessed with trannies lately, it's clearly a girl drawn in older art style

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I dunno who was the first one, there's dozens of black and pink lain desktops. here's an example

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Yeah its not really all that bad. Will probably wait for this to die before I upgrade, and even then I'll probably get some old thinkpad.

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Here's mine
Internet explorer is waterfox

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>i don't know shit about anime
this isn't the site for you then

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very nice desu
lain has been /g/s anime for years fag
based okabe
very nice anon

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love maru fonts

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koume is CUTE!

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cute yui

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uwu is that illya poster

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Just started using both Rocketdock and Object Dock and as a result have completely done away with the default taskbar/notification tray.
The bottom one is simply a container for anything I minimize.
Obviously the docks autohide normally until mouseover.

Doing so also made some of the things I used rainmeter for redundant so I've removed those as well. I'm trying to think of ways to fill up the extra space on my second monitor now.
My computer is a toaster but I'm sure I'll think of something eventually, monitoring this thread and lurking your desktops for inspiration now.

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hi sadlad

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classic screamcore

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literally who

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going to work

gonna get on the public transportration that i shant be paying for yet again

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Cool. Where do I subscribe?

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faggot thread*

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Shan't you?

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good luck

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