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What are some forms of unnecessary modern technology currently in widespread use that would seem ridiculous to try to explain to someone 100 years ago?

I will start with pic related.
>battery powered ciggarettes

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>include [expert] installation
>+$78.49 dollars
what the actual fuck

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As much as I hate both cigarettes and vaping, it makes more financial sense to vape as you don't have to constantly buy cigarettes.

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>electronic cigarettes
>ridiculous to try to explain to someone 100 years ago
Do you think people 100 years were still in stone age and wouldn't understand such a simple concept?

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A hundred years ago the only persons that knew about electricity were scientists, engineers. ect. They could probably be made to understand an ecig. The common person may have been able to understand, but they would still have thought the idea of a battery powered cigarette ridiculous.

The point is even if they could understand the idea of a rechargeable cigarette that sprayed tobacco would have seemed silly, same as pic related here >>69775437

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holy shit i think youre onto something

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Except that you have to constantly buy vape juice. If you are buying vape juice in bulk and refilling a device you can come out ahead. If you are buying pre-filled cartridges or devices you can easily spend the same or more then actual smoking.

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SmartShopper grocery organizer installation experts need to eat too, anon

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juuls are lame af now all the cool kidz are chiefing pens now

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there's a word that describes the phenomenon you explained: solutionism

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this. non refillable pod systems are the work of jews.

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A pack of of 20 roll your own cigarettes with organic tobacco costs less than 50 cents.

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Most speakers designed by Bang & Olufsen ...

Pic related

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Lol niggers

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Actually a lot of college kids are quitting vaping in favor of actual cigarettes because smoking is cheaper.

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They wouldnt find it ridiculous they would be amazed. Just like how most plebs are amazed everytime a new tech company farts out something new

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Vape is more expensive. You have to pay for the vape thing and for the liquid every time it runs out, and it's more expensive than cigarettes.

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Wait ... what

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Especially if you roll your own. Actually is easier to roll a cigarette than to fiddle with filling the juice.

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>not dipping

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Google home does this and more for half the price if you don't mind being spied on for marketing purposes

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t. white trash hillbilly.

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The juice/cartridges are more expensive than cigarettes

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>smokers are basically the only ones that manage to get lung and throat cancer
>reee but 122 year women muh gobernment controlling me also fuck vaccines and the earth is flat

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>In any case, the presented amounts of diesel exhaust are very much less than those reported in the cigarette studies. Lung tumors have also been reported in rats exposed to a variety of insoluble inert particles (35).
>Another possible reason for the lack of correlation is that the results of rat and mouse inhalation bioassays do not consistently predict carcinogenic risk for many chemicals (27). Specifically, rats and mice may not be a good model for lung malignancy.
Sample size is sufficient, though. almost a 1000 mice, without committing the crime of a Type II error due to a huge sample size.

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BASED retard

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I always thought those things were to "rewind" the DVD. i.e. clean the disc back to when it was brand new, remove imperfections, etc. Please don't tell me it's just a device that spins counter clockwise.

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This is nonsense, I vape 1 ml per day and haven't spent a dime in 2 years. Stock pile synthetic nicotine in the freezer, it lasts years, I bought a ton when they were planning on regulating it in 2016. Thank God for Republicans. Mix your own juice, build your own coils. It costs literally nothing. 5 minutes to mix a bottle once a month, 5 minutes to build a coil once a week.

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It's like shitty retrofuturism.

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No they wouldn't. They would laugh in your face, spit a lugee of chaw in your eye, then light a roll their own smoke before exclaiming, "Why in tarnation would I need an electric dick to smoke with?.

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just a scam for tards

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Could almost see those as monsters in some 1920's sci-fi comic

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Electricity was well know by far more than just scientists & engineer by 1919. 35% of US households had electrical service by the 1920 census. Pretty much everyone at that time would have no trouble understanding an e-cig. Flashlights were invented in 1899 and common enough by then.

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Pro-tip: French bitch lied, turns our her name is Yvonne Calment and stole her mother's ID


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You are missing the point. Here it is spelled out for you anyone else that doesn't get it
>Modern society is inundated with frivolous technological bullshit no one actually needs
Referencing the past as to the to technology that was thought to be ridiculous at the time a good example is
A majority of society saw them as frivolous bullshit when came out. As in:
>What the fuck do I need an auto-mo-bile fer? I got me horse you knucklehead science faggot.

All you faggots that think the above is ridiculous hurry up to amazon and buy one of these >>69775437 because obviously its completely needed for your existence by your definition on practical.

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>Kill mother
>Pretend to be her
This would be a great way to rack up age points
>Kill parents
>You're now 50 years older
>Have child when you're "80"
>They kill you 20 years later
>They're now 100, but look biologically 20
>They have kid at 110, get killed at 130, child now 130 years old
Good fucking shit

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By that token mixing your own vape juice is like a few bucks for a goddamn gallon.

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I don't get why /g/ is opposed to vaping. It's like really hating eyepatches.
Most people doing it do it so they can either try to drop nicotine, smoke in a healthier way, or just be able to smoke without walking a hundred feet to the smoking station .

The whole idea of the dumb kid who picks up vaping because it's cool and they like wasting money is a YouTube bit that's been blown into a strange stereotype.

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if you aren't mixing your own vape juice in 2k19 and don't have a rebuildable and reliable dna mod, then you're doing it wrong.

I pay less than 2€ per _week_ on vape juice with nicotine and that's also including my favorite (more expensive) flavor.
2 € / 3.5 = 0.57 € per pack equivalent
I used to smoke 0.5-1 packs a day

I'm saving a shit load on my bad smoking habit and it's undenyably better than smoking cigarettes. My lungs feel a lot better than when I was smoking normal cigarettes.

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it probably spins in the "forward" direction too

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