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replace the the housefire card with the 970 3.5gb and it would be right

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Q6600 + 8800GT

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Cope poorfag

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4790k + GTX 970
and the eternal classic:

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Living in 2007.

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only niggers use a r9 290

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3570k + GTX 670

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Literally kept me going for 5yrs. Even still played most things in 2017 fine. Upgraded to 1060 and it chews through everything

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athlon xp 2600+
radeon 9500pro

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what dreams where made of

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I have a 3770k+r9 390. It burnt down my house twice but with proper airflow it's not too bad.

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My 15W laptop CPU is about as strong as that CPU.

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OK kid

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I use a 1950X and a 1070.

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The true GOAT.

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OK kid

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Woah who knew processors get more efficient over time

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So stop recommending outdated trash

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not op

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Not in real applications, even with HT it's barely much better

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cлaбый дoлжeн бoятьcя cильнoгo

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>barely much better
That was kinda the point. It's approximately equal.

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It’s not trash if it does its job quite well.

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But it literally doesn't.

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t. retard

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E8400 + 3870

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You're just buthurt that a sub $100 used PC paired with a 1050ti can run any contemporary game just fine

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Q9550 + 750TI

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I have this exact setup.
Doesn't seem worth upgrading, cpu single core clock hasn't gone up enough, and AMD's radeon 7 is underwhelming.
Anything else costs too much.

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2500K with a GTX580. GPU lasted 3 years. CPU lasted 5.5 years. If I had a 2600K I wouldn't have upgraded yet.

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>AMD power draw
>AMD thermals
>mfw the only time ATi/AMD hasn't been housefire tier was 2008 to 2011

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AMD FX-6300 overclocked to within an inch of its life & Radeon 7950 (with 7970 flash BIOS)

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>If I had a 2600K I wouldn't have upgraded yet.
Do those extra threads really make a difference? I doubt it. I mean, I still run a 2500K myself, but I don't really see the performance difference being significant. 3770K maybe.

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Dis nigga gets it.

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>970 trash
Only niggers fell for the 700 series memes (except 750ti)

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I like my 970 but a card that was advertised as 4 GB and ended up being 3.5 GB will never be legendary.

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Yes. They do. A 2600K OCed to 4.5gorillionhurtz is around a 8400. Also if you matched that 2600k with 2133mhrz ram you had absolutely no reason to upgrade. Wouldn't bottleneck anything below a 1080ti/rtx2080

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Haslel is a better legacy platform with cheap DDR3

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I have a 960 2 GB. Fine card though it's definitely showing its age on newer games.

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i had 9800gt tho which was retarded as it turns out cuz hd4870 and hd4850 were already out
but i was young and stupid
never bought novideo after that.
absoutely based

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havent seen this in like 15 years ytmnd days

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>Fine card
>completely destroyed by its competitor in modern games

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I do have a 1050ti desktop as well, but I'd be pretty sad if my thinshit laptop would be as strong as my desktop CPU-wise. In fact it did overpower my old desktop, which sucked especially as I was running Gentoo at the time and my laptop would barely benefit from distcc compared to its own respective older equivalent.

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970 gets trashed around by 290.

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700 series were a better deal than AMD cards for a while because of crypto miners buying everything.

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wouldn't a 2500 bottleneck the R9?

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>AMD gpoo

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Nice. I could have never afforded that system when it came out, but I got it used from my father to replace my pentium IV. The 8800 broke pretty soon though, I got a 460 instead and OCd the Q6600 to somewhere around 2,9 GHz. Used it until 2015.

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That's not 4790k + GTX 980

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So pentium 4 was not a housefire compared to an athlon 64?

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ryzen 1700/1700x/1800x + vega 56/64

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u got it backwards mate
>fx8350 + gtx 1070

a backdoor-free powerhouse CPU (as in uses a lot of power) and a price-performance GPU for muh gaymes

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>r9 290
>phenom 6x 1090t, a shit one at that, can't even hit 3,7ghz when everybody reports "4ghz ez oc bro"
fuck my lyfe
thank god new ryzens are coming in hot

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I have the same dilemma. Maybe navi will be decent. The new ryzen look promising too, maybe they'll force Intel to up their game too.

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depends on how you're clocking that chip. Phenom II's were able to be more easily clocked when fucking with FSB more so than just regular multiplier. But FSB manipulation is a pain in the ass. I helped get my buddy's golden chip Phenom II X4 965 to 4.2GHz like that. (Granted we got it to 3.9GHz on multiplier alone)

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>Name a more iconic duo
Watch this, nigga.

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Don't know why my quality is ass but that's the motherfucking 8350 with the 7970.

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Imagine supporting such a shit platform. Does /g/ really need a refresher in how trash bulldozer was?

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i5 9600k and 1070

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A platform so trash that its single core performance was slower than Phenom on release. Literally ate power on load, cooked everything in site AND cost more than a 2500K on release

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I came here to post this.

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*comes in the following year and dominates for less than 200 dollars*

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>R9 290
>not 7970

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This, an overclocked 7970 will put out heat like a 290 and come close to it.

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what the fuck does this have to do with being white

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R5 2600 + RX 580

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A nigger would ball out with the hardware and a white man would get stuff that offers the best price to performance.

He would also write his own compiler.

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>iToddlers btfo

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Kek, we're calling the intel users iToddlers now whenever they get btfo by Intelaviv.

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i5-2500k @4.5GHz and GTX 660 Ti @1.3GHz

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I miss that

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*gets shit on so hard that they have to sell their flagship product for pennies*

Imagine shilling for such a universally canned product. I get being an AMD fan. But I don't understand being a bulldozer/piledriver fan, it was such a trash product.

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>GTX 660 Ti @1.3GHz
How are you not on fire? My Sapphire Dual-X OC 7970 that hits 1GHz with the power limit cranked up puts out a shit ton of heat this winter which is cool but it's alot.

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I'm not a fan of the bulldozer FX-8150 because it clocks so poor, but the 8350 is a great fucking chip that they should've released in 2011, even Lavcopricetech said the FX-8350 was pretty decent and they fucking hated AMD FX and shilled for Intel, the 8350 was just that decent.

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case fans from 3 sides, still kepler power management will only run in that frequency if there's headroom in temperature.

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Based kepler, shame the high end 600 series has only 2GB of frame buffer, but if you have a custom card with 4Gb of RAM, you can actually be alright.

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>Just that decent

Lmao even you don't say it's good hahhaha

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It's just decent for gaymen but for my multicore needs is awesome.

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>Intel CPU + onboard Intel graphics
>Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait
Literally never had a discrete GPU, still don't need one

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i just got off lga 775 a couple days ago, thank you very much.

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intel has best linux drivers too

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3.5 GB

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Pentium 4 + ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

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My 6600K and Fury Nitro

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>when we already have intool

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Damn that's bretty good,

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> Iconic
32MB TNT2 Ultra + Dual 3Dfx VooDoo2's.

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>6 cores 6 threads

Literally gonna be obsolete next year when AMD shits on it lmao.

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This, people laughed at AMD with the moar cores approach, but you need moar cores now to stay relevant.

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R5 1600/2600 + RX 580

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Intel is and always has been a Jewish company with a very Jewish corporate culture. There is nothing "white" about it whatsoever.

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Get a load of Zuum Zuum.

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>Literally gonna be obsolete next year when AMD shits on it lmao.

>Shitting on anything that isn't a street

get a load of this guy

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tfw using a i5 2500k and a rx580

i dont know how to overclock my cpu

>> No.69780173

He's right though, the days of getting a 2500K and using it for 8 years are over.

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i5 2500k and a 970 is literally what I've been using forever.

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You go into the bios and change a number.
Not that hard.

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AMD has shown nothing that would prove this so far.

AMD has the P/P crown no doubt but intel still clearly hold the performance crown with ease

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R5 2600 + RTX 580. Get fucked, boomer.
Based great depression grandpa.

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>AMD has shown nothing that would prove this so far.
My dude, they've got CPUs with the IPC of Broadwell-E and they keep cramming moar cores into it. Yes intel has the 6 gorillion MHz on a single core performance crown, but that's about it.

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I miss those days. graduation present in 2007 was an e6600 that I overclocked to 3ghz. along with 8gb of ddr2 800 oc to 933mhz and a 8800gts.
970 was and still is pure trash.
this guy gets it. back then for me it was an Athlon 64 3500+ paired with a 6800gt.
it doesn't though
absolute pure rotten, vile horse shit. it was never a value at anything. piledriver was STILL slower clock for clock than's amd's phenom series.

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>mfw I've been running a r9 290 and AMD FX6350 for 5+ years and run my system for days at a time and barely ever dust it

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Aww c'mon Anon, there are worse CPUs than AMD FX, the Athlon 64 performed 82% faster clock for clock than the P4, and the P4 cost MORE, but people ate it up because intel can do no wrong.

You madman, my FX system has been running almost 24/7 since I built it but I pull it out every 6 months and clean the GPU and CPU cooler out.

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How u play vidya?

>> No.69780585

Yeah but I beat AMDs entire fx lineup in the fx 8350 days using two 65nm quadcore xeons from 2008 or something. Clock for clock, core for core.
They're rubbish mate

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>quadcore xeons from 2008
Anon, those 45nm harpertown Xeons would be using 80w a piece and performing 92% as good as my 8350 at stock (587 cinebench R15 score vs 650cb for the FX-8350, and an 8350 is a single 125w CPU that can go to about 4.5GHz before engaging housefire mode.

>> No.69780613

597 on cinebench, I mean. I saw a 2008 mac pro with dual quad xeons get that on YT.

>> No.69780631

Except I was scoring 660cb at 3.64ghz with two 65nm x5365s
They're shit

>> No.69780633

how was the thermal sound performance?

>> No.69780650

lmao thinking this is enough.


>> No.69780652

Good enough for dota at 30fps

>> No.69780654

>X5365 TDP stock is 150w and you overclocked it
Holy fucking shit that's alot of heat, I did get smoked on the cinebench, though.

The Mac Pro? That motherfucker was silent, I fucking hate apple but they have quiet machines on the workstation side.

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Holy shit I actually have the screenshot on my phone

>> No.69780676

It pulled a kw from the wall in a stress test of cpu and gpu.
It was a blessing in the winter and I've been dual cpu overclocking ever since with my sr2 still going strong.

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>tfw 5GHz 8350 is only 800cb
That may be a housefire but goddayum.

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I5-3570k 4.4 ghz plus 1060 here

>> No.69780739

Oh same with the fx9590.
Sadly it was a bit of a one trick pony because any performance in the cpu was constricted beyond belief by ram speed and latency.

Skulltrail was fuckin nuts. Overclocking back then actually meant something.
One with the proper qx9775s and a 5970 is the best iconic duo for all your central heating needs. Energy star certified for 3-5000sq ft.

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This is literally me

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Same, I used to scoff at the idea of dropping half a stack on a card, but buying the 7970 for 80 dollars as a budget alternative to a 1050, I really wish I had built a system with a 7970 in it back in 2012 because I'd still be using it to this day.

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i7 8700K + 1080ti will last 10 years.

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File: 13 KB, 300x250, FROG SHOOT COFE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ray Tracing

>> No.69780909

6700K and 980Ti duo where?

>> No.69780921

470K and the GTX970 is more of the 2015 meme rig, 6700K and the GTX 1080 is 2016 rig of the year.

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gaytracing is shit.

>> No.69780966

meant for: >>69780873

>> No.69780967

Athlon XP 1700+
Geforce 4 Ti 4200 64mb PCI-E

>> No.69780990

Q6600 + 8800GT

best duo
forever and ever
TF2 all night

>> No.69780998

holy shit reddit, everything you post is always instacringe overload

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Had this except 128MB AGP 8X

>> No.69781080

This, Bought mine early last year and have no reason to upgrade til at least 2030

>> No.69781108

Man that sounds like a stretch, but even an old ass card like the 7970 is still providing a great 1080p gaming experience.

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