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Hey /g/! I need some help about upgrading my PC, my current setup is this:
>AMD FX-6300 (stock clock and voltage) w stock cooler
>8 gb of dual-channel DDR3 (@800MHz)
>Gigabyte 970A-DS3P (rev 2.0)
>LC Power case + 700w psu that is built-in
>Gigabyte GTX1050
I was thinking about upgrading the current system with 16 GB of DDR3 @ 1866 MHz, Cooler master masterliquid 120, new PSU, case and an SSD. I'm not really going to use it for gaymen, but casual for the most part.

Or should I just buy ryzen 7 (1st gen with new mobo and 16 gb of ddr4 (ddr4 is like 40% of what I would pay for above mentioned) + new psu and case?

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Also idk if FX-6300 is still a viable option, also shameless self-bump

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wAiT fOr ZeN 2

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upgrade to the 2700x with 16gb ram or sod off
also buy a gold rated 550w psu
and get a better case that supports tons of fans and basically makes sure there's a shitload of airflow in it

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Unironically this

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Depends on how much money you have.
Here's what I would do
Upgrade to an FX-8350 and get something like a Hyper 212 Evo
Add another 8GB of RAM, make sure that it matches your existing RAM sticks.
An SSD might be a good idea if you want one.
This upgrade won't cost more than $150 and will get you a few more good years out of your machine.

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FX8350 is a pretty good bump for $60 on newegg but I'd get a new platform like ryzen, the ipc gains are insane

t. FX owner

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This but unironically

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Actually, if you need just a bit more processing power and the 1050 is still enough, I would highly recommend dropping an 8350 in and waiting for a new ryzen.

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if you're a gayman then wait, there's literally no gains in going from a fx 6300 to a fx 8350

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That extra module with 2 cores is actually alot even at stock with the extra 500mhz clock, it is not a bad holder if you're just waiting™.

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An 8350 is fine, I would recommend getting an evo 212 cooler and overclocking it for better performance though.

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This, I'm on air and my 8350 that isn't anything special silicon-wise, does 4.5GHz without throttling on prime95 with 1.4v, not sure what his 970-DS3P is capable of, but i know for sure his board can do 4.2GHz with 1.38125v without LLC, and that wouldn't stress the vrm.

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dude, zen 1600/2600 are Dirt cheap.
there's NO reason to use FX in 2019 for anything.
FX was outdated trash when it was new.

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Getting ryzen is obviously better for the most performance, but it won't benefit OP that much and he's not a gaymer and he's clearly on a budget, so getting more ram and a cheap 8 core with more cores and MHz is not a bad idea.

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>cheap 8 core with more cores and MHz is not a bad idea.
FX is SLOWER than the 4core Ryzens in almost all tasks.
ryzen is basically the lowest you should go.
a Ryzen 2200G would be faster than an FX chip and would have enough GPU power to do what OP wants.
would be cheaper than getting an FX and an gtx 1050

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>ryzen 7
2x speed for 2x price? lolnot

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R7 2700X alone costs like this whole above mentioned upgrade itself, and since I am in eastern europe it would take longer for me to get the money needed for zen 2, anyway since zen 1 is being replaced from the shelves, and prices are pretty good desu for 1700x (It goes for 200$) maybe I should just snatch one and accumulate some money for X370 chipset mobo and 16 gigs of DDR4. But first maybe i should just for now get a new case, psu and cpu cooler, I feel like my current PSU is on EOL so I should swap it before it makes damage to my mobo

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> Or should I just buy ryzen 7
Even 5 with 4c8t would be an improvement.
> (ddr4 is like 40% of what I would pay for above mentioned)
Then just buy another 8GB, since "I'm not really going to use it for gaymen, but casual for the most part".
> a Ryzen 2200G would be faster than an FX chip
Apparently, that's true. But then again, the whole setup would be ~$250, it's up to OP to decide.

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