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Did what?
Win at the one engine that generally suits AMD?

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>world of tanks


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amd is dead

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>It's worse at shit games.
Based AMD.

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>BF SJW fest
>Good game
What did he mean by this

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>9 out of the 12 games are literal Nvidia GimpWorks sponsored games

heh, nothing personell, AMD fanboys

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>good game

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keep posting Amada Kokoro thanksies

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What about the drivers?

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DXR raytracing when? Vega architecture should be very good at it. no muh dedicated hardware needed.

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What will AMD do once nvidia releases their cards at 7nm too?

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>conveniently not doing any content creator programs because """"""""""""""""""""instability issue xD"""""""""""""""""

500 bucks that the fat fuck from gaymers nexus has similar made-up issues

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Based Battlefield, not liking slightly lower 1% lows doe.

They should bring back Mantle/Vulkan support, DX12 lowers FPS instead of increasing it.

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Is one Vega vii more powerful than 3x Titan V?

Because that's what nvidia was using before they replaced 3x titan v with one single rtx 2080 ti.

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They said that in the review.

Convenient right

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sell 90 million Radeon devices in 1 year alone (Xbox Two and Playstation 5)

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Nvidia is always late going to another node
So we probably wont have to wait too long for AMD to go to 5nm, or whatever half-node comes after 7nm

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It's a waste of time. Wait for Navi if you're insistent on sucking AMD's dick.

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stop posting thumbnails

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as if anyone would be enlightened by this post

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Nvidia already could do 7nm but the fat fuck jensen huang thought people would buy his overpriced shitty RTX gaycards but they didn't

now Softbank investment firm has sold all of their 4 billion USD shares and Nvidiot stock is down 50% in 3 months rofl (which makes Jensen's assmad butthurtery against Radeon Technologies Group so much more understandable roflforlfro lforlforl)

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>xbox two
it's already been confirmed that it's to be called the xbox 360, fyi

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>if a game runs worse on AMD gpu then it's shit
>if a game runs better on AMD gpu then it's GOTY
What did amdjeets mean by this?

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easy there, cool guy. some people don't like wading through the shitfest that is gpu thread

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kys pedos

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daily reminder that Nvidiot and Shintel doesn't have a cute anime mascot

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>t. zoomer

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Irrelevant zoomer trash

>world of tanks
>game that single core for its game engine

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>16 GB
Good Goy

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Good to go on up to date 4.18- kernels, but use of 4.20 or 5.0-rc's is highly recommended

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What a turd....I'm done with AMD GPUs...

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1 week of telemetry free Nvidia driver update account has been granted to you.

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lmao the fuck were you expecting
not saying AMD are irredeemable, but anyone who put any hope into this particular GPU is a fucking mongoloid

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What are we JUST WAITing for next...?

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AMD is fine.

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How do you manage to shrink to 7nm and still consume more power AND get dabbed on performance-wise by a 1080 Ti from two years ago?

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nobody with any sense was JUST WAITing for this though

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Thanks god, I'm so glad of my 1080ti LMAO

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Also wait until someone plays around with BIOS and OC, this is the real entertainment with new AMD GPUs.

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be quiet le funny shitposter

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I was expecting 1080 performance so this is actually a surprise.

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Looks like she has a huge pink penis

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> less than 2080

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No but that'd be nice.

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It got multi threaded update on the day of launch.

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why the fuck is Fortnite still being benchmarked? no one plays it anymore rofl

(oh wait, it has Nvidia GimpWorks enabled in it, so Nvidia is pushing for people to benchmark it. They even bundle fortnite with their graphics cards even though it is a free to play game)

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Apex legends is already more fun than fortnite

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DOA card

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wtf the rtx 2060 is that good?

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They doubled ram for example
That alone should be 50watts right there,
hbm isnt on 7nm node

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Yeah. Enjoy paying for $550 for the 3060 tho!

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>tfw no anime harware mascot rubbing her throbbing cock against my brand new videocard

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>I'm kind of inclined to agree with Huang: IT'S A BIT UNDERWHELMING



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Looks like GPUs are back to being a bourgeois product.

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Yeah thats why they gimped it with 6gb of vram, because the 2070 has nothing over it.

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>Steve from Gamers Nexus lied

that fat fuck said it was only 1TFlop FP64 but it is actually 3,5TFlop



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This was never supposed to be our time, my impostor AMDrone friend.
Also here's one (You), don't thank me.

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>muh nvidia features



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>gamers nexus lied again
wow who wouldve guessed lmao

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>10% behind 2080
And I was called a shill for predicting it to be 4-7% behind.

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Steve is still the only one who competently reviews cases though...

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RTX 20180Ti is waste anyway since human eye can't see past 120fps

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what about 1080p gaming, medium to high, no ultra?

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the top 5 is 4x AMD followed by SLI 1080s holy fucking kek

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>25% slower
>in the gayest E-sports game ever made

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>25% slower
>in a game that even a 1060 gets 400+ fps in because literally no one uses shadows


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So there is not a single legitimate reason to buy Vega 2 over 2080. I thought Vega 2 was supposed to BTFO Nvidia.

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>I thought AMD's X thing was supposed to BTFO Nvidia/Intel Y thing

Some story every fucking year.

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if you do actual work instead of gayming, sure


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That's a fucking shame. I was actually hoping them to get their shit together so I could buy Nvidia cards cheaper but now we are stuck with these jew ass prices.

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I guess that depends on what kind of work you mean.

Nvidia cards DEMOLISHED Vega II in 3D rendering times.

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Linux support, freesync, compute and free voltage control if you care about that. If you're /v/, of course you're supposed to buy RTX.

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>be me
>have RX 480 reference card
>loud as fuck
>be ready to buy RAdeon VII because triple axial fans

who /wait for Navi/ here?

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You people are brainlets, Nvidia already took over AMD at the end of 2014 when HUANG'S NIECE was made CEO. How do you think that happened? By pure happenstance? No of course not, she was made CEO via backdoor deals.

Have you noticed how AMD suddenly had a resurgence in the last 4 years, yet only really competes hard with Intel and not Nvidia? Strange, isn't it?

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Consider a cheap aftermarket cooler. Depending on what you get, you could be able to reuse it later.

>> No.69701026

Nvidia enabled Freesync for their GPUs recently

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fucking failure holy nigger shit

>> No.69701035

No anonymous, they didn't.

>> No.69701042

So they didn't gimp floating point performance? Based AMD

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That myth was debunked, they're not related.
AMD had to cannibalize what is now RTG to have RnD money for Ryzen.

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that 3.5tflop is still less than what MI50 does but is much faster than what it was rumoured to be. also to note this is only fp64, others precisions are just like in MI50 (bit higher actually as the clocks are higher)

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I had 5850 ref @100%. How bad is this, compared?

>> No.69701206

Better because it uses axial fans.

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Literally no one said this. Compete and annihilate are different words with different meanings.

>> No.69701293

it happened with ryzen tho, kaby lake got btfo

>> No.69701333

yes they did. You just need the a 10x0 or 20x0 series card, the latest drivers and display port.

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For the same thing, Navi, this 7nm shit thing was no expected

>> No.69701387

higher is always better so amd wins!

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This is bullshit. Prove which games use gameworks.

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post 720p please.

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we got too cocky bros. Maybe next year...

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why does he outsource his benchmarks to some diversity hire who don't know how to build a computer? Just look at the DX:MD numbers compared to a respectable source like SweClockers.

LinusSHITtips RTX 2080ti FPS: like 100
SweClockers RTX 2080ti FPS: 85

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Is it wrong to ejaculate to chibi?

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>10% behind a cheaper card with less vram

>> No.69701621

You just wait when games start utilizing 16 gb and are better optimized for it

>> No.69701645

yeah but 4k60

>> No.69701646

By that time RTX4000-series will be out.

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What are you talking about? The numbers match in DX12.

Not that it would be wrong even if the numbers didn't match, because unless you're a complete retard, you know that different sites can get different numbers due to different settings, different testing methodology, etc. This is why you never look at absolute numbers when comparing benchmarks from two different sites, but rather relative numbers (how many % faster is card x than y).

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sorry amd faggots no waifu is gonna change me back i fully converted over from AMD to intel and nvidia. there is no stopping me. the only amd products i have left are subjected into my router and my htpc that i only watch anime on soon ill replace the amd gpu with an nvidia 2080 .

unless shes futanari then maybe.

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Just wait for the

>this update has improved up to 20% performance in games

Nvidiots will be seething the day it comes

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>Just wait

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Please go back to /v/, you piece of shit.

>> No.69701862

Keep an eye on /d/, you'll see my futa Amada commission soon.

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>AMD JustWait™ Technology

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>Amada Kokoro is not cute enough
She's excellent, and I know my stuff when it comes to anime waifus.
Just become a drone. You know you want it.

>> No.69702767

>290x load
>40 db
this chart is actual horseshit its not that quiet under load

>> No.69702836

Probably has to do with perceived loudness and blowers having a particularly obnoxious signature. I may be wrong, though.

>> No.69702981

You have to be insane to get this monstrosity over a used 1080 ti

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Based, those are some really good results.
Can't wait to buy my R7 in 6 months when it's half the price of a 2080. Probably doing better than those results even when the drivers are more mature.

>> No.69703328

Price cut Radeon VII, or a Sapphire Nitro+ VII, will absolutely be the sweet spot. And by then, overlooking should be great, with 1800+ on the core being an easy target.

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>> No.69703544

Apparently the media release drivers are retarded as fuck. Some have been asking for Dev test drivers which have been yielding better performance, less fan throttling and are more stable.

Basically AMD has rushed this shit and we will need to wait for actual results.

>> No.69703561

Drink bleach and shoot yourself in the mouth, you fucking failed abortion.

>> No.69703577

>world of tanks
Surprised you haven't killed yourself already and are still alive to post this.

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>Aftermarket cooler
>Takes up 4 PCI slots

>> No.69703875

Cope harder amdrone :^)

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>I was hoping they could make a better product than nvidia so I could buy nvidia anyway

>> No.69704065

>9 out of the 12 games are literal Nvidia GimpWorks sponsored games
Same as real life btw

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>Lisa doll
Every single time

>> No.69704511

why are they testing it with games?
Games have fake fps its not even real 1:1 fps count

>> No.69704524

I like the mike and david frame

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>> No.69704849

she has to be a futanari not just a commission
no never sorry you will not turn me!

>> No.69706259

barely ahead the 1080TI that came out 2 fucking years ago and uses less power. but sells for £700. This has to be the worst AMD release ever.
no-one cares, fag

>> No.69706344

AMD is going to sell every single card they make, keep seething leather jacket man.

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File: 113 KB, 761x696, why cant nvidia sell their stock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69707045

Shiteon will age like fine turd

>> No.69707376

who the fuck has more than 1 gpu?

>> No.69707383

>using basedshit as a benchmark

are you all commies or something?

>> No.69707392

>same performance as 1080ti
>same price

>literally just an overclocked vega on a smaller node

I'm surprised amd has been able to last this long with this strategy.

>> No.69707401

>16GiB of HBM
that card will never be 350 haha

>> No.69707409


If Nvidia hadn't released meme cards this generation they wouldn't have even bothered with this.

>> No.69707439

Even if it was as fast as a 2080, which it generally isn't, it still wouldn't be good enough. It's a power hog. Aaaand it's noisy as fuck. Aaaand the drivers are broken. Aaaand you can't buy one, since it was never meant to really sell. Aaaand there are no 3rd party cards and never will be in any quantity, since they know better than anyone this is a turd that's going nowhere.
Hey, at least it has lots of VRAM. In 7 years, at the very end of its life cycle, when it has bought itself over again in extra power costs and it chugs along with the GT 1030s of its day, it may have a slight edge over the 2080.

But the one thing I was really surprised by is the wattage for the performance. This is the vaunted 7nm, and it's still worse than Pascal, let alone Turing. Super disappointing. I suspected it was going to flop, but I I'm kinda shocked it did so badly in that area.

>> No.69707484

>along with the GT 1030s of its day
That's going to take more than 8 years. Four years later the 750ti still edges ahead of the gt 1030

>> No.69707505

You say that now, but the FX8350 is starting to perform fairly well in modern titles compared to the 2500k.

>> No.69707525

eh. it's shit, buuuuuut it's just a node shrink so it was better performance or better efficiency. I imagine an architecture designed from the ground up for 7nm would be miles better, but I know nothing about the technicalities of these things. AMD's next GPUs will be miles better than piece of shit. At least I hope.

>> No.69707557

I wonder why Puget always has issues with amd cards when they benchmark, and just say fuck it it's so bad that they won't even release the numbers anymore, because it makes amd look that bad.

>> No.69707567

not going to happen. it's low volume in the first place and it would probably be cheaper to just trash the dies instead of producing the cards and selling at a loss.
just buy a 2060/580/navi and be done with it eternal poorfags.

>> No.69707588
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I wonder if this thing would fit on it, or "universal" waterblocks

>> No.69707603

Steve from GN is likely to do a silly thing like strap a water cooler to it

>> No.69707611

As I see it, this is a paper launch meant to assuage hurt feelings of investors and gamers that AMD isn't competing at the high end. It was done as quickly and cheaply as they could by re-purposing an Instinct card. It's not a serious product.

If Navi sucks, my hope will rest on Intel to pull a rabbit out of its hat.

>> No.69707615

I'm actually considering getting a clc and trying to strap it to mine

>> No.69707831

That's really a completely reasonable mod. You just drill new holes into the water block mount to match the back bracket. Nothing super advanced or crazy. Just make sure you cool the VRMs as well with air cooling.

>> No.69707898


>> No.69707900

>Just make sure you cool the VRMs as well with air cooling.
according to AHCOC the VRM's are pretty efficient and just need some fins

>> No.69708036

actually the game is fucking shit because it crashes all the time

>> No.69708084

Ive not had a single crash

>> No.69708102

Huh, really?

On my 7970 @ ~350W OC I needed VRM cooling.

Undervolted, I'm sure Radeon VII doesn't need it given the rather beefy VRM. But if you're watercooling, you're usually overclocking, and I'm sure it'd be drawing 300W+... How efficient are you talking? Because I think you'd at least have around a lightbulb worth of waste heat, which builds up to a significant amount of heat.

>> No.69708117

I haven't had a single crash. What's your hardware?

>> No.69708138

i5 6500
r9 380 4g

>> No.69708139

Team red does it again. Keep seething over some noise I won't never hear wearing my headphones, losers :)

>> No.69708146

I'm confused about the butthurt that everyone seems to be feeling
It's an amd version of a 2080 except with better memory
That's all it was ever going to be
Driver issues are pretty common on new hardware

>> No.69708203
File: 379 KB, 1940x1756, BxDV4l9IEAAT2gY.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She sure did.

>> No.69708242

You literally can't see past 1080p and 27fps. All rest is superfluous

>> No.69708255

Followed by more rebrandeon cards

>> No.69708273
File: 89 KB, 1280x720, 145-RZPBf4l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the drivers will only get better with time

>> No.69708280

Who fucking cares when you're not going to be getting either of those irrelevant cpus now? The 'ages like fine wine' shit is so fucking retarded in pc hardware. There are better and cheaper cpus that crush the god tier shit from 7 years ago so who fucking cares?

>> No.69708284

It will be about 5% or so behind after a few driver updates. That's how AMD's stuff always works.

>> No.69708293

And a non shitty freesync monitor. On my mg278q it works like charm in Nvidia, but almost all shitty displays have freesync support even the ones with back strobes and shiity quality. Obviously these shitty displays don't work well with either Nvidia or amd

>> No.69708298

Would Umaru go with AMD if she gamed on PC?

>> No.69708303
File: 777 KB, 1800x1442, Diogenes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When your only consolation is that you can't go any lower

>> No.69708347

>one thing is good right now
>one thing is worse now and will only ever get close to being as good as the first thing

Who cares? If that shit starts at being 10% worse and then gets to within 1% worse it's still fucking worse. Especially when they're the same price. Even if it matches the 2080, you could have just had that performance the whole time you're waiting for the rvii to get better.

>> No.69708378
File: 3.09 MB, 1920x1080, snapshot_18.40_[2016.12.24_06.24.52].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is 3.5GB is always get neglegted?

>> No.69708443

AMD RTG are the biggest embarrassment in this industry. Is there any other market where one company so consistently releases disappointing garbage every fucking generation? Why do AMD shills always allow these failures instead of calling AMD out for their trash? Not even Nvidia fans do that and the biggest criticisms of Nvidia always come from their own fans.

>> No.69708446

Rtx was pretty much paper lauch too outside us. All companies are doing paper launches now.

Anyway I'm pretty happy with 2080ti replaced 2x 1080 with double frames on non sli titles, avg 1900mhz @ 270w vs 360w 2x 1080s. Pretty good albeit very $$$

>> No.69708461

>no one plays it anymore rofl
what have zoomers moved onto?

>> No.69708462

Vacuum cleaner
Shit drivers
7 nm bet on same shitty uarch as fury

>> No.69708481

Actually amd flowrish on cheap segments and used to fly on mining

>> No.69708482

>Is there any other market where one company so consistently releases disappointing garbage every fucking generation?
Yes. Intel and Nvidia.

Easiest BTFO of my life. Don't pretend it was bait.

>> No.69708525

>card only has 64 ROPs

So it's another compute/mining/ai oriented card that was released to consumers pretty much just to get something that can kind of compete with nvidia out the door

>> No.69708544

Oh so AMD must be outselling Nvidia globally right? Shall we take a look at sources like Steam HW survey to see what graphics cards the consumer is buying? The one which sells the best objectively means the most consumers thought it wasn't disappointing or they wouldn't buy it.

>> No.69708553

But Pascal was great. The fact that RTX is an overhyped sidegrade doesn't unmake that.

>> No.69708566

>consumers thought it wasn't disappointing or they wouldn't buy it.
>assuming rational consumers

>> No.69708656

The fact of the matter is everyone from the journo's to the consumers think AMDs products over the last few years have been disappointing hence why they don't buy it/recommend it. If you thought something was good or better than a rival product you'd buy it. This isn't some conspiracy where consumers are trying to bankrupt AMD or something. If AMD actually made a good product that stands out from the competition like ryzen, it will sell. Ryzen is selling well, AMD RTG products aren't. The issue here is AMD shills eat all this garbage up and praise trash like vega 7 as the second coming of Jesus because of some warped Stockholm syndrome or something instead of actually calling AMD out on it to make a properly competitive product not just in gaming performance but performance per watt as well.

>> No.69708683

You know they're literally selling at a loss right?

>> No.69708694

>If AMD actually made a good product that stands out from the competition like ryzen, it will sell.
But even Ryzen doesn't perform as good as Intel products. The difference in games is probably comparable to the nvidia vs amd rift.

>> No.69708782

Zen products are the best selling on Amazon very often and we know that it's selling well anyway from numerous sources. RTG products are selling like complete trash. You have people like Raja leaving because AMD pulled over half of his vega team. It's a shambles.

>> No.69708796

Good thing the performance from Ryzen is about 90% of Intels best in single core while Intel can't even hope to compete on the sheer volume of cores available in products like Threadripper and Epyc.

Even going WAY down the product line the Ryzen 5 has twice the threads of Intel.

>> No.69708807

Why couldn't Raja do his job instead of wanting to abandon his post every time he hit a problem?

>> No.69708835

>You have people like Raja leaving because AMD pulled over half of his vega team.
They needed engineers to work on Zen and were low on cash to hire more.


>> No.69708840

Neither of those are irrelevant nowadays

>> No.69708856

I actually think he'll do well at Intel because it looks like he's got the funding and resources for his goals. Only time will tell but I'd be willing to predict the upcoming Intel GPU won't be as bad as AMDs recent products.

>> No.69708876


If they even get anywhere near Vega 56 performance on a first showing, I would be surprised. No offense to Intel, but they are still building their GPU team and trying to scrape enough experienced engineers in this field.

>> No.69708888

He got used to near unlimited resources at Apple, his love for GPUs and getting India to become a graphics powerhouse wasn't enough to deal with the budget RTG had for discrete GPUs

>> No.69709047

What amazes me with AMD is they lose at almost everything yet they still somehow think it's ok to gimp their consumer cards and try to sell "pro" models at inflated prices. If they just sold the instinct mi50/VII as one completely unlocked card for $799 and the fully unlocked one with 32gb for $1199 they could grab a decent amount of market share. Cheap AMD compute GPUs would push people to use CUDA less. AMD, NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY YOUR $5000 FIREPRO OR INSTINCT CARDS YOU STUPID CUNTS, NVIDIA HAS A MASSIVE LEAD IN COMPUTE YOU CAN'T SELL YOUR SHIT FOR THE SAME PRICE, HOW CAN ANY COMPANY BE THIS FUCKING STUPID?

Both Nvidia and AMD are getting raped by ASICs in AI now as well, the only thing keeping them relevant is companies with AI ASICs are keeping them for themselves rather than selling them.

>> No.69709081


They are already selling their pro cards for cheap. Do you know how expensive Quadros are?

>> No.69709101

okay bud

>> No.69709303

*GPU market is dead

>> No.69709460

>They are already selling their pro cards for cheap. Do you know how expensive Quadros are?
There's no difference between AMD consumer cards and pro versions besides software. If they can sell consumer ones for less than 1k and make a profit they can sell fully functional ones for the same price. Nvidia can price gouge on compute cards due to CUDA being so heavily used. AMD have nothing that allow them to do anything similar, all they can do is stop artificially limiting features and hope it encourages more compute applications to use something other than CUDA. They can still easily sell overpriced enterprise versions with coolers and boards designed for servers.

As soon as AI and machine learning matures a little more you will see more ASICs being sold, Nvidia and AMD can't build any sort of duopoly on AI ASICs, they always lose when there's actual competition and prices will go far lower than quadro or instinct products.

>> No.69709589


Who are you to determine what a company can or can not do in comparison with their competitors in terms of market segmentation? Nvidia does their thing with price gouging and AMD decides to follow because it is profitable to do so when they can still hit lower pricepoints for their consumer and enterprise cards vs Nvidia. Again, AMD doesn't exist to compete with Nvidia on price and to make their cards cheaper. They're a business and they will do whatever they can from a business standpoint to eek a profit, which they clearly can do with their current pricing despite it being too expensive for your tastes.

And AI and machine learning isn't the end all be all for GPUs since GPU compute is a broad field. You're also not going to significantly scale leaps and bounds ahead with ASICs because their performance scaling is largely dependent also on Moore's law.


And it really then comes back to price/performance and availability of functionality at that point.

>> No.69709784

>10x the fp64 of a GTX 1080 for only $700 is ripping consumers off
>1/2 the gp64 of Titan V for only 1/6th the price is ripping consumers off
LOL imagine being this delusional and attempting to trick people who are almost as retarded as you into believing that garbage

>> No.69709808

well at least AMD is first in something...

>> No.69709840

DE:MD is stupid anyway since 1440p is too low since the rendering effectively requires 2x supersampling or an UGLY sharpening filter to fix the blur.
4K/5K benchmarks for DE:MD are the bare minimum.

Which I'm pretty sure only the 2080i and VII will even fare better than 30fps in, with 2080Ti winning by a country mile.

>> No.69709874

>You know they're literally selling at a loss right?
>source, your delusions

>> No.69709897


Linus also mentioned they're not making any money on it in his video so I guess it's probably true

>> No.69709900


the HBM alone costs 320 bucks per card

selling this at a loss (especially considering the low stock) is a possibility, also this could be a stopgap to navi at computex, but I doubt it.. you never know.

>> No.69709913

It's sold out forever in AU already.
PCCG confirmed the cards they got were the only stock they're getting.

>> No.69709916

>the HBM alone costs 320 bucks per card
and yet nvidia is able to use older and slower memory and get better results, wow hmm, wow I guess you can't just throw money at the problem and sell datacenter shit to gamers.

>> No.69709955


I can't tell if you're shitting on me or not but I agree with both of you, this was a bad launch for what is a poorly designed and (improperly) marketed card.

Is there a newer workstation card coming with the VII that's actually got the board fully populated?

>> No.69710225

It’s already selling at a loss bros, they don’t have room to move the price down. just waiting, surprisingly, won’t fucking work here

>> No.69710248

>caring about fortnite, world of tanks, and MW
no, these are cards that wouldn't have been made at all
>less than 5k available, source, my ass and linus shill tips
>hbm costs $320 per card, source, my ass
if this piece of shit card used GDDR5/5x/6, it would use 400W and the die size would be even bigger.

its a trash card that didnt need to be launched but they are using silicon that would've been otherwised thrown away.
its literally "this was supposed to be an M150 datacenter card but it wasnt good enough, so we'll say its a gaming card and sell it, even if it's a low number of units, even if it's prohibitively expensive, even if it would've done better as a "prosumer" card, this way we can say "AMD MADE HISTORY AND LAUNCHED THE FIRST 7NM GAMER GPU BECAUSE AMD LOVES GAMERS AND LOVES GAMING"

tl;dr: wait for navi (the real product)

>> No.69710284

That's her Uncle? What the fuck?

>> No.69710285

Works on my machine, post your ancient hardware.

>> No.69710292

Imagine if she forced you to suckle on those big fat warm titties until you make her lactate....
Imagine living off her milk for the rest of your life....


>> No.69710316

That is not an accomplishment

>> No.69710334

Not really.
She accidentally fucked the quadro market, but that's not a good gaming card.

>> No.69710462

I, too, like to buy $700 cards to play at sub-$200 console resolutions.

>> No.69710478

>10% behind in 12 game suite of which heavily favors novideo
desu not as bad as i expected
considering image quality is way fucking better, freesync is cheaper, and playing a game at 90fps instead of 100 isnt that much of a compromise, assuming everything's on ultra (which is retarded because you dont need 16x FXAA for 4k, so, these benchmarks are dumb as shit), not bad at all.

>> No.69710495

delete this

>> No.69710603

>no 390X
I see TPU are still accepting AMD coin though.

>> No.69710644

Wow literally one game just like Vega 1 fury x 3902907970
Gcn has been a dumpster fire the only decent one they made was polaris but never released the big one
Navi might be ok but Vega 2 sucks for gaming and Arcturus is ages away
Welp gonna go get a used 2080ti and oc it I suppose

>> No.69710716

They did, it's just only in the Xbox One X.
Ellesmere XTX.

>> No.69710785

Yeah that was a decent gpu
I'm saying htrgey never released it to non xbox one x stuff tho
Gddr6 and 7nm navi should be pretty good.
Amd needs to sort their aggressive overvolting though bugger their yields they need automatic undervolting or something on driver/microcode level

>> No.69710807

They have it on a driver level, but currently overdrive is broken on radeonVII, which means it won't work (it's part of overdrive ironically)
AMD truly fucked up there, since almost no one does re-reviews later.

They should have delayed the card a week or two to ensure, even if nothing else was fixed - that the overdrive functions worked properly.

>> No.69710843

Oh well might be a good card a year or so used down the road like Vega 56 and 64 ended up

>> No.69710955

Might not even be on the chart, look where the 980 is.

>> No.69710997

1080 here it's unironically a great 1080p card desu pretty sad 3 years later newer cards are barely 30% faster yet use 50% more power and cost 100% more
Gonna stop buying a gpu a year no point feels like we are regressing from polaris and pascal

>> No.69711091

The only thing wrong with this card is the price. Very wrong in that regard though.

>> No.69711112

>If AMD actually made a good product that stands out from the competition like ryzen, it will sell.
Terascale was miles better than fermi, but dumb retards still bought them and then power consumption wasn't important for them. Same as fx vs 9xxx.

>> No.69711126

He put next gen on the roadmap before he left. So we know he's probably the mastermind behind it and Navi. We'll see what happens.

>> No.69711250

I knew after the GN teardown it'd be loud.
FirstD fans are SHIT. SHIT.

>> No.69711321

>roflforlfro lforlforl
I hope you had a stroke, because if you wrote this voluntarily, you must be clinically retarded.

>> No.69711349

>Card is basically exactly what AMD claimed it would be
>/g/ expected a 2080 killer for less money

Funny how the Nvidia defence force sprung up across the web to proclaim RTX as the greatest feature ever and started loudly proclaiming "why would anyone buy anything other than Nvidia!?" which shows how effective Nvidia's marketing is when they become the default option. 2080 performance for 2080 money is somehow uncompetitive simply because its not Nvidia?

>> No.69711368

Yeah, for some reason (yields, I guess), AMD always releases hardware with fairly terrible stock conditions and then forces aftermarket sellers to adhere to those same insane standards.

For example, on my Vega64, I can run with a 100mV undervolt while also over clocking to 1680mhz (HBM @1025mhz/975mV) and the card never exceeds 65° C (with a slightly more aggressive fan curve), nor 220W.

Luckily all this could be set through AMD's own tool, so I didn't have to use any third party tools, but they'd get so much more out of their hardware if their drivers could do this kind of automatic optimization.

>> No.69711387

Do you feel wrong about it? If not, than there is no problem with it

>> No.69711408
File: 35 KB, 800x486, amd_radeon_vii_perf_claims_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Card is basically exactly what AMD claimed it would be
But it's not? They say it's supposed to compete with the 2080 and show stuff like pic related, implying it's better, but on average it is definitely slower. I wish it had the 2080 performance.

>> No.69711441


The titles AMD showed off favour AMD and the reviews reflect that. Given it is only a few percent behind a 2080 (which covers some games that hate AMD in general, but such is the nature of things) it is what AMD said it would be.

What is disappointing thoiugh is the broken overclocking - once that is fixed I suspect the card wil lbe an enthusiast's dream for tweaking and I can see in more than a few (current) titles the vega 7 nibbling on the heels of a stock 2080ti.

>> No.69711466

Except it does... >>69700134

>> No.69711499

It is. Let me ask you: does benchmarking UE4 counts a fair benchmark? It's well known that AMD underperforms on this engine. But then again, if you were buying a card to play UE4 games then you shouldn't have considered a AMD card from the start. To have a fair benchmark I think that any outliers should be disregarded because they skew the results. In the case of Strange Brigade though it seems that it favors AMD, it actually just a well optimized game in general but I'd understand if we count it as a outlier. Now let's look at it fairly: The drivers are a mess and it's within margin of error - if we only consider games that don't favor neither company - on most titles. I don't know how much more optimization both Nvidia and AMD can pull out, so at the very worst case scenario you have the same card consuming more power, basically the defining factor is: what games are you playing?

>> No.69711505

>>69700357 16% behind @1920x1080
>>69700346 14% behind @2560x1440
>>69700333 11% behind @3840x2160
That's not just a few percent. Is something wrong with the benchmarks?

Yeah, the OC aspect will be interesting and it seems to UV really well, too.

That's not the RTX 2080?

>> No.69711548

Those percentages are only from TPU - other reviewers go different results (many of which have it faster than TPU's results by a few percentage). Being under 10% slower at 4k is well within "just a few percent".

>> No.69711555


>> No.69711565
File: 23 KB, 475x324, old man huang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its illegal to use DX12 unless you are benching RTX.

>> No.69711583

Don't forget it costs the same as the 2080 whilst being slower, uses way more power, isn't getting partner coolers and is made by a company who is the afterthought of the whole PC gaming industry. I have more faith in devs supporting RTX than actuslly taking time out to ensure their games run well on AMD GPU.

>> No.69711592

Only cucks would prefer a nonfree driver.

>> No.69711609

While I agree that games using the UE4 engine might not show its true potential, I don't think you can just disregard those games. Unless you really just play a few single games or can for sure say you'll never play a game using the UE (which seems unrealistic), you're going to play games using various engines, including those favoring Nvidia or AMD. The selected games just need to be a good and balanced representation of video games (I haven't really checked if that's the case, so that could still be an issue).

But yeah, we can also still be hopeful for better drivers.

>> No.69711635

Wtf, this can close gap between CUDA and shit ROCm

>> No.69711638

>Radeon VII: $699
>RTX 2080: $699 - beats VII by 10%+ at all resolutions
>RTX 2070: $499 - only loses out by 10% at 4k, gap narrows to 6% at 1440p, not that you'd get a fucking 16 GB card for 1440p
Fucking bravo.

>> No.69711703

is Vulkan still a thing or no

>> No.69711736

oof, consider suicide nigga

>> No.69712097

>PCCG confirmed the cards they got were the only stock they're getting.
Nobody else has marked it gone forever though?

PCCG are shit these days and only sell normie-tier parts they can move quickly. I mostly gave up on them years ago when I had to go everywhere else to get anything for my HEDT builds

>> No.69712268

big assumption.
vega 56 can beat a 1080 and vega 64 can beat a 1080ti in some games.
rx580 is way better than 1060 6gb now but the 1060 was the better card on launch.

>> No.69712274

>caring about reference blower cards
not our fault you're the retard who bought areference card

>> No.69712403
File: 838 KB, 1416x749, chrome_2019-02-08_15-59-58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.69712435
File: 35 KB, 1327x1225, Average.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rx580 is way better than 1060 6gb now
No it isn't and those benchmarks are from January this year.

>> No.69712480

>all games average
This is the most retarded chart you can ever post to prove a point, good job.

>> No.69712511

>claims it's "better better" than the 1060
>quite obviously claiming it's way better in general since no specific titles are referenced
>use objective evidence to comprehensively prove it's actually no better in general than the same 1060 which released in 2016 despite being a rebranded and factory overclocked version of the rx 480
>hurr why are you using averages as a metric for general expected performance across a range of games durr

You're not every intelligent are you?

>> No.69712523

"Way better" *

>> No.69712539

Maximum comf with my mineslave 1080ti

>> No.69712574

I'm not the same guy you were arguing with before, just pointing out that chart can (and will) swing massively because of shitty esports titles that will run at 350 fps instead of 300.
If you look at every new release for the last 1+ year the 580 is about 15% better in almost all of them.

>> No.69712630

>rx 580 is 15% better than a 1060 in all games in 2018

Imagine being this deluded. They're within 5 fps of each other most of the time according to techpowerup/hardware unboxed. Fuck off shill.

>> No.69712641

>50 bucks less
>36 game average, most of which are probably specifically optimiaed for nvidia
>same aberage fps
Wew. Looks like even the staunchest nvidiafags can no longer post their meme charts and has to, at the very least, show that he rtx 580 is on par with the 1060 6gb since people are more likely to call out on their bullshit.

>> No.69712661

Have fun with your stutterbox and gimped visuals, lmao.
>[current year]
>nvidiafags trying to come to a compromise instead of regurgitating the memes they were spewing last year

>> No.69712663
File: 34 KB, 600x338, 1549524740176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vega costed 150 less MSRP and was 100 bucks less to produce because because it's two HBM dies. Yet you can get a Vega 56 for 300 bucks now.

>> No.69712670

ignore the nigs
that's exactly what they said when Vega 1 came out

>> No.69712672

>falling for the AMD meme

i got memed by amd with the r9 390 and that did fucking sucked. ran hot and loud even with the high end msi cooler which was one of the best models. couldn't even get more than 80mhz overclock on it for fucks sake. never again amd. never again. if i upgrade to anything it'll be the 1660 ti

>> No.69712681

Fake news, vega costs 6,000,000 rupees and draws 600.0000 watts. Intel gpu will surely btfo vega and rtx. By 2020, no less.

>> No.69712688

Wow so the rx 580 is 15% faster right? It must be absolutely killing the 1060 in sales right? What does steam hardware survey say?

>> No.69712713

yeah, we should all use 24Hz displays!
Way more cinematic

>> No.69712748

Assuming it will get better is a bigger assumption. I don't know what you guys are smoking.

>> No.69712758

>seething and coping this hard
Mega yikes!
Can't help but imagine the mass spergout a while down the road when the rtx cards(that still haven't literally exploded by then, by some miracle) are rendered obsolete.

>> No.69712783

Couldn't answer a single question. As I expected. Seeth harder.

>> No.69712858

Yes, yes, ofc. Clearly, it's him that's seething. Lol.
No amoint of crying will turn your 980ti to a 2080ti anon. Just saying.

>> No.69712954
File: 283 KB, 720x1280, 174037621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>his gpu is based on a two-digit process

>> No.69713024
File: 53 KB, 658x619, ov6ncgcvl5f21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.69713046

>Win at the one engine that generally suits AMD?
yes, in a optimized game the card do well
(price & power draw are still shite tho)

>> No.69713067

it does crash from time to time but not all too bad for a new title. gib updates nao

>> No.69713103

> his GPU is newer and still not better than its competitor, even for the same price.
> his GPU is the best AMD could build and is still inferior

I really hoped they could beat nvidia with this card, either price or performance, but the just couldn't.
Fuck em

>> No.69713159

Gee it's almost like every gcn card since 2011 has been absolutely shit and exactly the same.
They need to ditch it

>> No.69713205

>shamelessly lying through the teeth
Or are you just clinically retarded?

>> No.69713255

Why isn't this the default?

>> No.69713421
File: 878 KB, 1795x1795, 1548940289287.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is LITERALLY a GTX 1080 Ti
2 years later
For the same price

EVEN THOUGH it has more cores, is built at 7nm instead of 14, and has more and faster VRAM.

Fucking hell AMD, what are you even doing.

>> No.69713465

It is boeing 290x all over again!

>> No.69713536

>not exclusively buying liquid cooled cards. My 1080ti hyrbrid is a nearly imperceptable purr.

>> No.69713544

What a shit graph

>> No.69713571

Irrelevant. Their proving that they can once again begin to be innovative. They will get capital injection from world economic banks without a doubt, if they havent already. They could probably post 10 years of loss and be okay.

>> No.69713581

Also DX11 is optimized as fuck, DX12 is still shit, only partially okay on AMD cards.

>> No.69713916

wait what?
a fucking undervolted vii has almost the same p/w with a 2080ti at 4k?
so a 12nm nvidia vs a true 10nm amd(cause its not really a true 7nm) goes toe to toe?
or powerplay is still a fucking mess in amd drivers for big cards?

>> No.69713933

>amd sells at a loss
yes amd is SELLING AT A LOSS in their current state

people actually believe that amd that just started to gain the trust of the market will sell the card at a loss

>> No.69713970
File: 155 KB, 1125x1455, 2019-02-08 12_57_46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.69714077
File: 635 KB, 641x640, 1528113996386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>productivity workloads
>on a /g/ayman board

>> No.69714078


>> No.69714095

Used market is decent atm. 580 cards are like 100-150 burger bucks. That's pretty fkin good for a 8GB card that does well in 1080p and in some cases 1440p.

>> No.69714103

Oh and 1070s (not ti) are around 200ish which is also decent.

>> No.69714152

>crypto miners shitting themselves
>everything moons
>chaos everywhere

>> No.69714204

Oh my gosh. Miners will have a field day.

>> No.69715451

Fuck, that's great news. I wonder what made them lower a drawbridge into the gsync walled garden.

>> No.69715922

niggervidiots BTFO

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