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Intel is just a joke at this point

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oh wow, even my midrage 2600 is soldered

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I prefer using my own cum for paste anyways. I can squeeze out a few degrees cooler than the stomach, and don't have to worry about breaking anything while I delid.

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*STIM not stomach

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F-series changelog:

Fixed issues:
>removed internal GPU
>removed soldered internal heatspreader

Known issues:
>28+ hardware security vulnerabilities
>same price as K-series equivalent

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jesus, looks like a windows 10 patch notes
goodbye intel, see you in the next life

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The fuck is going on with Intel? They used to make great CPUs back in the i7 9xx and 2xxx days then went to complete shit?

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>bring out the best

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i thought intel was prioritizing clock rates over core counts?
this is worse than amd and intels previous products

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>tfw Intel products are such low quality, pic related looks good

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Not even dog shit meme lake CPUs make that look good
It was bad 8 years ago and jts terrible now stop coping

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Nice dubs and a good question. The answer is simple, though - Intel just became lazy because of almost zero competition. And when AMD became a real threat, Intel just couldn't get their shit together.

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They've been pushing for MOAR COARS MOAR NIGGAHURTZ since 2017 this is really fucking sad.

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Are they selfaware of their namingscheme?

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Fucking kek

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N-No.........intel bros.......this can't be happening.....wdf.....

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P-Poorfags lmao!!

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So this is the power of removing the iGPU

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I don't know shit about hardware. What is this about?

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Intel was supposed to have 10nm processors in 2015 but have failed miserably. They are behind as fuck and are still doing 14nm. This has lead to BIG DICK supply shortages since all new and upcoming Intel products have to be made in the same manufacturing plants and it's getting BIG DICK crowded in there.

And thus they have to prioritize the BIG DICK profit products (servers etc) and that creates less manufacturing space for everything else. So now Intel has to resort to using partially defective chips (example with the F-series; the internal GPU on the processor was damaged and would normally be thrown in the garbage bin, but since they need every last chip, they have stockpiled the defective chips and have created a new processor with the internal GPU disabled (because it's defective)).

And why is this BIG DICK clusterfucK? Because it now has LESS FEATURES while costing THE SAME as the processors with internal GPU enabled.

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This video explains it well:


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> OH NO! some retard chan rips the lid off a CPU on TWITTER
>>Intel is just a joke at this point
nah, the only jokes are retarded chans destroying a CPU for attention. and.. what a shock! it's a complete nobody and AMD shill.
my fucking sides.

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Is 4chinnel being based roody poos again?

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> this list was provided by AMD's marketing department
shill approved.

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don't worry intelbros we still have 4k netflix

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>"After the CPU was successfully delidded and applied with CoolLaboratory Liquid Ultra thermal paste and put under a Kraken X62 cooler, the chip was once again tested at 5 GHz (1.344V). With the fan operating at 50% and pump operational at 65% (silent mode), the chip reported a decrease of up to 30 degrees Celsius."
>"the chip reported a decrease of up to 30 degrees Celsius."
>"up to 30 degrees Celsius."
>"30 degrees Celsius."



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you forgot to delap it after delidding it bro lmoa

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totally no shilling going on here!
> oh look! chan has a sample AMD CPU. must have found it in the street
> still a house fire
my sides: in fucking orbit.
paid shill: confirmed.

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That's japanese you fucking mong.

Each post you make makes this whole ordeal funnier. Keep going intard.

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> be you
> dirty chan
> flogging his own pathetic twitter account on 4chan
probably best you killed yourself, you pathetic corporate whore.

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>So what if their trasheap processors with jew cum in the IHS consume 200-300% their reported TDP, TDP doesn't matter!"
>"H-H-hhigher is better!"
>"AMDiscount bb-btfo hh-ha-ha"

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>28+ hardware security vulnerabilities
What the f u c k corporate death penalty no

There is no excuse for this shittery

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Lol no

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>not soldered
So 9400F really does stand for 9400 Fahrenheit.

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And so is the midrange 9600k.

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so its not the overclocking model?

Who cares whats inside? You're not buying that model for enthusiast purposes anyway

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Does anyone have any data on how yield is affected by soldering the IHS?
Them going back to thermal paste could imply that their yields are poor, or a being adversely affected by trying to solder the TIM for some reason.
It seems odd to go back to save money, since it's such a low savings.

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They're not going back, the 9400f is the lowest end 9th gen part released so far, it really has no real need to be soldered.

9600k, 9700k, 9900k. All soldered. Those are the CPUs most people will be buying.

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Makes sense. Good to see not all of this board has lost their minds.

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>buying 9600k
>buying 9900k
So most people are retarded, yeah, I get what you're saying.

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well the 9400f is $200. And it's the lowest end part currently sold for the 9th gen.
So yeah, the 9600k is midrange literally by definition.

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There are "midrange" server CPUs that cost $2500+

Price is relative.

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It's literally a 9500 with a defective iGPU being sold for more than a 8400, while performing basically the same.

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This one is much more informative

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>*NEW* All market penetration doesn't matter!

>> No.69662224

*9400. It's probably going to be released soon, after they get rid of the bad batch, that is.

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>no integrated graphics
It's literally defective, for fucks sakes. Why would someone buy this?

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No integrated graphics means you can run windows 7 on it without hacking the nvidia drivers

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What? I dunno what you are talking about but you can just disable the integrated graphics on your mobo if you that's what you want. Meanwhile this CPU is just outright broken and being sold at full price, they haven't designed a new die or anything like that, they just disabled the fucking graphics because it was not working as it should.

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>I dunno what you are talking about but you can just disable the integrated graphics on your mobo if you that's what you want.
If you have the chip you also have to install the drivers for it before installing nvidia, otherwisia nvidia drivers will refuse to install

I lerned this through personal experience installing windows 7 on my windows 10 only laptop with usb3 ports

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Of course, they have to use the integrated graphics to save power, that must be why the installer ask for a working driver first. On desktops you can just disable the integrated graphics completely on the BIOS.

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>hey guys, our """new""" cpus has this new technology, we solder the lid to decrease the temps, obviously at an extra cost
>use shitty paste anyway blatantly lying to your customers
imagine being (you)

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They're not going back, this 1.2 car is the slowest one in its line released so far, it really has no real need of airbags.

1.4, 1.6, 1.8. All with airbags. Tgose are the cars most people will be buying.

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there is a chance for fractures due to the heating, but i guess its pretty low due to the controlled process.
They also use low melting point alloys.

Its more likely they want to save production cost on trash binnedchips that are desalinated for the landfill, as its not not exactly as simple as soldering perfboard

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Why don't they sell CPUs without a lid? They would even save money

>> No.69664497

this is actually an interesting question. I wonder if anybody tested the thermal conductivity of dried sperm

>> No.69664524

ur mom has lmao gotem

>> No.69664558

Why not put liquid metal from factory? It would be cheaper, than all this plating.

>> No.69664945

Until there is some competition they can keep pulling this shit. Maybe the Zx-f will be up to the task as AMS aren't .

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Easier to fuck up, consumers would be seething because they would kill them all the time. Also an IHS makes it very easy to apply TIM, just a pea sized in the middle and you call it a day. With an exposed bare die you have to thinly coat the surface of the die evenly AND the heatsink contact plate (ie see intel deliding).

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they really do turn every penny around

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needs more jizz tim

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this thing goes only up to 4.1GHz right? It's also locked, so who cares? It won't overheat unless you use a broken fan.

The 2400G isn't soldered as well.

>> No.69667615

so is it called 9400F because that's it's normal running temperature?

>> No.69667838

i5-9400FailedOnQualityControl, that's why it doesn't have integrated graphics.

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Womp womp

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delete this immediately

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Better than Kelvin though

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brb buying Intel and suing for false advertising

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8350 was the last great non botnet CPU

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>What is huweii
>What is every camera/any IOT manufacturer ever

>> No.69669354

Lisa Su is based Ara~

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All junk you mean. Most people will be buying AMD

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this CPU was always shit. shilled only by the guys like Logan. it was literally the redflag to show which youtuber/site is 100% paid by AMD.

I like AMD, Ryzen, Athlon, or hell, even Phenom wasn't that bad. But this shit? Hell no.

>> No.69669989

> implying people won't buy it
> implying people will care
we, won't buy one. but do I care about the rest? not really.

>> No.69670004

>Price is relative.
yeah but those are two products with similar performance
one just has much better performance per buck and performance per watt ratio

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Yes, they are paying their respects for the iGPU

>> No.69670836

i get it now. the solder is airbags!

>> No.69670846

Because wasting money on solder for a 65W TDP locked-down CPU is totally worth it. This thing is mostly going to end up in Dell XPS towers and the like

>> No.69670871

>NEW: Brand name
wow, what a feature!

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t. win 7 user

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>certified delidder
>professional delapper

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>showing AMD CPU being burnt by an Intel CPU underneath


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Intel totally BTFO this time!
AMD would never do that to their customers!
Oh wait..

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>a entry level apu that is a shit overclocker and sells for 129$
You need your fucking head delided and a brain applied.

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AMD only does that with APUs.

>> No.69671226

2400G is mid level APU.
9400F is mid level CPU.
Pretty much the same price segment.
Bonus point is that 2400G runs definitely hotter with stock cooling.
I think you are the one that need some brains applied here, Pajeet.

>> No.69671410

>i5 9400f is 250 usd
>amd 2200g is 99 usd
>both are somehow comparable
Not only are you a kike, you are a retarded one, use whatever brain cells you have and orchestrate your suicide.

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shut up goy

>> No.69672291

I've got a 4770k and it's still pretty good, but I think past 6th gen is when it really went to shit. Waiting on that 3rd gen ryzen for next build

>> No.69672301

>i5 9400F RCP $182
>Ryzen 2400G RCP $169
Hmmm.. did they stopped teaching numbers in India..?
Or does $13 RCP price difference makes it somehow OK to use TIM for APU..? (that can easily reach 90C under a full load).
Stop embarrassing yourself, dude. Just admit that AMD did the same shit.

>> No.69672337

>AMD paying anyone

they wish

>> No.69672412

big test

>> No.69672417

Let's not exaggerate now, alright?

>> No.69672501

2700x here it's a fine midrange gaming cpu
I expect Zen 2 + and 3 7nm euv to blow it away

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I feel like there's a total of 4-5 people actually talking in this thread with a whole lot of same fagging and jerking each other off......also this thread reeks of poor.

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I'm in north america, not Israel, I bet you got your dick sucked as a baby by an old man, fucking depraved cannibal faggot. I'll nuke Israel and india, just to make sure you are dead, cunt.

>> No.69672710

it's ok to use TIM on low end parts.
Fuck it would be ok to use TIM on 2600 the fact that AMD chose not to is showing goodwill.

>> No.69672735

F series literally mean "press F to pay respects"

>> No.69672800

sent from my iPhone ©

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APUs were never promised to be soldered.

>> No.69672835

>Intel says a series will be soldered
>AMD says specific chips upwards of a specific series will be soldered
>Intel is good
>AMD is bad

>> No.69672849

Man I remember my AMD Phenom X6 already using solder 10 years ago.

>> No.69672876

We might be soldered APUs with Zen 2 too. Since they are moving towards it in general.
Just like we got soldered mid range CPUs with Zen+ while Zen was only solder in the high end CPUs.

>> No.69673156

>Intel solders their CPUs
people complain that they cannot delid safely anymore
>Intel goes back to thermal paste for a SKU that very few will buy
people complain they're not soldered

>> No.69673195

A CPU with a locked multiplier comes with regular TIM, so what?

>> No.69673622

Well duh its obvious, the F in 9400F stands for fahrenheit

>> No.69673752

Poor NPC drones sure like to circlejerk a lot

>> No.69673874

>Keeping costs down on a non overclockable CPU
What's so bad about it?

>> No.69673902

He's unbiased though. Really good informations for anything hardware related

>> No.69673927

If it needs delidding even after soldering it's a shitty soldering job.

>> No.69673978

...good? Now we have the option to delid without destroying the CPU... The F series is basically the enthusiast version of the K.

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You forgot your image.

>> No.69674192

lol @ that filename

>> No.69674227

just let it go, we have ryzen now

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Does that mean they pass those savings onto the customer?

>> No.69674639

just delid and delap it bro lmoa

>> No.69674707

>devils canyon
Who wood of thot the devil is evil and fucks u over

>> No.69675753

Don't worry, Intel will reintroduce proper solder in 2020 and call it revolutionary

>> No.69676231

Gonna start using that.

>> No.69676756

>liquid metal
it melts the die

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>look at me, I'm just pretending to be retarded to defend intel

>> No.69676819

Blatant shill.
The 2400G is sold as unsoldered. The whole new intel series is sold as soldered as a new technology.

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File: 309 KB, 1024x683, Cracky Flippy Chippy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>press F to pay respects

Been done before.

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>tfw you can run this chip in summer
>but only if you void the warranty

>> No.69678422

Digits have confirmed the theory.

>> No.69678467

I want to tenderly love Lisa Su.

>> No.69678490

Absolutely, my man!
I mean, you probably aren't going to need them if you don't go over 50.

>> No.69678491

>geared for gaming
>pentium 4 tier IPC
What did they mean by this

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>> No.69679028

Intel circumcision tool

>> No.69679230

>200 bucko mid level cpu
that's worse than rtx pricing!

>> No.69680696

Cool chips don't matter.

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I fucking love that you need to void your fucking warranty to get the most out of your CPU all because Intel wanted to save some pennies on a product that costs hundreds of dollars

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