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How bad did I fuck up?

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pretty badly. should have gone for a gtx1070

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You did well.

>Buying Nvidia
Stupid cuck.

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>draws more power than 1080


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Its worse than nvidia in every aspect. doesn't even have the monopoly on freesync support.

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You did good for low end console tier gaming in some games. You chose poorly if you were aiming to do anything other than that though.

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3 "free" games you could easily flip for 30$ each or at least 60$ as a bunch

7nm still not out, and it will cost substantially more

... if you ask me, not a fuck up

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how much is that ching chong money in real money?

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is that shit real?
$74.03 USD wtf link

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>falling for novideo shitty advertisement to getting rid of useless inventory
lmao, you nvidiots are so easy to trick.

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590 is a giant turd. not imo, not maybe, it just is. 580 has better performance/watt and price. thermals and power consumption are total shit on the 590.

give it back and buy a good card instead of that shit.

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The price is too much. Cancel it.

Buy the RX 570 4GB @ $120 with this coupon [EMCTUVD38]


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There's one for salw for $220 right now...why buy the saphire one?

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Pretty bad considering you can get an RX580 for $100-150 then OC it past RX590 levels anyway.

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>no display out
>but I watched a LTT video so it'll work for me
you can find real rx580s that actually have ports on the back for $100, used.

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for light web browsing, I'm sure

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Unless you want to use (((G-Sync))), you don't need video output on videocard. You can buy Dell Optiplex with 3770/4770 for pennies, DDR3 RAM is cheap as dirt and there, you have a whole gaming pc for the price of RX 590

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For mining, no one is hiding that fact.
Worst case scenario is the fans are slightly worn.

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>monopoly on freesync

you mean just how nvidia isnt validating yet somehow they work because they want to blackmail companies for money?

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What kind of a fucking color is that, looks like something out of 2009

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I love my and gcn cards. Nvidia is a good deal on the used market atm. 1070s in the 150 to 200 range. Hard call to make.

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Guaranteed to fail right after warranty because long term 24/7 stress.

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If it fits your needs performance-wise, not a fuckup. Could perhaps be had cheaper though.

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Mining cards are run undervolted and at full but constant load.
Gaming is far harder on the cards that sitting in a temperature controlled room, undervolted.

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mining cards are basically broken in to be perfect

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t. miner trying to offload his shit

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if it's chinese then you can expect it to be an old cheap card with a new case and flashed BIOS to falsely identify itself as a gtx 1060

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it is 1060 6 gig, though

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I just got an RX580 for $190 after flipping my last RX cards to miners last year and running my old 7770 since then

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It depends. If you all you need is 1080p gaming (even at high details) then you didn't fuck up.
If you expect more than that, you might be disappointed.

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Pretty bad considering used Vegas hit eGay for ~$249 all the time. I got mine that way 6 months ago and it's been great.

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Why did you buy an RX 480 for that much money?

>buying a worse product because of brand loyalty
>calling someone else a cuck

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This isnt about brand loyalty. Its about not putting up with goyvidia bullshit anymore. Maybe one day technology will allow you to increase your iq into double digits and you will understand how free market works, until then I recommend not being vocal about your opinions.

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I have an RX570 in my machine whats a good modren GPU for VR?

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>tfw I paid $225 dollars for a 4g RX580

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>buying inferior products is how the free market works
the abosolute state of amdshitters

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Considering a used 56 or 1070ti is twice as fast and almost as cheap u dun goofed m8
Hope your only aiming for 1080p 60hz at medium settings

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You could have gotten a Vega 56 that's still in warranty for a little more.
I bought mine for €280 a while ago.

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Using it over a iGPU will add latency and shutter. No way around that.

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You understood nothing but Im not even surprised, Rajesh. Keep gobbling up your overlords shit. Dont forget to say "thank you" as you spend $1k of your autismbucks on mid range card that will become obsolete via driver "upgrade" within a year.

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I would've gone for an RTX2060 myself, the RX590 is now 3 years old.

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It's kind of funny that crytomining has died but cards haven't gotten cheaper. Manufacturers and retailers are completely fucking us over.

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Stop shilling for your shitty rereleased overpriced 1060

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>Using it over a iGPU will add latency and shutter.
Not really, laptops with intel cpu and nvdida gpu use this technology for ages, people would notice the latency if it was there.

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It is there, normies just don't care.

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>literally just pushing more watts into a 480
shoulda waited for navi

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Very badly when GTX 1660 Ti is much faster for same price

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