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Yes, yes, well done AdoredTV, well done. However...

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How is this guy still posting videos after the his CES fiasco?

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>8 core will be a 2 chiplet design (4+4)

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You mean the flaming faggot from Intel Unboxed? Yeah, he's just coping as of right now, carrying on like nothing happened.

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WHy this nigga tlaking so much

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Tim was right about pretty much everything. The Scottish faggot not so much.

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>Tim was right about pretty much everything
Such as?

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No Ryzen 3 anounced, no mainstream 8c12t for 300$ like what the hobbit claimed, no navi, pooga 2 being underwhelming ect..

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>doubling down on the fake shit

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How does that make Tim the Intel Unboxed boy toy right, though?

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Do you really expect me to watch a 28min video about someone ranting and analyzing crap he has no clue about?

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>guessed announcement timing of some shit correctly
Wow, it's fucking nothing.

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>AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 3999WXYZ Processor
># of CPU Cores: 48
># of Threads: 96
>Max Boost Clock: 5.0GHz
>Base Clock: 3.7GHz
>Thermal Solution: Not included
>Default TDP / TDP: 500W

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reminder that this guy's channel was about video games. he suddenly starts getting "leaks" from several people in the industry. most of them turn out to be fake. drones still believe him and give him over $2k on patreon.

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Just look at the like to dislike ratio so far.

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Adored have actually never been wrong sweeties

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>most of them turn out to be fake
Such as?
>inb4 "muh release date/naming scheme changes"

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>support me on patreon btw
>don't forget to give me bitcoin and ethereum
>20 links to get shekels by clicking them
Imagine supporting this faggot

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He got BTFO by Tim. Guy is a joke.

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>no ryzen 3
>showed demo of ryzen 3
>told it's coming in summer
>No ryzen 3

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7nm is a lie

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Never claimed that, only "no product launches" and "no 7nm product launches", both were wrong

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Where was he wrong you fucking npc sheeps?

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How do I buy them if they were launched, it wasn't even a paper launch, it was just a demo.

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He wasn't, Navi got delayed, the 2060 isn't called the 2069.

None of that shit makes him a liar or for that matter wrong.

Intel shill force on /g/ is just having a COPE moment. Ignore them.

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>said one thing would happen
>it didn't happen

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Only 48 core TR? Doubt it. This is the moar coar king we're talking about.

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It's not that /g/ay makes me worries
I actually don't give a fuck what trolls say here
What worries me is that normie npc sites seem to hate him like fire and spread complete bs about his videos
I remember when he was banned from reddit because he called out that sellout
I didn't read what they accused him of but i know that the sellout atill has his plebbit Account although hes even worse and a more obvious shill than the ones on yt

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The world is evil, of course it hates the truth.

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I haz better Idea
>AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 3900XD Processor
># of CPU Cores: 8
># of Threads: 16
>Max Boost Clock: 15.0GHz
>Base Clock: 11.1GHz
>Thermal Solution: Not included
>Default TDP / TDP: 500W

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They didn't announce anything you tard. A demo of a product we already knew was coming mid 2019 back in 2018 isn't an announcement. The intel shill was saying that AMD wouldn't announce the models like the irishfag said and he was right

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But what interest does the pleb mass have in hating and spreading lies about him?

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internet cred. same reason autists argue about math on 4chan

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People are trained to be brand loyalists.

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known shill channel, nice

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>said thing would happen
>hasn't happened yet
>all indications point to it happening

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what indications?

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Look them up you fucking shill cumgargling faggot, I'm not doing you homework for you.

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Oh you mean the demonstration? Yeah that totally indicates what the specs and prices are gonna be.

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>t. bait
GN confirmed 12-16 core Ryzen, Papermaster said we'll hear about Navi this year

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Engineering samples typically clock lower than the final product.

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What?? He predicted the number of cores? Guy must be a prophet

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cope more, Timmy

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>Such as?
He has been fairly on the money except for polaris - he got that totally wrong.

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Papermaster is on record saying Ryzen 2 will "double the CPU in the same power envelope"

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How does that translate to double the cores? Lul you pajeets are reaching way too far

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I wish he could talk normally, I know every Scotsman can

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Setting up for another paper launch like Vega where there aren't even AIB cards till 6 months after launch because no GPUs.

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Double performance at the same cores would be like going from the i7 920 to the i7 7740X in one generation. If that's the case, Intel is even more dead than in a double the cores scenario.

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Well they aint finna clock to 8ghz

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Well, yes, that's why he's called Paper Master

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His retard fans have forgotten already, just check the AMD sub reddit.

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It's all a speculation circle jerk:

>"This guys speculation confirms my speculation, 16cores concrete confirmation!!"
>"Also, all this talking out of my ass and pretending the things I imagine in my head to be facts isn't cheap. Please donate, I need more haggis to defeat edward longshanks"

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>CES fiasco
can i get a quick rundown?

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He got leaks upfront. Details about Navi sku's and price. AMD then only showed vega 7nm. Leakers then told Adored that AMD tapered out navi but had a mayor defect and had to be postponed.

AMD didn't show the exact ryzen spreadsheet that got leaked to him so people became angry that his sources didn't ask lisa su herself for verification.

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Took an educated guess at core counts of a next gen that had like an 80% chance of being right. Still not confirmed.

Took a risk free stab in the dark at frequency, because it won't be lower than 4 for base clock and boost wouldn't go over 5.1, any idiot could tell you that. If it releases with less, it's easy to cope and deflect it to "well, they must have changed it, I couldn't possibly be wrong"

>Pure speculation on price, that again, will just say "they changed it"

>100% completely, undeniably wrong in release date column, so much so that it shows that the table is a complete fabrication on his behalf and nothing more than guess work.

Also, completely wrong in Navi and the GPU side

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>It's all a speculation circle jerk:
Multiple 12-core Ryzrn 3000 engineering sample benchmarks have already been discovered in the wild, and AMD has already quietly confirmed there would be two chiplet models. Once you put a second chiplet on the package, it's quite obvious that there would be a 16-core model eventually.

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Not an argument

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Claimed AMD was ready to launch their entire Zen 2 SKU stack, with final frequencies, prices, TDP, models. Turns out they don't even have any qualification samples so even AMD couldn't even possibly know ANY of that AND their engineering sample wasn't fully stable either.

His list also included some mythical 8-core, 20CU APUs with crazy low TDP at charity prices that failed to materialize whatsoever.

He also claimed navi SKUs with specs, freqs, prices would be launched but Navi wasn't even mentioned.

>Leakers then told Adored that AMD tapered out navi but had a mayor defect and had to be postponed.
Fuck off shill. Several people were reporting rumors that Navi was delayed while Adored was spouting on about how AMD was going to launch concrete navi SKUs at CES, then the dumb piece of shit actually had the gall to pretend like he never claimed Navi would be launched and then tried to take credit for other people's reporting.

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The FUCKING accent of his makes me so FUCKING mad.

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>What is planned vs what they can make
AMD 'leaks' are what is planned and may change on final product.

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Tim and Steve mindfucked him so hard

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>AND their engineering sample wasn't fully stable either
And yet it btfo'd the i9 at the same clock.

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did we know the clocks of the sample in the demo? I don't think we did

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File: 1.69 MB, 2782x1250, AMDISCOUNT_BTFO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>literally spends his time engaging in disputes on reddit and discord

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They aren't going to finalize SKUs with freq, tdp, and price like that until they get enough parts to profile the physical chips. They have no idea what they're actually getting until they have a certain volume that they can bin. Also, AMD already learned a lesson on this with bulldozer when they were hyping up performance and then when GF's process turned out to be shit they quietly walked back the performance claims. Even then they didn't make any claims about SKUs like you're suggesting. It would be mindblowingly stupid to "leak" SKUs on something they have 0 clue on until they're profiling large amounts of silicon That's what QS, they're tentative versions of the final specification, unlikely to change but still could. The fact that they're dealing with unstable engineering samples tells us they aren't ready to say anything about frequency or tdp, much less price

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No one's disputing that. AMD still likely has a good hand to deal but stop talking adoredTV with any authority. He's basically a faggot from /r/AMD that managed to convince those kids to believe his scammign ass while he gets YT and patreon dollars.

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what a fuccboi literally cant handle the bantz

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Yes we do. But maybe you simply chose to forget the part where it was clearly mentioned that it was a clock-per-clock comparison.
That guy is a fucking faggot and literally doesn't matter. But his faggotry doesn't automatically excuse other people's autistic spasms.

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>How is this guy still posting videos after the demo'd ES Ryzen matched almost perfectly with one of his predicted mid range chips and then the AMD CEO confirmed they'd have versions with more cores, all while motherboard makers, benchmarks, and retailers leak listings on the 12 and 16 core variants that he also predicted?

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that's a lot of wishful thinking

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Did Nigel Thornberry just grow a beard after shaving his mustache?

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Go directly to the benchmark then faggot: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/14076820

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>single and multi-core performance right in between the 1920x and 2920x
>quad core performance, both threadrippers have a large lead
I wonder what the deal is with that.

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>Yes we do. But maybe you simply chose to forget the part where it was clearly mentioned that it was a clock-per-clock comparison.
Just tell me what it is and don't think everyone is looking for an argument

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>65w cpu 15% faster than a stock 2700x, matching a 9900k in multithreaded floating point performance.
>Ian Cutress asked Lisa Su directly about more than 8 cores.
>Lisa Su coyly left it open to interpretation with "there's some room left over, you might expect us to use that"
>Gamers Nexus has their own trusted sources telling them 12 and 16 core parts are planned for AM4
>12c/24t AM4 engineer samples conveniently leak.

Have you just not been paying attention?

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Zen2 3 weeks

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Tim actually said that none of it was feasible, nor did it make sense for AMD to do so.
>12c AM4 ES
Herp da derp. I patreon both of them either way.

>Taking the time to post on 4chan

>Yes we do. But maybe you simply chose to forget the part where it was clearly mentioned that it was a clock-per-clock comparison.
It was a core for core comparison, you mongoloid. Clocks were EXPLICITLY stated as "not final." No, they were not running an 8c/16t cpu at 4.6ghz on 65w. Stop spreading this fucking bullshit. The 7nm node, as per AMD's own claims. Provides 25% more PERFORMANCE (see: frequency) for the same power, or HALF THE POWER for the same frequency vs 14nm. This is ignoring any architectural changes to improve efficiency or increase power draw. That cpu AMD demoed was running 4-4.2ghz AT BEST.

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that's a total bruh cpu

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There was a goldmind there and they dropped the ball

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Now I can finally play Minecraft at 5000 fps AND burn my house to the floor

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>Took an educated guess at core counts of a next gen that had like an 80% chance of being right.
This is my favorite part of the shillfest.
12 and 16 core parts were utterly impossible prior to CES and never ever going to happen, and now that they're confirmed it was always obvious and anyone could have guessed it.
Even after the first 12 core Ryzen ES was spotted people were still denying it.
Revisionist history at its best.

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After reading about EUV. I have come with conclusion "No EUV No buy"

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that fat little shit never played with a ball in his life, what are ou talking abouut

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Nobody knows but AMD but some good guesswork puts it at around 4Ghz. If it was running at 105 watts it would be clocked higher. But at 65 watts it has to be around 4Ghz.

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>mfw the golden era is back

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god i would cum my pants so hard
i already made a 2990wx system in september but i'll do it again this year if AMD can pull this off

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You're the one wishfully thinking the obvious leaks and hints aren't true.

Yes, it appeared to be around 4GHz all core, and 4.5GHz 2 core boost. That's and 8c/16t midrange part which is presumably around $200, 65W TDP, and matches the $500 actually-170W-TDP 9900k in multithreaded performance.

Would probably be 300-350W, actually. That 5GHz would just be on 4-8 cores while the others are mostly idle, not all 48.

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When you design a product first thing you do is figure out price bracket then other critical things like number of cores and freq. This is how any engineering work starts.

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kek, is this real?

>> No.69559674

>Just take the leaks with a grain of salt
-a Scottish bitch faggot

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>Lisa retweeting Jim's video


>> No.69559714

>Lisa retweeting a paid advertisement
I wonder...

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lmao amdjeets


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Will this guy ever stop lying? He is making expectations way too high

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The absolute state of AyyMD echo chamber

>> No.69559792

Gotta agitate the poos to keep AMD away from bankruptcy

>> No.69559877

The absolute state of IncelAviv echo chamber.
r/Intel on suicide watch

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tim said that amd will talk about mobile parts

amd annc their mobile parts a day before ces

tim said no dekstop parts only server parts

amd showcased everything

tim said no 8core

amd pretty confirmed that 8c chiplet is basicly mid tier

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free water

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I don't see how this is real.

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>Claimed AMD was ready to launch their entire Zen 2 SKU stack
To begin with, he said they were ready to announce it, not launch it; pretty big difference. Of course, they didn't really announce much either, but apart from announcement dates, he still seems to be right about everything essential.
>His list also included some mythical 8-core, 20CU APUs
Which, even in his spreadsheet, weren't going to be announced until Q3, so them being a no-show should be no surprise.
The Navi part was just an addendum to the video, and he explicitly said to take it with a large grain of salt.

>> No.69560082

>They aren't going to finalize SKUs with freq, tdp, and price like that until they get enough parts to profile the physical chips.
Of course they aren't going to finalize it until late in the development cycle, and AdoredTV also said as much, but that doesn't mean they don't have any clue whatsoever about what to expect.

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Go back.

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Yes, Erin's supposed to be an nvidiot

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What would Intel CEO say?

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Fuck you nigger.

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Don't try to act like an anon you disgusting redditqueer.

>> No.69560265

I'm interested in the authenticity of >>69553371's image. I don't know if there are cached versions of this potential reddit post of adored or if it's shopped. Why do you think I browse reddit?

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