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If someone gave you this PC, what would you do with it?
>FX 6300
>12 GB RAM
>unknown GPU
>120 GB SSD

I have an opportunity to get one of these but I have no idea what I would use it for. Any ideas?

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install debian

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Put an 8350 in there and a 1050/7970 for cheap and put it to work.

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Weird way to spell Gentoo but OK

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install gentoo

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pretty much this plus a 1TB HDD if you're gaming

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I should have mentioned I already have a Ryzen 7/RX 580 PC that handles everything I want to play. This computer would be an extra just for a hobby or a backup, something along those lines.

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Find a cheap GTX 660ti (30 currencies), pic related has proper cooling. Check the PSU is >= 500w, load your OS of choice and enjoy.

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rsync nas

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An old FX CPU is still fun to mess around with overclocking on.

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An hobby server project or maybe a HTPC?

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use it for not gaming

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FX is still overkill for a light home server, 8 cores and 6 sata 6GB/s ports on even a low end AM3+ board.

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sell it and get a fleshlight or a cheap hoe
will give you far more satisfaction than an old pc

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Sell it and buy fleshlight, buttplug and lube

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trow it in the ground

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>OP considers that to be old
>the computer I'm using to write this only has 4GB of RAM and a first Gen ivy Bridge processor.
I really need to save money and then go to /pcbg/

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Ivy B is third gen but it's still not old, pretty much any flagship DDR3 chip is still relevant and competes with ryzen 2000 chips.

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>old pc with FX 6300, 12 gb RAM, gpu of questionable origin and 120 gb probably low tier ssd

CPU-Z that bitch, check the GPU's stats, throw in an 8350, find the best damn fan for it, and then? LAN THAT MOTHERFUCKER LIKE IT WAS 99 ALL OVER AGAIN.. QUAKE 3 THAT SHIT.

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Nah, Install Arch Linux.

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Media center for your TV.
Linux Box.
A Server.

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Install fortnite and resale it lol

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Pass it on to a charity. Feel good about it.

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FX is pretty damn good for a server, it was made as a server CPU and brought to desktops, you can set the voltage really low and it doesn't use much power, you could probably cool it passively with a big enough heatsink and a passively cooled GPU for the most silent server.

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Did anybody notice the terrible chiclet keyboard?
How redundant...>>69541184
Why 660ti? Just curious.
I like this anons style. Type "OP IS A FAGGOT" to vote for this post

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>Donating it
Absolute size of this unit's heart.

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>Why 660ti?
This, Kepler is so limited by that 2GB frame buffer and a 7970 is extremely cheap and aged better than even the 680

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Ohhh Trust me, I like me too some days.

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Speaking of old PCs, know anything good to put in it? I'm currently using a 1050 and until someone can get me a graphics card good with a Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 with 6 GB DDR2. I know it's an old bastard, but an old bastard that can still hold it's own with Borderlands 2 at Med-High settings with the graphics card installed.

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put it up your ass

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NAS/Media Player hooked to a TV, maybe running some lightweight emulators too.

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750ti is the most i'd put on a core 2 rig.

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This or a 1030 if you can find a cheap one. Anything more powerful than that will be bottlenecked in basically any game.

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I heard that some Radeon HD cards work wonders with it.

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Even my Optiplex 745 was bottlenecking my HD7750 on newer games like GTA V, and that card is slower than a 1030 and 750ti.

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Hot fuckin' diggity.

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GTA V is well known for hitting weak quad cores hard since they have garbage IPC. Even something like a Athlon 200GE will perform better than those

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I just use my old shit station as a tv

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not worth due their power consumption

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Mmm yeah that's true. Idk, I might find a 750ti on Ebay if the goin's good. Maybe find a way to improve IPC? I know it's from the Fabrication factory at the time, but if there's some voodoo magic available at a consumer's disposal to tweak IPC settings, then hot damn will it perform better.

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I have a C2Q machine and I didn't bother with anything higher than a GT 640 2GB. Disproportionate hardware is terrible.

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RIP Anon. Meanwhile, apparently the Q8200 can tango with R9 280X? Anyone gonna call bullshit on that?

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>GT 640
Yeah anything past a mid range 2012 GPU like the 640 or HD7750 is just bottleneck city on the Core 2 Quads, I see people pairing high end cards with a Q6600 and it's just cringe because the chip cannot push the frames to work the card unless it's at a super high res, which of course they dont have because theyre on a budget.

I'm calling bullshit because my Q6600 could only push my GPU to 40% with gtav 720p on lowest settings.

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Thanks for not making me feel alone on that one mate.

Here's what I was looking at


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Yeah cranking the settings way up on a higher res will reduce the bottleneck, but the fact that a Q6600 can only use my mid range crappy AMD GCN GPU 40% on low settings is just a massive bottleneck even for me, so I threw together a somewhat period correct FX-8350 rig with the same 7750 and the bottleneck on low settings went away.

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what are you taking about, do you even know what IPC means

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That's cool. Say, you got any discord per
Instructions per cycle. And yes, I am completely fucking retarded in terms of the nitty-gritty of different inner workings of CPUs.

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Keep it as is and use it as a VM test bed for messing around. All the threads means you can run 3 dual core environments or 6 single core environments or somewhere in-between. Set it up as headless Remote Desktop for maximum comfy. This is what I plan to use my extra 8320 I have sitting around since I just upgraded.

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Nah I don't use discord.

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Dammit. You seem like a nice guy Anon. We could chat, have a tea party, and watch as I get probably doxxed.

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Thanks, i've just been there when it comes to having shit hardware so I try to recommend people not shove a really fast card in their ancient machine and wonder why they arent getting gains.

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Speaking of which, I held an ugly GPU contest, which birthed the Bait Live meme which only lived for a day.

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>ugly GPU contest
I'll be my 7970 would win that because it's just sagging like a mofo, my 7750 was so much prettier.

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It had to look fucking ugly. Anything about it had to look ugly as shit. Cooler, Case of it, or anything that looked like a shit piece of hardware.

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What really gets me is when you see someone selling a system, like on craigslist for example, and it's some old tired Core 2 machine with a GTX 770 or something, and so they have the price jacked way up. Alternatively I've seen 2nd gen i5/i7/FX 8000 systems with a GT 710 shoved in them advertising it as some super gaming machine and priced as such. And sadly retards will eat them up.

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>And sadly retards will eat them up
Buyer Beware as they say.

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>Core 2 machine with a GTX 770
Funny you mentioned that, when I sold my optiplex to a buyer on ebay, he picked it up and later messaged me asking if he could fit a GTX 770 in it, I told him to get a 1030 for gaming because anything faster was pointless because the machine is old.

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That's not that old really. A VM server would be nice.

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I learned the hard way myself, years ago.

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For those who wanted somethin' sexy and old school tonight, here's my Q8200 system


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>Core Voltage 2.004 V

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Where's your Inhaler when you need it?! WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR INHALER!?

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kek you think that's bad, look at the default/oc clocks on the graphics card :^)

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totally. and make it a bad ass jukebox / movie library, while I study how to be a nice , sharp, linux or programmer hoe.
Love pumping new life into old abandoned rigs.

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>barely even hitting a GHz
>Probably cooking like a microwave

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Now I hate to assume, but is that shit from an anime?

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Cuz pls tell me lmao.

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Here's the best part, pic related is the card(red pcb though, otherwise exact)

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And now I have come ful circle in terms of absolutely feeling dread and terror crawling on my back like some child.

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fucking zoomers

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>Love pumping new life into old abandoned rigs

This. With me it's more old laptops than rigs though.

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I'm still amazed that C2Q is still working with 2v, even an FX-8350, which can eat tons of voltage, will degrade itself to death at 2v in a pretty short period, if not die straight up.

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Well pardon me for not getting it off the bat. It looks reminiscent yet I can't fucking remember the goddamn name of it.

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Evangelion. Really, how old are you?

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>>69542452 kek
in all seriousness though it's lasted me over a year since I saved it. Never gave the CPU voltage much thought, since there isn't any way of tweaking it. The GPU however, I'll admit those are suicide clocks, but again it's been rock solid for over a year. No crashes during gameplay. Always liked Kepler cards because of that.

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18. You?

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Install a copy of windows xp on it to play old ass games that new os systems break.

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Born in the year 2000. That's all I can say.

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