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>2500k starts showing its age
>test suites have become unbearably slow
>don't think too much, buy 8600k, similar price to my 2500k when I bought it
>everything works great, test suites x5 faster (probably cuz 3200MHz ram though)
>didn't waste any time reading shills
>spend the time I didn't waste actually working, make the money back in three billable days
>be perfectly happy with it
so, /g/? I thought I was going to end up in tears like the basedboy mememoi with the intel hat...??

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Why did you buy into an already dead socket?

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>all that time
>what amounts to minutes of actual research
you're dumb
>I'm perfectly happy
>that's why I made this thread to tell you that
uh huh :^)

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>didn't waste time
>instead I'm posting about it on 4chan
congrats OP you played yourself

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yep, now I regret buying it, thanks for trolling me /g/

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I would have gotten a 2700x

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Still haven't upgraded since 2012. Think the next time I do it'll last about 20 years at the rate tech is progressing.

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Same. It's so slow now.

2008 get a Q6600 + 8800 GTS
>8800 GTS dies buy 460 GTX because "legit benchmarks"
2015 get a i7 6700k + R9 390
>R9 390 dies get 1070 GTX
By god it's been 3.5 years?!

I never once felt the need to upgrade.

I mean upgrade to what? Literally what.

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I wish I had gone with the Q6600 back then. I jumped on the dual core meme and had to upgrade a few years later. I'll probably upgrade when cyberpunk comes out, but I have really nothing pushing me to upgrade before then.

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The one thing I learned over the years is if you don't plan on upgrading every 2~3 years buy the best thing with the most "future proof" shit.

Everyone was like when will you ever need 4 cores, nothing uses 4 cores. Don't buy the Q6600 it's a waste of money, buy a E6700 that has better game performance!

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>I thought I was going to end up in tears like the basedboy mememoi with the intel hat...??
ignorance is bliss.

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So you spent more than you needed to on an upgrade because you're pigheaded and refused to take any advice? Wow, what a strong independent womyn you are! Nice blog!

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friend bought amd phenom II x6 1090T almost ten years ago.
6 core beast does everything he throws at it.
he might jump on the zen 2 wagon later this year.
C2Q and C2D cucks need to do upgrades earlier.

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thats a really weird thing to do. why not buy a 9600k instead lol? or a 2700X? or wait for Ice Lake? or wait for Ryzen 3? Literally anything but (as that guy said) buying into a dead socket with a mediocre CPU

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phenom was trash with their missing SSE instructions
who are you kidding

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Should have waited for the new Zen a lot of old cpus will get cheaper even if you dont buy one

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>MMX, extended 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4a,
what's missing?

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SSE 4.1, which has caused a lot of compatibility issues with Phenom CPUs down the years. A lot of games had to be hurredly patched after launch because they needed SSE 4.1 and Phenom owners couldn't run them. Metal Gear Solid V, for example. It's starting to happen with AVX now too.

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so, this is all the fuzz? A game where the developer didn't include any fallback method just like every sane s/w is built?
also MSGV gets 15fps on phenoms, as some users reported on steam when launching the game with this https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-software-development-emulator/
>hurredly patched after launch because they needed SSE 4.1
sse libraries do that automatically. you can choose to include older versions of SIMD inscructions.
The infamous icc jewish trick which crippled amd cpus, forced amd cpus to run FLOPs with legacy x87 instructions, while using SIMD on intel CPUs.
This is a non-issue, just a developer flop.
e.g. cryengine got optional SSE4 somewhere around 2008 and 2009
you might need to read about SSE5 and the avx/sse versions AMD uses like FMA instructions and XOP.

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Christ, what a useless wall of text. AMD fanboys are deranged.
>also MSGV gets 15fps on phenoms
Post-patch MGSV gets a solid 60fps (its framerate cap) with an overclocked Phenom II. I know because I played it my 1090T.

As for the rest of your rambling, I don't give a shit. The issue has come up numerous times over the years, not just with MGSV. It's been an issue, whether your fucked up brain can parse that or not. Nobody cares about the how or why of it. Your theoretical dream reality where all software conforms to your standards takes a backseat to the actual reality that we live in.

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I've had an i7 920 clocked at 4.4ghz since it came out and it still runs great. Not gonna upgrade until it goes up in smoke or something.

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>4.4 on the first Bloomfield
How is that not degraded to shit?

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I have a 1090T still going too, Anon.

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same reason my 6700k bitches about failed oc and just werks a restart later, like all my tools it thrives on abuse and neglect

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3770k here, maybe next year an upgrade might be worth it

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>buying a shitty housefire with no threading or solder
/shit purchases general/?

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I got lucky with great copy, barely had to increase the voltage. This clock has been stable since day 1

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>2500k showing age

should have spent like $50 more on a 2600k and OC'd it to 4.5. You wouldn't have had that problem.

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>mfw i spent nothing on some FX processor and it's fast as fuck
>mfw I wont need to upgrade until DDR3 stops being good at doing modern things

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My 2500k died recently, it served me well for so many years. Though I think the mobo might be fine, just the cpu light goes on. Kind of not worth trying to find another though prob just gonna save for a new thing instead. Really was one of the best chips I ever had though in my opinion.

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>Your theoretical dream reality where all software conforms to your standards
I work for a living and that's how I know what we, programmers, deal with SIMD instructions.

>Post-patch MGSV gets a solid 60fps
pre-patch mgsv had 15fps on users with phenom x6 as reported by those users in steam.
Not supporting h/w is a deliberate move.
On the s/w dev side, it's just some flags, or how several studios do it, they deliver 2 executables.
I wonder why did you mention it as an issue and blamed it on phenom, when they "fixed" msgv in the end.
SSE is not a dead IS and AVX or SSE4 are not a one way road in SIMD. You can do the same job even with legacy x87 instructions.
Keep blaming h/w for incompetent s/w development.

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I'm not from /g/ so what's so special about the 2500k series?

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Outside of a limited scope of applications, there has been nothing worth upgrading for since.

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3 days to make that money back? YIKES

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Well, to be honest, I think 8600k is the only CPU that makes any sense in their whole lineup.
You still pay the joo tax, but it's not that painful.

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All intel sockets are dead on arrival, what are you talking about?

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It was great cpu for the price at the time it came out. Since then there hasn't been much improvement other than doubling the core count.

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>I use my pc to run test suites
Maybe you should have a real use for your machine before upgrading it.

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I have a 2600K and I'm afraid of it becoming real obsolete.

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I went from a 3570k to a 8700k about half a year ago.
Best purchase I've made in a long time.

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Tell me about your thermals since then.
Actually, tell me about your sound experience.

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nice try shill, I'm still not getting rid of my 4.6ghz 2500k. It's the perfect pairing for a GTX 1060

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Your 4.6Ghz thing barely holds up to 4ghz Ryzen.
Except your thing will fry earlier.

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>bringing thermals into this
lmao cucklet, so long as the cpu doesn't boil water who cares? its not like it'll throttle in a desktop, especially if you can drop $300 on a cpu you probably know your shit enough to get a decent cooler. hell a 212 evo even is good enough

besides, it gets to piss ayymd fags like you off so yay intel

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>so long as the cpu doesn't boil water
Saying you spent more on cooling when it's included in AMD cpus.
Let's be honest, it's not a problem right now.
But it will be, and those processors will start blue-screening when they're actually used.

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i5 760

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>not cutting it anymore
>9700k @ 5ghz
Feels good man.

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I am on the same setup and well, since Nvidia Launched RTX 2060 i am feeling the gimp hammer already is just a matter of time for them to fuck us on every new driver update, i hope AMD brings some option to the market with Navi.

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>didn't waste any time
Yet here you are, shitposting on /g/. Good job.

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It's on par with Ryzen in single core performance and that's all that matters in majority of games and applications. It's also a bonus that a i5 2500k+LGA1155Mobo can found for $80 max.

>> No.69509299

oc or se

>> No.69510043

not as dead as literally any attempt at any AMD overclock

>> No.69510101


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>don't think too much
That explains a lot.

>> No.69510499

>make the money back in three billable days
>3 days
>anon makes $10.83 an hour
pretty pathetic desu senpai

>> No.69510526

im still using phenom IIx4 965 BE
even runs "modern games" fine
not that any of them are worth playing
especially "unfinished sandbox game that wasnt even expected to land on pc"

>> No.69510555

My friend has a 2600k and still has no reason to buy anything new

>> No.69510564

>besides, it gets to piss ayymd fags like you off so yay intel
this level of projecting

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tfw still on 4690k

>> No.69510677

>comparing stock coolers with aftermarket
I prefer my ears not being raped by tiny fans running 2k+ RPM, even with non-OC

>and those processors will start blue-screening when they're actually used
Can you fags stop seething for just one second, we get it, your ryzens can't overclock for shit.

>> No.69510803

why not oc the 2500k to 4.5

>> No.69511043


you should but it doesn't give you 4 more threads.

>> No.69511096

Too bad it's hard to find a good priced 2500k replacement though, there things were really that good.

>> No.69511176

>$50 more
sure it was more like 100 - 150 more

>> No.69512680

>being this ass blasted.

>> No.69513019

i use a 4570
i got it for free tho

>> No.69513071

Sounds a lot like the cope being said about Piledriver desu.

>> No.69513543

> after several years, (((upgrades))) his 4c/4t to a fucking 6c/6t CPU.

>> No.69513591

>Buys new CPU, mobo and ram
>Only goes for 4 to 6 threads
Fucking hilarious

>> No.69513602

i7 4790K @4.8GHz is the eternal CPU.

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lol retard

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tfw still on 3770k with 1600mhz RAM
how much am i missing out on

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Hey fellow 4690k bro. I'm still content with mine at 4.4ghz but no games I play (read what I play before people bring up battlefield and shit like that) really stresses it out. May jump on a new CPU next year though depending on how things turn out and use this one for a living room pc.

>> No.69514107

I felt like a bit of an idiot after buying my Q6600, because everyone at the time was going for the E6700. Ten years later though, I'm glad I didn't listen to /g/.

>not that any of them are worth playing
This. The last game to really catch my attention was Stellaris, and the replay potential on that was... limited.

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>tfw still on 2500k
haven't felt the need to upgrade, maybe on the next decade.

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i still need to play stellaris
i miss playing sins of a solar empire with my buddy from college
he was an archfag but he put up with using my spare windoze machine to play games
now he moved away and has 2 kids and works at staples
good for him i guess.

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literally nothing
desu piledriver is the last CPU i will ever buy because no intel management engine backdoor and no amd PSPsecure backdoor

>> No.69514305

It's no Master of Orion 2.

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>ctrl-f Xeon
>no results found
/g/ I am disappoint
bought this for literally 1/4th the price of a 2600k on ebay last year for my i3-2100 and wanted an upgrade without changing mobo and ram.
working like a fucking charm. the jump from 2c/4t to 4c/8t is night and day for making videos.

>> No.69515158

>spend the time I didn't waste actually working, make the money back in three billable days
He says as he posts bait threads jerking off to every (You)

>> No.69515207

Haven upgrade for 15 years

>> No.69515434

PCI-E 5.0 should be out sometime this year. I have a 4790 and im not upgrading until the prices for those cpu's and boards drop. I would like the extra PCI lanes as 16 doesn't really cut it with NVMe Drives now days.

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>be me using i5 3570k @ 4.2ghz with 2000mhz DDR3
>$200 R9 290 bought from miner in 2014
>download resident evil 2 remake just released
>75fps solid freesync'd
>game looks beautiful
>probably won't even bother replacing my system until Zen3 because I built it right the first time

>> No.69515877

>4c/8t is night and day for making videos.
Dude 12/24 and probably 16/32 are coming out this year for the price of an i5

>> No.69517441

still on a 4770k & 780ti maybe i should upgrade the gpu?

>> No.69517526

yes, but all the options out there are scams at the moment

>> No.69517540

>PCI-E 5.0 should be out sometime this year

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>tfw still on comfy i7 4790
Will wait till ddr5 lmao.

>> No.69517847


you shouldn't. all upgrades are marginal as far as games are concerned. if you are doing some core intensive business productivity work or encoding videos 24/7 then sure an upgrade is worth it but for games just buy the latest nvidia shit and you're more or less just fine.

>> No.69517865

Still on a 2600k. Gonna upgrade to a 3700x or 3800x later this year. I will be made of cores and have better single thread performance.

I won't upgrade for a decade.

>> No.69517978

Yeah noticed that, there really doest seem to be anything

>> No.69518125

>takes time to justify his buy on a anonymous chinese cartoon forum
oh boy...you really don't think about us at all right?

>> No.69518400

no need to upgrade yet

>> No.69518549

Still running on a 3930k and feel no need to upgrade for mainly development tasks and some gaming. Looking at benchmarks of the latest CPUs I don't think I'm missing much except some instruction sets like AVX2.

I honestly don't see how the average gamer/power user needs much more than this. Obviously single core performance is most important to games, but it really isn't worth having to buy new DDR4 ram and another stupid socket. It seems like Intel is prioritizing GPU compute now anyways in hopes of capturing more parallel workloads.

If I have a compute intensive workload, I'd rather offload it to server farms that are far more stable and scalable.

>> No.69519597

is there even any new games worth upgrading for? some people say cyberpunk 2077 but it's basically GTA5, farcry-blood-dragon style...?
i wanted to upgrade for mechwarrior 5 but that might be shit now also...?
any real games that need anything?
for the record I have fx 8350 and 7970 meme
and the "best" games i've played in recent years are underrail, brigador, ATOM rpg, furi, hyper light drifter, shovel knight, bloodstained curse of the moon, etc... I mean I liked pillars of eternity 2 and kingdom come deliverance but that doesn't seem to be enough to justify getting new equipment

>> No.69519902

>5820k @ 4.2GHz

Been waiting for quite a while for a worthy upgrade. Unless there's some kind of a massive flaw in Zen 2, then it's Threadripper time.
When the Threadrippers drop I'm going to replace this with the 3950x. Should be good for the next 10 years.

>> No.69520523

>Unless there's some kind of a massive flaw in Zen 2, then it's Threadripper time.
>When the Threadrippers drop I'm going to replace this with the 3950x. Should be good for the next 10 years.
threadripper is worse in games than a regular 2600(x)/2700(x)
so just get a 3600 or its equivalent

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File: 1.92 MB, 302x206, 1498778310512.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw still on fx 6300
i dont feel like upgrading.

>> No.69521442

its 2019, majority of games are muiltithreaded, single core is not that important anymore

>> No.69521470

You should've either bought an i7 with a socket that is still (somewhat) alive, or just kept your motherboard and upgraded to a 3770k.

>> No.69521580

Not really true. I can confirm that with a 2500k a gtx1070 is cpu limited.

>> No.69521660

can also confirm that monster hunter world with a gtx970 and 2500k is also cpu limited

>> No.69522203

I have a 9900knnon delid at 1.25V sitting at 70C comfy kys retard

>> No.69522238

I bought a used i7 3770k from my i5 2500k and I've noticed a slight performance boost extending the lifetime of my PC for maybe a few more years until I can actually buy a real upgrade

>> No.69522880

You honestly don't need to.

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intel is dead. they still put everything in single core knowing they cant get much more of it. multi core is the future and amd is aiming for it

>> No.69523519

Cyberpunk 2077, Starfield, TES VI.

Inb4 Bethesda lmao. They are one of the few games that still get modded old school style.

>> No.69523557

How much was it?

>> No.69523563

>q6600 3ghz mod since early 2008
>new system with 4670k 4.5ghz and gtx760 in 2013
>same system but with gtx 1060 6gb in 2018

im happy with it

>> No.69523692

Intel is probably only a year or two from their own chiplet design

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>tfw also on FX-8350 7970 meme machine

>> No.69523787

its top 3 the best cpu manufacturer

>> No.69523931

I’m running a 2600k now (at stock) is there any reason for me to upgrade? I guess if I want to upgrade other parts though I’m gonna need to upgrade the mobo/cpu. What’s a modern equiv of the 2600k? I haven’t kept up

>> No.69524134


no. but buying a K processor and not overclocking it is pants on head stupid. it's free 30% performance that you could have benefited from for the past 7 years (assuming you bought around launch)

>> No.69524152

This, even if you have air cooling, try to at least run the 2600K at it's turbo of 3.8 on all cores.

>> No.69524157


that's because you bought a meme 2500k instead of a 2600k like you should have. i bet you probably bought a E8400 instead of a Q6600 too

>> No.69524165

4.5 using a $25 evo 212. undervolted too. it's free megahurtz

>> No.69524168

Why did you pay MSRP for a 2 year old part?

>> No.69524174

I think you should be the judge of that. Do you ever run into situations where you feel like you're lacking performance? If no, then there's probably no point in upgrading, other than for a bigger epeen.

>> No.69524184

no man, run it stock for 4 years then OC it to get a free upgrade.

>> No.69524220

I’m thinking for upcoming games coming out in the next year or so. I don’t even use the pc for much anymore but I play the odd game, Witcher 3 etc. I might just ditch the whole thing desu

>> No.69524276

Sandybridge was the height of brute force for intel chips. All the improvement we see now is trimming the fat on instruction sets.

>> No.69524279

No point upgrading now or a game that doesn't exist yet. Wait till the game comes out and if a high end GPU upgrade by itself doesn't give you the performance you want, go all in with the best kit available at that time.

>> No.69524292

I still rock an e5450 xeon I bought new.

>> No.69524305

>e5450 xeon I bought new.
Wtf Anon that's a 900+ dollar chip new

>> No.69524387

Ten years ago maybe

>> No.69524443
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>t. intel fanboi getting desperate
Intel fanbois on suicide watch.

>> No.69524461

Did he not say "I bought new"? That implies he got it when it came out.

>> No.69524528
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>buy 2500k in 2011 black friday sale
>5.05Ghz on Air with push pull
>find a 3770k in 2018 for $200
>upgrade paste and run it at 4.9Ghz plus 2200MHz DDR3
you can buy Intel without being a cuck

>> No.69524577

>5.05Ghz on Air
>tfw intel bragging about kaby clocks when Sandy Bridge could do 5GHz daily because soldered IHS

>> No.69524592
File: 1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 1534318739996.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4790K with all cores at 4.5GHz in 2014
>meltdown, spectre dragging it down, while software keeps getting slower and more bloated
>still good enough, will survive until zen3

>> No.69524720

Still using Q9300 + GTX1050ti.
I juet use it to browse the net and watch TV shows. I'm just saving money because I have no feel to buy a better system since I only have 2-3 hours of recreational time.
Might buy a sports bike though, they look neat.

>> No.69524784

>bought 2500 non k
>in 2014

>> No.69525338

>gets a reply
>fanboycalls on it
KYS Intel shill, bet you get 0.15 cents per post.

>> No.69526798

You can pick up 2500ks for 20-50 bucks on ebay
If you have a motherboard that can overclock it's an upgrade

>> No.69527787

>2500k user
>thought the same thing recently
>buy 9700k without researching
>coworker makes me regret my decision in 10 minutes
>make money back and still regret
>I fucked up
can we regret together?

>> No.69527916

8 core will soon be minimum for every respectable CPU.

>> No.69528092

>works at staples

>> No.69528265

I hope you didn't pay more than like $350 for cpu+ram+mobo when all you got is 6 threads. It wasn't enough for some applications and games on release date, let alone to expect it to age better than the 2500k did.

Dang, didn't notice that. Someone making that little money should be looking at something more budget.

9700k is the only CPU which makes sense in their lineup. But it's also too expensive.

You still do because of the security updates. Massively crippled it, especially the HT. Before the updates, yeah it was fine.

Q6600 wasn't worth it at the prices it was at. Going dual core at the time was better.

>> No.69528282

As a 2500k bandwagoner I wish I had a 2600k instead.

>> No.69528355

Same. People convinced me the $100 extra wasn't worth it and that technology progresses so fast that it'll be obsolete by the time HT was used.

From 2014 onward with my 2500k was suffering for my heavy usage. If I had a 2600k, the wait for Zen would have been much easier to endure.
I even had decent 1866mhz RAM, and 16Gb of it, and everything. A high end model of 7970. That 2500k held back my system so hard.

8 threads has been minimum for 5-6 years if you want a more stutter free experience.
8c/8t or 6c/12t is pretty much the minimum now.

>> No.69528564

2500k with a 1080, the cpu is showing its age. Should I wait for the 3700x or just get a 2700x now?

>> No.69528678

A 2700X is enough for a 1080 even at 1080p. But you may as well wait if you can wait 4-5 more months.

>> No.69528765

>8 threads
Threads are not important. 6 normal cores are better than 4c/8t.

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>> No.69528789

Most of the AMD posting you see here are legitimate paid shills. AMD invests more into shills than R&D.

>> No.69528989

if anything i'd rather wait and ge 2700k

>> No.69529154
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Rocking a [email protected] in my main rig. Already had the upgrade parts in the shopping cart when I realised that I'm spending about $900 for CPU/Mobo/RAM just for the sake of upgrading. Still don't need the extra speed to this day.
Bought myself a new e-guitar for that money and couldn't be happier.

>> No.69529181
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this, the retards parroting the hyperthreading meme make me laugh
t. ran my own tests

>> No.69530454

What a waste of money

>> No.69530464

Thanks anon

>> No.69530703

>buy 2500k after reading
>read nothing matter anymore,only thing left is more cores.
>OP is retarded and buy shintel with security bugs.

>> No.69532024

>not cutting it as fast anymore, but I wanted something with USB-C and NVMe
>9900k @ 5ghz
Feels good man.

>> No.69532061

Holy shit bro you make a whole $11 an hour? Are you King in Venezuela ?

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