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>3.4 ghz
the absolute STATE

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Also the latency is through the roof lul
Zen 2 confirmed a huge fucking flop

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Weren't there 6700K ES with a base clock of like 3.0 GHz?

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No! ES clocks are final! AMD is d-dead!

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I sincerely cannot tell if this is misinformation by Intel, a bot or a combination of both. Every single zen 2 thread there's this same motherfucker saying the same thing. Without fail.

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Also the latency is through the roof lul
Zen 2 confirmed a huge fucking flop

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they already showed chiplets working in cinebench and gaming faggot

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no they didn't. it blue screened then everyone gasped

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it happened again?

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yup, lisa su hung her head in shame then committed sepaku

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Were you just joking?

I took it seriously because crashing AMD demonstrations is pretty normal.

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yea I was joking.

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>shit that never happened

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>oh shit an engineering sample of a brand new arch crashes
>an unfinished product is unfinished

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And there were Zen1 samples running at 2.8 GHz, I still remember how Intlel retards kept claiming those were the final clocks.

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Single-channel memory appears to be used. And slow as hell.

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Just wait for 10nm

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Friendly reminder that Intel will still be faster with 14nm.

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Might as well have taken a shit in the DDR4 slot

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You mean 12nm+++++++++++++++(((?)))

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Whats this?

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jesus christ m8 stop falling for bait you fucking retard

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>tripfag filtered
feels so fucking good

>Whats this?
anudda shoa

>they already shown chiplets working in cinebench and gaming faggot
true but only 1 chiplet with a shit card (V-2) so we don't know what the CPU is capable of with a 2080ti in crap titles like AC:Origin/Oddyssey.
i'm only interested in performance of 2 chiplets on the package.

>Also the latency is through the roof lul
what? where?

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This is obviously fake. Trust me goys

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fuck off let him nibble on it

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i pray that those latencies get better

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9900k for comparison

So the single core of a 3.6ghz turbo zen2 is 116
The 9900k usually turbos to 4.7ghz and it has a single core of 146

Doing some quick math we get a zen2 IPC of ~31.03 and a 9900k IPC of ~32.19

What do you guys think, is roughly equal IPC to the 9900k good?

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good enough
their SMT is substantially better anyway

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>What do you guys think, is roughly equal IPC to the 9900k good?
same IPC with MOAR CORES and way lower tdp? thats amazing actually. well the price need to be low as well so AMD can snatch market share on desktop too.

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would be fucking glorious shows how useless both are

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According to MSI's CEO Intel doesn't give two shits about the desktop DIY market anymore and has refocused their company over laptops, servers and GPUs.

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Intel never gave two shits
it´s as if people have already forgotten broadwell

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This is an old video from Zen not Zen 2. Newfags I swear.

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We don't know the single score turbo of this CPU.
It only states average boost, same how it says 4.7 GHz avg. for 9900K when we know it boosts to 5 GHz single core.

This Zen could've boosted higher than 3.6, there's no real way to tell.

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this is with single channel memory though, keep that in mind

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is that info legit though? the speed is retarded

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looks like a 2666mhz kit run in single channel. I have a kit like that in my build.

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my bad

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see >>69500879

How hard is that gimping performace?

It would be interesting if somebody ran a test with Zen+ and a similiar Ram.

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depends on how much they changed architecture I guess, zen+ runs the IF at half the RAM speed.

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AMD deliberately run the chip so that if found these scores don't really tell you much about the real performance. They know everything about their design so they can use this to calculate real world performance and where to place their SKU's in the market.

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Someone gimped their 2700X for comparison: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/14085581

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Explanation for us brainlets please

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Bros .... we got too cocky ...... it´s not looking good .....

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the 2700X in the link is running at the same RAM configuration, 2666MHz single-channel, for perspective

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>latency issues again

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god fucking dammit

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What's the difference in floating point and integer performance?
What gets me more frames in fortnite?

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> Base clock 3.7 GHz, turbo 3.65 GHz (avg)

How is the turbo on average slower than the base clock?

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Because he downclocked turbo to compare results you silly

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>Taking your 2700x scores we get this:

2700x @ 3.7ghz = 113 pts

[email protected] 3.6ghz = 109.9 pts

ES @ 3.6ghz = 130 pts

130/109.9 = 18.3 % IPC improvement. WHAT!?

That would mean the ES shown at CES was running at 3.9ghz all core. No way.

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It very well could have been running at 4ghz~ all core turbo.
The Zen2 core has a massive FPU compared to Zen1, the front end got totally revised. AMD themselves quoted an IPC uplift of up to 29% in some mixed FP workloads at the Next Horizon event.

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delid this kind sir

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Zen1/Zen+ - 8 DP FLOPS/cycle
Zen2 - 16 DPFLOPS/cycle
mainstream meme Lake - 16 DP FLOPS/cycle
Xeon Gold meme Lake with AVX512 - 32 DP FLOPS/cycle

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3=3rd revision
2=2 chiplets
W=12x512kB L2 + 64MB L3
37/34=3.4GHz base, 3.7GHz boost

At these clocks it seems to have 116 SC and 1741 MC points, while 9900K is 158 and 1670 on max scores.
Also, it's on a single channel 2400MHz 4 GB stick of RAM

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>Xeon Gold meme Lake with AVX512 - 32 DP FLOPS/cycle
for about a second and setting your house on fire
AVX512 is a massive throttling meme

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130/113 = 15%. They were saying something like 15% IPC.

The 3.6 Turbo in benchmark is probably 3.7. There were many reports of IPC being ~13% higher. So AMD may perform slightly better here in this benchmark.

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>tfw fell for the phenom meme instead of buying 2600k
>ftw fell for the fx meme
>tfw fell for 'JustWait™ for Zen2 bro' meme

why are we always so retarded, ayymdrone bros? Why can't we just buy superior Intel products and enjoy life, like the based Intelorlds?

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stfu you don't know how disappointing this is to me. I'm sitting on a 2200g waiting for ryzen 2 and it turns out to be shit. fuck my life

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gaymen eternally BTFO

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Thats the same ballpark as Zen1.
An 1800X with manual OC and 3200mhz DIMMs with decent times will be mid 80s in DRAM latency.

The test system in question was using a single 2666mhz DIMM. With faster memory the DRAM latency will likely still decrease.

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t-they are j-just sandbagging it .... j-just wait .... intel w-will get btfo for sure t-this time ....

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AMD's gambit is that slightly slower DRAM latencies will be more than compensated for by doubling per-core L3. 32 MiB for 8c can hold a lot of working sets pretty comfortably.

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Going to system memory is always painfully slow... can I get numbers for contemporary competitors just for a sense of scale?

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>still nothing official
you fuckin fagets falling for this

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Bulldozer 2.0 waitfags btfo

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A-at least we got more cores ... r-right bros?

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>slightly slower
>more than double the latency

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sometimes I legit think this board is actually filled with unironic Intel fanboys
especially when I see some youtubers get called AMD shills for whatever vague reason

>> No.69503929

Having cores more than 8 is anti-semitic

>> No.69503931

vs. Zen 1/+.

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Right here: >>69503803

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sir do the needful and buy ryzen cpu and radeon gpu

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you want a braindead wojak reply because you're about to get one bitch lasagna

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Will we ever get Acht Acht core cpus?

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>intel aspies thinking 25ns will make any fucking difference in the real world
who cares about leaks at all, all you need to know is that the intel shills have been on full damage control for 2 months and will be for another 5. Why would they bother running 24/7 damage control on a cpu that is supposedly "unusable" because it has 25ns worse latency.

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Friendship with intel ended

>> No.69504041

seems plausible all the money will be made in the server market in the future

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This kills the Poozen

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>Intel 12++++++++ will beat this
g will be on suicide watch

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$300 b-die memory will fix it

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this kills intels latency

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>posting the reflection

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Intel shills are very retarded, its easier to point the obvious to normal people out for them.

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on a serious note: will they sport HT or not? nothing indicates that those glue together dies will have it

>mfw AMD just copy the 'glued-together desktop dies' PR statement from Intel for themselves with small adjustments

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Maybe, really makes you think why intel turned off the 7601s hyperthreading to compare though

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It's amazing watching the Intel shills screeching like idiots. :^)

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In what way?

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>> No.69504204

What are these mental gymnastics?

>> No.69504208

>ES samples are final AMD BTFO

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don't worry .... zen 5 will surely fix the latency issue ... just wait ....

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they already do

>> No.69504220

Jesus christ. Nothing scales linearly like that. Why would you post this?

>> No.69504223

I Bet on some sort of ICE debugger between the chip and the mobo, to capture the crashes and shit.

>> No.69504226

You got them mixed up brah

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>the intelfag is still screeching about latency to noone

>> No.69504231

Which latency issue is that?

>> No.69504234

int is whole number (1)
float is fractional number (1.5)
games are mostly floating point operations

>> No.69504245

they will never learn

i got them all blocked on 4chanx :)

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>> No.69504252

3.7 is all core boost, not single.

>> No.69504255

>high numbers bad

>> No.69504268

Its not, Zen high latency when it comes to DRAM access.
A totally stock Ryzen 1800x with slow RAM will be around 95ns. Originally some boards were showing times as high as 107ns until BIOS updates got rolled out.
All this shows is that Zen2 is in the same ballpark.

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gayming performance dont matter
photoshop performance dont matter
blender performance dont matter
encoding performance dont matter
adobe still crashing dont matter
high latency dont matter
low clock speed dont matter

>> No.69504289

It's just really interesting to me how they don't really know what the latency problem is.

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File: 94 KB, 849x531, amd-ryzen-ddr4-scaling-latency.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also pic related

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>> No.69504305

Lower better
Higher worser

>> No.69504318

Everyone predicted this the moment AMD showed off the 8 chiplet epyc. Also I guess this basically confirms they dont have any final specs for clocks and tdp if they're just now getting around to testing engineering samples

>> No.69504336

Linear scaling with clock boost is seen in most cpu benchmarks, but usually they suffer like 1-2% efficiency loss.

>> No.69504344

After CES, we should be back in the dark ages, with piles of Intcel suicides still rotting in the streets because we can't clean them up fast enough, spreading disease at a level that hasn't been seen since the Black Death.
Never, ever underestimate the ability of /g/entoomen to absolutely ignore reality like Democrat voters - examples abound all up and down this thread.

>> No.69504348

no shit, if specs were final this thing would hit the stores next month instead of august

>> No.69504361

Wow, what a short list compared to the Incel list you yourselves have been making the last couple of years. You must do better - way, WAY better.

>> No.69504377

someone post the list of things that don't matter according to intelfags

>> No.69504394

what's the tldr? will ryzen still suck in games?

>> No.69504399

Clock speed performance increases never happen linearly. That's why that faggot redditor is getting called out.

Just by your example going from 3.6 to 5.0Ghz. With a 1% loss every 100mhz gives you a 14% "efficiency" loss.

>> No.69504402

>will ryzen still suck in games?
it never did

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File: 2.00 MB, 330x204, l33t-h4x0r.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus, you know there's a post length limit, newfag?

>> No.69504449

Ryzen has amazing frame timings compared to Intel in games. Intel might hit 144fps, where Ryzen will hit 120.

Is that "sucking"?

Oh yeah, and I now have twice the cores and threads with less power and heat.

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File: 95 KB, 500x1450, relative-performance-games-1920-1080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The 2700x is pretty damn close to the fastest chip intel has to offer, the i9 9900k, so much so that gaming performance at 1080p is maybe 10% off despite the huge clock disparity.
Zen2 increases IPC and will clock higher at lower power. For gaming there probably won't be any difference between AMD and intel.

>> No.69504467

yes, latency is still a huge issue

>> No.69504484

Which latency is that?

>> No.69504504

>turbo 3.6GHz

>> No.69504517

>tfw this is actually the PS5's SoC.

>> No.69504522

Which latency is that?

>> No.69504562

>tfw this is a Zen2 APU with Navi.
reason for clocks being low.

>> No.69504566

serious talk, in a German forum someone claimed it might be a Rome chip emulating ryzen 3 and not the real deal
there are some strange thing in this entry like
>Memory 6.1 GB free of 4 GB @ 1.3 GHz
how the fuck is this even supposed to work?

>> No.69504569

Single or all core it matters not for the single core score. 3.7 is 3.7

>> No.69504571

This, they are still catching up to sandy bridge

>> No.69504572

>12c SoC
>on a console
why waste so much power budgeton mere cores? a 8c Zen2 (even without SMT) is like 10x faster while consuming way less power than current Jaguar cores. i'd rather see them put a bigger Navi chip onto the package than fucking 12c m8

>> No.69504593

There is no chiplet APU. This is a 12c part and AMD has finite power limits for AM4, thats why the clocks are low.

>> No.69504600

Which latency is that?

>> No.69504622

Thank god dram prices are falling.

>> No.69504625

They best dandy bridge with Zen 1.


This has to have Intel shitting bricks.

>> No.69504652

Watch it perform worse in gaming than ryzen 1st gen, which the desktop market cares most about

>> No.69504668

games dont matter

>> No.69504669

Which latency is that?

>> No.69504688

You don't understand how userbenchmark works, the reported speed is not the maximum speed (single core).

>> No.69504689

>MKT 1.2%
Who cares

>> No.69504705

>non power of 2 core counts


>> No.69504719

Which latency is that?

>> No.69504741


>> No.69504747

see >>69504234

>> No.69504754

Pajeet autism

>> No.69504762

Lmao, incel making fun of a pajeet

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>Not even close to 5ghz
Intelbros I'm tired of winning

>> No.69504774
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>> No.69504787

Enjoy winning in the house fire.

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>no answer
Point made.

>> No.69504807

Which latency is that?

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t. actual virgin pajeet

go join your countrymen in the rapefest of your ugly dot women so you can become a real man

>> No.69504822

What latency is that?

>> No.69504846

the one in the links if you could read and not just copy paste the letters you don't understand

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>sit on their asses for the last 10 years
>still btfos the "competition"
it's not fair ...

>> No.69504859

>the absolute STATE
of engineering samples

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>tfw still have to wait over a year for Zen 2 APUs

>> No.69504879

waiting on the damage control from the scottish neet

>> No.69504886

alright guys *cocks gun*
this is it *boom*

>> No.69504891

ITT: turds from /v/ thinking they know what IPC means.

>> No.69504894

every time I see the word "APU" I can only think of the Simsons and I didnt even watch that stupid show.
they really should've picked a different name.

>> No.69504896

>copy paste
>"What" instead of "Which" like everyone else
I know that thinking is reeeaaally hard retard, but how about you try it sometime instead of showing off your brain damage to everyone.
I pity you, embarrassing yourself like this.

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File: 147 KB, 921x865, 1547177014253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to buy the 16c/32t specifically for Blender though

>> No.69504944

You do see Zen (in Threadripper clothes) in rendering workstations more and more, yes.

>> No.69504954

Games are the most latency intensive applications

>> No.69504963

Memory latency looks to be 10-15ns higher when you adjust for single channel RAM. Definitely not a good sign for gaming performance.

>> No.69504980

With all the Gigahertz-loving. These idiots from /v/ are the likely people who'd buy a Pentium 4 Prescott over a Core 2 because the latter has higher clocks.

>> No.69504984

DRAM access matters less when you have instructions hitting a much larger L3. Still isn't great that the IMC is so slow.

>> No.69504992

just buy a $300 b die ram bro

>> No.69505013

Buy a Bulldozer and overclock it to 9GHz.

>> No.69505026

>tfw software has adapted to the Zen Architecture that the latency is not a factor anymore.

>as more programs leverage more cores, the problems are minimized.

>> No.69505035

Then you wouldn't know how based Apu Nahasapeemapetilon really is.

Former medical student, so probably a better doctor then Doctor Nick. Father of Septuplets, so he's a better father then Homer. Friends with Linda and Paul McCartney. And tough as nails being shot by snake so many times.

Plus: https://youtu.be/q6RJeNPi5rM

>> No.69505054

16GB of Samsung B die DDR4 3600mhz with flat 15 timings. $220.
Good 3200 kits are as low as $170.
entry level 16GB 300 kits are around $130
>b-b-but $300

>> No.69505055

Would you eat his hot dogs though?

>> No.69505056

anime website

>> No.69505068

This. I was about to post that even here in Ausfailure, it's not $300.

>> No.69505073

is this 2016?
my chrome alone eats 8gb, still best browser

>> No.69505089

It's funny how people just accepted how shit and blaoted modern web browsers are and went with it, just buying more memory

>> No.69505095

2920x numbers for comparison:
121 SC points
476 quad-core points
1953 MC points

I think it's fair to say final performance on this part won't be worse than the existing 2920X unless memory bandwidth is a big factor.

>> No.69505101

>still best botnet
FTFY, you're welcome.

>> No.69505102

Nice. So you end up paying even more for lower performance than Intel. Based amd.

>> No.69505104

>most steam computers are mid-ranged.
>some intel fanboys brag about the 9900K
>don't actually have said processor.
>inb4 non-validated CPU-Z/Speccy screens

>> No.69505118

a blogger i read is unironically using lynx to bypass paywall news outlets
I bet hes lurking here too
>tfw lonely manchild tier

>> No.69505122

If that's your takeaway anon, I think you need to go back to the doctor and get better antipsychs.

>> No.69505125

sure. post your fucking speccy. It's highly likely you're running a non-K processor.

>> No.69505136
File: 956 KB, 500x197, Core i9 Cooler Failure.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't actually have said processor.
Of course not, proven by the fact that they're alive.

>> No.69505138
File: 90 KB, 1286x655, cinebench-9900k-vs-2700x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its linear in just about any pure cpu benchmark.

>> No.69505159
File: 84 KB, 1286x655, cpu-z-9900k-vs-2700x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69505161

here's the real difference:

AMD fan : actually has the Ryzens they are talking about

Intel fag: brags about the flagship part being "THE BESTEST", while sulking because he either is running an i3 or non-K i5

>> No.69505170
File: 79 KB, 1286x655, 7-zip-9900k-vs-2700x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69505177
File: 916 KB, 245x285, 1542340917874.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69505179

And 9900K at 4 GHz would still perform better in CPU intensive games than 2700X at 4 GHz. That's why I hate Cinebench and all the AMD dicksucking just because Zen 2 pulled 30 pts ahead in the demo.

Even here it beats Intel clock for clock by 100 pts but that tells you nothing about how it actually performs.

>> No.69505207

the 2700x cant even reach 4.4 without becoming a housefire while the 9900k does 5ghz out of the box. quit spamming benchmarks that dont reflect reality just to make ayymd look good

>> No.69505209
File: 100 KB, 1179x491, kike.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69505234

nice housefire. too bad it's going obsolete in 3 months time.

>> No.69505239

>9900k does 5ghz out of the box
Stop lying about this. We know better. Just because you're a fucking retard faggot that believes any bullshit doesn't mean we're all as brain damaged as you, you stupid shitstain.

>> No.69505240

>engineering sample

>> No.69505245

>14 nm

>> No.69505252

You confused with some other poster?

>> No.69505260
File: 1.27 MB, 140x140, 1360136862945.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nobody yet seen running higher than 4.8

>> No.69505276

Do you expect everyone to have a chiller?

>> No.69505277

Yep. IMHO it will clock to 4.4-4.6 (max ST/boost on fastest sku). I count with the lower bound to be safe.

>> No.69505284
File: 2 KB, 103x57, 0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69505285

>he doesnt know how to do a timestamp
the absolute state of intodlers

>> No.69505288

Actually, I saw a 4.9 about a week ago.
>aftermarket cooler
>scary voltage bump
>went to 100C starting Notepad
>another "5ghz easily" faggot pwned

>> No.69505298

shalom intelbro

>> No.69505315

Oh he knows, it's just a shoop because he's actually got a Skylake Core i3. Daddy wouldn't buy him anything better without him performing "favors".

>> No.69505332

Latency hasn't improved much. Single-channel on Intel performs ~50-60ns.

>> No.69505334
File: 141 KB, 640x841, 1530223248911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just realized this bench was with 1 RAM stick @ 1333 mhz DDR
this shit is gonna be out of control with actual RAM

>> No.69505341

>engineering sample is being tested to see how it reacts to minimal setups.

Everyone here knows that this wasn't testing the limits of the architecture. It was testing what the minimal setup could probably be.

>> No.69505344

HAHAHAHAHAHAH S E E T H I N G amdjeet poorfags BTFO

>> No.69505358
File: 121 KB, 1200x597, Hynix_DDR4_SODimm__69613.1524164567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HOLY SHIT this is a laptop processor
search the RAM on google

>> No.69505361

they're just sandbagging bros ...

>> No.69505363

put temps and post pic of your cooler.

>> No.69505368

if its engineering why do they even upload the results? this is what I find most confusing about these leaks.

>> No.69505379

Let's see your i9-9900K then - you know, the one that's beaten by a Ryzen 5 ES?

>> No.69505385

Its a 105w chip, definitely not a laptop part, and its still socket AM4.
AMD has some test boards that use SO-DIMMS.

>> No.69505392
File: 32 KB, 425x282, 500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69505408

Nobody buys Intel so no matter how bad Zen 2 is it will still win.

>> No.69505418

validation. And realistically. No idiot will run a 12c CPU with just one RAM channel. This is minimal setup testing for the board partners to list down.

>> No.69505421

SO-DIMM doesn't mean "laptop", it's just small form factor, usually slower than a "full" ddr4 stick. There are mini-itx boards with SO-DIMMs

>> No.69505441

Lets see your Zen 2 CPU

...oh Wait™...

you can't buy it

>> No.69505449

CL14 RAM has better latency on Ryzen

>> No.69505455

He won't - like all incels, he's a lying faggot.

>> No.69505459

sir ........................................ delete this post ......... [spooiler]and buy ryzen cpu[/spooiler]

>> No.69505461

>intel products need a chiller to function properly
jesus christ

>> No.69505470

Yeah, I knew I remembered that name.
AMD had a test board with the name Myrtle floating around since Bristol Ridge.

>> No.69505476

>he can't show the packaging.
>shopped CPU-Z screen.
>no Task Manager Screen
like I said, Intelfags are actually posers who cry and defend their non-K i3/i5 purchase.

>> No.69505481
File: 30 KB, 472x315, 1300720308609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>try to change the subject
Faggot confirmed fake, gay and pathetic failure.

>> No.69505482

You're being disingenuous.
>As of 12/07/18, the top 41% of tested 9900Ks were able to hit 5.0GHz or greater.

>> No.69505492

Go back

>> No.69505498

>single channel ram
its obvious an APU notebook /s

>> No.69505508


>> No.69505512

Maybe Navi will be good ... right bros?

>> No.69505514

>still can't show the box
>still can't show any Task Manager screens
>no temps.


>> No.69505527
File: 74 KB, 686x773, 1539964418227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody buys Intel though.

>> No.69505538

Probably has to do with how that motherboard reports data, and that's not a standard motherboard

>> No.69505539

>AVX Offset: 2


>> No.69505543

that can all be faked easily
photo with time sheet is the only accepted way

>> No.69505545

Go back.

>> No.69505549

AMD can't even do AVX because their chip is gimped. Their AVX has less performance than SSE.

>> No.69505551

>liar lying
Fuck off, liar.

>> No.69505554

Hey fucktard, aren't you sick of getting your ass kicked for your endless stream of BS yet?

>> No.69505558
File: 540 KB, 1100x1002, 1517943791961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69505565
File: 1.23 MB, 1920x1080, 1449232411714.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69505575

>this is the best I can do
So fucking pathetic. I actually pity you, embarrassing yourself like this in public.

>> No.69505578

>post evidence that AMDtards are lying
>all the shills come out
Like clockwork

>> No.69505581

>>he can't show the packaging.
>he thinks I'll jump through some pajeet hoops to prove I'm not poor
>implying you can't fake task manager

>> No.69505584

So Intel will still have the best CPUs for gaming right?

>> No.69505589

>i am a worthless sack of shit: the posts

>> No.69505590

Nice non-argument, streetshitter. Hope you enjoy your obsolete chip that can't even hit 4.5GHz.

>> No.69505600

>I'm a streetshitter getting paid to defend a failing company that won't be in the business in a few years

>> No.69505608

Let me look into my crystal ball. Hmmm.
Fortune: Outlook Poor

>> No.69505611

You bet. Yet AMD fanboys will never recognize that. Such is the current state of pajeet infested tech industry

>> No.69505612

Except you didn't. Caught lying AGAIN.

>> No.69505613

suure. Btw, you do realize that Raja works in intel now, right? and that most Intel employees are indian?

>> No.69505615

>i just can't stop lying

>> No.69505619

The burden of proof is on you, retard. 8700k can hit 5.3GHz while 2700X struggle to hit even 4.3GHz. Now that's a FACT.

>> No.69505621

Unless AMD can make up the 25% difference there's at the moment.

>> No.69505628

>I just can't stop wiping my ass with my hand

>> No.69505633
File: 1000 KB, 480x270, 1540698488512.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just KYS - show SOME honor, loser.

>> No.69505636

>5GHz vs 3.6GHz
geez, that's hard to compare
said no one ever

>> No.69505637

Dude you're arguing with the wrong person

>> No.69505640

Supporting a company that keeps on losing makes you a loser. AMD's 7nm is DOA and can't even beat Intel's 14nm.

>> No.69505646


this is ridiculous. I'm willing to bet you'd buy a 4.3GHz Prescott over a 2.5GHz Conroe

>> No.69505651

>most Intel employees are indian
>I pulled that out of my shit-stained ass

>> No.69505653


bros ... we can't keep losing .....

>> No.69505655

Why would I touch something like you with my hand?

>> No.69505657

>reddit spacing again
Don't reply to me again until you've learned how to use 4chan, redditor

>> No.69505660

Because you're an AMD pajeet, pajeet.

>> No.69505665
File: 58 KB, 540x406, 1546665908171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are such a failure, my man.

>> No.69505670

why does this places feels like wccftech.
I left 2 years ago from that pajeethole, only to come to a worse fa/g//g/othole with even more retarded posters.

>> No.69505675

Seriously, does that even work, or is it another example of your abject failure to think?

>> No.69505702

It's incel-speak for "ive been pwned plz dont hurt meeee". It's why the shitstain can't make a post without saying it.

>> No.69505729
File: 29 KB, 474x352, 1439710047999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69505736

>doesn't even know what Prescott and Conroe are.
KEK, the state of this intelfag.

>> No.69505755

Nor does he have the i9 he keeps shilling. >>69505315 was spot on.

>> No.69505782


Are you really this easy to trigger, incel?

Hey incel, triggered yet.


Stupid flaming faggot.

>> No.69505784

>3,4 GHz

>> No.69505815

how cute. you think clockspeed is everything. you practically live in the 90's.

>> No.69505842

Hell, even in the 90s we had processors that punched well above their niggerhurtz: K5, M2, and of course all the RISC designs floating around.
Intcel faggots confirmed literally living in the early 80s, in a very, VERY small pond.

>> No.69505875

Intel was the only idiot Semiconductor company pushing for the clocks.
>OH MUH 10 GHz Pentium they said.

>> No.69505894

>Imagine if they pulled this shit with Ice Lake.

>> No.69505901
File: 50 KB, 836x580, Dumbest Thing I Ever Read.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, who could forget that one. H/T anon.

>> No.69505934
File: 157 KB, 1080x1920, 1543609694960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>69505901 (Me)
LOL, wrong pic (just as stupid, though).

>> No.69505968

At least that fucking Intlel shill had the good taste to kill himself. Probably crying like the bitch he is into the five superseded Rinseandrepeat Lake motherboards he's bought in the last 18 months right now.

>> No.69506047

Which latency is that?

>> No.69506254

Why are you posting the most senior man at intel?

>> No.69506285

Intel? Do you even do that uses avx 512?

>> No.69506327

Are you retarded? AMD's plan for bulldozer was like 6.5ghz, on GF no less lol. AMD learned nothing from Intel's mistakes and went full retsrd despite industry wide examples they shouldn't

>> No.69506363

What did they mean by that?

>> No.69506409

Suure, we're not the ones boasting the ability to go 5Ghz.

It's like the 9900K is an RX-7 and the Zen3 ES is the AE86

>> No.69506426

>RX-7 vs AE86
KEK someone shoop this.

>> No.69506840
File: 253 KB, 1000x1000, 1503848584264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69507383

Its a ES you retard

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