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Will glue fix this?

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superglue maybe, but it might break again

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If it still works, probably.

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theres that glue that are combined with 2 materials I dont know whats the name
but when that glue stay still it will turn into something like cement
I used that shit to fix a fcking big crack in my old trashy laptop and shit solid till today

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Two component adhesive.

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JB Weld + metal rod insterts

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pic related

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use flex seal you fuccin nard.

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No, you can trust me on this.
But a drill and two tiny screws could.

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nope, tried this once with this
didn't work
the area is too small and tension too big

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you need to do >>69493895
metal rods

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I wasn't the original anon but had the same thing happen to me

then I just gave up and bought new headphones with better build (which could be repaired easier)

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Is that an ATH M50X, OP?

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Rubber cement will probably do the job

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if you like those headphones just buy some sony mdr 7506s
much better build quality and are actually built to be repaired, being an industry standard and all that.
they fuckin come with a board that shows you every single part and the part name you can order it by

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No point fixing. Just get beats.

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No, nothing can fix the sound of those trashphones

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>plopping your fat ass on top of electronics

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thanks nigga

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Imagine spending 300+$ on some thing made of plastic

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super glue+Metal rods on both side then wrap it with electrical tape

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not worth fixing these. You got memed

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about 100 if those are AT-50s. Great headphones.

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I had this happen to me and was able to fix it with a thin piece of metal, two screws, and a drill. Eventually I had to fix the other side, neither has come loose in the five or so years I used it afterward.

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Fucking Audio Technica
Mine broke at the hinge, too

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how did you remove the sticky matte surface?

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Use a soldering gun to melt the plastic together...maybe put the tip of it on a staple and melt the staple inside to embed it in the plastic

Plastic soldering is a real art

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