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>He buys the newest hardware
Y'all niggas whack as fuck

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fixed the ram , daul channel now.

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>he doesn't buy the newest

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>he gets more FPS than me in Farcry 5 and PUBG
oh no ;_;

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I only play CSGO and OSRS though :)

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Thanks for reminding me about Speccy, now I can see what this thing really has.

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but the RX 590 is latest, low end, hardware

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Yea i treated myself to an rx590, i love it. Plays all my souls gaymes and Path of Exile.

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Enjoy nothing working.

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Good buy, i dont own a 590 but with 8gb of vram it will age well i bet

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I hope so. I'm almost considering a vega for my x79 PC hoping those will age well too.

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I have a Vega and sincerely even though it's performance is pretty great as games become more demanding it's power draw will become more of a downside

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Only what's needed.

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My fucking nigga. Are you able to overclock the xeon on that board?

Would you rather go for another rx580 or 590 for the x79 PC?

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>45nm Intel cpu

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not that guy but i tried this with my x5675, it works surprisingly well.

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No need to upgrade yet, gtx 690 still holding up well

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I don't know why it says 84c for my cpu. Coretemp says it's 35c and around the same in my bios.

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Nice rig man, fuck buying all the newest shit just because it's new.

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Speccy has shitty reading. Ignore it with Ryzen.

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LTSB works great, what are you talking about?

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Install GNU/Linux

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linux is gay

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Ryzen 2?

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Yeah, the 2600x

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>clearly says 32nm in speccy and on intel's actual website
Are all vee-tards this blind or are you a... special case?

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that's 6 core with 12 threads. base clock of 3.46Ghz. it's a beast

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clocks to 4.5ghz very easily too

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>already unsupported by drivers and hardware.
It died before even 7 did.

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What the fuck are you talking about? I'm using it on my Ryzen 7 2700x and 1080ti PC.

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The only thing "unsupported" in LTSB are the new MS store based games like Forza and whatever else is in there.

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LTSC more like

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Sorry for my Яussiaп

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cyka :DDDD

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Fishing lv?

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Post your speccy then retard. LTSB 2016 is unsupported by newer hardware already.

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>ubuntu. Faggot. Use Mint

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>Y'all niggas whack as fuck
holy shit the cringe

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Not that anon but in my case, I upgraded LTSB 2016 to LTSC 2019 without reformatting, just choose upgrade. still runs fine for me.

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Doesn't LTSC have the file deletion bug?

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lol get a load of this idiot just talking out of his fucking ass

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>being poor
shit thread so far

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The 32nm Westmeres are a die shrink of 45nm bloomfield and has 6 cores, the ipc is still that or a little better than a wolfdale core 2 duo, it just has hyper threading, a higher clock speed, and is really good on multi core.

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>Would you rather go for another rx580 or 590 for the x79 PC?
wait for navi

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>implying you're not poor

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This,why get a 9980XE if you can't even afford a somewhat current flagship card?

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Did someone say bottleneck?

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>Not having the latest hardware or close to it

You poors shouldn't even be allowed on this board.

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>He bought a 2080 non ti to save money
Look at this broke ass

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a 1080 Ti with an haswell i5 isn't THAT bad
Mine may be a K cpu but it's not really overclocked, its need soo much voltage just for a meager improvement over turbo

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92 here

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Did I do okay? The gfx card is EVGA 1080ti ftw3 edition

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Also I got 32 gv 3200 ram not a million gb like it says on pic. It's out for delivery now!

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No I don’t.

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Why 3 GPUs?

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>choosing an FX over what Intel had out at the time

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>Buying a junk ass mainstream 3770k with that paste crap under the spreader that's purpose is to make you buy into X79

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You're high. Have fun with your FX which has IPC which sometimes competes with a 2006 Core 2 at worst and a 2009 Core 2 at best.


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Duh, if you did encoding or similar, it was the only choice in terms of multithreaded performance.

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>all this shit about graphics card "aging" well or poorly

just sell that shit and buy a different one in 6 months
>but mommy told me I'm not allowed to buy used parts

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>>but mommy told me I'm not allowed to buy used parts
Why not? GPUs have at least 2 year warranty these days, you can get a used one with over a year of warranty for 2/3th's the retail price. Only a retard would not buy used these days.

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Yes the IPC is that of a 2006 core 2 quad when 4 threads or less are being used, and it gets 20% worse when you load up all 8 threads, but you get 8 of them, it clocks extremely high. and it ends up being faster than a 3570K for less money on the multi core.

This, i7 3770 non K multi core performance when running at 4.2GHz for $195 in 2012 is no joke.

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Might as well post.
R8, H8, annaly annihi8.

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>1080 Ti with Ryzen
Nice bottleneck you got there. Oh wait you are at 4K. If you were at 1080p or 1440p that would have been a hardcore bottleneck.

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>This, i7 3770 non K multi core performance when running at 4.2GHz for $195 in 2012 is no joke.
I was talking about the FX, as someone who professionally did encoding, it was the best choice and trust me, I tried many.
It was just a encoding machine though, no editing or gaming.

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>Intel shill force in full force!

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That's what I meant, an FX-8350 only cost $195 back when it came out, and a 3570K cost 250 dollars and had less overall compute power, basically a no brainer if you don't have 3770K money, and the Z77 mobo is more expensive that you need to OC it a little.

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>Being called an Intel shill for pointing out the fact that any Ryzen CPU made thus far will bottleneck a 1080 Ti at resolutions lower than 4K.

The fucking 2700X bottlenecks an RTX 2070 for fuck's sake. Hopefully Zen 2 will fix this.

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I have a 1060 and a Ryzen 1600, do I have the same problem (not a gaymer)

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oh hey are you one of them content creators

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That's a nice terminal font.

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Yea you're right, i'm gonna get intel so i can enjoy farcry, fortnite and pubg at 1080p

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You won't really bottleneck anything even at lower resolutions, unless you have a 240Hz screen

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I was gonna install ubuntu but then I thought, nah

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Do you have a high refresh rate monitor? The Ryzen 1600 can bottleneck a 1060 if you are aiming for high refresh rates.

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that's exactly what I am saying, newer ones even have 3 years warranty

you want to say it would be a bottleneck if I was using a memeHz display

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>calling high refresh rate monitors a meme
The absolute state of AMD fans.

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>calling me an AMD fan

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The absolute state of AMD apologists.

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what the fuck are you going on about? god damn I fucking hate newfags

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Moar AMD checking in!

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Is there a newer version of Speccy? It can't detect my cpu, gpu and ram.

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is this a laptop?

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I recommend downloading intel XTU and undervolting your CPU at least -0.1v

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I already undervolted it in Throttlestop

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>every single Ryzen build in this thread uses slow memory
You can't make this shit up

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This is more than enough for anything I want to do. Runs surprisingly smoothly too after moving to Solus.

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Ok, that's good. What on earth made you get a Clevo 17incher in a world of thin and light gaming laptops though? Does it have an MXM port?

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Any time the cache misses you're using slow memory anyhow. 150 vs 155 cycles doesn't matter a whole lot.

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Well I'd get a desktop if it weren't for my cats. They'd probably break my monitor or keyboard and with a laptop I can avoid both of those outcomes.
I got the 17 inch model since the 15 inch one wasn't much less, so better choice to go with the bigger one.
It does have an MXM port, yeah.
Before this one I had an Acer Predator Triton 700, but it had a couple of issues so I had to return it.
1. Even if the laptop was closed, even the slightest pressure on the lid would cause the keyboard to trigger.
2. Sometimes when I moved the lid to adjust the display, the screen went black, which made me think it had a hardware issue.

>> No.69476946

Good call to replace it, I never trusted Acer for anything more than $500 surfing machines. Clevo has pretty good GPU upgrade support so you're likely to support RTX2xxx and 3xxx when they are released.

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Let's see
>>69473438 ~2132mhz
>>69473518 ~2926mhz
>>69476217 ~2999mhz
>>69476297 ~3396mhz
>>69476361 ~2132mhz
>>69476604 ~2864mhz
>>69476694 ~3198mhz
There's only a few slouchers that decided to really cheap out on slow ram

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>shitting on newest hardware

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When will mommy Lisa release Ryzen 3xxx bros

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Ryzen is extremely sensitive to memory speeds, since the internal NB interconnect works at memory speeds

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imagine idling above 25 degrees in 2019

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How can the new intel housefires even compete?

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X58 is an old as fuck platform, the i5 in my laptop outperforms my old i7-970

>> No.69477827

Imagine having fans spinning 100% of the time.

>> No.69477862

Or you could get a 2600K

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This needs an update and soon.

>> No.69477917

2600K in a Z77 is actually the ideal setup for a 2012 build, but they changed the socket for Haswell the fuckers, and haswell actually had really good ipc, it's up there with a 2400G on benchmarks

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Go on then

>> No.69477941

2400G is an APU

>> No.69477987

It is but it's also a 4 core 8 threaded CPU, just nice that a 4770 rig can still hang in there on the budget side.

>> No.69477990

So is the 2600K by definition. Intel just don't use the marketing term.

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pc in a different room so I don't hear them

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>not using sandy bridge

whats wrong with you negger

>> No.69478038

Come on Anon, everyone knows that even the crappiest Llano APUs shit all over anything Intel has in terms of graphics
Stupid fucking Intel IGP couldn't even drive my ultrawide

>> No.69478069

How is he wrong. You're going to have driver issues when they stop producing them for 1607.

>> No.69478071

whats that theme anon?

>> No.69478157

How many of you actually paid for your windows.

>> No.69478206

>The fucking 2700X bottlenecks an RTX 2070
It does no such thing. You won't be bottlenecking anything other than a 2080ti or higher.

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I actually bought a legit licence for £8, I rebuilt my computer and it wouldn't activate after so I went with an Enterprise version and hwidgen. Same with Office, wouldn't activate so went with KMS. I'm now on Office 365 though as it works out cheaper than just my google drive storage.

>> No.69478260

You can pay for it?

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they gave out 10 for free for like a year. we legit now bros

>> No.69478312

It's still too easy to get a legitimate copy for no money up front. You pay with your data instead.


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Yes it does. This is not up for debate. An RTX 2070 with a Coffee Lake CPU is able to spit out a significant amount more frames. This is due to the much higher clocks that Intel CPUs are able to achieve.

>you won't be bottlenecking anything other than a 2080 Ti or higher
What a load of garbage. You're saying that a 1080 Ti won't be bottlenecked by a Ryzen 2700X, which absolutely will be bottlenecked by the AMD CPU. Even at 1440p ultra settings, a Ryzen 2700X will hold back a 1080 Ti. An 8700K will spit out 30 more frames with the 1080 Ti. AMD has no CPU out right now that will not bottleneck anything but the lowest end of GPUs. Hopefully Zen 2 will fix this.

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9900k today

>> No.69478670

The CPU itself isn't going to be the bottleneck, it's the boards buss speeds.

>> No.69479576

nope, I'm a web developer, I need the ram for WebKit and the cpu for Docker hehe
I play csgo sometimes hence the 780
Andale Mono, comes with OS X, just disable antialias

>> No.69479592

Are you high? Here's the worst 4c 4t i-series vs a similar clocked c2q

>> No.69479948

Very nice clevo

>> No.69480181

If Nvidia bring out the 1660 I will send this fucker back.

>> No.69480753

Nice. Any oc on the i5?

Thought about getting a x3440 on ebay? They're dirt cheap. A 16gb kit ddr3 and a ssd whould also bump overall performance quite a bit.

>> No.69480852

Yeah, I've got it running at 3.5GHz. I don't trust the motherboard (or PSU) for more. I'd like to throw 16GB of RAM in it but it's almost as much as it is to buy 16GB of DDR4 which makes it hard to justify. I plan on upgrading whenever the new Ryzen comes out. It's been a good processor but it's definitely gotten long in the tooth for some uses

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>> No.69480924

No, I have a 60Hz monitor. Why would a higher refresh rate create a bottleneck with the CPU?

>> No.69480966

This is one of the most retarded posts I have ever read, Ryzen processors perform just as well or better when rendering complex scenes in games compared to the i series.

>> No.69481019

Are these drives in RAID? Looks like the perfect conditions for it, but pretty sure Speccy says when they are in raid.

>> No.69481038

The only time i series perform better in gaming is when the scene isn't complex (few objects and few threads being used) because of their powerful single-core performance, but when it comes to handling calculations across multiple threads the Ryzen's blow them out of the water, so any game with an engine that supports multiple threads (hint: all of them) you'll get comparable performance.

>> No.69481049

Yeah, I feel ya. The HT on the xeons plus better oc ability helps quite alot tho. That motherboard looks pretty solid for 4ghz oc, but if you have an old psu from the p55 era or before I agree it's wise not to push harder.

DDR3 can often be found pretty cheap used on local used sites in my experience, but no point if you're planning a platform upgrade anyway.
Can't wait for actual reviews of the new amd stuff, seems promising.

I'm running x58 with a 6 core xeon x5660 @ 4.4ghz and 24gb ram in tripple channel. It's pretty amazing how well it holds up, probably won't need to upgrade in the next 5 years still, unless something dies.

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I really don't know if I should upgrade the cpu, mobo, and ram or not. I'm getting some lag in VR porn of all things (and I can't accept that).

>> No.69481174

Porn games have legendarily shit performance, you need a beefy rig if you expect those massive piles of spaghetti to run properly.

>> No.69481181

how do i make speccy report my RAM correctly? ryzeen user here

>> No.69481223

I bought a key for $3 on ebay and by god it worked. I know they probably got it through some shady means but i dont care really. Valid key with iso straight from Microsoft.

>> No.69481250

Yeah I'm sure they are coded like shit, they pretty cool tho even from a non-sexual perspective. Hope more work goes into that area eventually.

>> No.69481616

You don't.

>> No.69481747

>says my post is retarded
>says Ryzen can perform better than Intel's Coffee Lake in gaming
You're a fucking retard who should kys immediately. I don't know what it takes to be as retarded as you. Ryzen performs competitively but as of now is lagging behind Intel. This is just objective fact. You are a blatant AMD fanboy.

The i7-8700K which has 6 cores with hyperthreading beats the Ryzen 7 2700X which has 8 cores and hyperthreading in Assassin's Creed Origins which is one of the most multithreaded games ever created. You are completely full of shit. Fanboys are cancer.

>> No.69481773

Because if you want to push high frame rates, the Ryzen CPU won't be able to do it. If you're aiming for 60 frames, Ryzen is fine.

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heres my risin

>> No.69482832

Not an amd fanboy, but asscreed is very poorly coded and it shows in the games that actually leverage amd hardware. Battlefield is a much better example for showing the small, but still existing deficit in games. Look at any title that amd has sponsored and you'll see much better code being implemented, it performs very good on ALL hardware configurations. I honestly can't wait for the single chiplet 8c designs that amd are pumping out, that'll be the upgrade from my 2600k

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>> No.69483536

>literally idling at 45c
What the hell, so you just have the shit stock cooler? My R5 1600 idles at 28 with my room at 24, with a Cryorig H7.

>> No.69483578

>that idle temp

>> No.69483667

Because the CPU might run out of steam before the graphics card does when aiming for high FPS. Won't really be an issue at 60.

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File: 121 KB, 2548x1261, bandicam 2019-01-23 00-08-35-098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's an i5 8500 I got from a friend for around $140. The MSI Z370-Pro was $62 on Ebay. People really wanted to hawk their shit when Z390 came around.

Planning on hanging onto this until I see how the Ryzen 3000 series pans out. Already have a co-worker who will buy most of the parts off me for a decent return.

>> No.69484251

Damn that's a pretty good ideal, i'm normally budget ryzen all the way but that's nice for the money.

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this is how I dump my money

>> No.69484288

>Westmere is slightly better than wolfdale

It's 32% faster what the fuck.

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Ryzen Mobile represent

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And here's my desktop.

>> No.69485003

I did. But I lost my product key.

>> No.69486328

They are not, the board supports hardware raid but I don't have anything on there that needed to be backed up.

>> No.69486746
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Pushed my bad boy 4790k to 4.8GHz.

>> No.69486770
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>few slouchers
Only like 2 are even decent

>> No.69486774

At least get a modded Socket 771 Xeon, anon. Chinks selling them a lot for dirt cheap.

>> No.69486798
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G75 4 lyfe

>> No.69486846
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>> No.69487320

power of living in a hot ass fukcing country

>> No.69488294

>45 idle

>> No.69488552

Still a pretty decent FX rig despite the 1366 screens, it's got the WD EZEX 1TB drive, which is a beast of a drive for 47 dollars. I regret paying 90 for a 512 GB pro ssd and not getting 2 EZEX drives instead of my one for storage.

>> No.69489189
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all these corelets

>> No.69489234
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>> No.69489328

>Expensive machine with x399
>only has 1120 GB of storage.

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For gaming I definitely would've gone the i7-8700k and 2080ti route. The 9900k is the stupidest chip they've released in quite a while and that's saying something for Intel.

>> No.69490785

gee whoddathink an i7 in a smaller laptop chassis would cause idle temps to increase

you're one thermodynamically inept faggot

>> No.69490869 [DELETED] 
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>> No.69491758

buying 2080ti
what adventage will it give over 1080ti
oh rite none

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