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Is there any other browser that can beat Firefox? I don't particularly like it, but modern websites are so bloat they only seem to work with a super bloat web browser.

Is there anything that actually provides a better, stripped down experience thats still functional?

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With addons?

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Would love that, but unfortunately I don't think so.

I'd still be using Chrome if it weren't for the shit font rendering and performance.

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They're nice to have

At least a functional adblock and tracker blocker would be a minimum.

There are a few others I would miss, but if the browser is good enough I could forgive it potentially.

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Firefox is the only browser that still allows driveby viruses in.

Use literally anything else.

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>driveby viruses in

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Surf, Links, Lynx, Dillo

Firefox Nightly is my fave

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> using a browser made by rainbow-haired traps

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i mean im looking for alternatives

as if google is any better

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>caring about the devs rather than the software

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Yeah, because everything else isn't made by them either, right?
Get a fucking grip.

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qutebrowser, same engine as firefox without the bloat.

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firefox is dead meme

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literally any other browser is better than fireshit

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> wtf i hate firefox now!!!!

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fuck firefox, use opera.

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he wants less bloat not more

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falkon has the best icon so use that

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Indeed, how silly of them.
Instead, use a browser originally made by rainbow-haired traps and now maintained by furries.
Pale Moon is the only remaining browser that has both a decent UI (Pentadactyl) and good adblocking (uBlock).

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firefox good

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Nah, same engine as Chromium

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