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What really is the best browser?

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Browsers are shit, you have to channel your inner Stallman and have a daemon email you the html and just read that in emacs.

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ungoogled chromium

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netscape navigator 1.0

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UGC with addons

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The only desktop browsers that matter to the end user, currently:
>GNU IceCat
Subsequently, mobile browsers:
>IceCat Mobile
Every argument against these range from menial, potentially false nitpicks like slower updates, harder install, etc. to full blown coping in the form of blind skepticism of maintainers, blind in the sense that said blind critics haven't even tested the browser they critique for malicious conduct.

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what the fuck is ungoogled-chromium?

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I found a git-hub port of IceCat for Windows by muslayev, is it trust worthy? I have to use Windows for my work and didn't like un-googled chromium

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I use Firefox nightly for the sake of the icon
I like it with a dark mode but use whatever suits you just enjoy doing what you're doing

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I'm sure firefox isn't.

Slow as shit.
Ugly UI.


Shit updated twice a day and sometimes bugs something, which sucks. Icon is really nice tho.

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The windows build of ungoogled-chromium is 4 versions behind. Fuck that.

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I love the icon too much, I'm sure there is a way to turn off the notifications but I called be arsed to put in the effort to find out

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No. True.
That's chromium, not ungoogled-chromium.
ungoogled-chromium on Windows is still on version 67. Try again.

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>pgo, fulllot, polly, modified, no-sync
>but no widevine, all-codecs

Ungoogled doesn't have widevine on Windows, therefore things like PrimeVideo/Netflix doesn't work.

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Microsoft edge

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Microsoft is dropping EdgeHTML and changing it over the Blink, making the idea of using it when Microsoft themselves are abandoning it kinda silly.

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My mistake.

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Chrome. Autists will say otherwise

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Try Firefox with the spyware removal user.js

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I use surf because it works well (by nature of it's modular-friendly minimalism) with emacs.

it's really not that hard either

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Unironically using Internet Explorer for Netflix because of the 720p limitation on other browsers

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>Slow as shit.
>Ugly UI.
Wtf machine you have ????

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Brave is the best,

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Thanks for the info Anon

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another browser shit post.

All browsers are botnet so you might as well use the best botnet.

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Internet Explorer 11 by Microsoft Corporation.

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If you're a boomer - firefox with privacy user.js
If you're a zoomer - ungoogled chromium

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GNU Icecat

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curl | less

if it's not in plain HTML that you can render in your brain then it's not worth reading

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Tor although it can be slow and malicious websites like Facebook will throttle the usability; Brave has the same problem as Tor, so second best is Safari if you turn on all privacy settings and enable 20 browser extensions to block ads, spyware, and fingerprinting.

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chrome is the fastest for sure

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amd ryzen

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According to my feelycraft Firefox is faster and it doesn't unload tabs like all Blink variant browsers do, which makes even switching tabs faster

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>I think that song says so much about the human heart don't you? Or as my people say Corason. My people make the womans and the cars bounce up and down. You see love important but so is the action, a real man needs more than one thing in life, do you know what I'm saying here? The heart and the loins both on fire. Groaning and straining and making hot dirty passionate encounters with the secretaries, while the wife she sleeps at home. I know I have been there many times, your on Emotion, where the heart remains true

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Automatic tab discarding (which is only when memory is low) is an option in Chromium itself so you can set it in Vivaldi, Opera, etc

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firefox esr w/ tweaks

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>using personally identifiable social media through TOR

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>What really is the best browser?
ungoogled chromium

>we have this thread every two days

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The best browser is the one you use.

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It boiled down to this for me as well. The water was hot and inviting.

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I only have Facebook for school because they insist on using FB Groups as official means of communication even though they have multiple security/intelligence/defense degree programs and have CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, et al recruiters come. It's such a contradiction and ironic. Regardless, I graduate in May, and I will delete Facebook.

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what are the best addons for ungoogled chromium?
Testing it, usually use firefox.

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thanks /p/

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Dark Reader
uBlock Origin/AdNauseam
Privacy Badger

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68234401 browser.

Still undefeated.

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Found the Brave shill faggot.

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Wha- what the fuck? How was I shilling Brave in any way?
It clearly says Brave has SERIOUS trust issues in that image, and points out you CANNOT disable the privacy issues in Brave unlike the other browsers in its tier. And nowhere did I advocate for Brave in text.
What did you mean by this?

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Fyi braves fingerprintjng protection and tor mode are both flawed placebos.

The Tor mode makes you more unique since you browser the Web over a Tor connection without actual Tor browser which leads directly to the other point.

Braves fingerprinting protection is, at least compared to regular Firefox', a complete literal disaster piece. Run some good FP scripts on it the come back. It Should be obvious why Braves main investors are advertisers and trackers...

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>private browser

Every Single browser you listed uses some kind of WebKit you intellectus patrician genius

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ok brave shill get your 5 rupees. But only after you sucked Brendans schlong

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Obviously Internet Explorer 8 it works with every new version of JavaScript

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I just use Chrome lol

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Genuinely confused. Did some Brave shill use that image and ignore how low a tier Brave is and act like it's good cause it's placed higher than Firefox or something?
Fill me in. I guess I haven't lurked enough, senpai

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Where's my waterfox friends?

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I just discovered Beaker. Anyone use it?

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Ignore them. They lack basic reading skills

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