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Let's see what you got ramlets

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>used: 6.3GHZ, Free: 17.2 GHZ

who did this garbage?

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>Capacity: 23.4GHz
>Being a CPUlet

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It's probably vSphere, it adds the GHz of all CPUs and measures each CPU usage as GHz.

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I'll have 60Ghz and 768GB after wednesday, debating getting another X5690 paired server w/ 192GB but not sure yet, need faster storage

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>tfw CPU has 36 GHz of compute power but it's still shit

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how many electron apps are you running

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I make due with just 12gb of ram, but it's increasingly becoming harder to get by with this meager amount. The big ram sucking culprits right now are Firefox and Blender

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18GB of RAM. I have 2x4GB and then 2x5GB

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>used: 6.3GHZ, Free: 17.2 GHZ

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no bulli

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4+2 in flex mode, 1333 MHz.

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I might be a ramlet but at least I'm not a storagelet

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How in the hell are you filling that much ram ?

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Lmao it's probably counting in Gb but displaying GB.
128 Gb == 16 GB

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tfw ramlet

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I was an early adopter when DDR4 firs thit and CL14 2400MHz kits were the norm. Paid $190 for tow 2x8GB kits. I'll probably end upgrading to a 4x16GB kit of DDR4-3200MHz when 7nm Ryzen launches

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No it's really 128GB. I'm not actually using that much memory but that much is allocated to VMs I'm running.

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Maybe you need to thin-provision your VMs, famalam

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That makes sense, what kind of setup is behind?

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