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Rate my elite gaming rig
Its possibly the best harmony of parts in a build ever

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great now what are you going to use it for
>inb4 shitty SJW AAA games

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nothing elite about your shitbox, mate

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does it run fortnite?

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Why do retards sell validation for their consumer choices? You dropped cash on parts to assemble a pc. If you're a gamer and you stream, or you actually need that hardware for your work, then good job i guess. Otherwise why spend thousands for a marginal improvement?

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based inb4 seething amdtards

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But does it run super mario?

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Does it run Super Mario though?

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do you need validation for your overpriced pc to probably hardly play games

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>elite gaming rig
>only 1 gpu


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>elite gaming rig
How many rads you got in there boy

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Amd poorfags seething

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>/pol/tard buys israeli chip

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Yes it is.

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Spotted the muslim lover

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fuck intel

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Why did you feel the need to include a phone and a book in your photo?

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Nice midrange shit

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nigga he has a PNY 2080 Ti and an NVIDIA 2080 Ti

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>isreali cpu
>chink gpu
>chink phone
>gook storage device

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only 32gigs of RAM? what, are you poor?

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How do you even open steam without grimacing with such a slow GPU

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>1080ti sli

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Gooks are good allies of germany

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it's like 10 years old mate, soon it will be legal to have sex with it

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Released 2 years go you seething poorfag. Post your hardware

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meh i game on a laptop, what do you want.

666QM with a Radeon 6969

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nah I think I'll play overwatch and do sex on girls for a while longer

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powerful high performance computing

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>Intel HD grafics
Fucking disgusting

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Daily reminder that brand loyalty is a meme and AMD CPU, Nvidia GPU is the comfiest combo.

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first gen bros rise up

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you took the time to reply, already paid for itself. At least I can make sex with many sluts. I bet even a slut will look at you and be like... nah

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what now nigga

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this post smells like pajeet in the street.

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and you prolly smell like hand cream and donuts you don't hear me ragging on you

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poojet spotted

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yeah im def from india, nice

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>make sex

English, motherfucker. Do you speak it?

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Based and redpilled.
Cringe and bluepilled.

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Depends for which product though.

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the best part about earning alot of money is realizing material goods can only do so much and real happiness lays in other domains of life

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no, but at least I have banged a lot of girls

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Whore fucker

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>Monopoly YES

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>he didn't wait for the Asus ROG Matrix 2080 Ti coming out this month

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Ha Ha you bought a shitty combo drive ?
You throw all that money at the jews and cant cough up the cash for a BR Burner?

Nice posing Sir fuckwitdumbtwat ya realy lernd we.

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Whats wrong with it?

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fapping in the basement of your mom and cumming on the monitor aint sex on girls.

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>great now what are you going to use it for
Literally shitposting on 4chinz...

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harmony=most expensive parts ever

you got ripped bruh, or got raped harmonously as you would call it

>no backup drive except Bluray
you probably just game so i guess it' okay

it's a wonderful feeling when you make a smart purchase, then your equipment pays itself, when you actually do something other than masturbate on your pc

you should try it

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Grow up

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Where is Yulia with "her"128gb of ram?

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which doesnt mean you have more than 0 clue

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He just opened the task manager during the stress test.

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>i9 for gaming

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So what? Congrats you blew your money on building a computer. Great. Enjoy it while you can cause you'll prob be blowing another $500 on a new graphics card next year cause of "meh fps".

Meanwhile others who are fine with older tech are going about there business (I'm one).

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Name a faster desktop CPU.

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You should replace this video card by triple SLI with Geforce 480's.
Then overclock everything.

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For actual gaming, 8086k

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Stay poor

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You want single core performance, and 9900k Don't give you single core performance, unless you do a certain thing that you should not do, or this will be your computer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FJTK_iNA5s

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either marketing team from india, or son or rich daddy who wasted a shitload of money on things he doesn't understand.
either way, your shit is retarded, get the fuck out of /g/

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How much did it cost for the whole system?

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>Can't even afford 16 cores


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the absolute state of inceltards

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Is the G513 any good?

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Spotted the amdpoorfag

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>i9 9900k
Hope your house has fire insurance

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Its okey
The wristrest is the best thing
Keyboard itself is ok

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you can't spot anything with that big jewish nose blocking your vision

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Ryzen CPU with a high end Nvidia GPU is the redpilled PC Build

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>not supporting Israel
Spotted the muslim lover

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Intel and nvidia is the best combo

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are you insulting me m8

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Spotted the poorfag
Enjoy inferior hardware

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go away intel kike.

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Are you Gay?

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Sorry i dont give my money to israel

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Does she have a botched nose job?

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Why not?

Did you know that Israeli girls are white of nature and Love western men that support their defensive war against islamic invaders?

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all these ass blasted kikes ahaha

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pick one schlomo

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Average frame rate in CRYSIS 1 ultra settings 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 4k?

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>2133mhz ram on that system.

you done goofd

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Its 3200
Are you blind?

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1071.9 mhz * 2

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let over 9000 iksdee

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top kek, retarded OP didn't even notice his shit is not running as fast as it was supposed to run

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Kys dumb fuck

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>mfw op is childish
>mfw op spend his saving and has to defend his choice
>mfw the state of /g/

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>that ram
oof enjoy being bottlenecked and losing up to 20% performance

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Kys old Fuck

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Its 32gig 3200mhz ram dumb monkey

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Ugly image like ur ugly face

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lmao yeah sure poorfag, next time save for a few more months.

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Ugly fuck

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Literally only top-tier thing is the cooler.
>9900 Kelvin space heater
>only one 2080 Ti, not even EVGA
>MSI board
>the PSU is merely Gold-rated
>consumershit TLC ssd
>optical drive in 2019
>shitty overpriced gayming keyboard that's worth maybe $50
>bargain-bin "flagship" chink botnet that cheats on benchmarks and overheats
>thermal paste that's already included with the cooler
>meme strip to ground your faggotry or even the fucking thermal paste would turn into rainbow
>obligatory nazi book to show your intellectual superiority

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cringe and unironically bluepilled

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What's wrong with the MSI mobo?

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Oh no he feel the gigabyte meme and their 3rd grade software

>> No.69342676


pc's up time is 18mins that's really fucking sad hahah

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MSI has a long history of cheaping out on virtually everything, and the resulting failures
I wouldn't touch any of their products with a 10-foot pole
on a side note: anyone else getting bullied by captcha, or is it just me?

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What's a good mobo manufacturer then? I just ordered one from MSI.

>> No.69342697

Evga sells good PSUs, I forgot who makes them but they are good.

Their GPUs are decent if you consider they let you RMA dead by overclock.

PNY seems like cheap shit to me but somehow it had never broke for me.

That's all I gotta say about that

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Do you guys think the 3 series Ryzen will work with the x370 with a bios update? im really keen to upgrade mainly just for the IPC increase, since I have zero issues with my rig.

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What's wrong with MSI, asking because I got a Gigabyte and it's meh, who the fuck makes good boards nowadays?

Does the 80 rating really matter past bronze?

What's so good about EVGA GPUs?
I just got a 2080Ti FTW3 and they dropped so many balls with it.
Considering returning it.

>> No.69342933

They said the goal is to have forward compatible. As in AM4 will work with all future chips.

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>SJW games
What did he mean by this?

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>spending goofy amounts of money to get marginally better framerates on games that aren't even very good

>> No.69343045

Buyer's remorse.

>> No.69343055

It's either that or killing themselves

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Well, then...

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Multi GPU isn't for gaming, fa.m

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>*crashes premiere *
>*driver crashes AAA game*

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That's all I see

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Nice bait.

>> No.69343460

>all these niggers falling for this bait when the filename is obviously from a Burmese thatch roofing imageboard

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Based setup.

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