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Looking to buy a new monitor since my decade old 1080p HP cheapo monitor is finally starting to fail (takes about an hour to power on after booting PC). Since I have a fairly decent PC I wanted to get into the high refresh rate 2k monitors, but I don't want to waste my money on a piece of shit, or overpay for a mediocre/overpriced one either. Looking for some suggestions on a 1440p monitor that has G-sync, or will be compatible with the upcoming jan 15 driver updates allowing Freesync to work with Nvidia cards. So far the list of certified freesync monitors with a 1440p resolution are

Acer xg270HU
Asus MG278Q
Agon AG241QG4/AG241QX

I'd really prefer not spending over 400 USD on a new monitor but I suppose I am willing to go over if its a particularly good monitor for the price. Any help is appreciated.

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Unless it's ips or oled don't bother

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XB271HU or bust.

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Just fuck off and buy a gsync monitor, if you can't' afford the right thing good luck playing at 1440p with high frames with a gayga 56 or something
Just. Fucking. Buy. The. XB271HU.

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just buy a top of the line 4k monitor and replace it in another decade

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>OLED monitor
Oh, boy. Doubt those even exist and even if they do - why?

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I have 2x mg279. Au$700 each, freesync/ips/144hz/1440p looks great

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I have a 1080 but I don't want to spend 200$+ extra dollars for something I can get for free with the upcoming Nvidia drivers.

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I don't want a 4k monitor...

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I've got the Dell S2716DG. It's a 27" gsync and I bought mine for $379 on sale about 2 years ago, might be cheaper now.

Main drawback: It's a TN panel, although the blacks are incredible for it.

Plusses: hell of a lot cheaper than similar IPS panels.

preference: It's not a dumbass gamer look either, it's nice and slim and sleek.

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Thats like turning down a five course meal to eat at a soup kitchen anon....

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I'd like to play games at framerates higher than 40 fps though.

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It's not worth it lad
save up for the XB271HU.

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Why do people even want 4k? [email protected]/165Hz is the sweet spot.

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What GPU do you have?

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4k is a meme for desktop monitors, enjoy your fuckhuge display panel, 27" is pushing it as it is.
Not even a $1 price tag will make a TN panel worth it
sod right fucking OFF

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>better colours contrast and blacks
>no backlight
>better response times
Only downside is they are extremely expensive and not at all mature enough still have burn in issues
4k 120hz is coming through

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1080. Thinking about maybe buying a 2070/2080 in the future. Or the Vega 7 if its good for the price.

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just turn the resolution down in the game nigga
its not that hard

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>just run 480p on your 1080p monitor
Thats what you sound like.

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What is objectively better, IPS or VA?

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>muh burn in

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Fixed by Q2 2019, guaranteed.

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>Fixed by Q2 2019, guaranteed.

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>Just wait™

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Not OP but, would a AOC AGON CQ32G1 be ok?

I know it's a VA panel but it's 144hz, 1440p, 1ms and has a good freesync range for g-sync compatibility (30 - 144 Hz). The main point being it's cheap.

Was just wondering if IPS would make that much of a difference for another 50-100% $?

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It's not always about you anon.

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For that size I'd get a projector.

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are you high?

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2k is literally 1080p you dumb fuck

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I'm buying the XB271HU in April and no one's stopping me!

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You can't fix what was broken from the beginning

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Dell s24dg17

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According to Sony it's impossible for the human eye to see above 18fps

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are 21:9 1440p monitors still costing an arm and leg?

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yeah well sony is dumb as shit

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PX277H. I own it and you can ask me any questions about it. Literally every other option in this thread is garbage.

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why downgrade?
why get such a small upgrade? it's just a 1080ti
same with vega7
wait a few years for it to actually matter

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I have it, and it has a tendency to get dead pixels. Acer tells you to fuck off unless it has 14 or so in a concentrated region which is fucking bullshit.

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why not just get a freesync tn panel
it's not like any of you basement dwellers have anyone care enough about you to watch you do shit on your pc and for gayms you'll be right in front so why the fuck care about viewing angles

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colors and contrast are trash on TN.

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OLED on desktop is retarded because of burn in

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im looking to buy a 1080p 144hz monitor but im on a budget and have only select few vendors
these are the two monitors that suit my budget the most
aoc c24g1 and acer xf240
leaning towards aoc va but i heard it's really blurry

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kys retard

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wait are you being serious?

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You know Gsync and Freesync aren't the exact same thing right? They're both just adaptive sync. That being said you also miss out on ULMB if you go Freesync.

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Literally no place is selling that.

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Because the 2080 ti is 1400 usd.

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Gsync and freesync pretty much do the same thing. With only some reports stating that freesync runs worse on some monitors, due to no specific standards like gsync. Also ulmb is trash, thanks to the fact that we are bringing back flicker and requiring a stable framerate of at least 85 or greater, in order to get the actual benefits.

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True 10-bit IPS, 75 Hz.

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Is this thing worth 299? VA panel and all the other specs I'm looking for...


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If you are running your games at 40fps then you will still play your games at 40fps with a 144hz monitor you absolute inbred freak

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I run over 100 fps in almost every title.

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I’m in the same boat OP and for FreeSync I’m looking at the Acer Nitro V2, Aorus AD27QD and Razer Raptor to go with the new Radeon VII

For G-Sync you might wanna check out the new LG 27GL850G

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*Nitro XV2

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Nano IPS

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that's what they said about plasma

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source on oled monitors?

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>using an LCD with a scaler
enjoy ur input lag

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source on what? how shit they are?

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Free Sync Nixeus EDG 27 Pixio PX277H

Goy Sync either the PG27Q or the XB271HU from acer

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PX277 isn't available anywhere I can find.

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That's why they created screensavers, Zoomer

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400 usd budget senpai

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they go on sale now and then.
i got one for like 380

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where and when.

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Out of the box or over time? I've had mine for -~2 years and no dead pixels. That being said I'd be fucking pissed if I had even 1(one) dead pixel on this monitor after paying this much for it.

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check out Dell S2719DGF, dell has it currently in store for 349€ on their german retailer website dell shop w.e you call it

you don't need gsync because 1. freesync gets adopted by nvidia on january 15th. 2. at 144hz it really isn't that obvious that you have it.

the panel decision is much more a criteria to have a smooth looking image. TN is the best choice for that

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depends on the panel.

the HP Omen 27 is god tier for a TN panel.

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Same monitor, love it. Titanfall 2 is fantastic on it

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Anyone here have one of these? IPS 1440p 144hz 1ms response time for 399.

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theyre better than LCDs

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whats it's input lag?

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Samsung C27HG70
VA with the speed of IPS and TN image quality
it also has a pivot for easier masturbation

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No idea

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Acer is Baced

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i really wouldn't recommend it for the average guy, the qdot tech in it is way to goofy.

pic related

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