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Fucking when are these coming? It was just some early engineering smaples at CES how long it takes to get Zen 2 to stores?

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You were fucking duped

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theyre coming later this year. did you not watch the conference?

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Yeah but when? Christmas?

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middle of the year, dumb ass.

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June you stinky boy.

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Just wait on what exactly? Intels 10nm thats how late now? Or their GPU's that are coming out someday?

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Can you confirm this?

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When are these comming?

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so nvidia wins for another couple of years if I want the best of the best

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Nvidia always wins

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I wish AMD cards were better but if Nvidia has the best card I'm going with Nvidia. Looks like my new 2080 ti will be around for a while.

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well, we could make an educated guess,
> 3700 CPUs late February
> 3600 CPUs April
> 3300 CPUs and APUs in May
This is simply based on how the 1xxx parts were rolled out and the roll-out of 2xxx parts the year after that. That's obviously not how it would have to play out this time but high-end then mid-range then low-end parts in that order seems to be how they like to do it.

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Would have been announced if it dropped next month

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Lisa said mid year, absolutely nothing is coming anywhere near Q1. It'll be late Q2 or Q3 availability.

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NOthing is coming any time soon. They had just engineering sample there.

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B-b-but Adored said that prices, frequencies, etc. would be announced at CES! It's there in OP!

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The retard is now damage controlling on twitter that everything was intel shill ruse to make him look bad.

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Yeah no, at this rate Intel will catch up with 10nm

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>trying the process size gambit
>when, if you learned ANYTHING from AMDs keynote
>you'll realise that process size doesn't actually matter
>see VII
Which actually bodes well for Zen2 IMO: the ES was either a golden-sample OC to 4.7GHz housefire on the verge of thermal shutdown (unlikely - it's a fucking ES, and the power usage mercilessly kills that idea), or AMD have come up with some decent IPC lifts.

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>size doesn't actually matter
Keep telling yourself that, dicklet

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>im triggered
>and an insult will cover my stupidity
>yeah that'll work
Adored believer. I shudder to think how you'll go when you find out Santa Claus isn't real.

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7nm process:
>did (almost) nothing for arm
>did (almost) nothing for gcn
>(ostensibly) did (almost) nothing for zen
>but itll do something for my X
>cos its special
Yeah, you're pretty special, anon.

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Yeah but the most important thing is fucking when? Is it 6 months 12 months or what?

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I heard it was Q2 2019 - so May or June.

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Where you heard that?

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>vega 64+15%

actually its 699 lol

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Reminder that there are retards who actually pay this retard money on patreon and defend his bullshit on the internet.

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Lisa told you, first half of 2019

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Can I have source which verifies this?

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Watch the and conference, last ten or fifteen minutes, its on AMDs YouTube channel.

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7nm made GCN more efficient and more powerful. You smoking dope johnny?

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>Guy who is almost never wrong
>Needs shills
He has proven himself to be trusted source, be calm and buy Intelaviv it's all fine nothing to worry about.

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Lets ignore chiplets entirely

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>Needy ayyy sync compute to actually maximize cores

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>He has proven himself to be trusted source

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>muh chiplets
holy mother of based he guessed that they're going to use chiplets that means everything he made up will be right!
such a stretch to guess desktop might use the same design strategy as epyc, and he couldn't even get that right after claiming there wasn't going to be an IO

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>guessd one thing after rome
all wrong and retarded
and don't let me start on his polaris bullshit and earlier "master plan"

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>In the demonstration showed onstage—comparing a 3rd-generation eight-core, 16-thread Ryzen against an Intel Core i9-9900K, which lost to the Ryzen chip in the Cinebench benchmark—Su said that she wanted to establish a head-to-head comparison, using comparable core counts.

>“Some people may have noticed on the package some extra room,” she said with a chuckle. “There is some extra room on that package and I think you might expect we will have more than eight cores.”

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are you retarded?

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He actually didn't even guess that. Some Chink EEfag on twitter has been putting out mock up designs for a very long time. Someone made a thread about it on Anandtech at one point and the dude showed up to discuss his predictions.
Adored literally copied what he said. Nothing more. He never had a source.

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>Nitpick things when hes wrong once in a blue moon

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>wrong about everything but chiplets
>the only thing he was right about was arguably the most obvious thing

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[cries in portuguese]

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and RTX, and Pascal, and ryzen 3rd gen, and Vega performance

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Are you? There are absolute zero dates all they have is some shitty ES and not even near mass production.

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and the RX480

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Computex launch

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I'm glad that navi is mia. Proving that RTG don't have anything left to compete besides vega after Raja left. nVidia is as aggressive as ever, even without competition from AMD. RTX is proof of this. They incorporate ray tracing and tensor core on consumer cards because it moves the industry forward. Anyone waiting for the next best thing from AMD is going to see history repeat itself. Just buy an RTX card and enjoy the best of what graphics card technology has to offer today!

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25% more performance is pretty mild.

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june 2019

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Not happening. For one thing, the APUs arrive many months later, more as lead-ins to the next iteration of Ryzen than continuations of the current gen in terms of relative launch windows. For another, we would have gotten full details on the Ryzen 7 lineup if that were coming in February. We got one early engineering sample instead. Even if the silicon is finalized next week, we still wouldn't see a launch for a while. Best case scenario, I think we see:

R9 and R7 launched in mid and late May respectively, announced in an AMD press event two weeks prior.
R5 announced in June at Computex, launched late in the month.
R3 announced in an AMD Youtube channel video and launched in September
7nm APUs launched February 2020

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>no meme tracing
>no expensive as fuck meme cores
>no meme learning supersampling
>16 whole gigs of the best of the best memory the money can buy
>easily beats memeTX 2080
>all of that for only $699 + tip
Face it shill, AMD won again

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she literally said first half aka computex

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I only care about the apus.

Got a 2400ge in an all-in-one pc for less than 499 and added 16GB DDR4 to it and I can play everything at max settings.

I tru;y don't understand why people show fake videos / screen shots when this thing runs DayZ ( stand alone trash ) with maxed settings @ 1080 with no stutter or fps drops. Mind you I'm happy with 30fps. As long as I can max settings or have most settings on high. And in terms of none gaming shit. Blender runs better than it did on my old i7-6700 intel shitter pc with a RX 580.

I game way less anyway. Only TF2, DayZ, chinese cartoon kissing sims and free flash or online games and I'm good. But hope to see even more from these... ( I hope ) I'll hand this one down to my parents as they still using a pc from 2006.

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