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Why can't this retarded piece of shit of a company make 10nm work?

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Because its a meme. You can make chips much smaller than 10nm they just won't work or will be extremely slow.

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Can you?

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That's not true

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No, but AMD can

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delid this sir

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Fixed for you.

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AMD piggybacks off TSMC

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lol intel better put one of their lakes on TSMC 7nm then. oh no that would actually require a redesign which has't happened since skylake.

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kek I love this timeline, Intel thoroughly BTFO because their constant jewing, Apple BTFO because of their shitty design choices and then blaming the consumer for their defects, Nividia BTFO because of their utter jewry. Can jewgle or amazon be next?

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All the jews at Hillsboro, OR got poached and/or generally left after the diversity programs started to hit the campus.

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So they're at Apple now?

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