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- 3/12/18 Israel security firm CTS Labs made a press release on day0 security exploit for AMD chips, called them with fancy names like RYZENFALL, MASTERKEY, FALLOUT, and CHIMERA
- This is unusual because usually security firms alerted the chipmakers before going public
- 3/18/16 Upon inspection those security flaws were moot because it requires root admin access beforehand to be able to flash the BIOS
- 3/13/16 (updated article) Viceroy Research is a Financial company who specializes in shorting (betting against the market). CTS Lab deny that Viceroy Research is their client, but do not deny that Viceroy Research might get tip from one of their anonymous client and made money off shorting AMD from the initial stock plunge.

Initial press release on the vulnerability
>https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-firm-claims-to-find-creuters amd israel securityritical-security-flaws-in-amd-chips/

Assessment of the "flaws" (or lack thereof)

Criticisms from other securities and alleged ties to market short attempts

Aftermath &tldr
>https://www.gamersnexus.net/industry/3260-assassination-attempt-on-amd-by-viceroy-research-cts-labs tldr summary

What is going on? It is no secret that Intel had actual factories in Israel. Was it a dirty assassination attempt by Intel and Israel?

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perhaps not Israel itself but it's not far off considering the CTS labs guy had a yarmulke on

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Jews are trying to stop the next holocaust - they're failing

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Antisemitism aside, what is going on? Are they really trying to destroy a 5 billion dollar company just for market shorting some shekels?

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Yes, someone stood to make a ton of money off shorting AMD stock, they wouldn't have gone through this much effort to make up fake security vulnerabilities otherwise

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you should post this on /pol/

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4chan stand with Trump and Israel.

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Someone beat me to it

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How can it be the next when the first one never happened

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oh shi...

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that's not how threads work on /pol/, it lacks the bait

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it needs a big brown dick

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lul those vulnerabilities aren't real, because if they were real China would be fucked.

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Next? When was the first one?

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> be AMD fags
> 100% retarded
> ignore security warnings for over two years
> israelis exploit giant holes left behind by AMD's genius engineers

imagine being this fucking clueless about security that you have to start blaming the jews? my fucking sides. truly EMBARRASSING.

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>fake security vulnerabilities otherwise
do you have any evidence that proves they're fake, mr cancer?

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They were probably paid by Intel to fuck with AMD. The exploits can also affect Intel and ARM but for some strange reason they never mention Intel.

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Do you know what the "moot" stands for, kike?

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>> israelis exploit giant holes left behind by AMD's genius engineers
You can flash the BIOS if you have root access
If anything AMD is FOSS compliant by giving you options

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Here is a good video on this by everybody's favorite youtuber.


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>nobody used these to disable the PSP
fuck this gay earth

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sorry, I don't understand what he's saying. All I keep hearing him say is "IM A FUCKING SHILL FOR AMD"

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The security vulnerabilities required root access to the hardware, CTS labs implied during their videos with stock backgrounds that it was the AMD version of Meltdown. So there really was no threat and AMD had a fix out soon after, which is why CTS Labs based in Israel did not give AMD any warning of their "findings"

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t. shlomo shekelstein

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>have to choose between shekelstein vs. pajeets
Why cant Japan, Korea or whoever stand up and make their own chips

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/pol/ here
Everyone except newfags hide/filter those. You need a hot girl pic

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are you implying pajeets buy a lot of Ryzen?

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They're in decline right now and are struggling to reverse things.

They're basically still a third world country

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t. clueless retard

I bet you're also an amerimutt.

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Did you know anon if you give someone the keys to your house they can rifle through your fridge? This is big news.

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Fall off a building

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How am I clueless? That's the basic rundown.

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you can't filter a pic, i can always change it a bit

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You're almost a year late to the drama, retards.

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Oven niggers have no morals.

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Evropa should stand up and retake the market.

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libertarian jews support amd not intel, the liberal-nationalist party has a 60% stronghold in this country however our young people do not want to be forced to join the military after graduation.

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It'd be funny if AMD started making industrial ovens and rat extermination asupplies.

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The fourth reizen will be the final solution

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Intel has a big factory in Israel

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scheming jews are constantly scheming for the shekels.

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Did you even read the OP you complete fucking retard? How did you even find your way to this site

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>meanwhile there isnt a single PRACTICAL demo if any EXPLOIT being driven remotely in any amd cpu
>cant say the same for intel which the list just keep growing and growing

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Pure coincidence, goy

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Wasn't CTS Labs' office location actually very close to Incel's headquarters?

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shut up goy

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that was my guess too, a bit of underhanded fear-mongering lest the goyim start thinking amd are better than intel

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Good goy

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Get your ears checked, Shlomo

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I remember they showed all those offices were green-screened in from stock images

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See, I was thinking Intel vs AMD was pretty much like jews vs muslims, but as much as I hate the fucking goatfuckers I'd rather go AMD. At least they know what to do to appeal to most people. At least they FUCKING TRY.

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But I thought AMD would play it on the security angle.

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it was literally 200 meters away above the el al hq

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Ah yes, Karl Marx, who is called both a dirty Jew and an anti-semite by his (((critics))).

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literally fuck musk and fuck his whining about muh shorters we aren't doing anything illegal

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>- 3/12/18 Israel security firm CTS Labs made a press release on day0 security exploit for AMD chips, called them with fancy names like RYZENFALL, MASTERKEY, FALLOUT, and CHIMERA
I remember that, full damage control by Intel, man do I love big corporations when they get scared.

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>breaking news: AMD cpus allow users to delete data!

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They are literally ex-Intel employees working on the other side of an Intel office. They probably owned shares in Intel and wanted to inflate the value.

Nothing uniquely about Jews or Israel.

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based redpilled /g/

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>t. hungry person

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Is this gonna be the same literally nothing as last time?

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bad goy

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Better dead than blue.

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You... You... YOU JEW

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banana > orange

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jannies give kikes special notifications, how long have you been here?

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In the mind of a retarded corporatist cuck this cognitive dissonance is normal.

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>india and china

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What other company has hired a team comprised entirely of another country's intelligence officers to do a hit piece on the opposition? Genuinely curious about this coincidence.

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Old news.
Also they lost all credibility after that.
Just an (((intel))) stunt.

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Zen2 is the next lolocost.
Intel will just have haf the coars, at twice the money, at twice the power draw, and twice the heat output.
They're fucked beyond belief, and somehow this old de-bunked CTS Lad story just gets back on /g/?

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based germoney, italy and spain

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Buying AMD and not buying Intel is equivalent to boycotting Israel, which is literally antisemitism, and this is illegal in many states like Texas and soon all of the US.


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jesus fucking christ america is israel's bitch

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It's not a boycott if their product is shit.

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You know what will fucking kill intel with zen2?
All core turbo with XFR.
It will be significantly higher than anything Intel.
That thing's gonna punch some serious Cinebench numbers.

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AMD brand delousing agent when?

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Same thing as last year.
Vulnerabilities no one can actually exploit unless the have root access already.
CTS lab is a fucking Intel Shill factory.

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>introducing Zenklon 2

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