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The absolute chad is fluent in chinese

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Ching chong nip nong ding dong

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the absolute cuck*
he let xi jinping name his child and fb is still banned in china
what a fucking clown

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The virgin RMS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jskq3-lpQnE

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>that broken chinese

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>a lizard man speaking a bug language

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I want to name my child Lui Jinbao.

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Damn, that new text to speech is pretty cool.

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Nah, this was all prerendered.

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> zucc
> chad
pick one

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10/10 posture tho

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Good call. That's zuckerberg's iconic fake posture. Supposed to display dominance and confidence.

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Surely he knows China will never let him in...

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Zucc is a woman. How can you guys not see this?

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kek to the max.

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Did he bring his own seat cushion? I want to do this too now that I know that it's an option.

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Is that echoes but in Chinese? 中国 is China but is 人 just man surrounded by ((()))?

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谢谢Zuck, 很好。

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Chinese (((people)))

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His wife is a fucking chink you retard

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Soulless bugman speaks the language of soulless bug people. Huh.

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this really is some chad shit as much as it triggers /g/

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How do you expect him to talk to his wife?

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>the absolute chad

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No it's quotes you dumbasses.

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Do you think he eats dogs?

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I - yingtong.
I> - yingtong..
I - yingotng yiddle i ho..

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kek, that's not quite what I imagined RMS to sound like. What a shame.

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nobody gives a fuck about fb in china

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chang chung nop deng dang

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absolute chadbot installed chinese laguage pack

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that nose...fucking nose
also wtf is happening out there
everyone is laughing like it's some comedy show

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fuk suk duk

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mark zuckerberg has tremendous money and power, yet still sucks with women. he married an ugly Chinese girl because he couldn't get any better.

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Simplified Chinese, disgusting and unaesthetic

Should be 謝謝

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>ugly Jewish antisocial autist

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No, he married a Chinese reason for the same reason he knows fluent Chinese and let Xi Jinping name his baby. So he is allowed to launch Facebook in the Chinese market.


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More proof he's a CIA nigger and glows in the dark

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This is......disturbingly accurate.

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Winnie the Pooh

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calm down Terry

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tell him we just discovered an entire populated galaxy, see how long before he offers his wife up as sacrifice and starts speaking fluent ayyy.

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He wasted his time. There is no way the CCP will let him in unless there are MASSIVE drawbacks.

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He married her before he got super mega rich. And since she's kinda ugly, she's going to stick around.

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Why is it that Asian languages always sound made up gibberish? You don't see this with other languages. You hear Russian and while you can't understand it, it still sounds like a legitimate language. Same with German, Polish, Italian, etc, even Indian and Arabic sounds like real languages.Then you hear Chinese and it nothing but a bunch of one syllable words.

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He's practically standing.

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>Why is it that Asian languages always sound made up gibberish?
Because you arbitrarily consider them to be gibberish.

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well he's autistic, his job keeps him extremely busy and wanted to raise a family. looks aren't everything, niggerposter

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you don't belong here

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Probably an AI translated speech.


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that video is not impressive desu, Amazon's Alexa must be better

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>fucker is introvert autist
>needs to play le stronge CEO
>has to consciously pay attention to his posture and mannerisms ALL THE TIME

He created facebook and normalized surveillance because he wants us to feel like he does.

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That's from 6 years ago. OP's video a newer version of it.

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formerly cuck

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The Chinese remind me of my own people. But then again, we are sort of Mongols.

t. Hungarian

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Glyphs for niggers

Can't wait for Xi to take over HK

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>Why is it that Asian languages always sound made up gibberish?
Low and predictable phoneme variety. In Mandarin, it’s possible to tell a coherent story by repeating “shi” about a hundred times as long as you enunciate them all correctly: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion-Eating_Poet_in_the_Stone_Den

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This is literally subhuman language.

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tonal quality makes it sound like sing-song chittering. Hebrew sounds like someone with TB clearing their throat, also

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>Glyphs for niggers
No, that’s second-round simplified characters. So much of an lexical abortion that the Party withdrew them from public usage after less than a decade.

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Mandarin, Cantonese, and to an extent, Korean heavily use monosyllabic words with tonal inflection.

Japanese, however, is not like this, but this is because it is of its own Language family.

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>Japanese, however, is not like this
There’s literally 60 phonemes native to the language, and some of them aren’t even used in modern Japanese.

Let’s not get crazy here with Japanese not sounding like gibberish just because it has polysyllabic words.

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But Japanese doesn't sound like gibberish. Even Finnish sounds more gibberish than Japanese.

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You've only developed an ear for the inbred island korean nipmonkey chittering because of anime brainwashing. Fuck off weebmutt slave.

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English is a literal mutt language you moron

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not an argument. even if that were true, it doesn't negate what he says.

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>suck chink cock
What a fag.

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japanese is heavily structured with simple syllables. If you want gibberish try chinese with their billions of intonations bullshit.

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>t. Doesn't know Japanese
They've got plenty of inflections and other bs. It's literally an inflection language

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This doesn't contradict the post you are replying to.

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I hear Arabic as gibberish while Chinese sounds like a real language
Must be because of preference or depends on your native language

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So is English.

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"Inflection" is only used on a few words in modern Japanese. The pitch accents are actually dying out.

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learn punctuation faggot, only a subhuman couldn"t

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the language is designed to be oppressive and hard to use/learn/speak/read

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good read
took me like 20 minutes

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中文 is actually pretty easy to learn.

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Nice μεμε but aren't these quotes rather than parenthesis?

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Yes they are meant to be quotes.
Everyone in this thread is retarded.

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he got the best language coach to guide him to learn a language

it's much hard to learn a language on your own especially if you have no experience learning a language. you end wasting time studying things you don't really need to study


here is a korean trying to speak japanese and sakura laughing at him lol

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you end up wasting*

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This correction was really unnecessary, everyone read it without problems and in fact I never even noticed the mistake because my mind just mentally filled it in as I read it.
Only correct if it's really necessary.

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>a language without any proven roots
>created from scratch
>completely unique
>literally MADE IN JAPAN

>just some shit tier Latin
>even too stupid for German der/die/das
>just uses "that" instead
>is too stupid to speak "night" and "knight"
>too stupid to use capital letters for nouns
>too stupid to use more than 26 letters
>too stupid to write nouns together like universitystudentslibrary
>masterrace language

English is literally the biggest cuck language which makes no sense if you compare written and spoken language. Also if you compare English with other Latin languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian, you will notice that English is not only the simplified version of the other Latin languages, but also a language which can't even read their own words right. For example this is a fucking KKKKKnight, not the fucking NNNNight. But hey, it's okay when "glorious" Western retards do this shit. It's not wrong if everyone reads it wrong, right?

>> No.69162494

>>too stupid to use more than 26 letters
>>too stupid to write nouns together like universitystudentslibrary
These are good things. Especially the first one.
A good efficient language has a small but well distinguished symbol set and a large range of sounds. Unlike Japanese which somehow managed to have like a gazillion symbols which all look like thrown together blobs of lines, many of which look very similar, and somehow has less sounds than English.
English is an efficient, well designed language and the character set is excellent. We don't bloat our language with shit and ugly intonation symbols and our words are extremely recognizable and clean making reading very efficient.

>> No.69162507

>English is the simplified version of the other Latin languages
Again, this is a good thing.

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Go back to /v/

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>English is a latin language
congratulations, you've outed yourself as a retard with no qualification to speak about anything

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The fewer diphthongs the better.

Chinese characters are easier to read though and are extremely recognizable. And Japanese has no intonation symbols.

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>>a language without any proven roots
>>created from scratch
>>completely unique
>>literally MADE IN JAPAN
Literally every single point you've made here is false when writing system is considered, and still true to an extent when talking about the language in general.

>> No.69162857

He's not wrong. How much of English is originally "English"?

>> No.69162872

where does the word 'dog' come from?

>> No.69162883

くそ post

>> No.69162902

>and sakura laughing at him lol
She's not making fun of him tho.
He was praising her but when the sentence went beyond his ability, he backrtacked and went with "You are really famous and cool in Korea"

>> No.69162927

zipperheads laugh to express a kind of polite embarassment

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The zucc is not even impressive, the level of chinese he is displaying is easily achievable by any other white with a few years of good language coaching
>t. bugman

>> No.69162954

Not true, it is of Old English origin but that's as far back as it can be traced. "Hound" would be its true Germanic equivalent.

>> No.69162975

old england is welsh

>> No.69162976

I do appreciate the lowkey linguistic thread we're having.

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Based as fuck, k*kes and weebs BTFO.

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Oof. One English word. You sure showed me. How will I ever recover?

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i'm going to infer from your linguistics that's you're a fucking faggot

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>Who? What? Why? When?

>> No.69163131

Would sudo apt-get mandarin be better oh mighty lord

>> No.69163134

>Japanese writing
okay so you got katagana and hiragana, katagana is just harder. Why?
>because fuck you that's why

actually hiragana was made later to make japanese writing easier to learn for all the peasants and shit, but you still need katagana.

but then on top of that they still use kanji so what was the point of inventing your own alphabet again?

At least gooks came up with a system that fully replaces Chinese characters and functions properly. GJ Samsung.

The nice thing about Japanese is that it's got a simple structure with not a lot of stupid rules (like French) but the writing system is absolute dogshit and you're an ignorant weeb if you think otherwise.

English has fuckshit pronunciations but it's nothing compared to something like French.

>biggest cuck language
but it's won the world language game anon, that's pretty Chad if you ask me

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geyser. amok. octopus. shield. Open up a dictionary once in a while, ya fuckwit. Also wit. and fuck. and you. and while. and a. and in. and once.

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>that they still use kanji so what was the point of inventing your own alphabet again?
Kanji isn't their own alphabet?

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You barely need katakana, and if you can't put down literal strokes on paper you are actually retarded.

What the gooks did was rather inelegant, actually. It made the language slower to read and more confusable.

>> No.69163404

Honestly, if I had his money and power, I would be fucking a different Instagram whore every day rather than settling down with an ugly woman who has no more use.

>> No.69163419

even worse
he asked xi to name his kid and he refused

>> No.69163608

>fluent in chinese
it's fucking awful

>> No.69163633

kanji is Chinese characters adapted for Japanese use.
Katagana is still necessary to write the language.

Elegance is a matter of taste but I do think gook letters aren't as aesthetic as Chinese characters or Japanese ones. But they made the language easier to read/write relative to what they used in the past (adopt Chinese characters).
You literally cannot misread Korean, it's pronounced exactly like it's written. The problem is that the rest of the language is complete fuckshit with all kinds of weird ass structure and conjugations. But the writing system is infinitely better than chink/jap systems, from a practical standpoint anyways.

>> No.69163726

I believe the Koreans adopted Hangul way back due to the nonstandard Chinese characters and pronunciations that were being imported from different regions of China, this combined with the thousands of more characters that people of that era used, made it difficult for peasants to pick up the language.

None of those things is a problem with Modern Hanzi/Kanji, as there are only around ~2000 characters(basically words) that one needs to know today, and all have standardized pronunciation and shape.

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He married a girl he likes and liked for a long time. Just cause he's a billionaire he doesn't need to be insecure just to show those meanies in hs that he's alpha af now with a 6'2" supermodel.

>> No.69163823

get a load of biff tannen over here

>> No.69163998

>Chinese characters are easier to read though and are extremely recognizable

>> No.69164012

Just fuck off retard

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>> No.69164042

>t. someone who doesn't know at least 1000 chinese characters

>> No.69164083

Isn't his wife a chiney?

>> No.69164166

>"ping pong nong"
>ooooh aaaaah
>"nipjong pyongong"
>hahahaha ohoho!
>"long dong bajong"
>oooo waaaaa
Why the fuck did the audience react to his every word like that

>> No.69164169

accidental rendaku, nigga

>> No.69164258

Make like a tree, and get out of here.

>> No.69164275

>dat horrific mispronunciation
My Mandarin is broken enough to the point where I can barely buy a bus ticket with it and yet I have clearer pronunciation than that “““fluent””” yid.

>> No.69164290

That was pretty awful Chinese tbqh. It's understandable though, people on the autism spectrum are well known to struggle with language and language learning.

>> No.69164299

He married a chink
China is his biggest userbase

>> No.69164315

>people on the autism spectrum are well known to struggle with language and language learning.
FUCK. So that's why.

>> No.69164325

is that Jake Paul?

>> No.69164382

all I hear is sushi
thought it's Japan thing

>> No.69164412

>tfw the chinks perfectly know zuccs intentions of fb in china
>chink politicians laughing at the ugly wife he got just to impress them
>he even learned broken chinese
>they will keep zucc expectations alive just to see how he will humillate himself further

Chinks are absolute madmen, I want to see zucc face when they finally tell him a definite no and put their own social network controlled by the goverment

>> No.69164450

goddamn kikes...

>> No.69164759

but they did
install wechat

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It's so he can speak with baby

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Throwing out random examples doesn't prove my point invalid. There is more French influence alone in English than old English. Latin as well. If you look at vocabulary alone, Modern English is no doubt a romance language.
weak bait

>> No.69165088

I bet you think the plural of octopus is octopi, huh?
fucking minor league autist

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File: 101 KB, 796x1082, 1545294272106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the grammar is incredibly germanic. In school I'd studied both german and french, and modern german grammar basically speaks like antiquated english.
The language is not primarily French or Latin by any stretch of the imagination. More of the common words in english hail from its germanic roots.

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>> No.69165326

that was good night read for me
sleep safe industry bro

>> No.69165424

i thought it would be dekahexapus or hexadekapus

>> No.69165501

Jesus fucking Christ. Thank the Lord I only know Latin romance languages.....and burger..

>> No.69165507

(it's octopedes)

>> No.69165640

No it's octopus-tachi

>> No.69165686

>Katakana is just harder
What the fuck am I reading
Katakana is so much easier (or at the very least just as easy)what the fuck are you on about
Inb4 you can't fucking tell apart Shi, tsu, so and n because you're a fucking spastic

>> No.69165704

>in retrospect I would have learned Russian, not Mandarin..
ayy.. easy to tell hes dealing with Russian steel buyers (who WANT something, and thus nice as fucking pie) and Chink sellers, who are in default 'lets fuck this guy' mode. Turn that around tho.. tldr, would not be in any hurry to learn Russian either, tbqh

>> No.69165732

Well obviously he can speak Chinese, who do you think built him?

>> No.69166360

holy shit

>> No.69166399


smart move

>> No.69166423

>asked xi to name his kid and he refused
wouldnt have let that opportunity pass - 'I hereby name this child..'
>Shitonmyshoe Cuckface Zuckerberg - Much Good Fortunes!
whats he going to say about it?
fucking nothing, thats what

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>> No.69167828

what planet even is this

>> No.69167851


>> No.69167863

modprobe mandarin.ko.zstd

>> No.69168242

>he let xi jinping name his child and fb is still banned in china

>> No.69169326

That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.

That that is, is that that is. Not is not. Is that it? It is.

That that is, is that that is not. Is not "is that" it? It is.

That that is, is that that is not, "is not." Is that it? It is.

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